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nissi bby!! will you one day do a top 10 jikook moments/jimin photos/jikook aus bc like i wanna know more abt u:))))

omg yea this is cute i did top jikook moments already but i cnt remember what i tagged it as so ill reblog it later or something but here are some of my fav jimin pics!!:

park jimin.. son of aphrodite


the sheer blinding brightness of this photo shorted out the battery of my phone

yes the ordering of this is deliberate behold the duality of jimin

jimin covering troublemaker now lms if u agree

he’s the literal sun!!

this is hands down the best look on him

this photo can only ever be accompanied by the kill bill siren

and this photo has magical healing properties sry i dont make the rules


  • Provides emotional support and self-discipline. The stone is useful for dieting or fasting. It may also help quitting the consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Helpful in staunching blood flow, particularly nosebleeds, and reduces hemorrhoids. It is known to be highly restorative of the tissues. Use as an elixir to soothe the digestive system.
  • Helps in overcoming insecurities, guilt, and fears. Eases stress and calms. It encourages the finding of harmony in oneself.
  • Jasper has a diverse range of colors to be used on the full chakra layout. Use this guide to help identify which Jasper can be used and where.

This is Selenite! It is named after the Greek word “Selene,” which means moon. It has a moonlike glow when polished. This is one of those special few in the crystal realm that doesn’t require charging. 

Selenite has such a cool property in that it can be used to cleanse your other crystals and stones! Awesome! Just lay the crystals in need of cleansing on top or touching a piece of Selenite for about 15-30 minutes and let this gorgeous crystal clear them! It’s able to do this because of its unique ability to clear blockages or pathways of energy.

Selenite vibrates with a rather high energy. This makes is a great stone for the mind! Some of the lore states that if you and your partner are fighting, exchanging a Selenite stone will bring peace to the relationship.

And lastly, this interesting healing stone is a very powerful protection talisman. It is said to protect the wearer from outside dangers and protect the home when placed in a prominent location.

This particular piece is available here.


@sixpenceee have you heard of Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head, Northern NSW, Australia?

It is a lake surrounded by “Tea Tree” trees, which give the lake a coke colour which drops off into darkness. The bottom of the lake is usually a lot cooler than the surface. Tea Tree oil is good for a lot of things and people come to the lake for it’s healing properties.

I’ve been coming to camp by this lake each Christmas/New Year holidays for 15 years, but it’s the first time I’ve bought goggles. You have never truly seen darkness until you swim in this lake with goggles! It’s terrifying!

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Rose Quartz, while usually massive, much like Rose Quartz from the show, is also associated with the terms family, love, and unconditional.  These are huge terms associated with Steven and his mother.

Garnet represents a world without chaos, purification, and love.  It is a stone of intense feelings.  The stone also embodies protective energies, as it also strengthens and protects.  The character Garnet likes to keep the Crystal Gems in order, without chaos.  She makes sure to protect all of the Gems.

Amethyst is a stone that can be used to help carry a person through personal loss, as well as bringing out inner strength and emotional stability.  However, it is mostly known to bring happiness, peacefulness, and contentment.  Amethyst has these properties as she can be known for being sympathetic (sometimes), and works as a great friend.

Pearls represent purity, honesty, integrity, concentration, focus, meditation, tranquility, and wisdom.  It can bring out faith, focus, and sincerity on people.  Pearl the character has all of these traits.

We don’t know much about the character Lapis Lazuli, but we do know that the stone represents the symbols of royalty, honor, and power.  It also embodies wisdom, truth, and vision.  Lapis the stone also helps out with people on the autism spectrum!  Maybe Lapis the character possesses these traits?

In the only episode of Steven Universe that has Peridot, we can see that she’s focused, intent, and guiltless.  This stone is great for all three of these properties and can help bring them out in people.  It can also bring out prosperity and energy.  It also is said to have a tendency to send positive energy through you, correcting errors, just as her “minions” did.

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Sapphire - peacemaker/truth/honesty

  • If worn, it protects against poison, plague, fever, and skin diseases. It is said that gazing in to a sapphire can preserve eyesight. Used to heal throat related problems, as well as nose-bleeds, tuberculosis, and burns.
  • Used as a peacemaker. It allows people to freely talk about their differences and understand each other’s point of view. It diminishes anger and irritation.
  • In meditation, use the sapphire to access deeper levels of consciousness and understanding to one’s self. In divination, use the sapphire to increase the ability to see in to the future.
  • It is believed to bring faith, hope, and protection on long journeys. Many years ago, soldiers would wear sapphires in to battle for protection.
  • Symbolizes truth, faithfulness, and honesty. In lore, it is said that if someone who is untrustworthy or dishonest wears a sapphire, it won’t shine. At times, sapphires are given by lovers to represent faithfulness for each other.
DIY: Herbal Salves

Salves are such a simple, effective, and useful medicine! They can easily be slipped into a purse, pocket, or first aid kit.  Although semi-solid at room temperature, salves soften once applied to the skin, making them less messy to apply than oils.  They also make great gifts and are an easy and approachable way to introduce newbies to the medicinal properties of herbs.  Plus, salves can be crafted for a wide variety of topical uses.  The addition of beeswax offers additional benefits including protective, soothing, emollient, nourishing, and healing properties.

Part 1: Make Herbal Infused Oil

To make salve, first craft your herbal infused oil(s).  This will take several weeks, but once finished, the rest of the salve making process will only take minutes!   You can also purchase pre-infused herbal oils if needed or if you wish to skip the process of infusing the oil.

Solar Method: When making herbal infused oils, we prefer the solar infused method.  Place dried botanicals into a dry and sterilized glass jar.  Some herbalists coarsely crush or grind herbs first, while others finely chop herbs and leave delicate flowers whole.  Cover with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or other carrier oil of choice with a stable shelf life) leaving at least 1-2” of oil above the herbs to allow the herbs to swell.  Cap the jar tightly and place in a sunny, warm window.  If desired, the jar can be covered with a bag or box so that the oil is not exposed to direct sunlight.  Shake the jar once or twice per day, or as often as you remember. If the herbs absorb the oil, then add more oil so that they are always submerged.  Allow to infuse for 2-6 weeks, or until the oil takes on the color and aroma of the herb.  Once the oil is ready, strain using cheese cloth, and bottle into dry and sterilized amber bottles for storage.  Make sure to squeeze as much oil as possible from the herbs so that you do not waste any precious oil!  Herbal oils will keep for approximately a year if stored properly in a dark and cool place. Vitamin E Oil may also be added to prolong the shelf life.

Quick Method: Another way to infuse oils, which is sometimes necessary when herbal oils need to be created in a pinch, is the quick method which utilizes heat.  Much care needs to be taken when creating herbal oils this way because you do not want to deep-fry your herbs!  Place herbs in crock-pot, double boiler, or electric yogurt maker, and cover with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or other carrier oil of choice) leaving at least an inch or two of oil above the herbs.  Gently heat the herbs over very low heat (preferably between 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for 1-5 hours until the oil takes on the color and scent of the herb.  Some texts recommend heating the oil 48-72 hours at a controlled temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Turn off heat and allow to cool. Once that the oil is ready, strain using cheese cloth, and bottle into dry and sterilized amber bottles for storage.  Store in a dark and cool place, Vitamin E Oil may also be added to prolong the shelf life.

Part 2: Turn that Oil into Salve!

• 8 oz herbal infused oil(s) of your choice.  Choose one or a combination.
• 1 oz Beeswax (use Carnauba Wax for a vegan salve)
Vitamin E Oil (optional)
• 10-20 drops essential oil of choice (optional). Some essential oils commonly used are Lavender and Tea Tree.
Glass Jars or Tin Containers

Place Herbal Infused Oils and Beeswax over a double boiler, and gently warm over low heat until the Beeswax melts.  Remove from heat and add the essential oil and Vitamin E Oil (if using).  Quickly pour into prepared tins or glass jars and allow to cool completely.  Salves should be stored in a cool location where they will remain semi-solid and will not continue to re-melt and re-solidify.  If stored correctly, salves will last for 1- 3 years. Yields 8 oz.

Note:  The consistency of salves can easily be adjusted depending on your preferences.  Use less Beeswax for a softer salve and more Beeswax if you’d prefer a firmer salve.  You can test the consistency by placing a few spoons in the freezer before making your salve.  When the Beeswax melts, pour a little salve onto one of the cold spoons and place it back into the freezer for 1-2 minutes.  Once cooled, you can make adjustments by adding more oil (for a softer salve) or more Beeswax (for a firmer salve).

Herbs for Salve

You can make salve with a single herb or multiple herbs, depending on your needs.  It’s useful to make a variety of herbal infused oils so that you can easily craft salve whenever you need it!

Arnica flowers: Can help treat physical trauma, bruises, strains, and occasional muscle pain. Use immediately after strenuous exertion or injury to prevent, relieve, and reduce swelling, bruises and pain.

Burdock root: For skin infections.

Calendula flowers:  Wonderfully healing with all-around healing properties useful for a wide variety of skin irritations and conditions including wounds, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, abrasions, cuts, and much more.  Suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

Cayenne Pepper: Warming, good for occasional sore muscles, alleviates occasional pain, and itching.

Chamomile flowers: Minor abrasions, cuts, scrapes, and wounds.

Chickweed: Soothing, helps with skin conditions, minor burns, and other skin irritations.

Comfrey leaf and/or root: Relieves occasional pain, swelling, supports muscle, cartilage, and bone. Assists with healing a wide variety of conditions.

Echinacea herb and/or root: Beneficial for minor sores, wounds, insect bites, and stings.

Ginger root: Warming, use for occasional sore muscles.

Goldenseal leaf and/or root: Useful for treating minor wounds and skin conditions.

Lavender flowers: Soothing, calming, relieves occasional pain, has healing properties beneficial for minor wounds and numerous skin conditions.

Myrrh Gum powder: Used for cuts, scrapes, scratches, and abrasions.

Nettle leaf: An effective herb for many skin conditions.

Oregon Grape root: Skin disinfectant for minor wounds.

Plantain leaf: Helps speed the recovery process, relieves and soothes insect bites and stings, poison ivy, itching, minor sores, bruises, blisters, and damaged skin.

St. John’s Wort: Craft the deep red-colored oil from fresh flowers. Beneficial for minor wounds, cuts, bruises, insect bites and stings, nerve support, scrapes, and minor burns.

Thyme: Used for cuts, scrapes, and occasional sore muscles.

Yarrow Flowers: Apply to bruises, minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, and areas with swelling and bleeding.

Please note that this is only a partial list, many other healing herbs can also be incorporated into salves.

For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Source: herbal-salves


wizarding schools around the world // beauxbatons academy of magic (france)

Thought to be situated somewhere in the Pyrenees, visitors speak of the breath-taking beauty of a chateau surrounded by formal gardens and lawns created out of the mountainous landscape by magic. Beauxbatons Academy has a preponderance of French students, though Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Luxembourgians and Belgians also attend in large numbers (both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have a larger studentship than Hogwarts). It is said that the stunning castle and grounds of this prestigious school were part-funded by alchemist gold, for Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel met at Beauxbatons in their youth, and a magnificent fountain in the middle of the school’s park, believed to have healing and beautifying properties, is named for them.


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make me choose challenge: Durmstrang or Beauxbatons [Bo - batton]                                             

Thought to be situated somewhere in the Pyrenees, visitors speak of the breath-taking beauty of a chateau surrounded by formal gardens and lawns created out of the mountainous landscape by magic. Beauxbatons Academy has a preponderance of French students, though Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Luxembourgians and Belgians also attend in large numbers (both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have a larger studentship than Hogwarts). It is said that the stunning castle and grounds of this prestigious school were part-funded by alchemist gold, for Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel met at Beauxbatons in their youth, and a magnificent fountain in the middle of the school’s park, believed to have healing and beautifying properties, is named for them.

Beauxbatons has always enjoyed a cordial relationship with Hogwarts, though there has been a healthy rivalry in international competitions such as the Triwizard Tournament, in which Beauxbatons has sixty-two wins to Hogwarts’ sixty-three.

Apart from the Flamels, famous ex-students of Beauxbatons include Vincent Duc de Trefle-Picques, who escaped the Terror by casting a concealment charm on his neck and pretending that his head had already been cut off; Luc Millefeuille, the infamous pastry-maker and Muggle-poisoner, and Fleur Delacour, who fought in the world-famous Battle of Hogwarts and was awarded medals of bravery from both the French and British Ministries of Magic. Headmistress Olympe Maxime is (in spite of her protestations to the contrary) half-giantess; brilliant, elegant and undeniably awe-inspiring.

Stone - Rose Quartz

Colour: Pink
Energies: Love

Magical Properties

- Rose Quartz is without a doubt, a stone used for love. It is useful for relationships, self love, marriage, family bonds, romance, and helping one open up to emotion. Wear to increase self esteem and put into charms to give relationships a boost.
- It will aid in work regarding the heart chakra.
- It is a soothing stone that is effectively used to reduce stress and tension. It can also be utilized to clear anger, guilt, fear, jealousy, and other negative emotions. In extension to this, Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for bringing balance to emotional trauma and grief.
- Rose Quartz can be used to ease the pain and discomfort of unwanted changes.
- The stone can boost gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance.
- As afore mentioned, the stone helps ease past pains and balance out negative emotions. Therefore this crystal can be used to help people who have had rough childhoods or who have suffered from neglect and abuse.
- It’s also used for bringing peace, happiness, and emotional healing, along with dream recall and work.

Medicinal Properties

- It can help rejuvenate the skin and make one look more youthful. This can be achieved by washing your face in water charged by rose quartz. It can help lessen wrinkles.
- Rose Quartz is also sometimes used to benefit the heart, circulatory system, fertility and pregnancy, headaches, sexual dysfunction, depression, addictions, slowing signs of aging, and weight loss.