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Deadpool (2016)



Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

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Can yoy believe Lexa and Roan both got shot in the chest but Lexa, who was in her own tower and had probably a fricking private hospital in there and healers at all corners died, while Roan who was left without medical care in the streets of Polis survived. Gotta love those white straight guy healing powers. Also Jasper, who got a spear in the /middle of his chest/? Or Finn who got stabbed with a poisonous knife? Or Jaha, who came on earth on a /nuclear missile/ ? "No one is safe" my ass

“anyone can die” *only the lesbian dies via bullet wound where other men were shot*

“Peridot in its basic form, Olivine, was also found in comet dust brought back from the Stardust robotic space probe in 2006, has been discovered on the moon, and detected by instrument on Mars by NASA’s Global Surveyor. Ancients believed, quite accurately, that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a sun’s explosion and carries its healing power. ” [www.gia.edu][www.gemselect.com][en.wikipedia.org][www.peridot.com][Mella, 95-96] #peridot #peridotring #birthstone

Stabbing Horn of Justice: The Most Magical Facts About the Unicorn

What animal has a horn that can reverse the deadly properties of poison, whose greatest weakness is a beautiful maiden? A unicorn, of course! But there’s much more to the magical, mythical beast than that. From the real source of unicorn horns to their medieval symbolism, our infographic of Unicorn Facts collects some of the most fascinating truths and fictions about the one-horned legend. 

For even more on unicorns, check out the unicorn tapestries at the Cloisters in New York, as well as the tapestries at the Musée de Cluny in Paris, the Throne of Denmark supposedly made from unicorn horns, and a Unicorn Cave in Germany. 

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Steven Universe Isn’t Meddling

He’s learning how to heal. Oh, and before you start reading, SPOILERS for Steven Universe Season 3 through 3×15, “Alone at Sea.”

We’re more than halfway through season 3 and Steven has been doing a lot healing, as well as getting involved in other people’s business. He is Steven after all. Our favorite human/gem fusion can’t seem to stop sticking himself in the middle of other people’s problems (see also 2×04, 2×17). “Monster Reunion” (3×14) and “Mr. Greg” (3×08) might be the most blatant examples, but almost every episode has one or the other. It’s pretty safe to say we have a theme here.

I prefer to call his actions ‘mediation’. Why? And why pair it with healing? They’re two sides of the same coin. Mediation is really a form of interpersonal healing and reconciliation. Steven as healer has been a highly anticipated development in Steven’s arc ever since he healed Connie’s eyesight (1×24). Rose was a healer herself, so it makes sense that her son would inherit those powers, though obviously with his own unique twist (healing spit instead of healing tears). Many fans have speculated that a part of Steven’s power will be the ability to heal the corrupted gems in the temple. I mean, come on, they’re Chekov’s bubbles.

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Amethyst - peace/balance/courage/inner strength
 February/Saturn/7th chakra

  • Useful in the protection against black magic and witchcraft. It prevents psychic and paranormal harm.
  • Calms angry or evil thoughts. Hold or wear an amethyst to replace these thoughts with reasoning and spiritual insights.
  • When worn on the body, especially the naval, amethyst has a sobering effect. This is an excellent aid to quit smoking, drinking, or drug usage.
  • Reduces arthritis, swelling, and bruises: essential to pain relief. Rub amethyst on the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams. This is effective against nightmares. 
some stuff relating ishtar to rose quartz!

[ishtar is from babylonian mythology, which rebecca mentioned drawing inspiration from for the show. i highly recommend everyone reads up on the wiki! here’s a summary of some cool stuff.]

  • had 7 lions
  • the 7 lions pulled her chariot, made of lapis lazuli and gold
  • lions were her symbol. she was really into lions
  • goddess of love, fertility and war
  • her symbol was an 8-pointed star
  • had many lovers, and was often described as cruel to them
  • talked of a flute of lapis lazuli that could raise the dead
  • also, this text sample (mentions carnelian + lapis instruments)
  • some myths talk about resurrection and healing powers
  • had a lot of female friends and underlings 
  • once walked through 7 gates to get to the underworld and had to get naked in the process but did it anyway. this doesn’t really relate to rose but ishtar was really cool
  • this is the ishtar gate, made of lapis lazuli and featuring 120 lions, flowers and other animals

which looks awfully similar to


Healer Yamaguchi

Inspired by @maychorian‘s dream.

When Yamaguchi uses his healing powers it emits a soft glow that only Yams can see. He started wearing a poncho to try to limit the amount of accidental heals so he can save his power. Though of course he will still help someone who needs his magic.

Fan Fiction Friday

Anonymous: Hi! Can you do oneshot about Pietro and reader where reader is Tony’s sister (but she isn’t much like him. She is shy and quiet but kind, so everyone on the team likes her, she likes reading and is a lot in libery or lab, she never date someone or have her first kiss, she has got healing powers) when Pietro gets shot by Ultron she heals him but loses lot of energie and blacked out. When she wakes up Tony throws party and Pietro gets jealus when Steve flirts with reader and admit his love to her.

Author: Admin GCV
Title: You healed me
Chapter no/One Shot: One shot
Words number: 857
Original imagine: None
Notes/Warnings: This was a very specific one so I’m sorry if I left some information behind but I found a bit hard to include everything (especially the “background” informations) 

You looked at Wanda’s imploring expression and then at Pietro’s unconscious body.
I can do this you repeated in your mind, but the damage was so big and you couldn’t be sure.
You laid your hands on Pietro’s chest and closed your eyes, gathering all the concentration and all the strength you could find in yourself.
“Please… Please…” Wanda kept repeating while crying and covering half of her face. You couldn’t bear hearing her like that, and you couldn’t let him die. Even if you knew them for not so long you already felt attached to the twins.
You took a deep breath. A warm sensation run through your arms and hands, as always when you used your powers, but this time it wasn’t just a scar or a broken bone, this time it was much more serious. A long flow of power left your body, and when you felt you couldn’t keep it much longer your sight went black and your legs gave in and fell on the floor. You remained conscious maybe just for a few seconds, the time to think “did it work?” and then you blacked out.
When you woke up you were in your room in the Stark Tower. Your head hurt so much that you began to think everything was just a dream, but when you looked around you found Tony, your brother, sitting next to you.
“Y/N, you’re awake!” he rushed to kiss your forehead “I was so worried.”
“W-What happened?” you muttered struggling to keep your eyes open, the light was too strong.
“You healed that fast guy, but you used a lot of your power and blacked out.” he explained a lot more relaxed now.
“I… Did I heal him? I did it?”
“Yes, he’s alive thanks to you, honey. But don’t do it again, please. Unless it’s me you have to save, in that case…”
You giggled and sat on the bed, he never changed and you loved your brother like that, he could make you smile even in these moments.
“How much time did I spend asleep?” you asked curious, stretching your arms.
He looked at his watch “Exactly 30 hours, 23 minutes and 5 seconds. I didn’t think you were so lazy.”
You laughed once again, but that was a lot of time!
“Anyway, now that you’re awake I think it’s time to party for the victory. Do you agree?”
You nodded “Yes of course, even if by now I know I won’t ever be ready for your parties… a lot of people, too loud.”
“You’re nothing like me, are you? Alright, get ready for tomorrow night then! Now rest properly. I’ll come back later, and if you need something you know you can ask JARV- I mean, Friday.” he placed another kiss on your forehead and went away, leaving you alone in the room.
You did it then. You healed Pietro.

The night after it was everything as you expected: loud, a lot of alcohol, people everywhere… but you were happy, even if you didn’t want to socialize, and mostly stayed with the other Avengers. Well, with Steve, who seemed very interested in you that night.
“So, do you like the party?” he asked handing to you a non-alcoholic drink, you still didn’t feel so well so you decided it would have better to not drink too much or not drink at all.
“Yeah, but I’d prefer to be in a more quiet and private place like… the library.” you smiled, taking a sip of your drink.
You two talked for a while, you actually thought he was flirting with you, but you were too shy to even know how to act.
In the meanwhile, at a distance, you noticed someone looking at you. It was Pietro, he had been watching you for the whole party without leaving his sister’s side. Now that you thought about it you two never spoke after you woke up again, you didn’t get out of your room until that morning and didn’t occur to find him anywhere. You were ok that way though, you didn’t want him to thank you, you were just happy he was still alive, that was all. But at a certain point, whilst you were giggling with Steve you saw him approaching you two.
“I’ve been watching you for the entire party.” he said with a serious tone to Steve.
“So?” he asked a bit confused.
“Stop flirting with her.” he continued, always more determined, clenching his fists. 
You didn’t understand what was going on… is it possible that the two of them had an argument before? When you were still asleep? “Why? What’s happening?”
“Y/N I… When I met you I hated you, honestly, just because you’re a Stark, but then something happened and made me change my mind completely. You’re not like your brother, at all, even if I changed my mind about him too now… that’s not the point. What I want to say is that you’re so kind, so beautiful, you… you healed me risking your own life. I love you Y/N, that’s what’s happening.”

Sapphire - peacemaker/truth/honesty

  • If worn, it protects against poison, plague, fever, and skin diseases. It is said that gazing in to a sapphire can preserve eyesight. Used to heal throat related problems, as well as nose-bleeds, tuberculosis, and burns.
  • Used as a peacemaker. It allows people to freely talk about their differences and understand each other’s point of view. It diminishes anger and irritation.
  • In meditation, use the sapphire to access deeper levels of consciousness and understanding to one’s self. In divination, use the sapphire to increase the ability to see in to the future.
  • It is believed to bring faith, hope, and protection on long journeys. Many years ago, soldiers would wear sapphires in to battle for protection.
  • Symbolizes truth, faithfulness, and honesty. In lore, it is said that if someone who is untrustworthy or dishonest wears a sapphire, it won’t shine. At times, sapphires are given by lovers to represent faithfulness for each other.