healing effect

You can simply smile at someone on the street corner and elevate that person’s day with just one gesture. That person may take the sweetness of your reflection home and be kinder with her family and more inspired in her work, influencing everything and everyone she touches. Every moment is sacred, every encounter a miracle. Your presence carries an immeasurable ripple effect.
—  Niurka

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I am a feeble little non-binary noodle and kurt’s doing a spectacular job looking after me

Imagine Loki meeting and bonding with Clint’s kids while he’s at the Avengers’ Tower, serving his sentence by helping rebuild New York. They are being kept their to keep them safe from threats. All their meetings happen after midnight, when the kids can’t sleep, and seek him out. Talking to him calms them down and helps them sleep. It becomes an almost daily ritual, with no one the wiser, as he always returns the kids to their room once they’re sound asleep. They affectionately call him Uncle Loks, having no idea about his and Clint’s history. Loki likes their company, because they don’t judge him and aren’t afraid of him, being unaware of his misdeeds. They are the only ones in the tower who like his company and talk to him, and he bestows them with the knowledge about the nine realms and delights them his magical illusions. He grows very fond of them and they of him. In a way, being with them has a healing effect towards his torn and tormented soul. He pretends that they’re his family and it gives him peace, since he feels that both his birth and adoptive families abandoned him.

One day, the Tower is attacked and Loki actively protects the kids and their mother, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to escape. When Clint is told about it, and Loki’s bond with his kids revealed, he becomes absolutely livid. The rest of the Avengers aren’t comfortable with this development either, and hence, Loki is sent back to Asgard, where he is dumped in the dungeons for the additional charge of manipulating innocent children. He is alone and isolated once again, and his newly gained inner peace shatters, driving him near insanity. He is often seen interacting with illusions of the kids and is deemed mad.

Meanwhile, the kids insist that Loki did nothing to harm them, and try to convince everyone to bring him back. This prompts Tony to seek Jarvis’s secret audio from Loki’s room. It reveals the truth about Loki’s loving relationship with the kids, much to everyone’s surprise. Everyone but Clint votes to bring Loki back, not yet realizing that it might just be too late to bring him back from the brink of madness.

Proper game prep

So, me and a friend I do a lot of Text-Based RP’s with are creating a dystopian world for my upcoming D&D game. While she’s working on the universe’s story and fluff, I’m statting it all up, specifically the addiction and withdrawal effects of a drug called “Hope”. Eventually…

Me: “So you said the monks can heal the withdrawal effects?”

Her: “Only the high priest dudes.”

Me: “It’ll probably be really exhausting. Basically force the junkie to take a long rest, but it gets rid of the negatives.”

Her: “How’s it gonna work?”

Me: “He starts hitting them with a big, magical stick.”

LATER; Talking about negative aftereffects of detoxing:

Me: “To be honest if the priest wasn’t making sure they’re not gonna die, this would probably kill them.”

Her: “The party’s gonna kill their teammate with concern. ‘WE DON’T TRUST YOU, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Oh shit.’ ”

Me: “Nah, they’re not that ba- I’ll send in an NPC first.”



1. I understand how you have lower health compared to other classes, but please, for both you and your Medic’s sake. SLOW DOWN.  

2. Don’t call for a Medic when you’ve lost 1 health. Seriously, there’s a burning Soldier on 1 HP right beside you. Don’t expect to be prioritized.

3. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with the Mad Milk or the Mutated Milk.


1. If you want effective healing, DON’T EQUIP THE EQUALIZER OR THE ESCAPE PLAN. They decrease Medics’ healing impact on you by 90%.

2. DO EQUIP THE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. It can make you and your Medic faster than usual for a short period of time. Use it when your Medic has a hard time keeping up with you.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to rocket jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him. If he burns to death and you get killed, you can’t blame him, because you didn’t keep him alive.

2. DON’T EQUIP THE BACK SCRATCHER. It decreases the amount of healing you get from Medics and dispensers.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to flare jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. When your Medic is on low health, build a dispenser for him. 



2. When your Medic is on low health, give him your Sandvich.

3. DO EQUIP THE SANDVICH, THE DALOKOHS BAR, OR THE FISHCAKE. These serve as a portable health packs, which you can give to your Medic if he is on low health. The Dalokohs Bar and the Fishcake can also give a 50-point overheal to the consumer.


1. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to sticky jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.

(Other) Medic: 

1. Keep each other safe. You are both men of medicine. You’re supposed to be bros.

2. DO EQUIP THE AMPUTATOR. Taunting with it gives all of your teammates extra health (including your Medic).


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with Jarate or the Self-Aware Beauty Mark.


1. You’re a SPY. Unless you really need to be healed, don’t expect to be helped by Medics.

I’ll edit this if I missed something. Please reblog and add your own tips if you have any. :)

Sick of Hiding

“Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile.”
Jeanne McElvaney, Healing Insights: Effects of Abuse for Adults Abused as Children

Request: I was wondering if I could request where (Y/N) has been emotionally abused for a good part of her life.She is still kinda young (early 20’s), and she is still living at home; however, she still goes on missions. One day she is extremely depressed after her mother verbally attacked her again. The results can be either, she turns suicidal (as in doing something reckless on a mission) or she goes to her special splayed (the rooftop of the facility/wood near the facility). Bucky finds out and helps?

A/N: I’ve never experienced something like this myself, so this was definitely a challenge. Don’t know how I did… I’ll just wait for you to tell me. Also, I chose to write both, becoming suicidal and hiding out on the rooftop so, hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 2,559

Warning(s): emotional abuse, suicidal actions

I’m not good with expressing my opinions, feelings and stuff but I just feel like I should say something here before you read this imagine. 

Don’t keep quiet about abuse. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s emotional , physical or sexual abuse, no matter what kind it is, it’s still abuse. Nobody deserves to go through all that pain.

If you are an abuse victim, tell someone. I swear there is someone who wants to help you and if you don’t take the small step to actually say something, it’s harder for people to help you.

I understand it’s hard to come forward and actually say something but that’s what you have to do if you want help. 

You deserve to get help when needed.

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My original piece that started all of my ME family drawings. Garrus is the best space husband and would have made my femShep very happy if we ever got that happy ending. Alas this was only to be a dream.

My Best Posts (Fics) of 2016

Rather than art, 2016 was a hella good year for writing for me!  If you wanna look it over, here are my bests!  All of them are links to my AO3.


Variety:   Chara was bored of the old song-and-dance. They wanted variety. But THIS was one thing they will never repeat, ever again.


Mind, Body, and Soul:   In the beginning, they were just supposed to be the parts Gaster needed to fix himself, to rebuild himself anew after the trauma the war wrought on his mind and his body. But his little Sans and Papyrus were their own Monsters, and they needed a father, for as long as he was able to be.
After the Barrier was shattered and life could begin for the Monsters, Sans and Papyrus’s souls begin to break, and Gaster comes forth to help his boys once more, giving them what remains of his own soul, changing them as they heal them, with effects they never anticipated.


A First Time For Everything:   A prequel to my other Papyton stories, detailing the firsts of Mettaton and Papyrus’s relationship.


Do Unto Others:  Companion piece to Full Circle, in Papyrus’s side of the story.‘In this world, it’s kill or be killed’. Papyrus learned that early in life, and applied it to everything he ever did after the lesson was learned. It was his basis for living, his tool of control. But pieces of his old life refuse to die, no matter how much he drowns them in hate.


Holy crap I think I took a hiatus in May…


Flipping the Script:   One is an overworked, overburdened, and depressed Captain of the Royal Guard. The other is a timid, unappreciated beta male that’s stressed 24/7. Except behind doors, when they can be who they really are…but what happens when the line between play and reality is shattered?


The Skeleton Prompts Stories:   The collection of prompts sent into me by commenters on The Skeleton Prompts Requests. It will feature anything from family to fontcest, both fluff and violence, so in front of the chapter titles I’ll be putting a rating in parentheses in case you want to skip it, so I wont have to keep updating the tags.


Not My Brother:   When Asriel absorbed and released all of the souls, it really was ALL of the souls. Dr. Wingdings Gaster has returned, and seeks to rekindle his old relationship with Sans. Papyrus doesn’t like that someone is taking his big brother away from him and strives to do ANYTHING to keep Gaster’s attention off of his Sans.


Despite Everything, It’s Still You:   Papyrus meets the AU versions of himself, and finds things he has in common with them all–the good, and the bad–and learns more about himself in general.


Blood and Bones:   In the beginning, there was hell. Monsters had been sentenced to life underground, and one such survivor did what he had to in order to survive starvation. Flash forward a couple centuries, and Dr. Wingdings Gaster finds someone–or rather, a pair of someones–that he feels should join him in his eternity of darkness and desire.


An Unorthodox Offer:   Sans loses his job, and with himself and a little brother to support, takes up a most unorthodox offer from the wealthy owner of the lab he used to work at. Now if only he could keep from dragging Papyrus into this mess…


Twelve Days of Fontfest:  Gift fic for @spoopy-gaster.   Twelve chapters of the Skeletons exploring life, love, and family together.

Late Night Thoughts

What do you suppose healing and restoration potions in D&D taste like? And do they provide any kind of caloric or nutritional sustenance? Does a potion lose it’s healing or restoration effect when heated? And if not would it be possible to cook with them? Infusing dishes with healing and/or restorative properties.

Know when to hold your tongue, your reaction and when to keep it moving.
Not every cause….deserves your effect.
—  Lalah Delia

What it means to be British, from Captain Britain and MI-13 #5 (2008)

Faiza Hussain is a British-born Pakistani medical doctor whose powers were triggered by an alien weapon while she was working triage during the Skrull Invasion of Great Britain. Later, she became the wielder of the sword Excalibur and joined MI-13 as the steward of the Black Knight, Dane Whitman.

Blessed as it is with mythical properties, Excalibur is capable of slaying even immortal beings such as spirits, gods, and vampires, but Faiza takes her Hippocratic Oath very seriously, and even uses her powers in a non-offensive capability to neutralise her foes. She can disassemble anything- including people- into their component parts, manipulate them on an atomic level, and reassemble them, restoring them to their original condition and repairing any damage. She can also immobilise groups of foes, and has even demonstrated the ability to resurrect herself and others from death by falling from great height by restoring any damage sustained at the precise moment of impact, effectively healing herself as the impact forces kill her.

Faiza lists her three main fandoms as cricket, British superheroes, and the S.A.S. In the Age of Ultron continuity (Earth-61112), she was chosen by Brian Braddock to succeed him as Captain Britain before he sacrificed his life to try and repel Ultron’s takeover of the United Kingdom. Although this version of her hasn’t been seen since the Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders limited series published during Secret Wars, Faiza’s creator Paul Cornell has expressed an interest in the possibility of having her take on the mantle in the 616 continuity.

Solar “Sol” Grillbz!!
Sol- Means Sun

Ahhh so much to say!

Sol owns a fancy restaurant at the… Outertale version of the Resort (Idk what it would be called) since he serves high class beverages. He uses liquids from his planets to mix into the drinks. They provide various effects (like healing, calming, etc.), and he serves one planet at a time, which becomes “Planet of the Day”. After the planet is done being used for the day, he leaves it alone until it has recovered, which happens quickly if he has kept the planet for a long time.

He has a connection to his planets, so if they are harmed, drained, etc, he will feel weaker. When he creates planets, they tend to be small at first, but grow as time goes on. Some planets will be created without him initiating it.

This Grillby can have glasses, I am just too lazy to draw them lol

That should be all! I hope you guys enjoy him!! ((Also this pose was takin from a Persona 3 reference sheet! I can’t do bodies and just wanted the idea out there. No hate please T_T This was made strictly for fun and reference!))

Shirtless Sol Here!

Rendered Sol Here!

As fragile as a soap bubble seems, these films have remarkable powers of self-healing. The animation above shows a falling water droplet passing through a soap film without bursting it. An important factor here is that the water droplet is wet–passing a dry object through a soap film is a quick way to burst it, as those who have played with bubbles know. The droplet’s inertia deforms the soap film, creating a cavity. If the drop’s momentum were smaller, the film could actually bounce the droplet back like a trampoline, but here the droplet wins out. The film breaks enough to let the drop through, but its cavity quickly pinches off and the film heals thanks to the stabilizing effect of its soapy surfactants. (Image credit: H. Kim, source)

People of Germany: Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was a Bavarian priest and one of the forefathers of the Naturopathic Medicine movement. He developed the “Kneipp Cure” form of hydrotherapy, the application of water through various methods, pressures, and temperatures, which he claimed to have therapeutic or healing effects. Although most commonly associated with one area of Nature Cure, Kneipp was the proponent of an entire system of healing which rested on 5 main tenets:

* Hydrotherapy - Kneipp was able to heal many people with water
* Herbalism – The use of botanical natural medicines 
* Exercise - Promoting health of the body through movement
* Nutrition - A wholesome diet of whole grains, fruits & veg with limited meat
* Balance - Kneipp believed that a healthy mind begot a healthy person

His book “My Water Cure” was published in 1886 with many subsequent editions, and translated into many languages. He also wrote “Thus Shalt Thou Live”, “My Will”, and “The care of children in sickness and in health”. His methods are still well-known and applied in spa towns around Germany. Fun fact: His recipe for whole wheat bread, called Kneippbrød in Norwegian, is the most commonly eaten bread in Norway.

Outerfell Grillby! His name is Nova Grillby!

Nova also has the power to summon planets, but unlike his counter-part Outertale Sol Grillby who uses the planets to heal people with positive effects, Nova Grillby uses his planets as bombs. He creates the planets at will so fast, that they explode like bombs. Different planets have different affects such as; homing meteorites, acid planets, some that can only harm if you move, etc. He has certain planets at the edge of explosion ready at the belt. He too does have a planet to heal him that hides in his galaxy coat. The planets get dull and lose power if they do not float around every now and then.

Nova once owned his own bar, but one day King Asgore demanded Grillby to work for him to use his abilities for destruction. Nova refused. Seeing Nova and his people (all the fire monsters) as a threat to one day over throw him, Asgore sent an order out to kill all the fire monsters. Nova Grillby was the only one to survive.

Nova’s soul purpose is to avenge his people, kill every member of the Royal Guard, and make his way up to Asgore. Grillby is a wanted monster, to kill on sight.

Nova eventually runs into Frisk years later. He was going to leave her, but she just “tags along” even though he tries to “get rid of her”. Grillby is unaware why the Royal Guards are after her…

I think that is all! Thanks for being patient with me guys! So happy to have him done! I will upload a video of him another time! >w< Thank you for your time!!!