healing effect

Soap films have the remarkable property of self-healing. A water drop, like the one shown above, can pass through a bubble (repeatedly!) without popping it. This happens thanks to surfactants and the Marangoni effect. Surfactants are molecules that lower the surface tension of a liquid and congregate along the outermost layer of a soap film. When water breaks through the soap film, its lack of surfactants causes a higher surface tension locally. This triggers the Marangoni effect, in which flow moves from areas of low surface tension toward ones of high surface tension. That carries surfactants to the region where the drop broke through and helps stabilize and heal the soap film. Incidentally, the same process lets you stick your finger into a bubble without popping it as long as your hand is wet! (Image credit: G. Mitchell and P. Taylor, source)

a few things:

bullying is abuse. full stop. bullying is abuse, bullies are abusers. if you have been bullied, you have been abused.

bullying is not a lesser form of abuse. it is not normal. it is not beneficial. victims do not need to ‘grow up’ or ‘get over it’. you are not childish or immature for being hurt by it.

bullying can cause mental health problems. bullying can cause trauma. mental health problems and trauma caused by abuse are completely valid. bullying is not a lesser form of abuse and the effects of bullying are not lesser forms of pain.

bullying comes in a lot of different forms. essentially, if you were excluded or humiliated or mocked or physically abused or in any other way treated as inferior by your peers, you were bullied.

bullying is never the victim’s fault. never. the abusers will always find an excuse to hurt you but they don’t need an actual reason.

the effects of bullying can last a lifetime. all this is true if you’re being bullied right now, and all this is true if it’s been a year. five years. fifteen years. abuse can have long-term effects and healing is not a question of maturity.

bullying isn’t discussed nearly enough but seriously, it can be hellish and if you’re going through it or you’ve been through it, i’m with you. keep going.

🌿✨ Finnish Midsummer Juhannus spells ✨🌿

Juhannus was originally a celebration for Ukko the supreme god of weather and harvest. It was also a time for making magic since the spirit world was more active at the time of the white nights. A loud feasting and drinking brought luck in love as well as a good harvest and kept the evil spirits at bay.

1. Roll in dew

If you roll around naked in a field, your future spouse will appear in your life within a year. Dew was believed to have a healing effect and rolling in it was supposed to make you beautiful and healthy. Earlier, dew was even collected in cloths and pressed into bottles for the year to come.

2. Put a spell on a field

Find a four-leafed clover from the yard in the evening. Hide the clover under your shirt, next to your bosom. When the clock strikes midnight, let your hair loose and run to the field. Go around the field three times. When the person of your fancy will eat bread made out of the wheat from that specific field, they will fall in love with you.

3. Collect seven flowers

Collect seven different types of flowers from as many meadows. When going to bed, put the bouquet underneath your pillow. You will see “the one” in your dream. Flowers and plants have an important role in Midsummer celebrations. Previously, it was common to scatter tree leaves on the floors and build tree houses in the yards. Even cows were decorated with garlands, so as to secure a good year for the cattle and milk production.

4. Sweep naked

Sweep your bedroom floor naked, just a red thread tied around your waist, and the ghost of your love will greet you.

5. Tie a sauna whisk, vihta

Vihtas are always made for the Midsummer sauna. They are usually made out of birch as its fresh leaves are soft and have a lovely fragrance. For your magic spell, the Midsummer bath whisk should be made out of eight different tree and flower types. After the sauna, throw the whisk on the roof of the sauna. Climb up after it and see whereto the stem of the whisk points. That is the direction from which your future spouse will come.

6. Make a bonfire

The smoke of the bonfire will turn to the person who will find their spouse next. When the flames start to go out, jump over the bonfire to bring luck in love.

7. Look into a mirror

When you put two mirrors opposite each other on a midsummer night, you can see your future spouse in the reflection of the other.

8. Listen to the first sound

In the wee hours of the night, climb up somewhere high – on a hill, on top of a fell or a big rock. To a place where it is easy to hear surrounding sounds. Your future spouse will come from the same direction as the first sound of the morning. If you hear music, it means an approaching wedding. If you hear a child crying, it is a sign of birth. The number of cuckoo sounds tells how many years you have to wait until you find love.

orangecreeper217  asked:

Wait why can't they give patience food? Food in the actual undertale game is very effective at healing Frisk, and since Chara has been in the underground for a while they surely have figured that out by now... Is there some kind of limitation with the way food works in the underground?

Monster food is made from magic. The same applies.

(Keep in mind that magic doesn’t heal everything. After all, Chara died from buttercup poisoning in the original game, despite having a healer like Toriel caring for them.)

Alternate Ways to End Combat in an RPG

Hello, readers! At the moment, I’m super busy prepping a Lovecraft Legacies LARP event, but I didn’t want to fail to offer some DMing advice this week. So I grabbed an old article I wrote for the website GeeksDreamGirl.com. I wrote it with 4E in mind, but it’s lessons translate to any game. Enjoy!

Combat is an integral part of many RPGs. In some, it’s a necessary evil. In others, like D&D, it’s an exciting part of the game. Sometimes, the PCs are facing truly evil and villainous foes that need to be wiped from the face of your campaign world. Sometimes, however, you want to have a battle end in something other than a complete massacre of one side or another. What if the PCs are facing honorable foes who’ve been duped into fighting them? Or what if they’re facing foes who vastly out-number or out-power them? Is a slaughter the only answer? Obviously, the
answer can and should be no.

Here then are five ways to end a fight before the battlefield is drenched in the blood of one side or another. You can use these ways to keep a battle short, or to offer an alternative to simple one-
sided destruction.

A Fight to First Blood

If the PCs are facing honorable foes, or are fighting in a tournament, they may choose to fight to “first blood”, and I’m not referencing any cheesy 80s action films. In 4E D&D, this is an easy
concept: have the players and NPCs agree to fight until someone hits their Bloodied value, and use this as the threshold of when someone finally draws blood on the other.

This has a lot of basis in reality. Knights at tournament wanted to show their prowess at real battle, and first blood was a way to show one’s skill, but to avoid seriously injuring one’s foe. Likewise, a duel that was serious but didn’t need to be to the death would sometimes be fought to first blood. This served as a grim reminder to the wounded – I bloodied you once. Next time might be more fatal.

Holding Out Like a Hero

This is a particular favorite of mine. In it, the PCs aren’t necessarily planning on winning a fight, but only of surviving and holding off foes until a set goal is reached. This is particularly effective for when the king can get to safety if his loyal knights can last ten rounds of combat, or if a wizard needs them to hold until he gets six successes on Arcana checks. Combined with Skill Challenges, this can make for a memorable sequence. Skeletons will keep pouring out of the crypt until the cleric successfully re-consecrates it as a skill challenge of minor actions, or the room will keep filling with water that’s inhabited with shrieking eels until the rogue resets the trap mechanism. It’s up to the party to hold off the skeletons, eels, or what have you.

You can use this device to simulate a scene like Helm’s Deep. The PCs have to hold out a certain number of rounds until the reinforcements arrive. Especially in combination with an ever-increasing number of minions, this can give the proper feeling of literally holding off an army.

Cutting Off the Head

The orcish army feels unbeatable until their leader, Gruzhgarn, is slain. When the necromancer is killed, the undead crumble back to lifeless husks. The wolves will flee in dismay if their alpha is killed. If you make one or more of the enemies the linchpin holding the rest of the monsters together, then you can give the PCs a goal other than simply slaying every monster on the battlefield. Once the leader-type monster goes down, the rest will surrender, flee, return to their home plane, etc. I especially like the feeling of “kill the wizard and his minions will return to the Elemental Plane.” It’s something that makes a logical sort of story sense, and it gives an out to the players.

A variation on this is “this monster is invulnerable until condition X is met.” In my current campaign, a great example was Auntie Mengybone, whom I’ve mentioned in other columns. She was harnessing the life-force of a captive Arch Fey to constantly heal herself, making her effectively invulnerable. Several of the PCs with Controller-type powers kept her busy and away from the other PCs who were freeing the Arch Fey through a skill challenge. Once the Arch Fey was released, she immediately went into retreat mode, leaving her minions to fight the PCs. She didn’t escape, but, if she had, she would’ve likely become a recurring villain in the campaign.

Live to Fight Another Day

There’s an adage that most PCs would rather have their character killed than have them captured. I’m not sure what the psychology around this is, but I agree that it’s true. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to have your monsters behave the same way.

I befuddled my players in my Eberron campaign by having the changeling villain they’d been fighting step back, go defensive, and offer to surrender, but only if the Lawful Good character
promised him mercy. The party was immediately suspicious, but they reluctantly agreed. This let me draw a fight that was already a foregone conclusion to a quick close and keep a valuable NPC
alive for a future sequence. And when the PCs found out later that he’d escaped the prisons of their patrons, they cursed his name – darned, tricksy changelings!

The other trick is to have monsters flee. They might be running for reinforcements, or they might be running for their lives, but sometimes monsters, especially intelligent ones, might choose to abandon a fight that they’re clearly losing. Earlier editions of D&D had complex Morale check systems to help a DM determine whether or not a monster would fight on or drop their weapons, but, nowadays, story is the arbiter of such a decision.

Stop. Just Stop.

I would never suggest that you should declare a fight against the PCs and tell them they’re all dead. But good news! Your monsters don’t have any ego beyond that which you invest in them.

If you’re down to two half-dead orcs, everything else is dead, and the PCs are still in excellent shape, you can call that fight. Sure, the orcs might do a little more damage, but is it really necessary to eke every hit point from the player characters that you can? I think not.

Some DMs, and some players, don’t like this approach. They want to know exactly who did what, who killed whom, and noodle the fight down to each hit point. That’s not my style of game play. If it’s getting late, and I have an important plot point to make before game ends, and this fight is slowing me down, I’ll sometimes call a fight once it’s clear how unlikely it is that the PCs will lose. “Well, the ogre has 15 hit points, and you’re all going to get to attack before he does. Unless you really want to know who kills the ogre specifically, let’s call it. Someone describe for me how the ogre dies.” My players were baffled the first time I did this, but they’ve
come to appreciate it.

In Closing

Not every fight has to be fought to the last HP. Sometimes, there are reasons why a fight should end early, and sometimes it’s just more convenient to move things along rather than dither down to the bitter end. Using this tool, you can make battles more about the story and excitement and less about drudging down to the last hit point.

So just a little thought…. since the frequency that cats pur at is said to improve bone density and promote healing, I wonder if the same could apply for turians? Like I could picture Shepard chillin in bed working on whatever and Garrus is behind her just purring away. She goes to get up and he wont let her go to the point she is now dragging herself and her turian leach across the bed. “Garrus!” She struggles, “I need to go work!” And he responds, clinging to her, purring like a mad man,“ No Shepard, you cant, I’m not done improving your bones!” *purrrr PURRRR*



1. I understand how you have lower health compared to other classes, but please, for both you and your Medic’s sake. SLOW DOWN.  

2. Don’t call for a Medic when you’ve lost 1 health. Seriously, there’s a burning Soldier on 1 HP right beside you. Don’t expect to be prioritized.

3. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with the Mad Milk or the Mutated Milk.


1. If you want effective healing, DON’T EQUIP THE EQUALIZER OR THE ESCAPE PLAN. They decrease Medics’ healing impact on you by 90%.

2. DO EQUIP THE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. It can make you and your Medic faster than usual for a short period of time. Use it when your Medic has a hard time keeping up with you.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to rocket jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him. If he burns to death and you get killed, you can’t blame him, because you didn’t keep him alive.

2. DON’T EQUIP THE BACK SCRATCHER. It decreases the amount of healing you get from Medics and dispensers.

3. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to flare jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.


1. When your Medic is on low health, build a dispenser for him. 



2. When your Medic is on low health, give him your Sandvich.

3. DO EQUIP THE SANDVICH, THE DALOKOHS BAR, OR THE FISHCAKE. These serve as a portable health packs, which you can give to your Medic if he is on low health. The Dalokohs Bar and the Fishcake can also give a 50-point overheal to the consumer.


1. Unless your Medic is using the Quick-Fix, try not to sticky jump as it will be hard for him to keep up with you.

(Other) Medic: 

1. Keep each other safe. You are both men of medicine. You’re supposed to be bros.

2. DO EQUIP THE AMPUTATOR. Taunting with it gives all of your teammates extra health (including your Medic).


1. If your Medic is on fire, extinguish him with Jarate or the Self-Aware Beauty Mark.


1. You’re a SPY. Unless you really need to be healed, don’t expect to be helped by Medics.

I’ll edit this if I missed something. Please reblog and add your own tips if you have any. :)

Practical uses of magic in medicine

I was thinking about the use of each dragon’s magic in their occupation while re-writing one of my dragon’s bios. Thought it might be fun to write up something for it here. I may be stretching what each elemental magic can do, but I tried to pick fitting skills and applications.


Ice healers often make excellent surgeons due to their ability to keep calm in stressful situations!

Conjure ice:  For use in treating swelling and overheating. Condense and freeze water particles from the air to form a solid lump of ice. Alternatively, condense a thin layer of ice directly over the area to form an ice pack. (though this is less secure than simply wrapping ice around the injury with cloth)

Lower temperature: Multiple applications. Useful for treating fever and swelling when applied to the patient, or in treating hyperthermia, or can also be used ambiently to provide a more sterile environment for surgeries.


Shadow healers are often wonderful therapists! A skilled shadow healer can help a dragon reduce negative symptoms of many conditions.

Induce sleep: Used to help dragons with insomnia or other sleeping problems if used lightly. When used heavily and persistently, it can allow the patient to stay unconscious during surgery or other incredibly painful procedures, though this does require the shadow dragon to continuously apply the spell throughout the surgery.

Conjure Illusions: Useful in therapeutic applications depending on the situation. May also be useful in providing visual reference when explaining things to patients.


Wind dragons are often combat medics or emergency responders. The fact that they don’t mind going wherever they’re needed most means they fit right into the job!

Fast movement: Allows the dragon to act quicker to help the patient. Useful in many situations but is one of the main reasons wind dragons make good first responders for traumatic injuries.

Manipulate air flow: Useful in a more effective cpr. Can go horribly wrong if the user is untrained and it is recommended to use normal cpr if they are not. Can also be used to generally treat any form of troubled breathing.


Water healers tend to feel at home doing bloody work or water based therapy.

Manipulate water: Dragons of most breeds and elements have blood composed mainly of water. Careful mastery of this skill in the application of moving blood can prove very useful in the medical field. Transfusions can be done without much equipment if the area is sterile, and it makes transfusions with proper equipment easy and fast. Blood Flow can be controlled as well for many used including: Stopping bleeding, bringing a concentration of blood into an area for venepuncture, or directing blood away from a limb for cleaner amputation.

Conjure water: Generally useful when working on a patient. If it is to be used for cleaning a wound make sure the air around is clean.


Nature dragons are wonderful pharmacists. Most potions on the market are exported from the Viridian Labyrinth. Many denizens of the Viridian Labyrinth also swear by homeopathy.

Enhanced plant growth: Used to enhance the effects of healing compounds in plants. These distilled compounds can be ground and made into pills, or used on a seed to produce a fruiting plant that can make powerful potions. It is also used in homeopathic treatments to a lesser degree.

Conjure plants: Conjured vines make an excellent temporary cast or can be used to apply pressure to an area when proper bandages are unavailable.


Light dragons tend towards physical therapy as their line of work or just general healers for their clan.

Accelerate healing: Once thought to be a cure-all, this spell is not a miracle healer. While it appears to magically heal wounds and relieve even chronic or severe pain with a bright heavenly light it’s effects are only barely skin deep and any injuries more serious than a cut, bruise, bite, or fractured bone should be seen to with other methods. This is most useful for combat medics or for light wounds and first aid.


Most of the more advanced medical equipment comes from the Shifting Expanse and often requires a lightning dragon to power it outside of the Shifting Expanse where electrical power is much less readily available. Because of this, lightning dragons tend to make great medical technicians and will often take on the role of a nurse as well.

Generate electricity: With an amount of control, this can be invaluable in trauma situations where the heart is beating irregularly. The doctor should generate small bursts of electricity directly into the patient in case of the heart stopping. Lightning element dragons will need a large dose of electricity for this to work but any more than a very small amount for any other dragon could simply kill them.


Fire dragons are frequently rescue responders and combat medics.

Raise temperature: Multiple applications. Can be used to treat cases of hypothermia by warming up the patient’s body temperature, but can also be used with high intensity to flash-sterilize instruments used in surgery as well as boiling water to sterilize. An intense focus of raise temperature on a metal object can allow it to be used to cauterize a wound in a pinch.

Conjure fire: Most useful when cauterizing a wound. Can also be used to burn bodies in emergencies or in the case of the death of an imperial on the battlefield.


Arcane dragons are masters of magical afflictions and are the most effective at healing those kinds of diseases in a timely manner.

Manipulate Arcane energy: When dealing with a dragon close to death’s door, a magic transfusion can often give them the extra push needed to stay alive. An arcane doctor can transfer the magic of a dragon the same element as the patient into the patient, or in the case of none being available transfer his own magic reserves or that of another arcane dragon to the patient. Beware of transferring too much. A dragon’s magical reserves are closely linked to its general wellbeing and life force and if a dragon is drained of too much of their magic they will inevitably perish.


Plague dragons invented the vaccine. After taking notice that newcomers to the scarred wasteland were mildly sick for several weeks but much stronger after getting better, some plague healers began to experiment with controlled exposure to viruses to build immunity for those who didn’t have it yet.

Conjure Infection: Though it sounds counterproductive, plague healers often will treat one disease with another. Sometimes one harmful disease is beat out by a population of another, benign, disease.

Sense Infection: Though this is not an active magic power, many plague dragons can simply tell if one is infected by anything. With more careful training and a closer examination, plague healers can often pinpoint diseases accurately for diagnosis and can even catch deadly infections before they become life threatening or untreatable.

Manipulate disease: Though not nearly as powerful as other “manipulate” elemental powers this one can be used to draw contagents in a small area to the user, effectively sterilizing a small area around a wound or surgical incision. It is to be warned though that it this is used, the user should not touch the patient afterwards or they will put them at risk for potent infection.


While Earth dragons don’t have many healing spells at their disposal, the most prestigious medical schools are located within Dragonhome. Without much magic to help them, they are the most skilled at traditional methods of healing and have perfected it to an art!

Feel free to add onto this with more!

crystals & the zodiac

aries: diamond, magnetite, aquamarine 

  • diamond is a symbol of purity & light, a stone that represents cleansing of the aura & allowing the soul to shine through. the light of the diamond shows negative emotions or thoughts that require transformation, helping with enlightenment & evolution 
  • magnetite represents positive / negative polarity, providing for balanced & objective perspective and strengthens intuition 
  • aquamarine is a stone of calming energy with an affinity to sensitive people, representing one’s understanding of underlying emotions, self-expression, closure, & perception 

taurus: selenite, emerald, variscite, serpentine 

  • selenite represents deep peace & clarity 
  • emerald helps bring to the surface what is unconsciously known. it is a stone of healing, wisdom, & equilibrium 
  • variscite is a stone of peace, courage, & trust in the universe
  • serpentine is an earthing stone that helps with spiritual exploration & grounding

gemini: tiger’s eye, citrine, rutilated quartz 

  • tiger’s eye is a stone of high vibrational energy, helping to promote clarity for scattered emotions, desires, & intentions to make a coherent whole
  • citrine enhances positive emotions & promotes development of positive energy toward oneself & others
  • rutilated quartz represents protection from negative energy, energy support during emotional release & confrontation, & insights into oneself to reach the root of problems while facilitating positive change

cancer: white calcite, white opal, moonstone 

  • white calcite represents a connection between emotions / intellect & promotes inspiration 
  • opal represents reflection & intensification of feelings, emotional expression, & cohesiveness of emotional energy
  • moonstone is a stone of intuition & a reminder of nature’s cycles; it helps with emotional instability, healing, balance of energies, & synchronicity 

leo: turquoise, quartz, tiger’s eye, honey calcite 

  • turquoise provides solace for the spirit. it represents intuition, releasing of inhibitions, & inner peace 
  • quartz is a stone of positive energy, spirituality, & balance of the chakras 
  • tiger’s eye is a stone of high vibrational energy, helping to promote clarity for scattered emotions, desires, & intentions to make a coherent whole
  • honey calcite is a gentle stone, representing balance of emotions, releasing of fear, strengthening one’s higher consciousness. it corresponds with the sacral chakra, which represents confidence & connection to oneself & the universe 

virgo: amber, peridot, moss agate, 

  • amber is a grounding stone representing positive & bright mental / emotional states, patience, & the throat chakra–encouraging vocalization, honesty, & expression of feelings 
  • peridot represents letting go of negative energies & old vibrations so higher frequencies can begin to guide oneself; it is a stone of necessary change, confidence, & psychological clarity
  • moss agate enables one to see the power in themselves & their emotions through releasing fear & stress

libra: prehnite, jade, chrysoprase 

  • prehnite is a stone for connecting with the universe’s energy & a crystal for healing through connecting to the higher self 
  • jade is a nurturing stone, bringing insight into oneself through calming energy & helping to express passionate emotions in constructive ways
  • chrysoprase represents a sense of belonging in the universe, honesty & truth, letting go of the ego, openness to change, & independence 

scorpio: blue topaz, dioptase, obsidian 

  • blue topaz is a stone of personal truth & wisdom 
  • dioptase represents consciousness in the present moment, releasing the need to control & helping the process of healing. it teaches that pain & difficulty in life is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self
  • obsidian vitalizes the purpose of the soul, grounding the spirit into the body & exploring the depths of the subconscious mind / emotions

sagittarius: gold obsidian, okenite, smoky quartz

  • gold obsidian helps with conflicts of the ego
  • okenite clears obstacles in one’s path, promoting endurance to complete tasks / reach goals. it represents self-forgiveness for mistakes & the cyclical nature of learning
  • smoky quartz relieves negative energy, helps to tolerate difficult times with equanimity, & gently releases fear within oneself

capricorn: onyx, magnetite, smoky quartz, white aragonite

  • onyx represents strength-giving & vigor 
  • magnetite represents positive / negative polarity, providing for balanced & objective perspective and strengthens intuition 
  • smoky quartz relieves negative energy, helps to tolerate difficult times with equanimity, & gently releases fear within oneself 
  • white aragonite represents the earth. it helps develop concentration, flexibility, & tolerance to the mind while combating sensitivity or stress 

aquarius: blue obsidian, aquamarine, boji stone  

  • blue obsidian vitalizes the soul & the self; it represents the throat chakra, supporting communication 
  • aquamarine is a stone of calming energy with an affinity to sensitive people, representing one’s understanding of underlying emotions, self-expression, closure, & perception 
  • boji stone represents feminine energy & awareness of self through clearing blocked or painful emotions & revealing negative thoughts / self-defeating behaviors to the conscious mind 

pisces: blue agate, labradorite, amethyst 

  • blue agate brings peace of mind, effective in healing the throat chakra–free expression of thoughts & feelings 
  • labradorite is a bringer of light & mysticism, stimulating intuition & trust in the universe. it balances rationality & emotions by inspiring contemplation & introspection of the self 
  • amethyst represents calming protection & higher vibrations of spiritual consciousness
You can simply smile at someone on the street corner and elevate that person’s day with just one gesture. That person may take the sweetness of your reflection home and be kinder with her family and more inspired in her work, influencing everything and everyone she touches. Every moment is sacred, every encounter a miracle. Your presence carries an immeasurable ripple effect.
—  Niurka
The 12th House and the path to feeling good deep down inside.

One of the greatest Mysteries of the 12th house is what it represents in actuality. An alternate “new age” interpretation I have come to consider is that the 12th House represents karmically what gives us satisfaction for giving back to the collective.  This is done through teaching and acknowledging the greater collector outside of ourselves. 

It is what we offer to the greater good of life and expect nothing in return except bettering the lives of everyone.  In a sense it can be like living a legacy ; one which provides soulful rewards you can see during your current lifetime.  The 12th House is classically ruled by Jupiter for a reason; It is the house of your ultimate soulful expression to teach others.  

The reason why this part of a person’s life can be so difficult to tap into is because giving away one’s karmic “compassion” to teach does not necessarily lead to profit, paying the bills or ego gains.  Some of us are more ready (born with) emphasis on this matter because we have planets already in that house. Some of us need a transit planet, progressed planet, or someone else’s planet to wake up our 12th house on the way to enlightenment.

Here are some examples in the chart how this can be seen.  Examples are done in “word slam” :

Aries on the 12th House Cusp / Mars in the 12th House

Being proactive in Helping Others, Helping others get motivated, Helping others be independent, Finding what motivates others and realizing self motivation skills, Leading those who need help, Fighting to protect the weak, Bringing pioneering concepts to the World, Teaching the Importance of Passion, Using Sexuality as a Way to heal others, Bringing sports to a culture or group of people as a way to enrich their lives

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Hello my fellow student witches! 💕⭐️

So I know most of you guys are enjoying your carefree summer vacation (lucky ;-;), but for those who are stuck taking summer classes like me, you might need a little support since they’re fast paced as heck. I will say that this is my first ever spell, so if things seem a bit funky, that’s why. 😅 Now without further adieu, I present to you…

✨🔮The 4.0 GPA Magic Charm Bag🔮✨

This bag is full of goodies to help promote mental focus, stability, and luck, which in turn will help you get the grades you want (if you work hard too, of course). I made sure to use relatively common ingredients so it doesn’t break the bank if you ever have to go out and buy any of them. Also, you can omit or add anything you like. After all, this is a magic charm bag for your own personal needs!


  • White Pouch — For purifying the mind of any unnecessary thoughts to make way for new knowledge.
  • Tiger’s Eye — To enhance your personal power by allowing you to focus clearly on your goals and obtain the ambition you need to make them a reality. Also helps in maintaining a positive and confident  attitude.
  • Amethyst — To calm your test anxiety and instill inner peace, as well as to reduce stress, insomnia, and headaches. Also helps to end bad procrastination habits.
  • Fluorite - For amplifying mental focus, converting feelings of chaos to stability, and promoting clear thinking with unbiased reasoning. Also absorbs negativity and stress.  
  • Rosemary —  To purify your mind of those pesky procrastination thoughts.
  • Peppermint — To wake up your senses and make you more alert when you’re feeling groggy from late night/all day studying.
  • Lemon juice — To cleanse your “I hate studying” feelings and give you the zest and spark of energy you need to get through your study marathon day.
  • Dried Bay Leaves — For mental strength and purification + protection from distracting thoughts.
  • ½ Cinnamon Stick— For mental focus and clarity.
  • Fern Sprig— For good health, good fortune (because sometimes you just need an ounce of luck 😋), and success
  • Paper cut-outs of sigils with phrases designed for acing your tests — Create duplicate copies of a sigil so that one sigil cut-out can be burned/erased to infuse the symbol with energy, while the other paper cut-out can go into your bag as reference. You can use your own sigils or ones made by others. I also recommend adding multiple sigil phrases into your bag if you need it.

I recommend lightly wrapping the herbs in thin tissue paper so you can benefit from the healing effects of their smells and storing the lemon juice in its own separate vial.

To cleanse and charge your charm bag, you can place it under the light of the full moon. I don’t recommend using sunlight because some of the crystals (amethyst and fluorite) are sensitive to light and may fade.

Well I hope this helps any student witches out there! If you’re on summer vacation, you’ll need it eventually when you get back to school, so it’d be best to start gathering this stuff early and not wait until finals week comes around, haha!

Wishing you all good grades, productive study sessions, and success! 💕☺️

Love and light blessings,

Malina ❤️

Happy Full Moon In Scorpio
External image

“Throughout this day I am mindful that I carry within me the energies of transformation, rebirth, passion and strength.”

Use this moon for:

  • Purging intense emotional matters  such as: guilt, lust, or obsession.

  • Keeping things secret.

  • Solving mysteries and getting to the root of the issue.

  • Concentration, and exam revision.

  • Healing the sexual organs.

Scorpio Full Moon is a time of Death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death), intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity. It is good for focusing, being sexual, and also doing psychic work because of the deep emotions and desires Scorpio brings. Since sensitivity is heightened, this moon is a wonderful time to deeply connect and feel the Goddess, especially the dark Crone Goddesses. During the Scorpio full moon opinions and feelings are intense and penetrating. Strong desires, especially sexual yearnings , run deep with emotions at their peak.

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Be cautious of emotional resentments, as this is a time where past feelings can surface and block your very heightened creative energy, so fight the urges to be suspicious, secretive, and moody. This is a time of regeneration, and cleaning out of emotional debris from the previous month. There is great energy to complete things and focus on certain areas that you have found yourself too scattered to deal with the previous cycle. Take the time now for sexual exploration, as well as relaxation.


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Full Moon in Scorpio (Taurus Sun) rituals are high energy and psychic. The veil is thin between the worlds, so during your Scorpio full moon rituals the Goddesses joins the circle easily. Anything that you can do in the two to three Scorpio days for the region of the sexual organs has a doubly beneficial preventative and healing effect, as Scorpio rules the sexual organs. Anything th

at puts a heavier burden on the sexual organs and urinary tract has a harmful effect during this transit than any other days. If you are able to postpone surgery or operations on the sexual organs during this time, it is best. Expectant mothers should also be cautious to stay clear of any heavy strain/exertion during this time. As  it is believed that miscarriage occurs easily during the Scorpio full moon.

  • Vaginal steams/healing baths with herbs such as: Yarrow, rose, jasmine, raspberry, holy basil can be used as a healing aid for women during this full moon. Vaginal (Yoni) steaming is effective because the soft tissues of a woman’s vagina are extremely porous and quickly absorb the vapors of the steam. The heat of the steam stimulates circulation and blood flow to the pelvic area, and combined with the medicinal benefits of the herbs, will nourish, tone, and cleanse the vaginal tissues and whole pelvic region. *Please do not use vaginal steaming if you are: pregnant, menstruating,  or if there is infection present.

  • Healing baths

  • Meditation and/or releasing ritual.

  • Healthy sexual play


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Light a deep red candle and burn incense of or oil of Myrrh. Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Scorpio and place it in your heart center. visualize the color scarlet surrounding you, and breathe that color into your heart, allow it to fill you with strength, courage, intensity, and passion. Honor these powerful energies and ask that they be used to assist in the journey to transform lower nature into your highest good.


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Am I willing to be born anew…again and again, and again? 

The more you look at Jung Hoseok, the more beautiful he becomes.

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My original piece that started all of my ME family drawings. Garrus is the best space husband and would have made my femShep very happy if we ever got that happy ending. Alas this was only to be a dream.