Spent the day sorting and organizing all of the new material I got at the Tucson Gem Show. This was my coffee table when it was all said and done! I’ll be photographing all of these stones in more detail for my blog soon. I’m also excited to announce that my shop update on the 15th will include not only jewelry but also some of the gorgeous display crystals you see here, along with turquoise parcels (which I rarely offer for sale), and jewelry cleansing/cleaning kits. Looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. I hope you all have a relaxing night. 🌙

Crystal Card of the Day: Blue Jade, “I am pleased with the steady progress of my spiritual growth.”

Jade is said to be a stone of wisdom, and can be used to help one approach a situation from a different perspective. Some find that using Blue Jade helps to still the mind which helps one to see solutions where they couldn’t be seen before. Many also use Blue Jade to help achieve slow progress in a situation that originally seems insurmountable.

Another benefit of using Blue Jade is the finding ability to accept and find peace in those issues that cannot be changed, so that you can release them and move on. Tumbled Blue Jade can be used during meditation either to bring your subconscious to a floating state in the sky, or to a deeper, calmer state of being in the peaceful ocean depths.

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Stones for Love

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought I’d make a post about stones that would be good to have, make grids with, or gift to loved ones during this time. As a quick disclaimer, please remember crystal healing is not to be used in lieu of professional medical help, and please exercise common sense when practicing it. 

Alright, here we go! Everything is under the keep reading.

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So, I got inspired by the Spirits Sciences movie about crystals. I found this good chart from this site, but I wanted it to look different so I made my own version. I also love how the Steven Universe crew clearly took some inspiration from these healing qualities. Pagan on, everyone.

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Had to show you all this incredible fossil shell covered in a natural growth of crystals that I recently added to my collection. I can’t wait to integrate some of these into pieces. Dropping the last of holiday orders in the mail today and taking a huge deep breath! I made it! Now that made to order items are completed, I plan to resume working on pieces for the shop. A winter collection steeped in literature and mythology is coming soon, along with more of my signature talismans, combs, and Fortune Teller (crystal ball) Pendants. Shop update will take place this Wednesday at 8PM EST. 🐚

If you’re looking to start your crystal collection, or want to add more to it this give away will be perfect.

To enter you must re-blog this post, and follow me! I am running this through all of my social media sites and will be posting the winners name and link on all social media sites, and will add the facebook names to the tumblr draw. 🌙🍃

You will win the following 

  • Quartz Point
  • Opal tumble stone
  • Goldstone (blue) tumble stone
  • 2x Rough Calcite
  • Cats Eye tumble stone

Light, Love & Luck everyone! Also, if your wondering what to get your friends/family for Christmas, take a gander in my Etsy store where I sell spiritual jewellery and Crystal Healing Pendants. Ends 29th Dec. I will be putting the names into an online random counter.



Today’s card is from Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels deck and is the “Calling In Your Soul Mate” card. Like attracts like, so cultivate the qualities that you want in a partner within yourself in order to call in that person. Use visualization and positive affirmations for added energy. Rose Quartz will complement and enhance the energy of this card. Please feel free to use the code HCTUMBLR10 for 10% off your order.
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