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While sound logic is welcome, do not fall into the trap of over thinking the solution to your problem. Often times, it is the simplest explanation that provides the greatest good.

Crystal Card of the Day: Chalcopyrite, “I am filled with the infinite healing energy of the Universe.”

Chalcopyrite can be used to help find lost objects. Many say it may also often disappear to accumulate information which will be beneficial to the user. Chalcopyrite enhances the abilities of perception and strengthens contact with the ancient cultures of the universe. Chalcopyrite does this by acting as a bridge - a connective force - between the physical and other cultures.

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Aries: Green Jade, as it calms the mind and emotions.

Taurus: Topaz to help increase physical energy and motivation.

Gemini: Quartz, for clarity and concentration.

Cancer: Opal, because it promotes stability and balance.

Leo: Turquoise, which alleviates recurring aches and pains.

Virgo: Fluorite as a study aid and stress buster.

Libra: Moonstone to help settle the stomach and uneasiness.

Scorpio: Sodalite, to aid in communication.

Sagittarius: Amethyst, since it helps solve sleeplessness.

Capricorn: Jasper for motivation and energy boosters.

Aquarius: Lapis Lazuli, to expand your mind.

Pisces: Labradorite to chase away all unwelcome thoughts.