healing corner

And one day, you’ll be in a better place. Your thoughts won’t be so loud, breathing won’t feel like a really complicated gym workout, and the idea of actually living life will make sense.
—  You’ll find peace someday. Keep going. // Maxwell Diawuoh

To you,

I wish that things could have gone differently for us. I really wish that there was some way to make things work out. I don’t know what you’re doing right now and I don’t know if I even cross your mind anymore the way I used to. I don’t know how easy I was to forget or if you still lie awake at night thinking about me too. I don’t know if you ever consider calling to check up on me anymore or if you’ve just moved past that entirely. I don’t know if I’m anything more than the girl you know will do you favors because she still cares. Hell, I don’t even know if we’re on the same planet anymore. But here’s to a clean cut and a nice ending. I hope you’re having a nice life.

—  💜

I’m forgotten in your memories,
I’m blocked in your life,
if only you can see me now,
you’d hate everything I’ve become,
everything you despise is every thing I needed to be, every thing I hid when you were here with me.

After a year, I’m breathing a little clearer and laughing a little louder,
Words that were never spoken still live in the back of my mind,
but they no longer need to be said.
The pain you’ve engraved has left me on edge,
but not too close to break me in the end.
False love, with loss of hope, is all I remembered us to be,
hearing your laugh and seeing you leave with my heart on the ground,
makes me get up and fight for another day, makes me believe that I deserved everything that you never gave me.

I no longer have wounds with your name on it,
I no longer have broken written all over me,
the stories of who I was are myths and memories of you and I don’t cease to exist.
The songs that were meant for you has lost their meanings,
because they no longer have a story worth telling.
Days are going by,
and I’m getting closer to who I need to be.
I thought I needed you,
but I was always fine on my own without your hands choking me in the end.

You’re sent to the grave of my memories,
I don’t care whether you’re fine or not,
I don’t care whether I’ll see you again,
all I know is I’m no longer broken,
and no longer begging for you to come back.

I’m free from you.

–Topaz P.

August 28th, 2017

It’s not good that you only slept two hours last night. It’s not good you could only eat half a meal today and keep it down. It’s not good you only caused yourself a little harm today. It’s not good that You’re barely functioning. It’s not good, but it’s better. You’re getting better, and That’s all that matters.
A few days ago I was closer to you than I ever thought possible, within walking distance. The thought saddens me - the circumstances are horrible - but it warms me as well. There’s something oddly calming about the fact that even though you’re not directly in my life, you’re still around. Forgive me, I’ve never been that good at making sense, but I think you’re my favorite goodbye yet. Out of everyone that I’ve parted ways with, you’re the only one that can still put a genuine smile on my face. My lips aren’t laced with wistfulness or being pushed up by nostalgia, I’m smiling now merely because I got to experience knowing someone like you.
—  Gratitude // Maxwell Diawuoh

My healing corner… this is where I sit and meditate before I sleep or do my sketches. I’ve displayed 2 of them. Top - Nutmeg Healing, Bottom - Back to Earth, Stay Grounded. Love my Tibetan singing bowls, clear quartz wand, my wishing pot (yes it really works!) and other crystals on the stand :) Do you have your own little special peaceful corner?

The Healing Corner

Anon: Could I request some Keith where he’s stuffy and miserable Hunk and Lance (team mom’s) are just bombarding him with home remedies, and he’s just like guy’s it just a cold chill. (bonus if he’s secretly enjoying being fussed over.)

A/N: I strayed a bit from the home remedies, but I think you’ll like the alternative. There’s some Klance if you squint. Also, I’d like to cash in that bonus, please. Can I cash it in for more annoyed Keith getting a piggy-back ride? The world needs more of those.

“I’m not sick.”

“I call bullshit.”

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I lost potential love, that is to say, I lost you. And like anyone would when they lose something important, they go searching. So I went searching for love. I thought I found it in the flings I had, but it would be fleeting. A spark, but nothing like the fire you lit in me. So I kept trying, thinking that love hid in the spaces in between fingers, in mouths that just wanted to taste mine. I was wrong. Love came from the same place it was always supposed to come from, within me. What a waste of time this search has been. I wish I could recycle it, use it for a better cause, but I can’t. I guess it’s okay, though. I know now what to do with the rest.
—  Love yourself. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A poem about having thought to have found love, only for it to end in heartbreak and constantly go from fling to fling, hoping to find love again before realizing true love comes from within and that’s the only reason OP can’t truly be happy.

penciladdictontheweb  asked:

Sidon with a s/o who is bigger than he is? (Just had a funny thought about it XD )

(This is a really good idea but this could go so many ways that I couldn’t decide which to do so I just compiled a list of all the different scenarios that could happen~ Enjoy!~)

S/o Is Bigger?:

Warnings: Fluff

  • S/o Is A Gerudo

- The tallest person, that I know of for certain, is the Gerudo woman, Deltan, who was crying in town because she got rejected by someone she admired since she was 8 foot tall which means that they can grow to get very very tall

- And I’m certain from all past experience with Ganon being the beast of a man that he is in previous games that the males can grow even tall

- So with my headcanon that Sidon is about 10 feet tall at least, I’m certain that a Gerudo could definitely reach that height or a little taller in that case

- Therefore a Gerudo S/o would be one of the simplest ideas for a partner that could be taller than Sidon, something that would be very surprising to the Zora considering how he is the tallest person in his Kingdom aside from King Dorephan

- Sidon would be on a political visit to Gerudo Village to have an important discussion with Chief Riju, accompanied by Muzu and two Zora Guards

- Though the guards would have to wait outside the village considering how the Gerudo Village is women only and they are already making big exceptions in order for this meeting to take place

- Both would have an enchantment placed upon them that keep their scales from getting dried out in the hot sun for a couple of hours and he would see you selling Gerudo jewelry in the market

- He would approach you more interested in what it is that you are selling at first because it would be the first time that he has ever been this far away from his domain and he is so curious to see how other towns and villages operate

- You would greet him from your place on the floor and likely engage in some playful banter as neither one of you has seen much of the other species so you want to get to know each other more

- Much to the discretion of Muzu, who has to remind the Zora that they are on a tight schedule to their enchantment’s limited time

- You would stand up from your place and stun both men by your large stature and offer to personally lead the two to the Chief’s palace

- Sidon would be so taken aback that it would take him a moment to register that you had even said anything, he is just so fascinated and a little intimidated to find somebody that he actually has to look up in order to meet eyes with

- It is such a foreign but pleasantly surprising feeling that makes him a little giddy especially since it is not someone from his kingdom

- Eventually he would manage a polite response, though he would worry about you leaving your stand unattended, to which you would wave off his concerns and then happily guide him to the palace pointing out some of the stands and people

- Sidon is so impressed by your extensive knowledge of the village and all of its people that by the end of the quick tour he asks if perhaps you can give him a more in depth tour the next time that he comes to visit

- You say it’s a promise and laugh as Sidon has to be told by Muzu to get moving towards the stairs before he moves away from you

- When the meeting is over Sidon looks around for you but he can’t stay long due to the enchantment starting to wear off so he can only manage a wave in your direction, one that you return with a bright smile that makes the Zora eager to return

  • S/o Is A Lynel

- I’m not completely certain if Lynel are actually sentient, or if they are capable of speaking english, or if females actually also exist in the canon universe and it’s not just males

- But with the power of my wishful thinking and personal headcanons I’m gonna say that most of the above are true and they just reallllllly don’t like other people

- So in super treacherous locations spread throughout the land of Hylia there are very small groups of Lynel with one male that guards the area and 3-4 females as well as a few kids (much like a pride. You know… because they are part lion..?~)

- They interact with each other much like any pride through their language of grunting and growling, the females taking care of the cubs (Foals? Coals?) and doing most of the hunting while the male guards the area and keeps away any and all trespassers

- Sidon meeting a Lynel would be a very very very rare occurrence since they are frequent users of shock arrows which, you know, could kill him instantly

- Anyways meeting with a male would be easy considering that they are the ones that tend to stay out in the open

- But meeting a female would be a lot harder since they are slightly smaller, stealthier, and don’t roam around Hylia as freely as their male counterparts do (Both are definitely much taller than Sidon regardless)

- So the best way I can imagine that Sidon would ever meet a Lynel (male or female) was if he heard that one was lingering in the forest and when he went out to investigate armed with his bow and arrows he finds you lying in a dense part of the woods fatally wounded

- Curiosity would quickly overtake his alertness though he would remain cautious as he approached you wondering what could’ve possibly caused such brutal harm to such a gigantic and powerful creature

- A growl of forewarning would emit from you when he got to close, your eyes locked on his weapons steeling yourself for a fight but both of you know that you are not in any state to actually do any sort of fighting which sort of puts the Zora at ease

- Lynels are capable of great power and destruction but you are, for the lack of a better word, helpless and it is apparent in the way you look at the Zora’s weapons with fearful acceptance like you are embracing this fate that has fallen upon you

- Sidon would lower his guard and holster the weapon because he knows that you can’t and won’t do anything to him, you’re too weak and  tired from the blood loss

- He would leave but the next day he would come back to find you looking worse but this time along with his bow and quiver he has brought some bandages and healing salve

- Like a cornered animal you would snap at him like you did yesterday, growling but it is so pitifully weak that Sidon does not feel intimidated however he would remove his weapons before getting any closer as a way to gain your trust

- Many visits to you later with more medicine and food and you would come to trust him and learn how to talk some English instead of just grunting at him

- Once you return to near full health you would elect rather to stay close to the Kingdom than leave the small strange person who took care of you so you linger in the forest awaiting his next visit

  • Sidon Shrunk

- By the power of twisted magic from a Wizzrobe or some strange potion Sidon would be shrunk down from his usual towering stature

- So now both of you are stuck with a six inch tall Zora that you must take care of since he certainly isn’t in any condition to go anywhere by himself

- Which means that Sidon would be out of commission and unable to attend to any of his usual duties because he is confined to the palace

- He certainly doesn’t mind you accompanying him everywhere but he does not like the helpless feeling of being so small and insignificant

- Not to mention that if anything were to go wrong he would not be able to protect you from anything

- It’s a little humiliating being so useless that he has to rely on you for everything since the Prince is so used to being capable of doing everything himself

- But in this form he has to ask you to do it all, like: making you stop what you’re doing to lift him up to something he can’t reach, carrying him everywhere he needs to go, and even doing all of his paperwork (though he is sitting on the desk guiding you through every step)

- He can’t even go out and swim to relieve the stress that gets pent up because of his negative feelings because his usual spots have currents that are too strong for his much smaller body

- You know that it’s embarrassing for the Prince to feel so helpless so you do your best to cheer him up and show him the fun things about him being so small

- For one, you can finally be the one to carry Sidon around like he is a precious package and though it does take some time for the Zora to get used to he does come to enjoy being able to sit and even stand in the palms of your hands

- He also becomes a big fan of your now large arms that can cuddle him like he’s a small teddy bear, it’s a fun change of pace from the usual, though he will confess that he prefers being able to hold you much more

- The large swimming pool of a tub in the bathroom also provides the Zora what would normally be an ocean of water to swim in although it is much calmer than ocean waters

- Everything is just such an interesting and bizarre experience but he is glad that you are there to help him out although you do tease him a little now that you are the tall one

  • S/o Is Another Zora

- Another super simple one but just difficult enough considering how Sidon is the tallest one in the Kingdom and for their to be another taller one they would likely have grown up alongside him from a very young age

- Males seem to make up the majority of the tall Zoras but I don’t doubt that a female could also be tall, however my headcanon is that Sidon’s height is mostly the result of his Royal Zora genetics since King Dorephan is so massive

- So for a female to reach him or be even taller they would have to be a Royal Zora and you can see how that would be a problem for his s/o to also be a Royal Zora in a kingdom where there is only one family

- Meaning this scenario is a little male, trans-female, basically more male body specific (sorry if that upsets anyone)

- Back to growing up, the two of you would’ve definitely grown up alongside each other and spent a lot of time together when you were little

- Exploring the different waters nearby the Domain, finding cool things and adding them to your collection of little trinkets, and even racing against each other

- Something you always beat Sidon at because you were the faster of the two and that always upset Sidon deep down since he is the Prince and wants to be the best

- You never rub any of your victories in his face though, in fact; you would always encouraged the Prince to get better and someday he would beat you

- One of you would never be seen without the other is how close you are with him until the day his sister was proclaimed dead and Sidon became less and less free to hang out with you until eventually it just stopped

- However you couldn’t let go of your friend that easy so you decide that the best way for you to get close to him again is to work in the palace

- But with your skills you don’t think being a servant would be at all suitable so you instead decide to become a member of the Royal Guard fighting to protect your friend

- Though this pushes the two of you away even more since Sidon gets held up by Royal duties and you are now going through rigorous training

- Many decades pass before you two cross paths again, now young adults in the eyes of Zora society, and it is Sidon who spots you patrolling the palace one day and he is amazed to see how you have grown especially your height

- The Prince would excuse himself from whatever he was doing in order to greet you, surprising you as you thought after all this time that he might have forgotten about you

- Turns out that he was actually watching over all of your progress and knows that you have made quite a name for yourself and he tells you how impressed he is

- Sidon has to return to his duties so the meeting is cut quite short but he promises to meet you later once you are off duty to challenge you to a race

- “Perhaps, I can show you the progress that I have made, old friend. This time I might even beat you.”