healing begins at home

Man on a Mission

Hanzo Shimada was no stranger to operations. He was considerate, and though there had been days where securing his next goal was more important than his life, his well-being, and the health and safety of those around him, those days were more in the past. He’d gotten to a point where the people he worked with had gained value, where the looks of concern whenever he pushed himself too hard or took too large of risks. 

No, he’d gotten to a point where he was beginning to accept Overwatch. Beginning to feel more at… home, he supposed. Healing was a tumultuous process but he’d found support among the team, among those he once sneered at (and still, sometimes did). It was a slow process, reclaiming a life that had never really been his, but he was beginning to enjoy the freedom he’d found in forgiveness. He was able to pursue his own interests, express himself (as the apparently shocking haircut and piercings could attest), and begin to take advantage of his second chance.

Of course, there was one thing he’d been yet unable to do. Which was why, after two days of silent deliberation and reluctant speaking with his brother, Hanzo Shimada was on a mission.

He was going to give McCree a compliment.

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Moon in Cancer Masterpost!!

New Moon in Cancer is coming up around July 4th (depending on where you’re located)! Now is a great time for new beginnings and any magic dealing with the home, emotional healing, sensitivity, or protection. Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Cancer Sachet

Anti-theft Sachet

Home Protection Sachet

Travel Protection Sachet

Sacred Bundle Sachet

Home Protection Sachet II

Protection Sachet**

Herb Protection Pouch**

Protection Sachet II**


Cancer Oil

Magus Oil

Protection Oil

Water Oil

Guardian Tincture

Protection Anointment

Old Mother Redcap’s Armour Oil**

Citrus Purification Oil

Oil for the Dark of the Moon


Cancer Incense

Water Incense

Happier Home Incense

Protection Incense

Home Purification Incense

Basic Incenses for Protection

Tarot Spreads:

Qualities of Cancer Tarot Spread

New Moon New Beginnings Spread**

Cancer 4 Card Spread**

General Witchery:

Protective Rune Chain**

Tips on Personal Shielding**

Cleansing Spray**

Quick Tip: Lush The Guv’ner for Protection

Protection Powder

Charging a Piece of Jewelry for Protection**

Protection Brew

Shower Disks for Protection**

Four Thieves Vinegar

Spell Bundle for Protection**

Herbs for Protection**

Bath for Protection and Purification**

Peacekeeper Powder**

Peaceful Home Charm**

Pigeon’s Wearable Protection Charm**

Herbal Protection Bath**

Storm Witch’s Ward Water**

Protection Bath: Five Fingers Protection Bath**

Tips for Successfully Casting Protection Spells**

Lushcraft: Moon in Cancer Floating Island Bath

Herbs Associated with Cancer

Foods Associated with Cancer

Jar Spells:

Mama Cat’s Evil Eye Protection Jar**

Bottle to Ward Off Harmful Energy and Protect**

House Protection Jar**

Protection Bottle Charm**

Peaceful Home Spell Bottle**

Peace and Protection Spell Bottle**

Witch Bottle for Protection**

Protection Witch Bottle**


The Sun Tarot Spell

Happy Home Spell

Hearth Fire Protection Spell

Simple Calming Room Spell**

Folk Magic for a Happy Home**

Elemental Protection Spell**

House Protection Spell

New Moon New Beginnings Spell**

Household Herbs - Magical Associations and Uses

So many spells call for strange herbs you definitely don’t have on hand. But what can you do with the ones that you already have?

The following is a list common household herbs that you may already have in your cupboards, and will act as a handy reference guide for how to incorporate them into spells based on their magical (and some medicinal*!*) properties. If none of these are common in your household, this article isn’t for you I’m sorry.

Below the cut, we have: basil, bay leaves, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, coconut, cloves, cumin, garlic, ginger, lemon (juice or extract), marjoram, mustard (powdered or seed), nutmeg, onion, orange (extract), parsley, red pepper, rosemary, sage, salt, thyme, vanilla (extract), vinegar

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My dear, fragile heart;
Somehow you turned into elastic
Stretching to meet the demands of their needs.
Somehow you went from whole
Perfectly bonded at every nerve and vascular tissue
To a shattered, slowly pulsating deformity
Somehow you leaned into them
Conforming to their standards and values
You let yourself become engulfed in the revilements they had to offer
God, my dear fragile heart;
Somehow please come home.
Somehow begin to heal.
Somehow be okay again
—  bvby-lys

🌚January Full Wolf Moon

   Also known as Cold moon, Snow, Chaste and Moon after Yule to name a few.~

🌕Full Moon will be in Cancer♋



⛧New Beginnings





⛤Family and Home




⛥ Reset

~Stones: Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tourmaline, Garnet

This full moon, being the first full moon of the new year, is a great time to reflect on the new year. Also good for letting go of old unused/unwanted baggage and re-balancing. I currently am using this time to get things in motion for what I would like to accomplish this year. Very much ready for spring with warm weather & planting🤗 💗🌱

Moon reaches full 6:34AM Eastern Standard time Jan. 12th 2017. Energy can be felt though days prior and after! 😌🔮🌕