Nah, I don’t vote… I truly think it’s about time that we learn to start leading ourselves. Total system overhaul is NEEDED. How can we continue to go forward with so much division and lies? Like a fucking slap in the face. Nah.

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Halloween Oracle Day 28: The Veil

Things are about to get strange. Spirits will be out and about more than usual. Passed loved ones will be even closer to you.

This is a good time to honor them, and to allow yourself to grieve.

Think of a loved one who has passed. It could be recent or have happened when you were younger.

Bake/cook their favorite food. Do their favorite activity. Do something to honor them and show them the love today, or plan for another day this week.

And give yourself time to heal.


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I’m accepting my reality. But tomorrow there’s a poetry night and I’m going to go and force myself to perform and insha allah insha allah insha allah I’ll feel the happiness I remember from when I perform. I’m going to heal, insha Allah, and happiness is going shine it’s light on me

I have waited a long time to love someone who isn’t him
and I don’t know what this is yet
but it’s getting easier to see myself every morning
without spitting in the mirror
the only body I find in my bed anymore is my own
and the breeze that comes in is just from an open window
it is no longer his absence that haunts me
and the blanket is just something to keep me warm
it is no longer his arms that I reach for
my mouth chews its food like it’s routine
but sometimes I surprise myself by enjoying it
and with that everything else follows
I can find solace in books because their words are not his
I can breathe in the open air because this space is not his
I can smile without permission because my happiness is not his
and I don’t know what this is yet
but I think I just caught myself healing.
—  Heartbreaks aren’t canyons, you won’t erode into nothing