Haven’t You Guessed Me Yet

I’m the raging beast that stalks your dreams
a frightening denizen of the deep 
a nightmare lurking in the dark 
yes little red I’m the big bad wolf
Queue Jaws Theme, I’m also the shark

Come now little one, no don’t run away
I’m lonely and I only wish to play
I frighten you and yet I can heal
I alone can teach you how to feel
be a good sport and come over here
your love can turn me into a friend
it’s okay, come closer my dear
haven’t you guessed me yet
I’m only your fear

One of the most peaceful moments of my life: six weeks ago, walking distance from the Golden Jubilee Bridges (London), sharing dinner with my ex-boyfriend, knees brushing underneath the high wooden table. He paused, numerous times, to tell me how much I’ve changed. “You look so different. I don’t remember your laugh sounding like that. You seem really happy now.” I looked at his lips and sensed it would be the last time. What a relief to be with somebody I used to make myself bleed for, and to feel… nothing.

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Crystal of the Day: Sugilite

September 3, 2015

Sugilite represents spiritual love and wisdom. It protects spiritual quests and aids in forgiveness. A powerful protection stone, it can heal trauma and personal feelings of disappointment. It shines light on even the darkest situations. To increase protective energies, combine it with amethyst. For aid in grounding, combine with hematite. If you are unable to face unpleasant situations, this stone can help. It dissolves anger and alleviates dispair. It can also help one integrate into a new surrounding.

Healing properties:

  • Gently draws out pain
  • aids in inflammation
  • balances left and right brain functions
  • aids in dyslexia
  • can help if you have motor problems
  • Lighter sugilites can purify your blood

Note: This stone is full of natural energy and does not need to be charged

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Deep healing, and steady transformation is brewing in the cauldron formed by Sun, Moon and Pluto today. Allow your head to be dreamy and listen to your body wisdom as much as your responsibilities will allow. Venus is about to go direct on Sunday, her turning things over and revision phase is done. You are sensing the return of joy as one senses the immanent arrival of her lover. Aligning with Mars she brings the bounty of her gifts and love discoveries to the planet of action. This is a time of great leaps forward, of synthesis, of finally “getting it” and the change just melting through slowly, gently. The Moon goes to last quarter in Gemini in 2 days time. We expect a message or information that will act as a key to explain, unlock and perhaps unravel the whole thing. This is a time of synthesis and understanding, from a soul level. Blessings and love, Asha

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Hope is essential to addiction recovery. Preston found light in his darkest hour:

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I’m beautiful. I’m beautiful and intelligent and funny. I’m strong, maybe even one of the strongest people you’ll ever meet. So much has happened but I still smile. I still laugh. I still love and I still shelter. One day I’ll be a great partner and I’ll never be less than fire. I am fire and sometimes I engulf. I blaze. I know this now and no one will ever make me feel bad about it again. I will never be the girl I once was, but sometimes I want to apologize to her and play in her hair. I am sorry, so sorry but I am here now.

and i love you feels like the burn on my right thigh, the way skinny jeans and lovers graze against skin, but won’t stick there

and i’m sorry feels like that callous on my finger, a pathetic attempt at recovery
—  alok vaid-menon, “migraine”