His breath was ragged as he slid down the snowy slopes of the mountain and away from one of the approaching metallic beasts that wasn’t far behind.

They seemed peaceful at home, really, he had never had a problem with them in the glitch world. He use to hop on top of them all the time, and they just went along their merry way like no one was there at all. It was an innocent assumption to expect them to be the same here, but then again he had been wrong about all his assumptions of this world. 

He attempted to dodge rocks and bumps that would send him in uncontrolled directions, as well as keep the snow out of his face so he could see where he was going, but neither of those plans seemed to be going well.  He was use to phasing through things, so every bump jostled him around and even the snow he was sliding on off-put the man and made him feel less in control.  Finally he hit a bump that topped all other bumps he had taken today, one that caused him to loss his footing and fall onto his side.  It had given his face and his hands a nice case of snow rash; he was lucky not to have broken his wrist when he tried to catch himself, but even that would of been small in comparison to the machine now looming over him. 

Sin had one advantage over this situation, he was fast thinker and very fast impulser, even in his panic.  The man quickly flung his hands up, causing the wings of the machine to disappear.   

–Well, who said his quick thinking was smart thinking?  

Sin scrambled out of the way as the machine fell from the sky, and  was quickly coated in snow after the machine hit the ground.

healercloak  asked:

(✿ ♥‿♥)

(✿ ♥‿♥) : Cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

((NO WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME THAT?! THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE THINGS I’VE SEEN???!?! Okayokayokay, so cutest thing I’ve seen lately was more of a heard thing, but I was kinda upset last night and my friend’s boyfran sent me an absolutely sweetest ever song and told me I was awesome and not to be down. I never see him when he does cute/sweet things, so like yeah. It was beyond adorable.

Tiny squeaking frog was pcute too.))