healed galaxia


Here’s a sneak peek of some of the rare settei that will be available very soon. I chose to share Galaxia because art of her is extremely rare and I even managed to get some artwork of Chaos and healed forms! 

sakuyamonx  asked:

It's interesting to me that out of all the Senshi, Usagi was the first to react attacking Galaxia - what are your thoughts on this?


I love Usagi’s capacity for forgiveness and I love that she’s idealistic. These traits are so important to me, and I never want her to lose them. But what makes them important and takes them to an entirely different level for me is in how sometimes it’s a struggle for her to be that way.

This is why I think it’s so important to acknowledge and protect the idea of an imperfect Usagi. She’s selfish and lazy and immature. She can be naive, manipulative, and vindictive. Usagi has a temper, and when you hurt her, whether directly or indirectly, it’s her instinct to lash out in kind. Usagi has a capacity for anger and violence, and we’ve seen that to varying degrees, directed at both enemies and loved ones, from the very beginning all the way up to this season with Nehellenia.

That is the look of someone who would Moon Tiara Action your ass into a thousand pieces right now if she could.

So we have Usagi already in a place where she feels raw and vulnerable, and pretty sick and tired of the constant strain of trying to get everyone to not beat the snot out of each other. They learn about Fuckoff Meow, and Usagi’s CERTAIN she can help her. Only Galaxia shows up and she never gets the chance. (Worse, as far as Usagi knows, Fuckoff Meow might have been killed specifically because of the duality state that Usagi herself caused.) Then a few seconds later, Galaxia kills AGAIN.

I don’t think Usagi and Stoplight had the chance to talk for more than those couple of seconds last episode, but the fact remains that she was a kindred spirit of sorts. While everyone’s shouting at each other and about to come to blows, Kakyuu says EXACTLY what Usagi’s been saying this whole time.

Finally, someone who gets it! Someone the Starlights will listen to!

Then Galaxia’s killed her very dead.

A season’s worth of worry, anger, and frustration boil over. Did Usagi think she could heal Galaxia from something? Frankly, I doubt she thought about it. I think she wanted Galaxia stopped, right then and there. For Kakyuu, who came this far and died so fast. For Fuckoff Meow, who seemed to be an innocent victim in all this. For the Starlights, who have suffered and struggled and lost absolutely everything. For all the planets and all the lives Galaxia’s destroyed.

For herself.

Usagi’s been through so much from the moment she picked up that brooch, and it’s never stopped and it’s never GOING to stop.  Her only response to Galaxia is a growl of rage and an immediate attack, and it’s so instinctive and pure and uncomplicated and I love it.

In that moment, Usagi made everything very simple. She felt the power to stop this was at her command, and she seized it without hesitation. Later (and I feel fairly confident we’re not going to end the series with Usagi killing Galaxia) she may walk another path. For a moment though, she set foot on this one. That’s crucial to me, because it makes Usagi’s idealism and forgiveness a choice. If she can choose to be that way, maybe the rest of us can too.