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What are all methods you use to shiny hunt? Any specific ones or anything? Or are a good few of them just luck and only some by method? Cause from what I've seen you've been pretty lucky! Which also makes me wonder if you have a shiny charm? If not how far are you from it in needed Pokemon?

Oh damn questions ok- Well, I haven’t tried soft resets yet because I’m not too interested about shiny special pokemons, but I do Masuda and SOS.

I do have a shiny charm because I completed the Alolan Pokedex :D

For Masuda (egg hatching): There are a few methods to make the shiny come faster (in generation 7).

  • Most of my pokemons are french, and the other pokemon in couple with them is a foreign Ditto (my game is french and this Ditto is british). Having a foreign Ditto will multiply your chances of getting a shiny by four.
  • I have the Oval charm, which is a charm that increases the chance of getting an egg. It makes the whole egg collecting process faster.
  • To make the hatching faster, I have in my team a Pokemon that has “Flame Body” as a talent (so for my case, I use a Talonflame). This talent, I believe, divides the number of steps to do by two. (therefore the hatching speed is increased).
  • With all that the shiny chance is reduced to 1/1336, but the Shiny Charm allows you to divide this by 3, so it gives you ~1/445 chance to get one!
  • If you want to make the process even faster, disable the manual disposal of eggs and make it automatic so your eggs get send automatically in the PC when you go get your eggs. With your “Flame Body” talented Pokemon, go pick 5 eggs in your team each time and use Tauros to reduce the number of your steps. Go and pick eggs from time to time and send them to your PCs until the 5 eggs you have in your team hatch, and if none is shiny, repeat the process!

For SOS:

  • Reminder that SOS is a method that’s only available in gen7 so far. Basically, it’s making a pokemon call for help over and over until the helping Pokemon that appears is shiny!
  • My SOS team is made of Decidueye, Lurantis and Xurkitree.
    Decidueye and Lurantis both can learn False swipe (reduces enemy to 1 HP) and Synthesis (self healing). That way, you can increase the chance of the enemy Pokemon calling for help, and minimize the use of medical items with Synthesis because your Pokemon heals itself! Having two of them reduces the use of Leppa Berries since I can switch between them, because they have similar attacks.
    Xurkitree is just one of my favorite pokemons because I love it’s design, and also because it can learn Hypnosis and Thunder Wave. Paralysis multiplies the chance of catch by 1,5, and sleep by 2, as well as making the shiny enemy stop calling for help and preventing you from catching it. (obviously, try and get a team of Pokemons that are way more powerful than the shiny you’re hunting, above lvl 70 is best!)
  • I have over 900 Leppa Berries. XD These are extremely important because they allow your Pokemon to regain 10 PPs to moves that have dropped to 0. And believe me you’ll drop by 0 quite often.
  • There’s a rumor that says chains are very important. Basically, chaining the Pokemons that are called for help (basically summoning the same Pokemon over and over without Pokemons from any other Pokemon families interrupting this chain, or without interrupting the battle) increases your chance of getting a shiny as it progresses.
  • Don’t forget to switch the Pokemon who calls for help to the newly summoned Pokemon every once in a while, so it doesn’t run out of PPs itself and kills itself to end the battle, so you don’t break your chain.

I’m probably telling you things you already know, but who knows! I have no idea if the people who follow me are interested just a bit about shiny hunting, but it’s a newly found passion of mine and I love talking and learning stuff about it, so why not, maybe this can help!

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Imagine a rural town in the pokémon universe, where people dislike pokémon, and anything related to pokémon  training, breeding and contests are forbidden,

Only one  elderly person in the town offers to heal your pokemon, and the person is sad because they wish they could be a trainer some day.

As the game goes on, you can do optional quests for the people in this town, slowly changing their points of view, until the ban of pokémon in the town is dissolved.

By the end of the game, you’re left with a village where most people  start to accept pokémon, with the villagers that hate pokemon still open to eventually accept pokémon.

The house of the elderly person is empty, but a note on the door tells you that they left to start their pokémon journey, with their partner pokémon, the same species of the starter you picked at the beginning of the game.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in a Pokemon game, tbh. Like between Grunt A rapping, the one grunt in Nurse Joy’s spot, the crudely-drawn dick (well that’s kinda what it looks like) on the cafe’s sign, the Spinda, and the one guy passed out (?) on the floor, you just kind of have to stand back and admire the spectacle.

Only way it could get better was if you could have the Skull girl heal your Pokemon:

“Like, okay, I’ve seen Joy work this thing a thousand times. I should be able to do this. Ok, you turn it on like this, right…?”
*starts pressing buttons but none of them work, tho a kick to the machine starts it up*
“Yo, I kinda need your Pokemon for a mo, kid. That’s what ya came in here for, right?”
*presses more buttons, until one of them does the healing thing, and she gives them back to you*

30 Day Challenge - Pokemon Edition

Day 14: Favorite villain organization?

Team Skull! It’s ya boi, Guzma, and the gal who actually runs the place, Plumeria! We’re not a bunch of delinquents, we’re just rebels without a home, until now! Yeah, nobody gonna cross us or mess with us, cause we’re the best! What’s our goal? Uh… who cares we’re Team Skull! We’ll do everything and anything we want cause we’re just that awesome! Also like, can you maybe slip us some money so we can keep the power running? We’ll let you heal your Pokemon and stuff if ya do. Also man, you’re kinda strong, so uh we’re just gonna stand back and let ya thru. But, uh, only so our boss Guzma can thrash ya! Plumeria, can we have some snacks?

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Okay, okay, we'll bite... Pokemon AU... teams and signature Pokemon for Time Dragon and Gency? :3

Aw, my favs! I’ll do Gency for now and just send in another ask for Time Dragon <3

So, I decided to add a little bit more story to this. I might go back and updates D.va’s and Lucio. 


“You seem nice. I’d hate to defeat you.”

  • Bisharp
  • Espeon (Partner)
  • Greninja
  • Haxorus
  • Scyther 

After Genji is healed by Mercy and his body is changed, most of his original pokemon have abandoned him. Like he was before his transformation, his pokemon only wanted to win and be strong, never forming a true connection and understanding what a bond between a trainer and pokemon should be. 

Angry and frustrated at all that has happen, he nearly rejects a gift from Mercy, a rather small Eevee. But being without pokemon is unthinkable, so he grudgingly keeps the Eevee. 

After the fall of Overwatch, he wonders with his small pokemon, angry and only finding a little comfort in the only Pokemon not repulsed by him. The Eevee loves her trainer, and when they stumble upon Zenyatta, they quickly grow closer. After Genji finds peace with himself, he thanks his little Eevee for staying with him after all this time, and in the glow of the afternoon sun, she evolves into a beautiful Espeon. 

Now side by side with his Espeon, they find a Scyther that battles beautiful, and nearly defeats his partner, but in the end they capture him. Next, a small Froakie stumbles along Genji meditating with his Espeon in a forest. After a few kind words, the Froakie joins Genji without a fight, wanting to be with him. Espeon is the one to find a Pawniard injured by a river and after convincing him they mean no harm, he lets Genji take him to be healed and later, accepts him as his trainer. 

After facing his brother at Hanamura, Genji is almost leaving when he finds a Axew far away from any cave or mountain. Dragon types could always be found scattered around what was once the empire of the Shimada Clan, and remembering all the dragon types he poorly misused, he battles the Axew and captures him. After reassuring that she will be well treated, she comes to love her trainer.


“If we must battle, let me heal your pokemon afterwards.”

  • Audino 
  • Chansey
  • Goodra
  • Meganium
  • Swanna
  • Togekiss (Partner)

Her very first pokemon was given to her by her parents, a Togepi that immedietly loves his kind hearted trainer. At the death of her parents, Togepi uses all the happiness stored in his shell created from their bond to help Mercy get through the rough time. 

Turning into a Togetic, they find an injured Chikorita near a meadow patch they always gather flowers from to take to her parents grave. She’s always careful to heal her pokemon after every battle, usually avoiding it when possible. A few years later, they add a Ducklett that was being attacked by other pokemon and heal her. 

When Mercy enters med school she receives a Chansey but later convinces an Audino to join her team. Both pokemon help her and keep her stress level manged and patients feeling happy. During her time on Overwatch, she found a small Goomy nearly dead in the middle of a battle. Despite the many vocalizations against such a weak dragon pokemon and being told its too late to save him, she revives him and keeps him.

With her newly evolved Togekiss, she and her team save Genji and rebuild his body. Her Audino sense his deep angry and hatred towards himself and her trainer. Hating seeing him like this, and without any pokemon, she goes off to try and find him a one. She stumbles over an Eevee, and is in complete shock. In Switzerland, Eevee’s are said to evolve into the type of pokemon the Trainer needs most. Believing that this pokemon will help him, she captures it and gives it to Genji, who thankfully keeps it.

Togakiss is not fond of Genji and the way he makes his trainer feel unhappy. When Overwatch falls, they go their separate ways. All the while Mercy is wondering if Genji is happy, and often stroking Togakiss’s feathers in need of comfort. Her partner knowing that she’s still missing Genji. 

Recall occurs, and when Genji reapers with a full pokemon team and an Espeon, Mercy knows he’s a changed man. Togakiss can sense Genji’s peaceful spirit, and knows that he will make his trainer very happy.

Pokemon GO looks really really really awesome

But I’ve got a ton of questions:

  • How much will it (the game/app itself) cost to get?
  • How do we get pokeballs?
  • Are there potions/berries/scarves/other items we can get?
  • How much will the items cost to get if we don’t just find/gain them randomly?  Irl money?  Poke-money?
  • How often do legendaries appear?
  • Do you really have to travel a lot to get different kinds of pokemon?  How much?
  • Are there pokemon only specific to different countries/regions that you literally have to buy a plane ticket just to catch?
  • Are there virtual pokemon centers or pokemarts that you have to travel to to heal your pokemon?
  • Do you get a starter?
  • Do you get to pick your starter?
  • What are your choices of a starter?

And most important of all:


Top five things I want to see from Pokemon Go.

1. GYMS. I want to collect all the badges that people can come up with.

2. SHINY POKEMON. They have not been announced yet as a part of the game, and I want them so badly.

3.TEAM ROCKET. I am fully aware of the danger but still it would be cool.

4. POKEMON CENTERS. or at least safe zones from battling that heal your Pokemon. Also provides a cool hangout where its easy to meet other trainers.

5. COSPLAY. A week after this game comes out I really want to be able to walk down the street and see a guy with a straw hat and carrying a net and be like “I know what you are!”

I love how the Pokemon Centers’ healing system are upgraded throughout every generation, yet it has no other function than just healing your Pokemon and being aesthetically pleasing.

i had the perfect idea for a pokemon gym a long time ago:

it’s a fighting type gym with no obstacles or puzzles. just a hall full of trainers who fight you with fighting pokemon that all have moves to counter flying types and psychic types. and they all have one mon with focus sash too.

once you beat a trainer, they block your path to the entrance, and you’re stuck in there until you reach the end of the gym. there is, of course, someone who heals your pokemon midway, but only once. it’s really straight forward.

when you get to the gym leader, it’s a straightforward fight. they send out a toxicroak. most people would one hit ko it with psychic or something. then they use psychic, but it says “it doesn’t affect toxicroak.” and then toxicroak uses night slash.

surprise surprise that’s a zoroark. the gym leader’s a dark type user. you just entered the dark type gym. and the gym leader taunts you for not being suspicious because, hey, that’s what dark types do after all.

Things I wish were in Pokemon Go: Pokemon Centers. They could be placed in a similar manner to Pokestops/Gyms and heal all your dang Pokemon (or even just all the ones that aren’t fainted if they really wanna force people to use Revives). On that note, there could probably be a limit or something to how often you could use a Center, so you don’t keep spamming between it and gyms, but yeah.


<3 <3 <3 My Audino kigurumi is FINISHED!!!! <3 <3 <3

I couldn’t be happier with this!! My two lovely friends, aricosplays and count-von-sammitchy worked together to make this beautiful kigu for me. It’s made entirely of fleece, so it’s super soft and huggable! Their store will be open on tumblr soon, and they’ll be taking commissions if you’d like one of your very own! 

I’ll be wearing this for a good portion of MAGFest, so if you’re a fan of the cutest Normal-type Pokemon, come and hug me! I’ll even heal your entire Pokemon team if you want~

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  1. Paul McCartney
  2. The (or indeed any) Moon
  3. Actual food safe for humans to eat
  4. Dinosaur eggs
  5. The car Steve McQueen drives in Bullitt
  6. Bee Movie on Blu-Ray, complete with over two hours of Jerry Seinfeld asking, “What’s the deal with Bee Movie? On Blu-Ray?”
  7. MC Hammer
  8. An answer to your existential crises
  9. 1988 Honda NSX
  10. Directions to the nearest McDonalds
  11. Bespoke, hand crafted furniture
  12. Burger King products (not even a Whopper and especially not two Whoppers)
  13. McGruff, the Crime Dog
  14. McGriff, the Crime Dog
  15. Just one friend who will listen to you for once even for a second
  16. Your Pokemon healed. No, apparently you have to take them to a “Pokemon Center” and anyway, sir, those only exist “in the game”
  17. Prizes for eating lots and lots of salt
  18. Boat
  19. McFlurry-
  20. WAIT!
  21. McFlurry served in a cowboy hat and a gun in it instead of a spoon and bullets instead of the ice cream
  22. McFurry, my heavily erotic, burger-based animal zine
  23. Tickets to a cinema screening of You, Me & Dupree
  24. The car Steve McQueen chases in Bullitt
  25. A positive reaction to climbing up on to the counter and humming the entirety of Megadeth’s Hangar 18 - DESPITE the fact that you nailed those guitar solos I mean you absolutely nailed them