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Spell for Sunburn Relief/Healing

Today I spent about 5+ hours in the sun - without sunscreen. And now I’m paying for my faults with intense pain all over my body. So, I created this spell to encourage a quick healing process. 


 - apple cider vinegar 

- green candle 

- lavender-scented candle 

- plants 

- aloe vera plant (could substitute aloe vera gel) 

- lotion (preferably with aloe vera in it; if using aloe vera gel, lotion is not needed) 

1) draw a bath of lukewarm water and pour about 2 cups of apple cigar vinegar in while the faucet is running so it mixes in well (some substitutes that are supposed to help with sunburn are oatmeal, tea, and milk) 

2) gather plants around bathtub to soak in their healing energy 

3) light the green candle and say “I make a quick recovery from this sunburn" 

4) light the lavender-scented candle and say "my skin is relaxed and soothed from the pain that plagues it" 

5) soak in the water and relax for as long as feels needed (at least 15-20 minutes is best so healing properties of vinegar/whatever else is used can take effect) 

6) pat dry 

7) mix contents from a cut aloe vera leaf with lotion (I hate the smell of aloe vera and the vinegar can leave a strong smell in the skin, so I found it important to use a lotion, as well as the added moisture that my skin needed) (if using aloe vera gel, there is no need for the lotion) 

8) say "my skin is relieved from pain and my recovery is quick - so mote it be" 

9) repeat daily as necessary

Random Headcanons

• Severus habitually doesn’t eat enough, partly from being poor, mostly from being depressed
• When he does bathe, he likes the water as hot as he can possibly stand, too hot even, enough that his skin is bright pink for like half an hour afterwards.
• On that same note, Severus will burn badly given virtually any sun exposure, and very early on developed both a sun block and a healing cream for sunburn for personal use.
• While not exactly a cat person, he’d prefer cats to dogs any day. He is, however, quite fond of raptorial birds.
• He is completely immune to puppydog eyes. Real tears, however make him feel incredibly uncomfortable and useless.
• He can fake sleep almost perfectly.
• Never learned how to dance.
• Sneezes in bright light
• If you touch his hair without explicit permission he will hex you into next week, as a reflex
• Absolutely cannot fall asleep if someone is in the same room as him, most likely will not if someone is even in the same house/living area/etc.
• Genuinely doesn’t know how to react when people touch him, probably will freeze up, also might flinch
• He’s an absolute mess around anyone he’s got a crush on (which doesn’t happen often, and rarely lasts more than a month or two)
• Likes Queen and Pink Floyd
• Has a decent singing voice
• Would never ask for help about anything ever
• Hates the taste of black coffee but drinks it that way anyhow.
• His rooms are a huge mess of mostly empty tea cups and half read books stuffed full of bookmarks, or random objects used as bookmarks. He knows where absolutely everything is, though.
• Doesn’t actually get any lasting satisfaction from insulting Harry, but keeps doing it anyway.
• Actually likes white chocolate
• Hates having long nails, and will bite them if they’re not kept as short as possible


How Tattooing Really Works

1. Tattooing causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling immune system cells to the wound site to begin repairing the skin. Specialized cells called macrophages eat the invading material (ink) in an attempt to clean up the inflammatory mess. 

2. As these cells travel through the lymphatic system, some of them are carried back with a belly full of dye into the lymph nodes while others remain in the dermis. With no way to dispose of the pigment, the dyes inside them remain visible through the skin. 

3. Some of the ink particles are also suspended in the gel-like matrix of the dermis, while others are engulfed by dermal cells called fibroblasts. Initially, ink is deposited into the epidermis as well, but as the skin heals, the damaged epidermal cells are shed and replaced by new, dye-free cells with the topmost layer peeling off like a healing sunburn.

4. Dermal cells, however, remain in place until they die. When they do, they are taken up, ink and all, by younger cells nearby so the ink stays where it is.

5. So a single tattoo may not truly last forever, but tattoos have been around longer than any existing culture. And their continuing popularity means that the art of tattooing is here to stay.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

Animation by TOGETHER

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Could I ask for a hc or scenerio where sero, katsuki, and shinsou's s/o (separately) was gone for a week with their family and they finally come back but something is off when they go to see them. Despite that they go in to hug or show some kind of physical affection to the s/o only for them to whip around and hiss a, "don't touch me!" They quickly explain and even show that they're badly sunburned I was with my friend for a few days and my neck and shoulders are burned ;w; it hurts to move

Ouch, that sounds horrible! I’ve never really experienced sunburns to that degree before so I can only imagine the pain you’re going through, but I hope that your sunburns will heal soon!

Sero Hanta

Sero’s eyes grow wide and he’s taken aback when you snap at him when all he wanted to do was give you a hug since he hasn’t seen you in awhile, and you’ve never flat out rejected him like that before so he honestly feels a bit hurt. His smile disappears and he looks visibly upset while he apologizes to you, but when you tell him that you didn’t mean to snap at him like that since it hurts when anyone touches you due to being sunburned. He lights up again with a smile and laughs it off by saying that you scared him because he seriously thought he did something wrong to make you unhappy.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou’s quick to become angry when you unintentionally tell him not to touch you in a harsh manner, and he forms a scowl on his face and goes, “the fuck is your problem” because he was just trying to be nice and thought you could use a hug since you looked like you needed one, and you know that he doesn’t initiate hugs very often. But when you explain to him about your current situation with being sunburnt and all, the tension in the air doesn’t entirely go away but he does relax a little bit and tells you that you should’ve said that sooner and then mutters a quick apology to you for his temper.

Shinsou Hitoshi 

Shinsou immediately thinks that he had done something wrong to upset you when you hiss at him not to touch you, and he holds both his hands up and backs off while mumbling sorry. He begins to think back on what he had done or said wrong to make you act this way, but when you inform him the reason why you were showing such hostility towards him without thinking he’s quite relieved. He breathes out a small laugh and suggests that you should use aloe vera on your sunburns because he hears that it helps and if you want he could make a trip to the store and grab it for you. 

fluff friday (saturday) “stardust/enemies” {falling star} [gaasaku]


Sakura steps forward, taking her bundle of waivers and nondisclosures with her. She glances down at the seated attendant, nervously pressing the papers into his hands. He begins to flip through them and Sakura glances around, filled with nervous energy.

This is the first time she has been to Suna since becoming a ninja. She remembers, vaguely, that she came here with her parents on a business trip when she was quite young, maybe four or five. The memories are hazy, but the way the sun beats down upon her is as familiar as it is abrasive.

“Everything seems to be in order here,” the chunin says, stamping the packet. “Take this pass; it’ll be keyed to your chakra. You’ll be staying in the Konohagakure suite. The exams begin in three days’ time.”

“Thank you,” Sakura says, taking the card from him.

He eyes her before smirking. “You might want to purchase a cloak of some sort. You’re bound to be sunburned like this.”

Sakura flushes but nods in thanks before stepping away. She weaves her way through the crush of people, taking her time to examine the tough materials used to build the buildings around her. Most are made in curving angles, smoothed by the harsh weather. It is alien to her, the unforgiving sunlight, the earthy buildings, and the stinging sand, but it is not necessarily unwelcomed.

In some ways, it feels like a cleaning, a scourging of her soul.

(Secretly, Sakura is glad of it.)

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All Because of Sunscreen (I.M Suggestive)

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

A/N: sorry the ending isn’t the best, i’ve been stuck on it for like a month lol..

Changkyun had a relentless habit of doing the opposite of what you say. So, when you asked him to put on sunscreen before your trip to the beach you really should have known he was going to end up redder than a tomato. If you were a better significant other you would have covered him up with a towel when he fell asleep on the shore, or at least done something to save him from the ever beating down sun, but you remained petty. And when he woke up after three hours and instantly groaned upon moving his beet red shoulders you would be lying if you said along with the part of you that was concerned there was a perhaps even larger feeling of ‘I told you so’.

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Shop update - Night Owl Eye Serum

Made especially for those creative geniuses, late night writers, full time students, insomniacs, those who generally hate mornings, and other creatures of the night! Night Owl eye serum was formulated for you.

As a night owl with a day job, I combat puffiness around my eyes, dark circles, and exaggerated fine lines. I’m too young to look that old and tired in the mornings, so I made this to use and share with others.


Green Coffee Bean Oil
Green Tea extract
Mallow root extract
Ginseng extract
Avocado Oil
Argan Oil
Cera Bellina wax extract

What is it:
It is a gel eye serum created using a combination of extracts and oils. The oils are gelled using a wax extract that has a light, satiny finish upon the skin. Cruelty free. No parabens. No preservatives.

What it does:
Reduce puffiness with natural caffeine.
Reduce dark circles under the eyes.
Moisturize the skin around the eyes.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What it’s not:
A miracle worker. I can’t make you look 10 years younger.
An instant fix. Puffiness decreases quickly, dark circles take time.

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My own sunburn healing salve! Worked like a charm on Chelsea! The next day it looked as if she has never been burned at all where we applied it and everywhere else peeled!! Definitely making this every time I get burned!

To create: combine Equal parts French green clay, mugwort powder, aloe Vera powder and witch hazel. Combine with water until a thick paste is achieved. Apply to sunburn and let rest until dry or as long as desired (it can take a very very very long time to dry), remove with wet wash cloth.

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Alrightie, well in that case, I have this random thing-- US, UF, and SF bros all reacting to their S/o having sunburn? Like maybe they've been gone for a few days and they came back and their shoulders and arms are super red. Better yet, if before any of them could ask, their S/o peeled some of it in front of them. (Is this gross? I hope it's not). I was just curious cuz you know.. skeletons don't have skin.... and they didn't have a sun.......... o3o

I’m not going to do the peeling skin part because that part freaks me out, but I’ll do everything else ^_^



Blue is low key freaking out because holy cow, he didn’t know humans could BURN like that! Unknowingly, he touched your sun burn out of curiosity, and when you yelped in pain, Blue freaks out and apologizes over and over. He brings you whatever you need to heal, but he just can’t look at it anymore. It’s kinda gross and it looks painful as hell. Blue is so glad that he doesn’t have skin. 


Stretch acknowledges it and kinda fascinated by the sun burn and wants to study it and learn more about it, but it looks painful so he doesn’t touch it. He forces you to relax for a few days until it heals and brings you ointments and lotion to help it heal. 



Wow…humans are grosser than he thought. Since it doesn’t seem like a serious issue, Red lets you handle it yourself. From what he gathers, this is a common thing for humans so you can do it yourself. He’s a skeleton, therefore didn’t have skin, so there’s no way he could help you. 


GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM! Fell is utterly disgusted by the sun burn and doesn’t want to be near you until that sunburn heals because burned skin?? That’s really gross. Because this injury seems minor, Fell leaves you to deal with it yourself. 



Black is HIGH KEY freaking because EWWWW. Black tries to help you heal, but after seeing it, he just leaves because burnt skin is so gross. He demands that you heal yourself as soon as possible because he can’t bring himself to use his healing magic around that, then he’ll come back. He picks up a habit of rubbing his bones whenever he’s in the sun now. 


Rus is much calmer than his brother and helps you heal. He’ll bring you aloe vera and stuff like that and use his magic to help the burn. He finds it gross still, but it’s just angry, red, skin so he isn’t too freaked out. Still, because of this, he’s glad that he’s all bones. Rus makes sure that you always put on sun block from now on. 

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Fluff headcanon- Link doesn't tan very well and fries like a lobster only to freckle once the sunburn heals XD


yeah I can see this, I think he would freckle VERY easily on the arms/shoulders/face and I’m not just saying that because it’d be goddamn adorable yes I am

also he would probably get bizarre burns all the time due to his armor… like barbarian armor and he suddenly has a tan line the shape of a hand on his stomach, vai outfit gives him a tan line like he’s been wearing a bra so when he puts on his voe armor it looks ridiculous, then when he takes his voe armor off he’s just got a triangle of white on the side… our poor boy. 

Matt & Neil’s Epic BrOsten Road Trip (”Do we really need a name for the trip?” “Every great Thing needs a name Neil!”)

Part One of my @aftgexchange present for @bramgreenfclds

  • Matt needs weeks to get the perfect playlist together. The playlist contains among other songs:

- Break Free (Ariana Grande ft. Zedd) It’s the first song and playing while they’re leaving the Tower. “Allison paid me to play this because she never thought you would leave Andrew behind!”

- Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamod) “It’s a classic Neil!”

- Hotel California (Eagles) “Matt, California is thousands of miles awayy” “Ssssh, sweet summer child.”

-Shut Up and Drive (Rhianna)

- Bromance (Chester See & Ryan Higa) Matt wipes a tear away: “Our Song Bro.”

- What Does The Fox Say (Yvar)

- Can’t Hold us (Macklemore ft. Ray Dalton)

- Highway to Hell (ACDC)

- Drive (Halsey) “Matt I’m not hiding any feelings.” Matt lays his hand on Neil’s shoulder and tries to ignore his own tears “I know and I’m so proud of you.”

  • “Neil, Kevin already ruins my school year. He’s not going to ruin my holiday when he isn’t even here.”Matt burns the meal plan and buys them 20 Donuts. 
  • They stop at ever souvenir shop they can find and take selfies while wearing the ugliest hats and sunglasses. Neil looks good in all of them.
  • Neil befriends every dog and cat they meet.
  • Matt’s most said sentences: “Neil. Neil no. Neil put the cat down. Neil we’re not taking 15 cats home with us.”
  • They only have three weeks together but when they get back Neil’s sunburn is healed, Matt is wearing flamingo sunglasses, both are hoarse because of all the singing and screaming they did on the road and there is an old stray in the backseat that wouldn’t leave.
  • Neil gets a big scrapbook as a christmas present. Most of the pages are empty. Matt smiles at him over the mountain of wrapping paper “We need space for our next adventure.” The stray cat meows in agreement before it attacks the wrapping paper.

Aloe Vera Can -

  1. Remove Makeup. Aloe Vera is a cooling agent that helps calm the skin.
  2. Hair Conditioner. Massage in a small amount of Aloe Vera gel and leave it on for about 2 minutes. Rinse it off.
  3. Add to your shampoo. It will make your hair shiny.
  4. Treat Acne.  Aloe Vera minimizes inflammation and treats acne due to its inflammatory properties.
  5. Prevent and eliminate  stretch marks due to Aloe Vera’s regenerative properties.
  6. Treat swollen Gums.  Aloe vera soothes swollen gums and maximizes your body’s defense mechanisms. You can apply Aloe Vera to the infected area.
  7. Increase hair growth. Aloe Vera contains an enzyme that helps increase hair growth.
  8. Strengthen your nails.
  9. Treat herpes, eczema, psoriasis,  dermatitis and other skin allergies. Aloe Vera is able to penetrate multiple skin layers.
  10. Use as a skin moisturizer. It strengthens skin tissue by providing oxygen to the cells.
  11. Heal sunburns due to Aloe Vera’s antiseptic properties.
  12. Shaving gel. It gives you a nice smooth surface.
  13. Fight the flu and colds. Aloe Vera  contains a great amount of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that boost the immune system.
  14. Ease menstrual cramps (by drinking Aloe Vera juice). It reduces pain and fatigue.
  15. Personal Lubricant. It is a very effective moisturizer.
Katara, Consumed by Destiny: Water

[Link to previous posts in series.]

We are working backward from the end of The Legend of Korra, pretending we don’t know anything more about Katara than that she is a waterbender and a member of Team Avatar. At this point, however, we’ve accompanied Katara through four books of LOK, four comics series, and two seasons of A:TLA. The progression, or rather, regression, of her character, is all too clear. We’ve seen Katara’s biggest triumphs and most cutting remarks; what more could the initial season of A:TLA have to offer?

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Imagine Cas watching you tan, then healing your sunburn...

Requested by anon. Hope you like it! XOXO

“Y/N! You are almost naked!” Cas sounded more confused than surprised or offended.

“It’s a swimsuit, Cas,” you told him, without opening your eyes. “I know that I’m not swimming,” you continued, anticipating his next question, “but I want a tan, so I’m wearing this in order to get as much of my skin exposed to the sun as possible.”

“I’m not sure I understand why you want to change the tone of your skin through harmful exposure to the sun,” Cas responded.

“See? Cas thinks it’s dumb, too.” Dean said, standing in the door of the bunker. “Dinner’s ready, Y/N.”

Cas went into the bunker, and you settled in for a few more minutes of sunlight soaking into your skin, not caring what they thought about your tanning ritual.

Later that night, you were wishing you had listened to Dean. Your skin had turned a painful red, and your clothes chaffed and scratched against you.

“I told you so,” Dean commented as you groaned at the uncomfortable material of your t-shirt rubbing against your overly sensitive burn.

“Shut up,” you grumbled.

“What’s wrong?” Cas asked, staring at your neck and shoulders. “Something is wrong with your skin.”

“It’s just a sunburn, Cas. I’m fine.” You tried to smile, not wanting to give Dean the satisfaction of being right.

Cas watched you closely the rest of the night, and followed you out of the living area when you retreated to your room, hoping to cover yourself in aloe lotion and sleep through some of the pain.

“Are you sure you are alright, Y/N? I am still unsure of why you want to tan your skin.”

“Because I feel prettier that way,” you shrugged.

“But you are so beautiful the way you are.”

Cas’ blue eyes were large and sincere, and you felt a heat flood through you that had nothing to do with the sunburn. Slowly, he reached forward and touched two fingers to your forehead. He had healed some of your minor injuries before, and you waited for the familiar warmth to flow through you. Instead, a coolness enveloped you, soothing your skin and pulling the burn out of you.

“There. Now you look as perfect as you usually do. And I bet you feel better, too.” Cas grinned at you, bright and angelic, taking your breath away.

“Yeah, thanks. I feel wonderful, Cas.”

A VERY DESCRIPTIVE PROFILE OF YOUR MUSE.  repost with the information of your muse,  including headcanons,  etc.  if you fail to achieve some of the facts,  add some other of your own !

NAME.  notay  aizen   
TITLE(S).  third chair aizen
AGE.  200+
SPECIES.  shinigami.   french  &  korean  bred 
GENDER. non - binary 
ALIGNMENT.  lawful neutral
INTERESTS.  gardening,  dancing (  ballet )  ,  training
PROFESSION.  third chair of the juubantai
BODY TYPE.  short ,  thin  ,  androgynous body  
EYES.   light brown
HAIR.  dark brown ,  short -  to her neck ,  thin  and straight
SKIN.  light peach .  easy to sunburns,  fully healed scars on her upper chest  and on the left side of her waist
FACE.  soft  and rounded
HEIGHT.  5′2″
COMPANIONS.  most shinigami ( rangiku , momo , ect. )  that haven’t disowned her from simply being related to aizen.  anyone she meets during missions  .  talon members in overwatch verse 
ANTAGONISTS.  most arrancar , all quincies.  aizen himself.  overwatch members in overwatch verse 
COLORS.  gray blues , pastel colors ,  clear blue
FRUITS.  pineapples,  apples,  dragonfruit
DRINKS.  water , peppermint tea , warm milk
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?  sake , wine,  
SMOKES?  no.
DRUGS?  no.

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