“My job necessitates me to travel between regions frequently. You said you were from Johto? Just last week I was in Goldenrod for a few days, and next week I have to go to Saffron in Kanto. After that, I’m scheduled to spend at least a week in Veilstone in Sinnoh before going back here.

“But Hoenn’s my favorite of the four to be in because of how much it reminds me of home. I grew up in Heahea City in Alola, and my frequent meetings in Slateport and Lilycove are such a treat because it’s just like I’m in the streets of my hometown. There’s even a beach in both cities! All that’s missing are the Pyukumuku…”


“It’s this spiky Water-type Pokémon that’s always in our beaches, and we have this tradition of chucking them back to the sea when we see one. A lot of tourists find them gross, but I guarantee you that the first thing I’ll do when I go home is to chuck the first Pyukumuku I find. It’s nothing special, but there’s just something about it that makes me happy, you know?”


Drawings for the Pokemon AU that i’m working on with @jake-marshall :D

After moving to the Alola region in the hopes of bettering the area as an officer, Bobby Fulbright begins to investigate after a certain moon rock (in the hands of the interdimensional research lab) becomes a special interest to the disbanded team Plasma and the mysterious foundation known as Aether. 

Along the southern end of Akala Island, Simon Blackquill opens a pokemon sanctuary in the hopes of caring for the injured flying types that come his way, his sister also aiding both the research lab to the north and the newly established pokemon gym in HeaHea City.

Both live completely different separate lives until an injured Wingull takes to following Bobby along his patrol route one late afternoon.

This was something that we both decided would be cool to post at the same time, so if you wanna go check out their latest fic (which is also blackbright, though unrelated to this AU), the link is [here]!!

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