I’m back! With new imagines,new pictures and new thoughts bout everything.First,thanks to all my followers.I’m so proud to be a part of your lifes.Second,still thinking about a catchy new name.So if somebody has an idea,feel free to tell me.Third,to the haters and idiots who made me feel like I’m not good enough: (same for my real life,just wanna do this all in one) FUCK YOU.I’m not comedy central.I’m not here to entertain the whole earth.I’m still a human being with real feels and problems.And if you don’t like what I do,then get the fuck out of my internet/real life!!
Sorry for swearing.Sooo,what I was trying to say…Right now,I’m sick and need to rest.But I’ve made few things for my comeback and will post this things when I’m able to stand up..I missed and love all of you.Seems like the sailor is back on the sea.

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