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Hey! I was looking through some old headtrips comics and I realized that next year will be headtrip's 10th year anniversary! Wow! Got anything planned for it already? Must be exciting to have such a long running comic :D

holy shit, lol. well no nothing planned yet because i didn’t even notice that was coming up

So I don’t really know what to do with this, but…

Dr. Du Maurier tells Hannibal that he spends so much time putting up walls, it must be nice to meet someone clever enough to get around them.

Of course, they’re talking about Will in this session. Hannibal desperately wants Will to see him, recognize him (but of course when Will does that, it won’t be the exact reaction Hannibal is looking for…).

But who has already proved adept at climbing walls? Abigail Hobbs. These are literal walls, of course, but the parallels in the language used (“No more climbing walls, Abigail”) has to be intentional, I think. And despite Hannibal’s admonition, Abigail has continued to climb walls, according to Jack Crawford.

I think that Abigail will surprise Hannibal. She’s always seen him more clearly than anyone else; mark her direct eye contact in Potage, her challenging command: “…and you be the man on the phone.” She’s never been afraid to confront this man, even though she knows that the authorities suspect “the man on the phone” was a copycat serial killer.

Abigail always looks directly at Hannibal - their eye contact is always focused on in the cinematography.

She sees him.

But does he really see her?