Shout out to the guy who just headswapped one of my YYBxPD edits and distributed it without credit!! 

Your existence chips away at my will to do anything productive!!!


okay but hear me out

Ehrgeiz is a late 90’s 3D fighting game for PS1 that featured some characters from FFVII as a cheap way to drum up interest (it worked, the FF characters turned out to be the game’s only real hook) but the really funny thing is that Vincent uses Godhand Mishima’s moveset, a character who himself borrows a lot of moves from Tekken (because he’s a Mishima for some reason???)

so thanks to the wonders of late 90’s gaming, you get notorious sad sack Vincent Valentine doing a bunch of ridiculous shit like spinning piledrivers and that one Tekken spinning triple kick and if you don’t think that’s the most hilarious shit you can get out my face

oh, and this game also features the first playable appearance of Zack Fair (as a headswap of Cloud), so if you feel so inclined, you can shoot him in the fucking face and then cry for a few hours just like me

tl;dr: Vincent Valentine is a fucking Mishima, FFVII and Tekken take place within the same universe, Mishima Zaibatsu/Shinra corporate merger confirmed

thank u dream factory

thank u namco

anonymous asked:

how would you go about giving those ken dolls actual hair? like can you cut down the plastic or?? do you think theyre hollow up there?

They’re definitely hollow. You could do a scalp transplant with a rooted hair doll, but I don’t like the seam on the hairline and I headswap too often for it to be a decent solution.

You could wig them but honestly I avoid sculpted hair on dolls if I don’t like the hair sculpt in general since theyre super limiting….

anonymous asked:

Endibell's back. Shocker. Can you tell how sarcastic I am right now?

The fact she’s back makes me want to die. I hope Haruka pisses her off again by “stealing” her unoriginal samsink headswaps


Tauxkeda Shingen.


Whatever, LOL.

Because Shingen’s a Sagittarius. He’s also a shameless bastard who sleeps naked because reasons, pffft.

I wish Tauxolouve is out already so I could give Shingen the god form costume, but I don’t want to wait that long. I guess I’ll repost/reblog this once I find what Tauxolouve’s god form looks like.

I also have a Partheno/Keiji headswap here, LOL. Keiji isn’t a Virgo, but he’s sparkly sparkly anyway, so he fits Partheno (to me anyway).