Yeolume X Pure Neemo

I rebodied my Yeolume onto a white Pure Neemo XS body. You can see she came with an origami shiriken. Sorry, I failed in getting process/inside the head pics. I had to enlarge her neck hole, but then I made it a little too big :( I hate when I make mistakes crafting. I used a metal washer from a plastic eyeball (like for stuffed animals) on the neck peg to make it larger than the neck hole. I also used a little string and clear rubber bands to pad up the neck inside the head. I think she looks great. The skin match isn’t bad either. In the comparison you can see my Obitsu bodied Pullip and a regular size Pure Neemo body in natural/flesh with a Lelia head. I ordered the extra hands too but they have not arrived yet. Her new body is so much better than the old one!

All the Fashionistas were on clearance for $4 each, and the MTM dolls were $7 each. I grabbed the last two MTM that were on the shelves, they’ve been there for a long time. Pink top’s box was covered in a fine layer of dust.

On the way out of the toy aisles I passed the fabric dept remnants bin and decided to get this striped fabric since it was only $.65 and it’s got a good drape.

Pink top says “Look at aaaallllll my beautiful girlfriends!”


okay but hear me out

Ehrgeiz is a late 90’s 3D fighting game for PS1 that featured some characters from FFVII as a cheap way to drum up interest (it worked, the FF characters turned out to be the game’s only real hook) but the really funny thing is that Vincent uses Godhand Mishima’s moveset, a character who himself borrows a lot of moves from Tekken (because he’s a Mishima for some reason???)

so thanks to the wonders of late 90’s gaming, you get notorious sad sack Vincent Valentine doing a bunch of ridiculous shit like spinning piledrivers and that one Tekken spinning triple kick and if you don’t think that’s the most hilarious shit you can get out my face

oh, and this game also features the first playable appearance of Zack Fair (as a headswap of Cloud), so if you feel so inclined, you can shoot him in the fucking face and then cry for a few hours just like me

tl;dr: Vincent Valentine is a fucking Mishima, FFVII and Tekken take place within the same universe, Mishima Zaibatsu/Shinra corporate merger confirmed

thank u dream factory

thank u namco

I meant to do a giveaway when I passed 4000 followers, but stuff happened and I got distracted. Soooo since I just passed 4300, I’m going to do it this week.

I’m thinking I might giveaway a pop vinyl custom of a Shepard or a Ryder. Nothing flash. It’ll just be a custom headswap, but it will be fun to do. And it will be a follower-only giveaway. ^_^

I’ll try and do up an official post soon. 


Tauxkeda Shingen.


Whatever, LOL.

Because Shingen’s a Sagittarius. He’s also a shameless bastard who sleeps naked because reasons, pffft.

I wish Tauxolouve is out already so I could give Shingen the god form costume, but I don’t want to wait that long. I guess I’ll repost/reblog this once I find what Tauxolouve’s god form looks like.

I also have a Partheno/Keiji headswap here, LOL. Keiji isn’t a Virgo, but he’s sparkly sparkly anyway, so he fits Partheno (to me anyway).

I’m going to be busy for the rest of the month, and so won’t be able to finish the next part by the end of the month. Do not worry! The script for the next part is written, and I have all the assets I need. Panel creation is all that’s left now.

And so because of that, I decided to show something off.

https://imgur.com/iJxRWmD ( Imgur version to get away from Tumblr’s compression. )
All the previous versions of each character’s sprites I could find. As you can see, the earlier designs I some obvious differences. The only ones remaining consistent are honestly the goats. 


Here’s a link to where I explained some of the earlier versions of these characters. Though I obviously didn’t explain them all ( I mean you’re probably REALLY curious about Alphys. ) Sans, Undyne, and Papyrus I explained in the other post.

The Original Roles were

Napstablook & Metta as Papyrus and Sans

  • Papyrus and Blooky would have a relationship similar to canon with Papyrus and Undyne, instead this time Papyrus holds positivity classes with Blooky as his pupil, trying to make Blooky understand the greatness that lies within them!
  • Metta also would have had an actual cat themed cat walk in Snowdin, and be a town mascot. 

Sans as <Read the last post>
Papyrus as Undyne
Asriel as Toriel
Toriel as Napstablook( ? ) & Asgore as Mettaton(?)

  • ( Assuming because I hadn’t given her a role, and being Napstablook’s replacement would have given her a reason to be with Asriel. Plus it would allow something similar to the Lasterus relationship I have between him and Sans happening, with Asgore as Mettaton.)
    • Also a note for Asgore, that sprite up there isn’t him being alive during the events of Sudden Changes. 
  • ( Fun Fact, Toriel was originally not going to speak at all. Shocking. She was just going to be asleep in Our Home, and then might have been involved in some Late Waterfall / Early Hotland events. )

Chara as Asgore ( You can see how they started off as just a headswap design, until they actually gained some individuality. )
Undyne as <Read the last post>
Monster Kid was… Unchanged at first. I had no idea what I wanted to do with him, and just considered cutting him out or maybe just a background NPC. 

You can see that that has changed however. That second sprite was actually a shitpost that I made, but has grown to become an official design overtime.

  • In the previous post I mentioned how he eventually became apart of the Papyrus role, but now has an original role. I’ll let you think on what that may mean :3c

And now… For the one you’ve all been waiting for. Alphys.

Originally, she would have been Flowey to be the opposite of Undyne’s Chara. There only exists one other sprite of this.

a file named “Swap AU Alphys Flower”.

She would… I didn’t even think of anything for her. It was just concept Alphys as a Flower. If I was doing it today it’d probably be a robot. Or maybe some kind of doodlebob situation but with an anime character drawing. 

After I decided against that, I decided to make her the Mettaton replacement. Yes. Perhaps if I decided to dig into it, Alphys could have been another determination experiment? I’m not really sure about having multiple “vessels” for Determination existing at once though, would probably make people confused on who had timeline superiority. 

And then eventually I just… Made Alphys, Alphys. I think she’s the character that I’ve had the most fun writing the story behind her for, and I hope you’ll like her when she eventually shows herself.

Also if you’re wondering, yes. Old battle sprites exist. I might do the same thing as this, but with battlesprites instead. Someday. 

I’ve kept saved basically everything I’ve ever done for Sudden Changes, planning one day to do a Concept Art Book esque thing for when I eventually finish it. I even have old scripts, Area / Room concept art, Area / Room outlines, storyboard concepts, an outdated outline of every single part’s events I want to happen. There is a lot of content that will be available when I’m done.

If you have any questions about the previous versions of Sudden Changes, things to expect in the current version, or anything in general, don’t be afraid to send an ask. I also have updated the theme on the tumblr and am writing up a FaQ tab. 

And now it’s time to address something I think I’ve never brought up / specifically stated for Sudden Changes. If you want to make ANY fan content at all for the AU, go right on ahead. Music, art, fansprites, rpblogs ( as long as you don’t go around calling yourself the official RP blog for that character ), anything. I mean obviously I won’t reblog porn but still. 

Make sure to tag the blog also if you post something, or send it in on an ask or submit.

Any Concept Art I will also tag on the blog as “#Concept Art”, and congratulations for making it through the giant wall of text.


Couldn’t sleep last night, so I assembled 18 Stormcast models and added greenstuff embellishments to the characters so they’ll be more unique.
Lord Aquilor got dreadlocks and a short goatee (to hide the hideous butt-chin) on a headswap with a custodes bare head.
Lady Relictor got a sensible ponytail and reshaped vanity pectoral plate on top of a Statuesque head swap.
Also working on adding a couple (milliput) rocks and an eroded path to the Lord Aquilor’s base.
Also! For the record, putting Prosecutors together fucking sucks.