headstand variations

Day 10 #Vulnerability
I chose an inversion because that’s when I allow myself to feel the most vulnerable. I let myself be pushed down and fail because I know it can only make me stronger in the long run. If you never fail and let yourself be vulnerable, you can never grow.


Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. Day 4 of #😱ThatsYoga is a funky headstand variation. Given to us by @dade2shelby. Thank goodness for The DJ. I almost cried real tears practicing tonight. I’m glad to say that all caught yo on the challenge. So the flooding of your timeline will commence tomorrow. Sleep well. 😴 stay #light and #awesome.

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When I go home, this is how I’ll remember London. Obviously I’ll remember my glorious weekend teaching at @hotyogasociety1 and the awesome experiences I’ve had around town, most recently with my love Gabriella who set up an awesome backstage tour of @nationaltheatre that set my little theatre nerd heart on fire. I’m sure this weekend is bound to be dope as hell, considering tomorrow’s #TheGuiltyFeminist Live show and Friday’s @CurvesomeYoga round table chat. But my yoga practice is changing in a very serious way. Frankly, I’M changing. I don’t care about the same shit anymore. My practice used to be all about asana and proving myself/body ideals wrong- that’s definitely still there, but I’m over the asana chase. I don’t think it serves my spirit in a positive way, and I think it’s a pretty superficial understanding of the practice. I am so intrigued by this internal journey- asana is a great way to get there, but it’s far from the final destination. And I think I had to get out of my regular yoga bubble, padded by bullshit, to see what I’m missing. And I kinda wish I was going to more classes around town and trying out new styles of asana in a new city. But frankly, I need to steep in this internal journey. And so yes, this is how I will remember London- on my @liforme mat in my little flat, practicing #headstand & #handstand variations not for any other reason than the opportunity to chip away at the exterior. To see my heart. To see my true identity. That’s a lot bigger than a fucking pose, ya dig? SIDE NOTE: These leggings are by @k.deer and they are the fucking jam. They were a gift from my boo @olgaallonhys and they are worth the hype. I am wearing a 2XL- if you’re plus size, get familiar. Belly coverage for dayssss. Bra- @torridfashion (at London, United Kingdom)

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