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Headcannon for Sidon, Teba, Revali and Link having a s/o who lost their memory after taking a blow to their head, how they would help to regain their lost memories and how they react to their s/o gaining their memory back?

S/o loses their memories and how the boys deal with it


  • He is devastated. Just. Devastated.
  • He cannot fathom that you, the love of his life, no longer remember him
  • He does not want to give up and tries to explain who he is
  • But even optimistic as this Prince is, Sidon is hurt when you are apprehensive with his assertive recollections
  • He tries to show you all the special places you two would sneak off together
  • But each time, you shrug your shoulders in response when asked if you remember a thing, he wants to cry
  • He has no choice but to stay strong
  • But as the weeks go by, then months, and nothing has changed, Sidon who tries to show you tidbits of your life together, he is slowly giving up.
  • He is depressed he cannot hold you, to you he is but a stranger. And all he wants to do is hold you in his arms and never let go
  • But one day, when his sorrow overwhelms him he hugs you from behind.
  • He is confused when you lurch forward clutching your head.
  • Tears spill from his eyes when you turn to him, dazed and confused.
  •  “I-I remember you!”
  •  He lets out a sob of happiness, thanking Hylia to the stars and beyond.


  • He does not want to believe it. He thinks it’s just a cruel joke
  •  “How can you not remember me? We’ve been together for years, [Name].”
  •  But when he sees you cower in fear, he torn between being crushed and enraged.
  •  He doesn’t know what to do and spends the first few hours mulling over how this happen
  •  He begins to blame himself and cannot hide his pain. “If I was faster. If I was better then-”
  • He tries not to snap, and keep himself in check but when something that used to mean so much to the two of you, holds no meaning at all now, he wants to flee
  •  But he stays by your side no matter how much it tears him up.
  •  He feels hollow when he takes care of you. He glares as the wound on your head
  • Some night he stays up staring at your sleeping form, wondering what he did to deserve this
  • Other nights he reads up on how to help those with amnesia, but he gets discouraged seeing “Most never regain their memories.”
  •  He stares at you blankly as you stare at him, he loves you so much, but not this blank shell of a person that took you over.
  • The desires and passion you once had is not there. And he does not feel comfortable getting to know the new you.
  • But one day when he walks in his home and sees your face buried in his tunic, he’s concerned and confused
  • When your face rises, and tears are gushing he is in a panic.
  • “Oh, Teba!! I am so sorry!”
  • He doesn’t say anything but bring you into a hug and silently cry.


  • “No. No. No, no, no! [Name], please tell me you remember me? Even just a little?”
  • He will demand any healers, shamans, and what have you to come fix you. But each time they tell him the same thing. “We will have to wait and see.”
  • But he doesn’t want to believe it. “Do not patronize me as if you understand! My [Name] is not here! My [Name] would not forget me!
  • He spends his days working with you, slowly easing you into the routines you used to do, and read stories to you like always.
  • But he can feel himself unraveling, nothing he does works.
  • No clever insult. No puns. No boisterous feats. Nothing that used to get you riled up works.
  • At night he tries not to, but he cries. When he sees your form sleeping at the other end of the house, he just wants to shake you until you can remember.
  • Your mannerism are there, he can tell. Some days your hand wonders to brush his wing, but his heart shrivels when he realized you “made a mistake”.
  • He tells you stories of your adventures together, and there is a bitter-sweetness to his tone.
  • “Heh, but then beast threw you on a cart of coal.” He mumbles under his breath
  • “It wasn’t coal, it was chunks of diamonds.”
  • He is surprised, but so are you.
  • “You- Yeah, you came to my rescue, and I got mad so instead I-”
  • He flings his body on yours and nuzzles his face along yours.


  • He was there when it happened and he felt like the world around him stopped
  • He remembers when he first picked your body up, a deep gash pouring blood
  • When Link had healed you on the battlefield he was concerned caused you did not wake up
  • He never left your side, even when others would tell him to go rest, but he wouldn’t leave, not until you woke up.
  • When you did, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself, but he hugged you
  • But he was so confused when you shoved him off you, looking at him like he was some savage.
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Stay off!”
  • He tried to reason with you, but you cut him off. “I don’t know anything about you! Get out!”
  • His heart shattered and he plopped on the chair behind him.
  • Although you were hostile, he came everyday. He didn’t say a word, but would lay down some trinkets you used to fond over.
  • He didn’t know how to help you, he knew that eventually, if it ever did, your memory would come back.
  • He would have to be patient.
  • He waited years, and was still by your side.
  • He had gotten used to the new person you were, and your hostile attitude melted away by his caring side.
  • One day when the two of you were out for a stroll you tripped and he caught you. Your arms wrapped around him
  • He could hear you inhale his scent before you engulf him in a hug. “Link, you smell like my Link…”
  • A tear slid down his cheek, he knew his patience would pay off one day.
Because Purple Master List

CHAPTER LIST (the main, multi-chaptered story)

Introduction:  Happy Birthday to Me

Chapter 1:  Ladies First

Chapter 2:  So This is Awkward

Chapter 3:  Cinderella

Chapter 4:  Whatever.  Birthday.  Fuck it All.  Yay, Wine!

Chapter 5:  Switch

Chapter 6:  Stretch Marks

Chapter 7:  So, Do You Come Here Often?

Chapter 8:  Pickles Are Gross

Chapter 9:  Please Shut-Up

Chapter 10:  This is Real

Chapter 11:  I’m OK With This

Chapter 12:  And the Feature Story of the Evening

Chapter 13:  Because I’m Graceful Like That

Chapter 14:  Let Me Take Care of You

Chapter 15:  Here We Are

Chapter 16:  The Elephant in the Room

Chapter 17:  Baggage, Complications, & Some Declarations

Chapter 18:  Will You Stay With Me?

Chapter 19a:  The One With the Free Pass List

Chapter 19b:  Kate’s Rule of Falling

Chapter 20:  This is Something Special

Chapter 21:  If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Chapter 22:  All of You…Everything

Chapter 23:  Well & Truly

Chapter 24:  All the Strawberries

ED & KATE ONE SHOTS (stand-alone pieces, still part of the same world as the chaptered story [same characters, etc…], but out-of-joint with the timeline of the story)

New Mexico (HUGE SPOILER here - read at your own risk!)

Icy Hot

I Love the Way You Wake Me Up

It’s About Damn Time! (Another BIG SPOILER!)

Hospital (part 1 of 2) 

Home (part 2 of 2, sequel to Hospital) 

Toys (unfinished!  may or may not ever be finished, but it’s kind of fun!)

Sleepy Intimacy

EXTRAS (not a part of the actual story, but my thoughts and musings on elements of the story)

Inside Kate’s Head

Some Musings From Kate

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Basketball player Chanyeol??^^^^^^

  • plays basketball for his university and is the star shooting guard
  • usually when you see him on campus he’s a little awkward and clumsy and his long limbs make him look wobbly but when he’s playing he’s really good and his determined expression is really handsome 
  • when the freshman fans crowd around him after games he gets all embarrassed and keeps bowing and thanking everyone and scratching the back of his head
  • some people made banners with his name on it and it made chanyeol all giddy when he was on the court that he hid his face in his hands and the fans had to be like “chanyeol!!! keep your eyes on the basketball!!!!” he’s a shy lil baby
  • you’re the coaches assistant for the basketball team and basically you get drinks and towels and stuff for the players and chanyeol is always the one to remember to thank you at the end of the day
  • he always ruffles your hair and helps you clean up at the end of practice
  • and he looks so adorable standing there in the uniform, sweaty hair stuck to his forehead, big smile,,,,,,,
  • on the night of the state finals the coach is making you run around and get all the stuff for the boys and you get so tired that you almost fall over when you’re lugging over big bottle of gatorade but thankfully chanyeol sees you getting unstable and he goes over
  • the coach is like yelling @ chanyeol to come back to the bench to listen to the gameplan, but chanyeol isn’t listening and he puts his hand around your shoulders and is like “are you ok??” 
  • and you’re like “coach is-” but chanyeol makes you put down the gatorade and he picks you up easily and you’re like !!! and the coach is like CHanye O L and chanyeol walks back into the locker rooms and sets you on one of the benches and opens up his locker and gives you his varsity jacket and is like 
  • “stay here and rest, ill be back when the game is over.”
  • and sure chanyeol gets yelled at by the coach but even when the team wins and everyones celebrating chanyeol goes back to find you sleeping peacefully with his jacket on and he’s kinda like clutching at his heart because u r so cute how can he wake you
  • but he does and he’s gently like “are you ok?” and you’re like ??? and he’s like “we won, but let me take you home ok?” 
  • and it’s cute the whole team sees you two walking together and they’re like wOOOOO CHANY E o L and he’s like shut u P im jusT tak in g theM hOm e…..
  • and he walks you to your dorm and you’re like im sorry for being a bother,,,,,,and he’s like no no no  you do so much for us 
  • and it’s cute you shyly ask him to lean down and he’s like ???? and you kiss his cheek and he’s like !!!! and you’re like !!!!!! it’s !!!!! x2
Odd One
Sick Puppies
Odd One

Sick Puppies - Odd One

odd one, you’re never alone 
i’m here and i will reflect you
both of us basically unattached 
to anything or anyone unless we’re pretending
you live your life in your head
some call it imagination
i’d rather focus, instead, on anything except 
what i’m feeling 
what i’m feeling, odd one 

hey, it’s gonna be okay 
hey, we’re gonna laugh at this one day

little stupid details about tri’s ova
  • Koushiro inviting Mimi to Taichi’s match even though she’s literally on the other side of the world
  • Mimi INSTANTLY replying the message
  • Hikari’s face after Takeru left her alone (after the wind), idk if she was upset about “TK’s girlfriend” or have had a really bad feeling
  • Taichi and the “Come if you have time…” message
  • Yamato smiling when Mimi arrived. But he wasn’t looking at her, wtf?
  • Everyone talking while Koushiro nicely explained the shit going on like the nerd he is
  • Mimi’s face after telling Sora what was she gonna do about Taichi and Yamato, as if she knows Sora’s battle with her ‘feelings’
  • Palmon: What does handsome mean? Biyomon: I don’t get it. Palmon: What type do you prefer? Tailmon: You prefer headsome? Biyomon: I like the footsome
  • Koushiro dressed as a krab and as a bunny in his online thingy to buy clothes ffs
  • Tentomon answering and opening the door in Koushiro’s office like umm a normal person???
  • The virtual cyberspace has toys for the digimon to play. Koushiro literally created a cyberkindergarden 
  • They were looking for distorted areas and ended up buying ice-cream, and Taichi eating spaghetti. TEENS
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