little stupid details about tri’s ova
  • Koushiro inviting Mimi to Taichi’s match even though she’s literally on the other side of the world
  • Mimi INSTANTLY replying the message
  • Hikari’s face after Takeru left her alone (after the wind), idk if she was upset about “TK’s girlfriend” or have had a really bad feeling
  • Taichi and the “Come if you have time…” message
  • Yamato smiling when Mimi arrived. But he wasn’t looking at her, wtf?
  • Everyone talking while Koushiro nicely explained the shit going on like the nerd he is
  • Mimi’s face after telling Sora what was she gonna do about Taichi and Yamato, as if she knows Sora’s battle with her ‘feelings’
  • Palmon: What does handsome mean? Biyomon: I don’t get it. Palmon: What type do you prefer? Tailmon: You prefer headsome? Biyomon: I like the footsome
  • Koushiro dressed as a krab and as a bunny in his online thingy to buy clothes ffs
  • Tentomon answering and opening the door in Koushiro’s office like umm a normal person???
  • The virtual cyberspace has toys for the digimon to play. Koushiro literally created a cyberkindergarden 
  • They were looking for distorted areas and ended up buying ice-cream, and Taichi eating spaghetti. TEENS

Things I’ll never thought I’ll love in Digimon Tri:

  • Koushiro still drinking too much (have you not learnt from Our War Game, boy?? lmao)
  • When Taichi and Yamato were arguing, Koushirou was still BLABBERING AWAY IN THE BACKGROUND OBLIVIOUS
  • Koushiro only stopping when he hears Jyou mention a gf
  • Takeru growing up to have no chill (poor Jyou)
  • Koushiro going to Takeru for fashion advice
  • Taichi and Agumon’s sunset scene
  • Sora having SRS BFF/MOM SENSES that she can just pop her head out a window for Taichi and Yamato to just. Stop.
  • The Digimon playing around in Koushiro’s office (I SCREAMED.)
  • Piyomon and Tailmon blending in with animals.
  • ‘Headsome’ exchange between Palmon, Tailmon and Piyomon
  • Jyou’s scenes with the others and his hinted arc (Just make me cry at everything okay)
  • MIMI.