i hope senpai will notice meme ||| mixtape for meme loving fucks

come on and slam ♦ caramelldansen ♦ spooky scary skeletons (living tombstones remix) ♦ butterfly ♦ nice legs daisy dukes ♦ i’m a believer (shrek ost) ♦ everybody (headshotboyz remix) ♦ a cruel angel’s thesis (bike horn remix) ♦ i wanna take you to a gay bar ♦ every time we touch ♦ steppin on the beach (club mix) ♦ ponponpon (heavy metal ver.) ♦ running in the 90s ♦ ninja clan here we stand ♦ levan polka (basshunter remix) ♦ what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know i ♦ marisa stole the precious thing ♦ gangnam style (yg mashup)♦ dota (dj walkz remix) ♦ bad boy ♦ never gonna give you up (dj flo remix) ♦ nyan cat (club mix) ♦ ice ice baby (high voltage mashup) ♦ what is love ♦ love shine ♦ actual cannibal shia labeouf ♦ hallelujah (waluigi remix) ♦ barbie girl ♦ darude - sandstorm ♦ HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA ♦ crawling in my skin ♦ bumblebee ♦ all star ♦ numa numa ♦ careless whisper


this is my masterpiece, i will never create anything better than this mix


Headshotboyz are a Budapest(!!) duo who are working some serious magic behind a laptop. The video above is a new track above, Flektor, is a new joint released just yesterday and with a sick video to go along with it, made up of footage from the Adult Swim cartoon Superjail. 

Origami Sound - Week 5 (Wih'lo x Bulb x Zack Christ x Headshotboyz)

Fave session so far. Wih'lo + Zach Christ. Dooopppeeeeee. Origami Sessions doing rad tings for music. 

Origami Sound’s collective of artists proudly presents a new series of weekly releases in the form of collaborative tracks made by four producers over the course of 5 days.

Be it in a random order or as their schedule allows them, the artists that get involved pass on project files, stems or tailor-made sample packs on a daily basis, part of the task being not to spend more than 24 hours working on a piece that ultimately has no imposed theme, length or form.

Week 5: 
Day 1 - Wih'lo (http://www.fb.com/wihlosounds / Wih'lo
Day 2 - Bulb (http://www.fb.com/bulb.dnb / Bulb
Day 3 - Zack Christ (http://www.fb.com/zackchristmusic / zack christ
Day 4 - Headshotboyz (http://www.fb.com/headshotboyz / headshotboyz
Day 5 - back to Wih'lo

Be sure to check out my other fave session with Ryan Hemsworth HERE.

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