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Gaming Partners - Tim Drake x Reader

I’m going to make this a domestic!au because it gave me ideas for Tim’s username.

“Redrobin3 look out!” You warn into your headset as you frantically press the left arrow key to move your character out of range of the enemies’ attacks. Your companion quickly follows your actions, sending two fire bolts in the direction of your attackers. Your character attacks as well, brandishing their sword and lunging forward to slay the dark mages. Soon, your computer screen is clear from any and all evil.

“Thanks, you saved me big time,” you heard your gaming partner sigh in relief. “Haha, I guess you could say that I’m your knight in shining armor,” you chuckled at the brilliance of your pun as you checked the bodies of the dead mages for any valuable loot.

“Are you calling me a princess?” He accused, shooting a loud scoff from your headphones. “Maybe,” you replied while your character began to mount a horse. “Maybe not,” you teased. “Maybe I just want to ride off into the sunset with you on this horse,” you said nonchalantly with a small shrug of your shoulders.

“Wow, you really do know how to sweep a guy off of his feet,” Tim gave you a soft chuckle as his mage character mounted a horse next to yours. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow two players to ride the same steed. Your silver armor alone is probably heavy enough for the digital horse as it is anyways.

“I’d do anything for you, princess,” you grinned, pressing the top arrow key, allowing your trusty steed to travel forward into the pixelated sunset, Tim trailing slightly behind. “Then why don’t you take off your helmet?” the teenager suggested. Unbeknownst to you, his face was rapidly turning red. He can’t believe that he just said that.

You weren’t too surprised that he’d wanted to know what you looked like. The two of you had been playing with one another for a little over three months, so one of you was bound to ask to see the other’s face at some point. It’s human nature to be curious.

You typed your skype name in the chat box for Tim to see and told him that you’d call him tomorrow at the same time that you usually played together online. Unsurprisingly, when you a saw a notification from skype on the bottom corner of your computer screen, Tim’s username was the same as his gaming name, Redrobin3.

You pressed the power button on your computer, sitting back in your chair as you watched your monitor light up. Today was the day where you’d finally see Tim’s face. You took a deep breath in as you entered your skype log in information, exhaling audibly as you hovered over Tim’s username, quickly pressing the call button.

The line rang for a few seconds before a face appeared on your screen. He was… cute. Really cute. The teen had short, slightly messy black hair with loose strands falling just above two, sparkling robin’s egg blue eyes. His skin was smooth and fair, save for the few pimples dotting his cheeks and jawline, the curse of being a teenager. He offered a nervous, toothy smile lined by a pair of thin, chapped lips. All in all, he was not too bad on the eyes, which you found yourself getting lost in every time that you glanced at him.

You weren’t the only one who was entranced. Tim was mesmerized by the way that your e/c eyes lit up in the low glow of your desk lamp, and the way that your lips curved upwards into a shy smile. “Wow,” he laughed nervously, to which you replied with a small giggle of your own.

Pretty soon, the two of you each wore matching blushes and exchanged shy bouts of laughter until you slowly became more comfortable with one another again. You both would skype everyday whenever you had the chance, and were soon even exchanging numbers and emails. Then, after a few months of chatting until the days turned into nights, you got the idea that you should take a trip together.

(I hope that you liked this, anon, and I’m sorry if the ending seems a little rushed! I’d love to make a part two where they go on a vacation together and meet for the first time. If anyone has ideas for their trip destination, please let me know :) )


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