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The Lost Soldier | Tom Holland

Summary: During World War II, a brave soldier passes through enemy lines and finds himself lost in the wilderness. Eventually, the lost solider finds a small village and a young widow graciously allows the soldier to stay in her home for a single night…

Warning: mentions of injury, some violence, slight mention of blood, tension

Pairing: Tom Holland r x reader


There was nothing friendly about the raging blizzard. In the blizzard, there was no way to know which direction to go and the usual landmarks were hidden behind the white flakes that swirled so viciously. The lost soldier raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blinding winds.

The gale whipped each flake into a projectile that stung the unguarded skin. The soldier slowly lifted his foot and placed it in front of the other, forcing himself to keep moving. His body was aching, and his reasonably new battle wounds were bleeding violently. All he could do was to bow his head until his chin touched his chest and keep walking.

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WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”



older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy


Gfriend x Hogwarts: Gryffindor Sowon + Slytherin Eunha

“You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort.”
“I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks.”


If only this happened. I need head-touches stat^

I’M BACK! Oh gosh I’m so tired from that exam but it’s over thank goodness. Now I can properly fangirl by jumping back into digital art! HAHA….haaa I’m so rusty. ANYWAY.

So how’s that for the first two eps of ML season 2, eh? ;)