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okay but Little Red Riding Hood retelling wherein the wolf is a guardian of the forest and all its creatures, but its life is tied to that of Little Red’s family. Under Grandmother’s rule, they have seen nearly a century of peace and prosperity. 

However, the Huntsman and his forces know that the old woman is dying, and when she goes, the wolf will die as well, leaving an opportunity to attack the forest. They’ve been biding their time for a hundred years, knowing that they cannot beat Grandmother’s wolf. 

What they don’t count on is Red. Sweet, little Red who is at her dying Grandmother’s deathbed, who holds her hand as she takes her final breath. Who, with tears shining in her eyes, whispers, “Goodbye Grannie. I’ll see you in the next life.” Curled next to the bed, the wolf howls once, a single note of mourning, before closing her eyes and joining Grandmother in death. 

Grandmother’s body isn’t even cold before the Huntsman bursts into the cottage, seeking to kill the next heir and her wolf before they can become a threat to him. 

“You should not be here,” Red says. Her voice wavers and tears still shine in her eyes, but she is unafraid. “Grannie wouldn’t like it.”

“Your Grandmother is dead, idiot girl,” the Huntsman snarls. “And you will join her.”

“No,” Red replies. “She will join me.” The blanket that Red used to cover Grandmother’s body shifts and an almighty growl shakes the foundations of the cottage. “You should run now,” Red offers as an enormous black wolf erupts from the bed where her Grandmother had lain. Her fur is the same dark color as Grannie’s, and she has their family’s legendary golden eyes.

And so continues the legacy of Red Riding Hood. In life, they support their forest home, and go on to protect it in death. 


Parallel Smiles ♥

Whatever you do DON’T think about

Don’t think about Alya trying to cope with having been akumatized twice without any professional help and not doing too well as soon as she goes home. Her parents realizing their daughter isn’t herself and her siblings wondering what made their big sister so quiet. 

Don’t think about Alya’s parents finding a therapist that specializes in akuma victims and asking their daughter if she would please try it because their worried about her. 

Don’t think about Alya going to the therapist because she feels bad enough having hurt Paris when she was Lady Wifi, but knowing that she’s hurting her parents as Alya is so much worse, and she’ll go see this therapist because it’s not like they could make things worse.

Don’t think about Alya getting so much better after having an appointment once a week with the therapist.

Don’t think about Alya creating an anonymous blog for victims of akumas to talk about their experiences and to give information to other victims about places to seek help from afterwards. Don’t think about her posting a link to it on the Ladyblog under the tag of Akumas.

Don’t think about her becoming a huge advocate for other akuma victims and then mental illnesses in general and trying to destroy the stigma behind both. 

Don’t think about Nathaniel using his art to help him come to terms with having been used by the akumas. 

Don’t think about Nathaniel getting a deviant art and posting all of his artwork on it under the name DrawingThroughYourIssues with a gallery dedicated to his akuma artwork.

Don’t think about Alya posting about it on the Ladyblog or the anonymous Akuma blog.

Don’t think about Roger finding out about the therapy available and that they are willing to help him for free since his salary as a public servant nor his insurance will cover it.

Don’t think about Roger, Alya, and Nathaniel all becoming much closer and looking out for each other especially Roger with Alya and Nathaniel.

AND ESPECIALLY DON’T THINK ABOUT Ladybug finding out about the anonymous akuma blog and giving each victim the link and the card of the akuma therapist, to try and help them more.

  • Gabriel: *laying in bed* I'm not geting up. I'll stay in here forever.
  • Nathalie: *unmoved* Sir, you can't have a crisis right now! Your schedule is already full.

so there’s plushies of previous tales of characters that you can put on their heads, and they’re pretty logically named!

lloyd is mini-lloyd

(flavor text: lloyd at your side. for those who think two swords are twice as good as one.)

ludger is mini-ludger

(ludger at your side. for those who know what his special dish is.)

and yuri is danger jr

(danger jr at your side. for those who have already made their choices.)