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there is only one thing from veggie tales that i still think of to this day and it is this song

okay but Little Red Riding Hood retelling wherein the wolf is a guardian of the forest and all its creatures, but its life is tied to that of Little Red’s family. Under Grandmother’s rule, they have seen nearly a century of peace and prosperity. 

However, the Huntsman and his forces know that the old woman is dying, and when she goes, the wolf will die as well, leaving an opportunity to attack the forest. They’ve been biding their time for a hundred years, knowing that they cannot beat Grandmother’s wolf. 

What they don’t count on is Red. Sweet, little Red who is at her dying Grandmother’s deathbed, who holds her hand as she takes her final breath. Who, with tears shining in her eyes, whispers, “Goodbye Grannie. I’ll see you in the next life.” Curled next to the bed, the wolf howls once, a single note of mourning, before closing her eyes and joining Grandmother in death. 

Grandmother’s body isn’t even cold before the Huntsman bursts into the cottage, seeking to kill the next heir and her wolf before they can become a threat to him. 

“You should not be here,” Red says. Her voice wavers and tears still shine in her eyes, but she is unafraid. “Grannie wouldn’t like it.”

“Your Grandmother is dead, idiot girl,” the Huntsman snarls. “And you will join her.”

“No,” Red replies. “She will join me.” The blanket that Red used to cover Grandmother’s body shifts and an almighty growl shakes the foundations of the cottage. “You should run now,” Red offers as an enormous black wolf erupts from the bed where her Grandmother had lain. Her fur is the same dark color as Grannie’s, and she has their family’s legendary golden eyes.

And so continues the legacy of Red Riding Hood. In life, they support their forest home, and go on to protect it in death. 


I͒ͤ̎ ̔̄ͤ̌͛ͬͪa̿͒ͯͧ̉͌ͮ́̐m̀̑̐̈́̈ͧ͌ ̔̇͐̍ͯ̔̉ͧ̄r̀͂̋aͣ̈́ͭ̐͂i͒͗s͑ͨ̈̓̎͒̔iͭ̊̿̚n̾͋̂ͧ͑̃̓͆g̈ͭ͗ͯ̏̏ ͤ͂ͧ̒̈́tͪ̀̓ͫhͣͮͭe͋͆̌ͧ ͂͐ͬ̓̚roof ͮ̅͗aͧͤ͑̚sͮ̈̔͐͗ ̏̑̽t̄̋ͤ͋̋͗̉ͯh͑̓ͮ͌ͧ͒͌ē̾ͦͨẏͣ̇ ̏̾͆̀̈́͋s̍͗̊̏͂̈aͣy͛̓̍̊̓

miraculous headcannon:

One day in class, the subject of Ladybug and Chat noir comes up. And the whole class is talking about whether or not they are a couple. Marinette is just listening with half an ear until one of the Classmates (Probs Nino) asks Adrien his thoughts. Now she is interested

“Ladybug is very amazing, and chat noir is pretty cool. I am not sure if they are a thing but they seem to balance each other out perfectly. It would be kind of nice to know that the city is protected by a couple that loves the city as much as they do each other. But that is just my thoughts on it.” Adrien says as calmly as he could.

Everyone can’t help but think that would be great, except for Marinette. Marinette wanting to say something, but is just like. “Why did he have to say that? Why does my crush ship me with that cat?” 

She eventually speaks up.

“W-While I see y-your point. Wouldn’t the duo be too distracted by one another to effectively protect the city. Not to mention, if they did get into a fight it could ruin the dynamic.”

This sparks the debate again, and Adrien can’t help but look at Marinette as she sits back down.

Adrien then thinks.

“Wow, she was very against Chat noir and Ladybug. Could it be?”

After class, he meets up to talk to Marinette by her locker.

“You seemed really against Ladybug and Chat noir being together, I know it is your opinion, but Is there any reason that you are against the idea of them together?”

Marinette starts totally freaking out, like she thinks he is on to her. So she tries to come up with some poor excuse but then Adrien notices she is totally lying.

“I think I know why, it is because you’re”

“A-Adrien… I-i just don’t want anyone to know. I honestly didn’t think anyone would figure it out. I don’t want anyone to find out just please…” She pleads as her face is red with embarrassment.

Adrien then clasps his hands on hers.

“It is okay Marinette. I swear I won’t tell anyone you have a crush on Chat noir.”

He leaves with a polite wave and smile.

Marinette felt her brain short circuit. Her crush thinks she has a crush on chat noir. 

As Adrien gets into his car he sighs deeply.

“If Chat noir wasn’t in love with Ladybug, Chat noir would have fallen for her.” he thinks to himself.


Since you guys wanted a back story. Basically, baby ice prince Sherlock got bored, escaped the palace guards, walked into the forest and met a wizard who took his heart and put a curse on him that can only be broken by his one true love.


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 8 : Heart of Gold

present : Having been taken into custody and growing desperate in the face of her upcoming trial, Mary Margaret agrees to Mr. Gold’s persuasions to allow him to be her lawyer, despite skepticism from Emma and Graham. Mary Margaret pleads innocent before Judge Lyman but the evidence against her is damning. All seems lost in the court room until Gold calls Sydney Glass to the stand, who falters under pressure until one small missing detail leads to the unraveling of the truth: Regina ordered Sydney to murder Zoe, plant the evidence, and falsify the DNA reports to frame Mary Margaret. Sydney confesses to disobeying Regina and locking Zoe away in his basement, tied and gagged, and using the heart of a deer instead. Zoe is rescued, Mary Margaret is set free, and temporary custody of Henry is granted to Emma while Sydney and Regina are locked away. Gold visits Regina in her jail cell and a conversational stalemate between them leads to a shocking revelation: the fairy tales are real, and both Gold and Regina know the truth.

past : A heart-to-heart conversation between Prince Charming and Princess Luciana leads to a journey to the edge of the deserted kingdom of Camelot to the Lake of Avalon. The waters of Avalon are rumored to break enchantments and Luciana hopes to use it to save her true love, Golidlocks of Dun Broch, a knight who was turned into solid gold by the touch of the furious King Midas. The protector of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, transforms herself into Snow White in an attempt to seduce and drown Charming, but he avails and they collect a flask of the lake’s water. When they arrive at the site where Goldilocks is frozen, Midas arrives and gleefully drinks the Avalon water. Midas is horrified when he realizes that the water has broken his golden touch, killing him, and Luciana and Goldilocks are reunited. But everything is thrown into chaos when King George arrives and takes Charming prisoner, charging him with high treason for the murder of Midas. Luciana and Goldilocks find Snow White and they begin to gather her various friends to embark on a rescue mission.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Michael Emerson as Judge Lyman, Kylie Bunbury as Princess Luciana/Zoe Nolan, Mia Wasikowska as Goldilocks, Peter Mensah as King Midas, Emilia Fox as the Lady of the Lake

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