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May 27 & 28

It’s Coming!!!!!!! 

The 7/27 Era has certainly been an interesting one!! 

The girls had a show in Virginia! 

Normani had a great time in Philly the other night!

5H invented geography!! 

By the way, the coordinates are for Miami…

The absolute best response to Lauren’s post!! 

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anonymous asked:

It is a bit late, but I wish to respond anyway. "They also like Hanzo’s tail feathers, which I can only assume means his hair ribbon." He also has a blue ribbon tied around his waist. Also, does Bastion get into a lot of fights with McCree over the ribbons?

I am starting to suspect that, when it comes to Bastion’s birds, it is never going to be too late.

It had entirely slipped my mind that Hanzo had a ribbon tied around his waist. I very rarely see him up close; I mostly only catch a glimpse of him as he peeks over a railing to fire a shot. It would certainly make much more sense in terms of “tail feathers” wouldn’t it?

To my knowledge, there has only been one fight regarding Hanzo’s ribbons, and that was with Hanzo himself. Bastion tried to touch them without permission, and Hanzo did not care for that. It was a very tense moment, but McCree stepped in and offered Bastion one of his bandanas, which very effectively diffused the situation.

Bastion now brings it to me to tie around their neck when they want to feel tough, then they strut around the base with their chest puffed out.


‘Thank you, Fifth Harmony’ Best memory [1/??]

Fav moment from this little head: @unapologeticluv-blog