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Inadvisable character design questions #137:

  • If your character was a tree, what kind of tree would they be?
  • Your character has had a song stuck in their head for the last three days. What song is it?
  • In a deserted-island scenario, would your character consent to be eaten? Why or why not?
  • What’s the pettiest thing your character would at least consider selling their soul to the Devil for?
  • Muffins or bagels?
One year Blog Anniversary! โ™ก

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ON SUNDAY MY BLOG WILL EXIST ONE YEAR. Waaahh time stop flying please, this is going so faaaaast!! 

My first post ever was a reblog (still one of my fav fics yeyy) and thennn I started writing as well… I wrote fiiic after fic…. after ficc.. *let’s not mention the embarrassing amount of trash-fics I pooped out in a year time. Let’s just not*

Also I got introduced to amazing anime. Thanks to the community, honestly, thanks to joining Tumblr and the tickle community I got to watch anime like Haikyuu, Free!, Servamp, Bungou Stray Dogs, Doukyuusei, Super Lovers, Days! theeese are all anime I saw because of your recommendations. 

But MOST OF ALL I GOT TO MEET SUCH AWESOME PEEPS! I’m still talking everyday to Mia who still isn’t tired of me yaayy<3 @ticklygiggles lots of love~~ I met with @fluffandlove , last night we went out for dinner and bought underwear together yeeey Jojooo<3. 

And more friends who talk to me, cheer me up when I feel sad (or sick, hehe, hi @crowswillfly EmEmmmm<333) also sunshines @shibakamiko @the-floofinator @kuroo187 @quickwitted-kiwi and moar  ♡ ♡ Thank you guys!

I’m posting this today and not on Sunday because I’ll be having a busy weekend again (high teas and girly nights incoming yeyy). BUT, as a celebration I did some speedwriting right now (yay),  so this weekend I will turn on my queue aaand post something like 3 or 4 fics ^^ Spam incomiiing~~ Lots of love, cuddles and tickleees!! 

frozenbrimstone replied to your post “*looks at all the hockey reblogs, coughs awkwardly* oops…?”

I’ve also been having the same thing. like, okay, when did half the people I follow become hockey fans and why was it all at the same time.

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I WAS WONDERING TOO. My entire dash is hockey, all day, all night. Hockey all the time.

My dudes, for real. All at once! One day my dash was Sterek and happiness, and how it’s hockey guys being all…hockey guys. Whatever they’re like, I don’t even know, because who cares about hockey.

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From what I can tell, fans of Yurie on Ice and CP started watching actual Hockey (possibly because of curiosity or because they needed more knowledge for fic writing/reading), and then people just got really into it. At least that’s what I’ve seen from the people I follow who started posting it.

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So basically, a certain contingent of the omgcp fandom decided the Penguins were basically the irl Falconers and got super hardcore into watching their games. So you get a lot of Crosby as Jack, Malkin as Tater, and (not a Penguin, a Dallas Star) Tyler Seguin as Kent. And now they’ve started doing RPF. It’s getting a little extreme.

So it’s not Bing Crosby we’re talking about here. Lame, but I understand. We can’t all be swingin’ from a star, carrying moonbeams home in a jar.

Also this really isn’t making me want to even try to enjoy CP, I’ve gotta say. Invading my dash with hockey, of all sports, is so not the way to do it.

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What if one day Robbie is looking through his periscope and sees the kids doing a quiet activitie with Sportacus so he goes up to see what everyone is up to. Turns out there working on family trees. They get Robbie to participate and give him a paper to fill out. They tell him to fill out the spaces her knows like mothers and faters name and explain that during the week they will be filling it out by talking to family and doing research to fill in the blanks and to not ket anyone see it till the end of the week when they will share. Robbie wanting the best family tree of anyone acctualy does his best but he only knows 2 of his relatives. So during the week he “tricks” the kids to help him do some research at the library and online ( a villain would not ask for help to fill in his family tree). But by the end of the week when it’s time to present the family trees Robbie is nervous and gets more sad and upset as Everyone presents there family trees and they all have so many names and he only has 2 names his mom and Galnni. Wanting to get it over with Robbie insists on going before Sportaflop. He does his presentation really fast and is about to leave but seeing he is upset Stephanie and Sportacus stop him and say he did it wrong and for a moment he is even more upset till they say he is missing people and ask if they can see his paper. With Robbie hovering nervously arround them they show him he missed a whole branch of his tree and draw a new branch on his tree and start to put all there names down and tell him not all families are related by blood and he looks at everyone’s family trees again and realizes they all added some branches to add people but he had been to upset to notice till then.

You Ain't Slick (Part..... 1?)

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 2,257
A/N: Hey lil guys; I wrote this a while back, and then I just kept writing, and now there are 6 parts to it. If you want the other parts, let a sister know, and I’ll give them to you… I just don’t want to be posting things that you don’t actually want to be reading. I hope you like it!!

“I hate everything about him,” Emma sighed, resting her face in the palm of her hand. You bit your lip, and nodded you head. Just two days ago she loved everything about him; there was no way that you were going to bring that up, though.

“He doesn’t deserve you, Em,” Angelica said with her usual confidence, “No boy deserves you—no boy deserves any of us!” She declared dramatically, making you cock your head in curiosity. You kept quiet, though, eager to see where she was going with this.

“Let’s become nuns—it’s not too late to convert is it? We’re only in college, we’ve still got our whole life to redeem ourselves!” She continued, earning herself a blank stare from Emma, and a stifled laugh from John.

Last week, Emma’s year-long boyfriend, George, cheated on her. Well, he didn’t do the cheating last week, she figured it out last week. He did the cheating multiple times, multiple weeks ago. As a consequence, Angelica and yourself had spent the past few days trying to comfort her. The two of you managed to talk her into going out to lunch today, which was a step ahead of her refusing to leaver her bedroom, which is where she was at yesterday.

“Maybe I should take this one, Angie,” you said gently, rubbing Angelica’s shoulder.

John chuckled, “Yeah,” he grinned, “Or even me, if you want. I think even I could top that.”

You rolled your eyes and kicked John warningly from underneath the table, shooting him a death glare; “Ignore him,” you said with a sigh, turning your attention back to the heartbroken girl sitting beside you, “He’s an idiot.”

Emma’s shoulders slumped noticeably, but Angie began to speak before anybody else; “Yeah,” she agreed quickly, “Who invited you, anyway? How did you know we’d be here?”

John took a drink of his milkshake, cockily; “It was only a matter of time,” he said, a smug grin gracing his freckled face, “A heartbroken girl, seeking comfort from her two best friends? The trio was bound to hit up the diner, eventually, and when they did—I would be ready to accept the free milkshake,” he grinned, taking a drink.

You rolled your eyes; “How did you know I’d offer to buy you a milkshake?” You asked, thoroughly annoyed, but also thoroughly confused. Although he played dumb a lot, John was surprisingly cunning.

He shrugged his shoulders; “Because you always do?” He said, taking another drink, “Thank you by the way.”

You sighed and returned your attention back to Emma; “How are you feeling?” You asked, raising your eyebrows the tiniest bit, “Any better?”

She shrugged her small shoulders as she fiddled with her straw; “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it anymore?” She asked, moving her hands to the hem of her shirt, fiddling with the ends. You saw her bottom lip pout out, and heard her sigh, and you immediately needed to fix it.

“Great idea!” John exclaimed, “Instead, let’s talk about—oh hey, guys,” he said, grinning as he looked past you, Angelica and Emma to the group of boys standing in the diner’s entrance.

“Bonjour,” Lafayette grinned, taking a seat across from Angelica, beside John. “John texted—said you guys finally got Emma out of the house, we came as soon as we heard.”

You pursed your lips, “Lafayette,” you said, raising your eyebrows, “Please stop,” you said with a yawn.

“Asshat,” Alexander muttered, hitting him upside the head as he passed him by, taking a seat across from Emma, on the other side of John.

Angelica sighed gently, “Where’s Herc?” She asked before taking a drink of her milkshake, looking at the boys across from her expectantly.

“Busy at work; he said he’ll catch up with us later,” Alexander answered, as he reached over to grab your milkshake; “You don’t mind, right?” He asked, eyeing you for permission before he took a sip.

You looked at him, unamused, “Well, you already have it,” you said, raising your eyebrows.

“Thanks,” he said, taking a drink, “I’ll buy you another sometime,” he promised, though you knew that it was an empty promise.

“So,” John began, “Any other plans today?” He asked, looking at you and Angelica expectantly.

“None yet; are you up for anything, Em?” Angelica asked, peering over you so she could see Emma.

Emma looked up, her eyes watering, but none of you knew quite why. “I-I don’t want to stop you guys from doing anything,” Emma answered hurriedly, making her way out of the booth, “I think I’ll just go; thanks for the milkshake, Y/N,” she mumbled, avoiding all eye contact.

You shot John a look before quickly following her out of the booth.

“Way to go, John,” Angelica muttered bitterly; from his shriek, you assumed he had earned himself another kick to the shin.

“What did I do?!” You heard him exclaim before you left the diner, running after Em.

“Emma!” You called as you caught up to her, “Hey, just wait,” you said, nearly out of breath. This was embarrassing, you needed to work on your stamina; you were panting as you approached her.

She turned around, wiping away the stray tears that made their way down her face; “Hey,” you said softly, furrowing your eyebrows, “Emma it’s alright,” you pulled her into a hug, “You’re not stopping us from doing anything… Don’t listen to John, you know he doesn’t have a filter…”

“I know,” she sniffled, “It’s just… I know you guys are just trying to help me, but I—I’m just hurt, and if I go out anywhere, I’m going to be a huge downer, and I don’t want that… You guys should go out and have fun, I’ll be okay,” her voice soft.

You shook your head; “Em,” you sighed, “We don’t mind staying in for a couple of days; we just want to make sure you’re okay. You were with him for over a year, and he hurt you… And you’re our best friend, we’ll always be here for you.”

Emma sniffled, pulling away from the hug, “Thanks,” she mumbled, wiping her eyes.

“Anytime,” you replied; “Are you up for anything tonight? The new movies will be in the theatre, I think there was one that the boys wanted to see. We can guilt John into buying us popcorn,” you sang, shaking your hips with a giggle.

She laughed too, making you feel very accomplished; “Okay,” she answered, “A movie sounds nice… You guys will text me the time?”

You nodded your head, “Of course,” you grinned, “We’ll see you later?”



“She agreed to the movie,” you said later that afternoon, “But she seemed skeptical.”

You and Angelica were making some cupcakes in your kitchen, with Alexander and Lafayette keeping you company. John went to pick up Hercules, and in an hour, the six of you were heading over to get Em.

“So you guys are making her cupcakes?” Alexander asked, cocking his head to the side. “It’s midterm week next week, don’t you have tests to study for?”

Angelica nodded her head, “Yes,” she answered, peeking in at the oven, “But we’ve also got to keep Emma’s happiness-momentum going.”

Lafayette shrugged his shoulders, “Makes sense—your idea Angelica?” He teased, looking directly at you to gauge your reaction.

Your jaw dropped as you picked up some flour and flicked it at him; “It was my idea actually, Lafayette,” you spat, “And we’re having a sleepover tonight—you guys aren’t invited. Also my idea,” you stated proudly.

Lafayette grinned, dusting the powder off of his clothes, “I was only teasing,” he said, smiling, “You are very sensible, mon amie,” he assured you. He knew that you loved listening to him speak French. He could’ve stolen every single thing that you own, but if he apologized for it in his native tongue, he’d be forgiven in an instant.

“I forgive you,” you muttered, going over to the over pulling on the oven mitts before pulling out the tray of cupcakes. “Perfect,” you grinned proudly. “Now it’s just the icing.”

“Hey, Y/N,” Alexander piped up, standing from his seat, “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You looked at him, then back to your cupcakes. Quickly, you dumped them onto the cooling tray before placing it in the sink, softly. “Yeah,” you answered, following him as he lead you into your bedroom.

“What’s up?” You asked, cocking your head to the side, “Everything okay?”

He nodded his head, “Yeah… Is everything okay with you?” He asked, looking down at you expectantly.

You furrowed your brows, “Yeah… Of course, I’m fine.”

Alex nodded his head; “You sure? Because you’ve kind of been acting a lot like me recently… And don’t think I don’t notice the darker under eyes-“

“Okay, that is just rude, Alexander,” you said, crossing your arms.

“It’s true!” He countered, “You’ve barely been sleeping lately—what’s up?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “Nothing; nothing is ‘up,’ I’m fine,” you assured him. Sure, you’ve been staying up later at night to get your schoolwork done—but that was only because your days were filled with trying to cure Emma of her heartbreak.

Alexander raised his eyebrows, seeming to know something that you didn’t. “Y/N,” he said, using his serious voice.

You looked around your room in order to avoid all eye contact with him.


“What?” You exclaimed, “Alex, I’m fine. I promise.”

“Then why haven’t you been sleeping— you usually take a nap every day, this is so unlike you,” he said, his eyes wide; your lack of naps was very concerning to him.

You sighed; “I’ve just been busy. Emma’s really beaten up about George; Angelica and I have been consoling her during the day, and I have to make room for all the essays and exams next week, so I’ve been staying up later and waking up earlier. That’s it,” you explained, “But I’ll be fine.”

Alexander raised his eyebrows; “I’m just saying,” he sighed, “You seem like you’re working yourself into the ground. You’ve been making her tiny cakes for the past hour and aren’t even done yet—you spent all day consoling her, the past week trying to bribe her into coming out, and now you’re having her sleep over? Y/N, I know she’s your best friend, but she’s a grown up, she’s an adult. She can take care of herself a little bit, you know? You’re her friend, not her mother,” he sighed, shrugging his shoulders gently, “And you’re prioritizing her over your schoolwork? I know how much your grades mean to you, why would you throw that away?” He asked, his brows furrowed.

You sighed; “I’m not throwing anything away—I’ve been getting everything done, it just takes me a while longer,” you replied, “She’s not going to be heartbroken forever, and the faster I can fix her, the faster I can get back to fixing my grades—“

“She’s not yours to fix!” Alexander argued, “You’re always trying to fix everybody’s problems, and always ignoring your own. Y/N, I know this is weird coming from me… But you need to take a break.”

“You never listen to me when I tell you to take a break, Alexander, why would I listen to you?” You challenged him, crossing your arms, the oven mitts making it a bit of a challenge. You kept them on, though, in case the opportunity arose in which you could fling them off dramatically. You had never fought with Alexander before— you had seen him fight, though, and he was scarily good at it. Based on his arguments with Jefferson, you would eventually get frustrated enough to throw them off.

“Because I’m just trying to look out for you— I know it’s exam week next week, and I know you have three essays due,” he explained, “And also, whenever you tell me to take a break, I’m NEVER putting off my own needs; in fact, it’s usually the exact opposite!”

“Oh go on,” you groaned, rolling your eyes, “What does that even mean? Alexander, you’ve gone days without sleep, days with only eating granola bars and coffee, you can’t possibly believe—“

“Well, I’ve gotten use to it, now— my body is totally used to only eating granola bars for a couple of days. You’re body, oh no, that body needs some proper meals, it needs it’s full eight glasses of water,” he argued, looking you up and down, “Sometimes even nine.”

You gasped, putting your mitt-clad hands on your hips, “How dare you, Alexander?” You asked in annoyance, “You’re not even making any sense. Are you running purely off of caffeine right now?”

Alex narrowed his eyes; “I’m actually making perfect sense, Y/N, you just can’t see it because YOU are running on little to no sleep.” You hated that he didn’t even stutter.

You narrowed your eyes, “This isn’t over, Hamilton,” you muttered bitterly as you stormed out of your room, throwing off your oven mitts as you left.

He chuckled sarcastically, “I know you were planning that from the beginning, Y/L/N,” he said as he followed you, “You ain’t slick.”

You sighed and slapped on a smile as you approached Angelica and Lafayette in the kitchen once again.

“What was that all about?” Angie asked in a whisper as she mixed the icing all together.

You rolled your eyes, “Nothing,” you replied, “Don’t worry about it.”

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So Felicity will make a deal with Helix to get rid of Promy & Talia is the head of Helix, she wants Felicity to be permenant part of Helix & maybe head some day after her. Its like S3 while Ras wanted Oliver to be Ras Al Gul after him, now sort of same storyline is happening with Felicity. Just like Oliver, Felicity will scarifice herself for time being then later expose Helix to the world but will get herself tangled in that mess too, then she Oliver will leave for island becoz WANTED!!

Hi, Nonnie!

I love speculating about Felicity’s storyline. I think the thing she is getting herself in with Helix is really interesting. Felicity has been through a lot and I think up until midseason she has always bottled up everything of it. She might have allowed her self little moments of “weakness” (I don’t consider it a weakness, but I think from the point of view of the person close to be breaking it might be considered a weakness). She never really worked through all the trauma of the last years, though.

I think the most interesting thing about it is how she (probably as there is no indication it isn’t like this yet) basically does something she would usually judge. Trusting people she barely knows and working with them especially behind the team’s backs is something she would have probably talked about with Oliver if he had done it.

Again, I am not blaming/judging her. I think she is so focused on working through her pain that she is a little bit out of control and it makes her a little blind and deaf to things she usually has an eye for.

Helix has questionable methods but admittedly so does Team Arrow. I do think we will se how dark Helix can really get and that ultimately it was used as a trap for Felicity. She already is going deeper and deeper into it to protect the people she loves and before she knows it (probably in 5x19), we will see her realizing how deep she has really gotten into this mess while distancing herself from Team Arrow at the same time.

I think or I hope that we will then FINALLY see Felicity break. I don’t think we really did yet. She is trying to be strong and just push through things, but eventually she will have to take a break and let all of her pain go to get a clear view on where she stands in her life and where she needs to go to be happy again. Her coping mechanisms kept her from falling apart, but they also led her to where she is right now, so eventually she needs to rethink her ways of dealing with things.

Maybe, if we are very lucky, Oliver opens up to her with his experience of trusting the wrong people and they can help each other to not blame themselves. Maybe it will come completely different, though, and that’s okay for me, too. I want the story of the show to just move forwards.

I don’t know how much the League-storyline and the Helix-storyline are comparable. There are definitely some strong parallels, but also some strong differences in my opinion. I do think it will help bringing these two closer together again or at least that is what I am hoping.

I hope for a really great pay-off regarding Felicity’s Helix-storyline as well as for Olicity and I am slightly optimistic that we will get it, no matter what it looks like. :)

xoxo Kathi

PS: Sorry for the slightly messy ramble by the way…

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Max Raabe - We Will Rock You

I couldn’t get this version of this song out of my head ALL DAY today, and during it all I was imagining Glanni Glæpur singing it like he was some disney villain or something.

So if I have to suffer.

All y’all have to suffer.

Enjoy ❤


Catherine smiled at her daughter, “See, I knew I raised you right. Like I said, just food for thought. You always were the type to want to learn your own lessons, anyways. I have all the confidence that you’ll figure this out, Sonia.”

She stood up and motioned for a hug.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too, Mom,” Sonia sighed, “And I’ll try and keep in better touch with you..”

“You better! I’ve been waiting for the day I find out you’re giving me grandbabies! Came a bit sooner than I anticipated, but ah well. Good timing doesn’t exist, does it?”

“No, definitely not…. So is it cool if I stay over here for a bit? I just wanted to get out of the city and clear my head for a day or so.”

“I’d love that. You’re always welcome here, you know that. Besides, your room hasn’t been touched since the day you left, so it’s ready up there for you, babe.”

“Sounds good… I’m exhausted.”

“How about I call in to work tomorrow and we have a girls day?”

“That sounds like just what I need. Thanks, Mom.”


Your lullaby for tonight, lovelies. This song has been in my head for three days. Sweet dreams. 😚

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dude that bendy in the devil swing song has been stuck in my head like all day. you've got one hell of a singing voice! i'm still not 100% sure what bendy and the ink machine is but i do know the song sure is hella catchy, and intriguing

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!  Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror game that’s being released chapter by chapter as it’s being funded on Patreon – Chapter 2 (as well as an updated Chapter 1) are being released in April!

Chapter 19: For Every Stroke Towards The Sea

You go to bed tired, and you wake up
with your head full of water.

Every day begins with the sun
changing the dates on the year,

and sometimes youโ€™re knee deep in it,
sometimes youโ€™re breathing ash.

Other days, Time would envy
to be even in the shadow of you:

you magnificent sea God,
you disquiet hurricane.

—  Sequel to Chapter 18: A Most Violent Year by aye rah

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hi there lovely ! i have been scratching my head all day & night, so i figured asking you ; how do you create those dropdown menus ? google decided to unfriend me, i swear to god. thank you !

google unfriended you djhfgj stop please i love u .. it’s fairly easy? well kinda .. here’s the tutorial i used, hope that helps you!

me in the future
  • my kid: mommy will you sing me a lullaby?
  • me: sure sweetie
  • me: Yekaterina ๐Ÿ‘„ Petrovna ๐Ÿ‘  Zamolodchikova ๐Ÿ“ข but your dad ๐Ÿ‘จ just calls ๐Ÿ“ž๐Ÿ“ฒ me Katya๐Ÿ˜˜ I'm the bright ๐Ÿ’ก red scare ๐Ÿ‘น with the long ๐Ÿ† blonde hair ๐Ÿ’‡ always keep them ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿ‘ฑ coming back for more ๐Ÿƒ you're a basic ass hoe ๐Ÿ’ฆ and it's your time โฐโณ to go so bitch ๐Ÿฉ let me show ๐Ÿ‘‰ you ๐Ÿ‘‰ the door ๐Ÿšช cause it's me ๐Ÿ‘† who's getting laid ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ and I'm always getting paid ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’ฐ the only high class ๐Ÿ‘‘ Russian ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ whore ๐Ÿ˜œ I'm a scorching ๐Ÿ”ฅ hot ๐Ÿ’ฆ mess ๐Ÿ—‘ in a skin ๐Ÿ˜ tight dress ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘› that's a rash ๐Ÿ˜ท not a herpes sore ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Lenin ๐Ÿ‘ด in the streets ๐ŸŒด Dostoyevsky ๐Ÿ“š in the sheets ๐ŸŒ›๐Ÿ‘ฃ baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ are you ๐Ÿ™ ready for this cold โ„ war โš”โ˜  Katya ๐Ÿ’‹ Zamo ๐Ÿ’Œ lodchikova ๐Ÿ˜
  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf