heads bowed

Before us great Death stands,
Our fate held close within his quiet hands.
When with proud joy we lift Life’s red wine,
To drink deep of the mystic shining cup;
And ecstasy through all our being leaps —
Death bows his head and weeps.
—  Rainer Maria Rilke

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A/N: I had no idea what to do with this so it’s just a mess i am so sorry

Imagine: You help Obi-Wan with repairs.

Warnings: None.

Obi-Wan steps out of his Jedi fighter pilot, removing his comm set as he does. His hair is mussed up from his flying and you smile as he makes his way towards you.

You have the urge to fix his hair, but you quickly repress it. There would be plenty of time for that later.

You bow your head just the slightest. “Master Kenobi.”

He smiles at you, his blue eyes lighting up when he meets your gaze. “Ah, (Y/N).” You can tell he wants to be alone with you, but for now you were both still on duty. “I believe that R4 needs the slightest bit of repairs.”

You look over at the droid. Well, what was left of him. Your heart skips a beat as you notice the whole top half of him has come off. “Obi, what did you do?!” You rush over to the half-broken droid and bend down.

The poor little droid isn’t even able to turn on as you inspect it. Your heart goes out to the poor thing. You can’t imagine what that must have felt like. You turn round to look at Obi-Wan, your eyes as disapproving as possible.

“How did you manage this?” You gesture to the droid beside you. “I thought you were an expert flyer?”

“I am!” he cries indignantly. “It’s not like he can feel it! He’s a droid!”

You roll your eyes, trying to contain your cutting remark. You and him had always been on opposite side about droids. He just didn’t understand them as well as you did.

You sigh. “Fine,” you say, begrudgingly. You didn’t want to start an argument. “Whatever you say, Master Kenobi.” You turn around, bending to examine the broken droid once more. “I don’t know how I got stuck being your mechanic.”

You can hear the grin in his words as he says, “I think we both know the answer to that.” You roll your eyes but don’t answer. “C’mon, darling,” he mumbles, bending down and taking your hand, “I do try and keep him safe.”

You nod. “I know you do. And you do a good job…most of the time.”

He smiles warmly, kisses your temple, then quickly walks off. He always had a way of avoiding a problem.

“The negotiator, my ass,” you mumble under your breath. “All he ever does is avoid the problems.” You shake your head and turn back to the droid in front of you. “Alright, buddy,” you say, grabbing a few tools from your side, “let’s see what that wicked man did to you.”


You climb into the cockpit of the Jedi fighter pilot and test the controls, feeling a surge of satisfaction as they light up green. Finally, it had been well over three hours. You had repaired most of R4 and then had begun to work on the fighter pilot itself.

It had been damaged in multiple places; stripped by buzzdroids and shot at by another ship. You strongly suspected that it had not been a droid ship, rather it was Anakin. You’d discerned this by the guilty look on the young Knight’s face as he’d walked by.

You give a sigh of relief at having finished your work for the day and jump out of the cockpit, landing lightly on the concrete below. Just as you look up you notice Obi-Wan standing a few feet away, leaning against a pillar, watching you.

He grins as you take notice of him and you can’t help but realize how alike him and Anakin are. You’d noticed the young Jedi’s love for Senator Amidala, the way he looked at her, how we would smile when they were together.

It had taken you a long while to realize that he had gotten those looks from observing you and Obi-Wan.

You walk over to him and wrap your arms around his neck, trusting the shadows to hide your interaction. You lightly kiss your husband on the lips and smile at him.

“How did the meeting go?” you ask, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugs his shoulders. “Boring nonsense about the Outer Rim sieges. My account of the mission. All those things.” He smiles and kisses you again, a long lingering kiss that leaves your lips tingling when he pulls away.

You hear a beep from a ways off and turn to see R4 looking around. You smile at the droid’s behavior then begin to drag Obi-Wan towards it.

“What are you doing?” he asks, when you force him to kneel down next to you.

“You’re going to help me with R4, he still needs some work.”

You can tell Obi-Wan is uncomfortable with this. He had never been the greatest mechanic, but he did know the basics. Anakin was better suited for these things, he’d always said.

“I’m not a Sentinel, (Y/N). I don’t think I can do this.”

“Nonsense,” you grin at him. “It’ll be a piece of cake.”

R4 beeps as you say that and you give the droid a look that says “be quiet”. It beeps crossly and turns its head to stare at Obi-Wan.

“Alright,” you say, shooting Obi-Wan a glance, “our friend here has a busted motivator. I figured you could help me with it.” Before he can protest any further you gesture to a few tools to his right. “Grab that spanner for me.”

Obi-Wan’s hand hesitates over the plethora of tools. “Umm…” he mumbles, almost to himself. It’s clear he rarely does mechanical work and you have to swallow your laughter.

“The great Jedi Knight brought down by a few tools,” you tease, directing his hand to the correct one.

“Listen, if it was my job to repair droids, I could do it just as well as you,” he retorts, a playful gleam in his eyes.

“Oh, yes, I forget,” you pause to take of the motivator all together. The droid beeps its disapproval. “Your forte is battling with laser swords.” You throw a devilish grin at him. “And yet I can still beat you.”

He rolls his eyes. “That was one time.” His cheeks blush a light red. “And I was sick.”

“Making excuses, Master?” The young voice behind you makes both of you turn round. Anakin stands there, arms crossed, a playful look of disappointment on his face. He turns to you. “Fixing R4′s motivator?”

You nod. “Yes, those droid ships must have hit him rather hard…”

It’s Anakin’s turn to blush. “Sorry,” he mumbles, looking down at his feet. “But I can be a greater help than Obi-Wan.”

“I don’t think that’s true,” the older Jedi protests, shooting you a glance.

“No, I think I’m going to side with Anakin this time,” you comment, smiling.

Obi-Wan rolls his eyes. “Why is always you two against me?”

“You’re just so diplomatic, Master,” Anakin answers. “We want to put you in your place.”

You chuckle and turn back to R4. “Alright, boys. Go do Guardian stuff. Sentinels don’t need all this distraction.”

Obi-Wan leans over and kisses your temple, ignoring Anakin’s presence. “Thank you,” he says hastily, getting up and walking off.

You shake your head and laugh as both boys begin to argue about something. R4 beeps, drawing your attention back to him. “Sorry, R4,” you say, “they’re distracting.”

The Republican debate is beginning. I’ll be liveblogging on this post—refresh it for updates.

  • They all come out smiling a little. Ben Carson looks confused as usual. The other smiles are all thin-lipped, reptilian.
  • Moment of silence for Scalia. Everyone bows their head and looks down at the floor… except for Trump. Marco Rubio crosses himself. Maybe he’ll cry a little during the debate to try to show he’s not a robot. 
  • Scalia question! Trump says Obama is going to replace Scalia and hopes Mitch McConnell can “delay delay delay”. 
  • John Kasich takes the wussy approach and says he hopes Obama won’t replace Scalia, or will replace him with someone “everyone can agree on”. Fat chance. What a stupid-ass answer.
  • Ben Carson moans about people like me making nasty remarks about Scalia. Drifts off into vagueness.
  • Marco Rubio praises Scalia to the rafters, goes off on the Constitution and gets a big cheer. Non-substantive answer.
  • Jeb Bush talks about appointing someone with a proven record… thinks they can get someone with a “proven conservative record” like Scalia in as a replacement. To get that judge over Democratic opposition they’ll have to “fight fight fight”. 
  • Ted Cruz gets in a weird pissing match with the moderator over a Supreme Court appointment date. Some of his supporters boo the moderator. 
  • Foreign policy: who will kill more Muslims? The answers are so depressing I’m not even going to bother summarizing this section. Ben Carson drifts off as usual.
  • Trump and Jeb get into it with each other over Putin, who Trump likes more than Jeb. There are definitely some anti-Trumpers in the crowd… he’s getting booed as much as cheered.
  • Jeb is really excited! “I’m sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming my brother” “I’m sick and tired of Trump going after my family” “my dad is the greatest man alive” “my mom is the strongest woman I know”… Dang!
  • Trump is yelling “Well maybe your mom should run then! Your brother is a loser! Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq!”
  • Kasich says “this is just nuts”.
  • Marco Rubio pumps up George W. Bush. “He kept us safe!”
  • Trump: “how did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center came down?” HUGE BOOS FROM THE AUDIENCE
  • Marco Rubio: “The World Trade Center came down because Bill Clinton didn’t kill Osama bin Laden!”
  • Alright now we’re moving to economics. All of their solutions are ridiculous. Trump makes wild promises, bashes Mexicans and Asians. Cruz calls Trump a magic pixie dust waver and claims his own flat tax idea is going to fix everything… which is just as much magic pixie dust as Trump.
  • Mario Rubio talks about his child tax credit and helping parents. “The family is the most important institution in society”. This sort of natalism strikes me as creepy but gets big cheers from the audience.
  • Kasich is sounding like a moderate Democrat, talking about saving money while helping people. So of course he gets almost no response from the crowd.
  • Jeb Bush brings it back to bashing Obamacare. Cheers result.
  • Who will kill more immigrants? Who hates “amnesty” more? Another part that’s too depressing for me to summarize. 
  • RUBIO AND CRUZ ARE SHANKING EACH OTHER. Cruz said Rubio went on Univision and supported amnesty “in Spanish”. Rubio says “I don’t know how Cruz knows that because he doesn’t speak Spanish!”  Cruz gets pissed and yells at him in Spanish (I can tell his accent is not very fluid though). There’s a lot of interesting stuff about Republican Latinidad to unpack here. For a second the debate turned into a Miami Cuban bar fight.
  • Trump bashing Jeb, implying he’s weak on Latinxs because he’s married to one. Oooh. He’s methodically attacking every member of Jeb’s family, if the debate was longer he probably would have gone for the kids too.
  • Trump is going after Cruz now. “He’s a nasty man! He’s a nasty man!”
  • Lots of yelling “liar liar pants on fire” at each other. Man. This is rough.
  • Ben Carson is trying to pretend like he’s above it all.
  • John Kasich makes a strong appeal to his electability in the general election. Blue-collar Democrats are going to vote for him, he claims.
  • Trump promises to stop cussing so much. Let’s see how long that lasts.
  • More Jeb vs. Trump barking. “You went bankrupt!” “No you bankrupted Florida!”


  • Kasich invokes the Lord. He’s hoping to appeal to evangelical voters, who aren’t his natural constituency. Kasich “knows what the Lord wants”.
  • Carson invokes Stalin. Stalin wants America to fail—Carson wants it to succeed.
  • Jeb invokes pure fear. When the zombie apocalypse hurricane pandemic asteroid hits, who do you want as President? Him, obviously. He drops a mention of his “servant heart” to appeal to evangelicals.
  • Rubio invokes cats and dogs living together. “Wrong is considered right and right is considered wrong!” Rubio is going to turn things the right way around again. Gets the biggest cheers out of any candidate so far with an optimistic vision and a mention of defending Israel.
  • Cruz invokes the Constitution–his closing statement strikes me as a bit generic though. Not much talk of God, he doesn’t need to talk about God because he already has the evangelicals.
  • Trump says the same shit he always says. He’s only entertaining when he’s attacking other Republicans.

Well that was something.

Quick reactions:

  • Trump got a lot of boos going after the Bush family so hardcore and deviating substantially from conservative orthodoxy, but who knows if it will hurt him? He still has a twenty point lead in South Carolina.
  • Jeb fought back, but he had to spend so much time doing it that he still looked weak.
  • Cruz and Rubio really really really hate each other. But Rubio did pretty well tonight, so perhaps he’ll recover his position, at least until the next time he breaks down and panics.
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       Miles woke up when the sound of his phone’s alarm drilled its way to his eardrums. He had a day off – something his boss basically forced on him whenever he worked two shifts in a row – but as a creature of habits, he had his alarm on on a daily basis. He reached for it, somewhat blindly turning it off before rolling to his back and letting out a sigh. It took a while for last night’s happenings to come back to him. Her call; seeing her in those bloodstained clothes; finding the gun; walking in to her sleeping on the couch.

       He licked his lips and drew in another deep breath before pulling himself up, letting his legs fall off the side of the bed, his bare feet touching the cold floor below. He bowed his head down and rubbed his face with his palms, following the movement by running a hand through his hair to get the slightly matted curls to settle off of his forehead. He pulled himself up to stand and rolled his shoulders – which was when he heard something from the other side of the bedroom door. His stomach lurched.

       It was probably just Queenie.

       He took his shirt from the foot of the bed and pulled it on, still settling the hem of it as he opened the door to look into the apartment. Maybe he should’ve prepared himself for the slim chance of her not disappearing while he was sleeping, because as he walked into the living room, he came upon the sight of her standing in the kitchen. His mouth felt dry and for a second he was completely unable to get himself to utter even one word, but then finally managing to lick his lips and part them to speak – his voice still low from sleep.


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"You 'll know how to show a lady a good date, now won't you?" Len-Yi didn't exactly have a boyfriend and hell, why not hire a high class escort? Dinner, dancing, maybe she'd get to show off her favorite white lace later. In a sweater off her shoulders and designer jeans she lowered the shades hiding her eyes, tucking them in her purse.

Ja’far smiled charmingly, bowing his head. “Of course, madame. I’m in the business of pleasing people.” He was very good at his job, as well. He prided himself on receiving glowing reviews, both on paper and in person - the in person ones occasionally being without actual words.

The Days to Valentines

Year One.

In first year, Saint Valentine’s passed without too much hype from Simon. The week leading up to it had older students rushing around, blushing in corners or happily skipping through the corridors, heart-shaped notes clutched in their hands. Simon watched silently, Penny and Agatha at his side. He’d never seen anything like it.

“What’s… that?” he indicated to a pair of students who were confronting each other on the other side of the hallway. The boy was slim, head bowed and a nervous shuffle to his feet. The girl was watching him with a small grin on her face. Simon remembered that they were in the seventh year, and that that was the girl who’d set off a firework under the dining table last week.

“That?” Penny looked to where he was pointing. “Oh. He’s asking her to be his Valentine, I guess.”

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MG: *She bows her head respectfully to Bayonetta upon approaching before holding up a lollipop bouquet to the Umbran witch* I heard you enjoy lollipops, so I hope that you will accept this as a thank you for being ever so patient with me when we converse.

‘☽’ - “Oh? Well isn’t that rather nice. You have my thanks.~”

Alex was clearly beyond drunk, and whoever was telling him that he needed to go home needed to stop. Even if it was one of the producers - why were they even filming him drink by himself? It wasn’t like it was interesting. He brushed the person off, not even looking at them as his head was bowed over his glass of whiskey… God knows how many it had been. When he’d come to the bar he hadn’t even been planning on drinking that much, maybe one or two glasses to give him some courage to approach Pop. But that had gone out of the window.

“ ’m fine,” he mumbled, holding his hand out to the side at the person. “Don’t… Don’t need ‘ny help…”


Draco Malfoy was standing with his back to the door, his hands clutching either side of the sink, his white-blond head bowed.

“Don’t,” crooned Moaning Myrtle’s voice from one of the cubicles. “Don’t… tell me what’s wrong… I can help you…”

“No one can help me,” said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. “I can’t do it… I can’t… It won’t work… and unless I do it soon… he says he’ll kill me…”

His home was gone.  His family was dead.  Ice was everywhere, covering everything; remnants of Drago’s attack on the village. They’d been too late.  By the time Hiccup and the others had arrived on Berk, Drago had completely desolated the island.  They had fought back; the others had put up a brilliant fight… until one by one… all of them… even Astrid…

There was a blizzard raging about the island, mimicking Hiccup’s inward turmoil.  He was kneeling in the snow, his head bowed, hardly noticing the cold wind whipping through his clothes.  He had thought they’d had a chance, once he’d rescued Toothless from Drago’s clutches.  He’d brought him back from the control of the Alpha—He’d rallied up all who was left on Berk.  But Drago’s army… his army was larger.  More prepared.  More deadly. And now Hiccup was alone.  Drago was gone.  So was everyone Hiccup had known, loved, and cared about. 

Why was he, Hiccup, the only one out of hundreds to live?  Oh, that’s right. Toothless had kept him alive… stupid dragon.  Stupid, selfless dragon…  why did he have to die… Why did they ALL have to die?!

Hiccup lifted his head, anger flooding through his veins. Drago had taken everything away from him.  He had taken away his parents, his tribe, his fiancé, his best friend.  Hiccup’s pulse started to quicken, and his fists clenched.  

He picked up the spear to his right, the very weapon that had killed his dragon, and his sword to his left.  He would hunt down Drago and his army for the rest of his days.  He would hunt them ALL down.  He lifted up his head and let out a scream; a scream of rage, hurt, and the beginnings of insanity.  He was shattered beyond repair.  The broken mind of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock now required one thing; blood.  The blood of Drago Bludvist. The blood of that damned Bewilderbeast.  The blood of his entire army which had slaughtered the people of Berk. He would find them.  He would end them.  Would it stop there?  He couldn’t tell; but all he knew was he would find all of them. 





Sooo….  I finished my Dark!Hiccup au.  :)   And this… is by far the goriest thing i’ve ever drawn or written….. o-o  (and there isn’t even any blood in the picture)

Also, if you’re curious, what I had in mind for the rest of this AU is Hiccup finds Drago, kills him, but the Hiccup that we used to know and love is now completely gone.  He becomes a deadly assassin, feared throughout many kingdoms and sought after by many ring leaders and cruel mercenaries. 

Enjoy :)

dont imagine poe and finn piloting the millennium falcon, poe telling finn what button to press or lever to pull.

dont imagine finn being totally and utterly lost, pressing the wrong thing, causing it to suddenly drop or turn

dont imagine poe laughing his ass off at finn being mortified that he messed something up

dont imagine poe having to reach over finn, practically on him, to get to a certain button that finn couldnt find, because hes never really flown anything

poe finally asks through laughs “what did you even do at the starkiller base?”

finn, with his head bowed, replies “……..sanitation.”

and poe just loses it because the first stormtrooper theyve ever had at the restistance worked as sanitation

dont imagine them just giddy and happy when finn finally learns how to co-pilot the falcon and poes just overall proud of finn


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Do you think that the fact that Lexa bowed with both knees on the floor has any factor in the difference between clexa's bows?

i mean, yes and no? on the one hand clarke’s bow (actually not clarke, wanheda) was really flashy and obviously an act for everyone else. she bowed her head and got down on one knee cause thats probably the Formal Bow

and lexa (not heda) just got down on both knees because it was the easiest way to put herself physically below clarke to show her she was quite literally surrendering herself. so like yeah theyre obviously really different bows but im not sure the way it was done is the symbolic bit cause theres a bunch of different factors that made them really different


Dana Falsetti - Via Instagram.

Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer, was executed in the electric chair at Starke State prison, Florida, on January 24th, at 7 a.m., 1989. after a night of weeping and praying.

He was ashen as two guards led him into the death chamber to be executed for the 1978 rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl. They strapped his chest and arms and legs to the shiny wooden chair.

Bundy’s eyes sought for familiar faces behind the glass. He nodded to the forty two witnesses, together with the men who had prosecuted him. His lips moved in a faint mumble.

Then his head bowed. The clean-shaven skull glistened where an ointment had been applied. It would enhance the work of the electrodes. Superintendent Tom Barton asked Bundy if he had any last words. The killer hesitated. His voice quavered. “Jim and Fred, I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends,” he said.

A last strap was pulled across Bundy’s mouth and chin. The metal skullcap was enraptured in place. An executioner pushed the button. Two thousand volts surged through the wires. Bundy’s body tensed and his hands tightened into a clench. A little puff of smoke upraised from his right leg.

A while later, the machine was turned off, and Bundy went limp. A paramedic opened the blue shirt and listened for a heartbeat. A second doctor aimed a light into his eyes. At 7:16 a.m., Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific killers of all time, was pronounced dead.

Across the road, on the dewy grass of a pasture, word spread among the five hundred people who had come to be near the execution. Some began shouting, “Burn, Bundy, burn!” and others sang or hugged or banged on the cooking pans they’d brought along.

Just before the execution, Ted Bundy placed 2 last calls to his mother to say farewell. At the conclusion of the second, Bundy’s mother told him, “You’ll always be my precious son,” according to Tacoma News Tribune.

The two bludgeoning deaths there and the murder of the Leach girl 3 weeks later were Bundy’s final killings.