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Sala São Paulo enchants music lovers. Headquarters of the State Symphony Orchestra, the place has impeccable acoustics and is considered one of the most important concert houses in Brazil.

La Sala São Paulo encanta a los amantes de la música. Sede de la Orquesta Sinfónica del estado, el lugar tiene acústica impecable y es considerada una de las casas de concierto más importantes de Brasil. (by @rosatrom)


I will follow this guy & this band to the ends of the earth. i’ve been a die hard phantom planet fan forever now. Alex Greenwald is my musical spirit animal.

Alex Greenwald & PHriends (members of Phantom Planet) perform “Balisong” one of Alex’s singles from his yet to be released solo album. Still impatiently waiting for that album to drop.


[ENGSUB]  M Headquarter Music Core Hidden Stage Ep8 with #아스트로 #ASTRO