The Star Signs series [Batch #2]

⋆ Sagittarius ♐

Since Sags adore freedom and travelling, I thought of the Bohemian style. I used the birth color Blue and the birthstone Topaz for her lips.

⋆ Scorpio ♏️

I made her fierce to represent Scorpions as strong and passionate. I used the birthstone Opal on the headpiece and used color red for the Ruby birthstone. I made the hairpin look like a scorpion 🦂
Scorpio is a water sign so I made her eyes blue. Her hair is a bit similar to Cancer but with a “tail” on the side like a scorpion.

⋆ Libra  ♎

Libra is the balanced, fair and lover of harmony and peace so I used neutral colors. The headdress contains Libra’s lucky stones/birthstones such as Moonstone, Smokey Quartz and Opal.