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DIY Crystal Crown

Make this simple DIY Wire Wrrapped Crystal Crown using wire and pre drilled crystals (real or fake) from the craft store.

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Here is how the horned headpiece looks when worn! I’ll eventually make a dress to go along with it and get some better photos, but these will have to do for now.

As I said in my last post, it’s made from a self drafted pattern out of heavy interfacing and wire. It’s covered in brocade and mesh, with lots of beaded details. The piece is finished off with matching piping, a chiffon veil, and a sparkly stone.

I tried to get it close to the 15th century silhouette, but I played around with materials that are really inaccurate for the period. Overall I really like it - I just have to hide my hair better next time!

Construction notes are here!

DIY Spider Crown Tutorial from Delia Creates.

For this DIY Spider Crown you only need floral wire and giant plastic spiders.

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