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Unknown Territory // Jughead

Summary: Reader is Riverdale’s mysterious teenager. Jughead and the reader share a lot of firsts and she’s going to be his first time until feelings are said and plans change. How will everyone react when sophomore starts with a new couple.

Characters: Jughead x Reader, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and Archie Andrews

Words: 1212

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters that appear in this story.

Warnings: Allusion to sex, swearing, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Popped into my head. This is set in the summer before sophomore and Jason is not mentioned what so ever in this.

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Jughead Jones, little was known when it came to the strange but real teen that was almost always alone. Everybody knew that Jughead and Archie Andrews were best friends; after a short period no one knew why they didn’t hang together anymore.

There was one person that was the true mysterious teen. You were the girl with the trademark dark eyeliner and computer. It wasn’t known what you did on it but the hint was the large studio headphones that more than likely covered your ears.

Last year was when you caught the attention of Jughead more than any other year. He craved mystery but he craved you more.

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Genre: Romance

Word Count: 979

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagines thing where you are working on music with Yoongi and well you guys become more than friends during this…😬

“You shouldn’t trust me.”

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A/n: Hope this is what you wanted, im sorry its so short ☹️. I didn’t make it very smutty cause idk I just feel uncomfortable lol im pure *drinks holy water* 

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Jimin's Reaction to you falling asleep in his lap

Jin was your best friend has been since you were just a baby and he was just six. Now he’s 24 and you’re 18 and living with your boyfriend of two years. Your always over at the boys dorms ever since Jin brought you to one of his concerts. Kookie took an immediate liking to you after you beat him in overwatch he was super impressed and really angry at the same time. The other boys took a liking to you as well some seeing you as a little sister but Jimin, he didn’t see you as sister he saw you as someone who he wished was his. Truth be told the boys never liked your boyfriend he was an arrogant jerk who only cared about himself. One night at dinner when he was meeting the guys you got up really quick to use the restroom he turned and looked at all of them smirking and talking about he only wanted to use you for your looks and everything. It took everything in them not to lay him flat. Jin and Kookie both told you what he had said but you brushed it off saying he was just joking. The boys sighed and left it alone. Fast forward two years and we’re hear present day to Jin picking up his phone in the afternoon hearing your voice full of sadness and hurt. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” He rambled out the questions faster than you could answer. He walked into the living room where everyone was watching Kookie kick Tae’s ass in Call of Duty. Tae kept cussing left in right every time Kookie killed him. Jin walked into the room asking these questions causing Kookie to pause the game right as Tae was about to kill him. “Son of Bitch Jungkook I was bout to kill you” Tae whined. “Y/N………Y/N breath what’s wrong were are you?” Jin asked worry itched into his face. You told him what happened and his face turned cold extremely fast and his hand clenched his phone tight all most cracking it. “Come over so we can talk alright see you in a bit.” The moment he hung up Jin screamed out curse words that was heard throughout the dorm. Yoongi walked out from his nap Namjoon walked out from the small studio with headphones around his neck. Jimin came running out only with pajama pants on and no shirt. “What’s wrong Jin?” Kookie asked shocked. “That’s bastard of a boyfriend cheated on her.” He yelled out. Everyone turned angry and Jimin turned pale he was so angry. “Y/N is coming over she’s a wreck.” Jin said sitting down on the couch running his hands through his hair. To explain why you were such a mess was because he was your first boyfriend and you really believed he was your first love but clearly he didn’t feel the same about you. The moment Jimin heard the knocking at the door he rushed there and threw open the door. The sight infront of him made him just absolutely want to cry. Her was this beautiful girl he’s known since she was 15 he helped her through exams, she lifted his spirits when he missed a note or step in a dance. Hell he was always there when that ex of hers fought for no reason. He feel in love with her a year ago when Jin brought her to the Mamas and she wore and amazing black dress with a soft blue glowing out of the bottom of her dress. But this sight was not that beautiful girl it was a girl who had messy hair and blotchy skin with a runny nose and puffy red eyes with tears streaming down her face. She looked up and saw Jimin shirtless and looking gorgeous. But she couldn’t think like that right now. She raced into his arms crying her tiny broken heart. She was so much more smaller than the other boys so hugging them was like hugging a bear. He picked her up and carried her to his room but not before grabbing some water and a blanket. The boys left y'all alone knowing only he could help you in this situation. He laid you down on his bed turning on the TV and sitting up wrapping you in the blanket and pulling you into his lap. You kept crying and crying drinking water to keep hydrated and cried more. Jimin felt so helpless but he had you in his arms and knew that he would help. Later into the were asleep and he vowed never to hurt you like your ex did. He truly did love you and you loved him thankfully a few months later you had a wonderful boyfriend and amazing friends all in one group

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