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Bad Reputation (split audio)
Shawn Mendes
Bad Reputation (split audio)

left ear: live version

right ear: studio version


(sorry the ending is a little weird, i tried to fix it but this was as best as i could do!) (i hope tumblr doesn’t take this down) (ps i’m a bitch so only the edit is mine)

No Promises (split audio)
Shawn Mendes
No Promises (split audio)

so baby please no promises

left ear: live version (from the glendale show!!!)

right ear: studio version

USE HEADPHONES FOR BEST RESULTS (ps i’m a bitch so only the edit is mine) (also that photo is either from shawn’s insta or josiah’s i can’t remember which!!) 

Unknown Territory // Jughead

Summary: Reader is Riverdale’s mysterious teenager. Jughead and the reader share a lot of firsts and she’s going to be his first time until feelings are said and plans change. How will everyone react when sophomore starts with a new couple.

Characters: Jughead x Reader, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and Archie Andrews

Words: 1212

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters that appear in this story.

Warnings: Allusion to sex, swearing, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Popped into my head. This is set in the summer before sophomore and Jason is not mentioned what so ever in this.

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Jughead Jones, little was known when it came to the strange but real teen that was almost always alone. Everybody knew that Jughead and Archie Andrews were best friends; after a short period no one knew why they didn’t hang together anymore.

There was one person that was the true mysterious teen. You were the girl with the trademark dark eyeliner and computer. It wasn’t known what you did on it but the hint was the large studio headphones that more than likely covered your ears.

Last year was when you caught the attention of Jughead more than any other year. He craved mystery but he craved you more.

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sluttyuri  asked:



Consider the following:

○Yuri’s grandpa passed down all his old cameras because Yuri really started showing interest in it at around 13 years old.

○ дедушка / dedushka taught him all the basics like finding the best natural lighting and using white backgrounds and focus settings

○ Initially Yuri just takes a lot of pictures of Potya and some different tourist-y type photos around Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

○When he gets an instagram account he uses horrible filters just like everyone else. so many black and white pictures from high angles. So many Velencia selfies. Twenty pictures of Potya as a kitten, easily. 

○ When he becomes friends with Otabek they go to one of those cheesy photo booths at the mall while shopping one day. It becomes a tradition and they get a new photo strip each time Otabek visits him (or vice versa). (Honestly i could write a whole fic about them taking photo booth pictures and it showing the progression of their relationship tbh)

○After they start dating, Yuri is constantly taking pictures of Otabek. Of course when they travel they have to take cool pictures of all the sights but Yuri often finds himself taking candids of Otabek with his hair ruffled by the wind, his sunglasses on, and something like the eiffel tower out of focus in the background. (”I capture what’s important, Beka. Obviously.”)

○The treatment doesn’t stop at home, either. Otabek just looks so cute when he’s curled up in his favorite chair with his glasses on, a book in his lap. Or when it’s 2 AM and he’s sitting at his desk with his giant studio headphones on, working on a mix. Or just when he’s you know, existing. Otabek always looks perfect through the lens. 

○Yuri’s entire memories section on snapchat is just saved snaps of he and Otabek playing around with the filters.

○He never used the old polaroid that grandpa gave him because he couldn’t be bothered to buy the replacement film, until he has Otabek as a subject/model. He’s worth the film. 

○ Polaroids slowly fill the apartment. Clipped to the fridge, in frames, under the glass of the coffee table. Everywhere Yuri can stick them. 

○ One night Otabek is drifting to sleep, Yuri is tracing little patterns onto his back and suddenly stops, telling him not to move. He hears Yuri get his camera and hears the flash go off, then grumbles and rolls over to his side, but there’s a trace of a smile on his lips nonetheless. “You’re obsessed with me, Yura.” he teases, and Yuri just shrugs. “So what if I am? I have a strong eye for these things, Beka.”

BTS Kissing for the first time with S/O or Crush

Kissing for the first time

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You ran into him by accident at the candy store. You were shoved out the way by some random woman who wanted the very last bag of fancy rich dark chocolate and macadamia nuts pack. You were smashed up against a firm chest as he fell backward, he too was shocked by the sudden feeling of someone falling on him as he leans back to protect himself but also balance the person.

Which led to you falling on top of him with a jolting impact that caused you to accidentally kiss him. He looks up at you as you look down at him, both shocked.

My out abruptly stood up, shaking slightly as the embarrassment hits you full on. People stood around staring, minus the lady who pushed you as she was now checking out her candy.

“I’m sorry..” You said as you held out a shaky hand as he grabs it and stands up, you struggled pulling him up. His cheeks by now were crimson red as he bows to you apologizing.

“I’m sorry as well. But must I say, your lips are sweet? Were you made from the finest of cocoa?”

let’s just say - he was mighty quick to make you his girlfriend that day :)

He sat in his studio chair as you also sat behind him on the long comfortable couch. You had the biggest crush on Yoongi and it was starting to become a problem at this very moment. 

The need to kiss him was a problematic problem.

The mood was so right, lights dimmed a bit, the song he was producing was slow and sounded emotional as hell. His voice echoed along with his pre-recorded verses.


“Hmm?” He had one ear exposed while the other was covered with the studio headphones. He turns around with a stranger poker face.

“I ..uh..” he stares at you waiting for you to spill whatever you wanted to say out. “Nevermind.” You looked down at the ground and as clear as day you could hear him sigh and curse under his breath.

“I like you.” You stood up to leave but was stopped by his hand reaching and grabbing your wrist. You looked away but was soon pulled to sit on his lap.

“You like me?” He says softly in a teasing manner. You nodded with a shy smile on your face. He also shyly smiles before leaning in to kiss your plump lips.

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You were listening to hoseok ramble on about how the new dance to D.N.A was really fun. His favorite part was which they do the arm movement in the choreo, so they re-acted what D.N.A is supposed to be like. He animatedly expressed his love for you to be there to watch their first performance, but you teasingly sad you couldn’t just to get a reaction from him, you were actually able to go.

“No baby, I won’t be able to go..my boss said I can’t take any more vacations…I used my last vacation last week when I went out to your parent’s house, remember?” His eyes brows knitted together as he nodded understandingly, he looked sad but he knew your job is more important.

“Ne, Jagiya, I’m sorry for not being considerate.” He smiles sweetly, you giggled while glomping him; he falls back onto the couch as he lets out a confused chuckle. “What?” He says as he plays with your kinky curls with a loving smile.

“I was kidding, Hoseokie. I’ll be able to go~ I just wanted to see your adorable pouty face, but I didn’t get one, you generally looked hurt. I don’t like that reaction.” You pouted, sinking your face into his chest; he laughs. 

“Baby your so mean~ Augh! My girlfriend likes me being sad? Woooooooow~” You whimpered as he continuously teases you. “You’re so cute, Y/N.” he leans down to kiss your forward, but you looked up in time for his lips to meet yours. 

Believe it or not, this was your first kiss with hoseok. He tensed up for a second, but continued to kiss you non-the-less; you didn’t pull away so he knew that that was an Okay go to continue his make-out session with you. 

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You ran into Namjoon’s bedroom and glomped your sick boyfriend and jumped onto the mattress next to him. He turns his head to look over at you with a smile on his face. 

“Hey, baby.” He says, before opening his arms so you can jump into them. He smiles as he hugs you super close and kisses the top of your head. 

“How is your stomach, Joon?”

“A little bit better, I think the pork we had last night wasn’t cooked thoroughly. This is the last time I have you try it, let Jin or Me do it.”

“If you do it, the restaurant would have burned down.” He laughs, kissing your forehead. 

Namjoon would always kiss your forehead, or cheek or on the crown of your head; but never your lips since he thought maybe you weren’t ready for it yet, since it’s very very intimate, and he wants to respect your privacy. 

“I love you, you clumsy boy.” You decided to say something because at that moment all that was being done was him staring right at you lovingly, you blushed once he began to laugh leaning his head back as he stares at the ceiling, obviously trying to hide his blush. 

“Show me the dimples!” You pushed yourself off of him and straddled him so you could lean over to see his face more. He shouts in a playful manner which caused you to giggle, finally able to see his dimples. “I love them, Sorry~” 

He looks at you with a small smile. “I love you.” He says sweetly, You then surprised him with a kiss on his lips. You tried to pull away, but he gently grabs you by your back, holding you there, he removed his lips for a second. 

“Just a little while longer, please?” 

You were cuddled up to Jimin as you both watched Paranormal story times on your laptop which was laying on your lap. He was a skeptic about the paranormal while you were not, you highly believed in ghosts, demons, and poltergeists. 

You were so into (Youtuber’s name)’s Storytime, Once it got to a part where she shows video evidence of the paranormal happenings in her own home, Once it got to a part where something is thrown across her living room, Jimin roars into your ear scaring you.

“ROAAAR!!” You screamed, throwing your laptop, and it landed on the floor with a thump, shutting off right after. You gasped loudly, feeling your soul turn cold for the second time, The first was because of Jimin scaring you.

“JIMIN!!!!” You Screeched. He Covered his ears with a slightly shook look on his features. He didn’t want for you to toss your laptop like that, maybe he should have thought about that before giving into his own pleasures of laughter.

You jumped off the couch but clumsily fell down because your legs were sleep. He was about to laugh but stopped himself because he was already in big trouble, to begin with, he also felt guilty for making you throw your laptop.

“My lap..top..” You tried turning it on a few times, nothing came on. He grabs it, pulling you off the couch towards the garage, he grabs the toolbox and searched for a screwdriver. 

Jimin was apologizing to you, a good three times but you weren’t having it. 

“Stupid boyfriend.” He sighs, as he was trying to unscrew the back of the laptop.

“Look. I already apologized three times…I’m Sorry baby! Please..” He finally opens it. The Battery was knocked out of its port, so he plugs it back in. He screws the laptop shut, flipping it over to see that the interface was also damaged, and was slightly peeled off.

“Shit..I’ll buy you a brand new one, for Christmas baby.”

“okay..” She crosses her arms, about to walk away with a pout. He bites his bottom lip, grabbing your forearm, turning you around gently, before placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I’m sorry, ok?”

“No.” You shook your head. He kisses your nose. “No.” He slowly moves forward, and you closed your eyes as you feel his lips on yours. You pull back squealing happily, “I accept!” He laughs while leaning back in to kiss you once more. 

Taehyung was chasing after your dog, Crewsho for the tenth time this day and the two of them weren’t  even close to being tired. Your dog loves Taehyung, Taehyung Loves Crewsho, and you loved them both just as much. However, You couldn’t help but feel a tad bit jealous.

Taehyung had messaged you last night about coming over this morning to take you and crewsho out for a walk and some breakfast this morning. However, it’s been thirty minutes and they were ignoring you as you kept asking Taehyung when it was time to go and all he did was say, “Just a second, Sweetie~” While trying to catch Crewsho, who was running around avoiding Taehyung’s grabby hands. 

Taehyung finally slowed down, sitting on his bum on your grass, while laying down trying to catch his breath. You stood up, to check on him when your dog instead ran over and climbed on top of him. 

Taehyung notices that you were sitting by yourself with a small pout on your face. He grabs your doggie with with care as he walks over to you, he kneels down and kisses your lips, surprising you. 

“Cheer up, Baby~” He sung to you, making you blush.

“Y/n. I’m not happy about you cheating.”

“I can cheat all I want.”

“I’m- Speechless.”

“it’s only a game.” As soon as you said that, his character dies and the winning title flashes on the screen that you were the winner of the match. You gently set down the controller on the bed with a grin.

He sighs, sitting down the controller on his stomach as he lays down with a looser frown. “I’m so sad.”

“What is my prize, Kookie?” You asked cutely, he looks at you with this look.

“I’m not giving you anything, Cheater.” He sassed at you, putting both hands behind his head as he shuts his eyes closed.

May I remind you.

You two never kissed Intimately before, so…your thot ass (JK) decided to do the unthinkable.

(Gurl Please, You know you’ve been thinking about the smack down on his lips.)

You quickly climbed on top of him in a Straddled position, leaning down right as you caught his eyes widening in shock as his mouth open up to say something, you captured his lips.

He grabbed your forearm in shock, you pulled away and tried to run but his grip tightened. His eyes were still wide in shock but he then whispers to you.

“Again.” He looks from the ceiling to you, with the biggest smile on the planet.

“Kiss me again.”