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Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

💡 Unconventional Spell Components 💡

I know herbs and crystals are really useful in spells, but I thought it would be nice to compile a list of things that are also helpful in certain spells. Feel free to add on!

💡 Light bulbs! Hence the emoji. Burnt-out light bulbs are great for curses, keeping things hidden, and other things like that. You could also use the glass part of it as an unconventional sachet. (I might be working on a spell with a light bulb.. hehe 😉)

💡 Belts! They’re great for spells involving strength, endurance, and support. You can also draw sigils on the inside of a belt you’re wearing to hide them!

💡 Nut shells! It’s easy enough to find a bag of pistachios or pecans. The shells can be used in protection spells, PLUS they have the same correspondences as whatever the plant they came from. The shells can be crushed into a powder or left as is.

💡 Headphones! They can be used in spells involving focus and shutting people up. Not to mention you can enchant your headphones as you listen to music while doing a spell.

💡 Balloons! Balloons have a variety of uses. You can draw a sigil on one and then pop it to activate it. You can use them for happiness spells, or just spells that make you feel more free. Balloons could even help with astral travel!

💡 Paperclips! They’re great for simple and cheap binding spells. ‘Nuff said.

Anyways, that’s all I can think of for now 😅 but I hope this was helpful! Have fun!

Moreid headcannons
  •  Flirting during cases and Reid getting flustered. 
  •  Prank wars that lead to sex 
  • Morgan reading to Reid on bad days  
  • Reid lying in Morgan’s lap and Morgan stroking his hair. 
  •  Morgan teaching Reid how to play softball or some other sport and wrapping his arms around him to ‘help' 
  •  Dates involving drinks at bars, walks in parks , Museums, libraries and baby sitting Henry 
  •  Low key PDA - side hugs, hair ruffling and shoulder squeezes 
  •  Morgan being even more over protective than usual when partnered with Reid . 
  •  Sitting together on plane rides and sharing headphones 
  • When Reid rambles for too long Morgan kisses him to shut him up. 
  • Forcing Morgan to dress up for Halloween and couple costumes like Spider-Man and Deadpool or Robin and Batman 
  • When they get married Garcia becomes the surrogate mother 
  •  And she uses this as an excuse to spoil the kid 
  •  Reid loves leaving hickeys and biting during sex and making out and Morgan loves pulling Reid’s hair. 
  •  Overall they would be the softest most adorable relationship ever

Hinata is so clingy, that even when someone shows him a video (or really anything), he has to touch them. He leans on their shoulder, lowkey gives them a back hug, holds their arm… And Tsukishima is so sick of that. The orange haired boy is just too clingy.

At least that’s what he thought until he experienced it by himself. It was when they were on the bus, going back home, when Hinata sat beside him. Tsukishima had no other choice, but to give him his headphones in order to shut him up. Once he relaxed, he felt… warm. It was so sudden that he almost broke his neck as he turned his head really fast to look at the smaller boy, that was leaning against his arm, with his eyes closed and a soft smile plastered onto his face. That’s when Tsukishima felt like his clingy behavior wasn’t really that bad. He started to love it.


sorry for being bad ❤️

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"Can you please help me reach the book up there? I’m too short to reach it and you’re the hottest tall person I’ve seen around” Jamilton

“I bet you won’t do it.”

Alex looked up from his computer. “What are you talking about?”

John shrugged and looked over to book shelves. “That one kid that’s always in here, I’ve seen you mooning over him one too many times.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

John smirked. “You obviously think he’s hot, or something. And I bet you won’t ask him out. Your infamous Alexander Hamilton charms have failed you because you’re actually attracted to someone.”

“What are getting at?” He clicked between tabs, settling on one about the effects of changes in internet law effecting new firms on wall street. “I think plenty off people are attractive, what’s so different about Jefferson?”

“Ha!” John leaned forward. “You know his name!”

“I know a lot of people’s names.”

John shrugged. “Fine. Whatever. Anyway, I bet you a week’s worth of coffee that you won’t ask him out.”

“You know what.” Alex slammed his computer shut. “Fine. I’ll be write back.”

Alex walked the familiar path through the maze of shelves and stopped about a foot or two away from Jefferson, who was skimming through a book, faint music coming from the headphones around his neck. “Hey.”

Jefferson startled, slammed the book shut, and looked up. “Uh, hello.”

“So, uh,  can you please help me reach the book up there?” He pointed toward the top shelf. “ I’m too short to reach it and you’re the hottest tall person I’ve seen around.” 

Jefferson coughed. “Uh, right. Uh, the Lincoln biography?”

He followed where his finger pointed and shrugged. “Sure.”

Jefferson reached up for the book and if his eyes drifted down the the sliver of skin that revealed itself, that was no one’s business but his own. Jefferson handed him the book. “Here you go.”

“Thanks, hot stuff.” He winked.

Jefferson coughed again and looked away. “Right. Uh, no problem.”

Jefferson turned to walk away, book held to his chest, and Alex reached out to grab his wrist. “Hey, one more favor?”


Alex smiled the smile he knew had most girls fighting to catch his eye. “Can I have your number?”

Jefferson looked to the ground. “Um, I don’t, I mean.”

“It’s fine!” Alex held up his hands. “Don’t worry about it, that was super presumptuous of me. Have a good day, man.”  

“No, it’s not that.” Jefferson’s hand went to the back of his neck. “It’s just, uh, I don’t have a phone.”

Alex blinked. “You don’t have a phone?”

“Nah.” Jefferson waved a hand through the air. “Radiation, you know.”

“Oh my god. You’re one of those.” He snorted. “How about this, is email cool? Messaging apps? You’re really hot, I’m willing to suffer through weird means of communication if it means a possible date.”

“Oh dear. Yeah, fine, I guess. My email is just my school id, nothing too exciting.”

Alex smiled. “Great! Expect an email from me soon.”


Hyung- Taegi family fluff AU

This fic is based off of @debrennerdrawing^. It’s the most adorable thing ever and so is the rest of her page, you should really go check it out.

“Hyung,” came a high-pitched yell from the door and following the voice was a boy who barreled in through the door and launched himself into the living room.

“Hyung,” he called out again, even louder this time. It was a wonder that whomever he was addressing couldn’t hear him.

He dropped his school bags on the floor upon his entry, and ran in and out of rooms calling out loud for his hyung. He flew in and out of rooms not even pausing to stop and check if anyone was inside and that was why he missed the sight of the slender blonde boy who was distractedly reading on his bed while he nodded his head to the ear splittingly loud music in his ears. 

Despite his noise cancelling headphones he still looked up when the door to his room opened and shut unexpectedly and rather loudly. He sighed to himself and took his headphones off only to be greeted by the yells of the his younger brother which went along the lines of “Hyung,” “Yoongi hyung,” and “Hyung where are you?”.

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Do you have any fic recs for acutal good characterisation tsukiyama? long fics?

Oh boy. Alright. 

Through his eyes is such a sweet one and also angst but it’s not an angsty thing bc of their relationship but because of the akiteru drama and it had my chest aching. I suppose I can’t say if it’s “in character” because it focuses mainly on Akiteru and his views on Kei and Yamaguchi’s relationship. But it’s good. 

The Excruciatingly Beautiful Process of Falling In Love (As Told By Tsukishima Kei Over Ten Chaotic, Wonderful Years) is A+++ Like. I read it and h u r t and yet I didn’t at the same time? I am dying. 

This series is quite good at keeping them in character, and it was very soft. Not too long, but it’s a three part series!

Glasses is another pretty short one, but they characterization is A++ and fluffy and I would 100% be both Tsukki and Yamaguchi in that situation. 

Fools of all of us is another short one, and one of those cliche “Tsukki pretends not to listen to Yamaguchi by wearing headphones” fics but it’s soft and pleasant and there’s like, 0 “shut up Yamaguchi” “Sorry Tsukki” so there’s that. 

Skinny love hurt. Pain. All I can say is that they’re in character and in pain and therefore I am in pain and. Future fic? Ow. 

Will you catch me should I fall – wow I’m rec’ing a shitdam ton of angst tonight. Fluffy ending, alright characterization, definitely liking the Tsuks characterization. 

Campfire in your chest was a ride, and I loved the dynamics between Tsukishima and Yamaguchi with the rest of the team, it all flowed really nicely, and I love this fic so m uc h. 

Written in the stars P lea s e I’m tired and this is basically giberish but I loved this and the Yamaguchi’s and 

And I have some long ones! AU/slightly ooc but I love them

Breaking Ground had me crying. Like. I loved it, I subscribed the first chapter and followed it through the whole thing and. Ah. Too many words. 

Protect me (I’m drowning) also made me cry. Soulmate au and angst and wow. Tsukki needs chill. I love. 

(but i’m only) human is pain. That- That’s all I can say. Prepare to hurt. 

Your face is the prettiest of pictures Ok but fuck characterization for a minute and admire this fuckdamn beautiful work of art. 

BTS Reacts to You Singing Obnoxiously Loud in the Shower

Hey guys! A new day, a new reaction, I guess. I have a few requests, but there’s always room for more! Inbox me any reactions that you would like to see!


     Anonymous:  Bts reacts to their S/O singing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

1. Jin 

     As long as you’re not doing it super late at night, he owuld probably find it cute. If he knew the song, he might hum or quietly sing along. When you get out, he won’t say much about it.

     “Cute, Jagi,” He says as you walk passed, grinning.

2. Suga

     Suga would be less than amused. He’s a stickler for perfection, so he’s probably dying on the inside. If he was trying to nap, he might even get angry. He would definitely say something about it.

     “Make sure no one is home next time you do that. I prefer my ears as they are,” He mutters, his expression bordering on anger.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would find it hilarious. He would dance around, just happy that you’re singing at all. He strikes me as someone who would find everything his Jagi did adorable. When you came out, he would probably still be dancing and singing just as obnoxiously as you were.

     “Jagi, come duet with me! It’s incomplete without your voice! Please?” He would resort to aegyo in hopes that you’ll join him.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon would immediately join in, giving an extremely enthusiastic performance. In doing so, he would most likely knock something over. You would end up coming out while he’s cleaning it up, still singing loudly and off key.

     “What? I didn’t mean to break it, okay? I’ll get you a new on, I promise,” He looks sheepish as he finished cleaning up.

5. Jimin

     Jimin would be amused by your singing. Depending on what songs you were singing along to, he might quietly sing along. He would definitely tease you about it when you got out.

     “Are you okay, Jagi? It sounded like there was a dying cat in there,” Jimin’s expression is amused as he tries to hold in his laughter.

6. V

     V would be cracking up instantly. He found it hilarious that you were able to sing like that. He might try to see if he could match what you were doing. He would be dancing around and wouldn’t notice you come out.

     “How do you do that with your voice? It’s so strange,” He would be genuinely curious.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook is the other member I see cringing throughout the entire experience. He would end up putting his headphones in, shutting out you singing until you come out.

     “Huh? What did you expect, Jagi? That was terrifying,” Jungkook teases, attempting to keep his expression neutral and failing.

It’s not too long, but I hope you enjoyed it! Inbox me any requests you have!


Aquamarine and Topaz cause y’all love ‘em

Aquamarine is Blue Diamond’s trust fund, private school, bratty kid. She loves Harry Potter, so she carries around this wand everywhere. No one has the guts to tell her not to because of who her mother is.

Topaz is one of the few people willing to watch Aquamarine again after the first night. She has auditory processing issues and so her hearing is very sensitive, so she wears headphones to muffle the sound to a tolerable level.

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hi :) can I request a #190 (in their dorm) with kihyun?

❥ kihyun, ‘we can’t do that here!’, smuttish undertones

kihyun really liked to take risks. 

 most of the time it didn’t really affect you, he’d just be dancing with danger by making comments about one of his members when they were around to anger them and then running from them when he realised they were actually mad. that was probably about as risky as yoo kihyun got. 

 and of course there was the time where he really wanted some chicken and even though you told him not to reheat it, he did anyway and gave himself salmonella (or some kind of food poisoning) and you did really have to deal with that yourself. as if, taking care of a whiny, sick twenty three year old who needed constant love and attention. 

 today didn’t really seem to be different. kihyun was whining and he needed constant attention from you (and love) or he’d start whining more and at this point, you weren’t sure what was worse - not being allowed to leave his side all day or him pouting and being needy when you tried to leave. 

 he wasn’t sick today though and you would be forever grateful for that. 

 ‘do you know what i love?’ kihyun asks with an absent tone. he looks down at you where he’s got you nestled in his arms with a smile and slightly blushed cheeks that leave you to nod hesitantly. ‘i love it when you kiss me.’

 you frown at his words that seem a little out of place. he was very vocal about his affections but not usually when others are around - ie shownu who was sitting four feet away with earbuds in. lucky he couldn’t hear, otherwise you’d be blushing just as hard and trying to push kihyun away. 

 ‘i also love kissing you in general,’ kihyun mumbles, blowing a kiss in your direction seeing your lack in attention towards him. 

 oh he was so needy. you’d never think it when you first saw him but the boy needed you to give him everything and more. ‘anything else you love, kihyunie?’

 ‘do you really want to get me started?’

 ‘go ahead,’ you tell him, hoping it will keep him busy for a moment. then you’d be able to sneak your hand down and grab your phone so that you have something to do other than stare down at your own lap. ‘i’m listening. tell me everything.’

 what you expect to happen is for kihyun to start droning on about the importance of the heated blanket he loves so much or other aspects of your relationship that you could recall quite well. but he doesn’t. you’re trying so damn hard to reach for your phone that you miss him getting closer to you, just so his lips are ghosting over your ears. ‘i love it when we get real close too.’

 and you freeze, feeling his lips press down onto the side of your head and soothing your mind with the gentlest of kisses you may have ever felt. it’s completely contradictory to his words but.. this is kihyun. what else do you expect. 

 ‘do you know how much i love it when you’re crying my name; whimpering it for more because you just love it when i’m withholding what you want and you’re falling apart beneath me and begging for me to–’

 ‘kihyun!’ you exclaim, sitting up promptly from his words that were definitely loud enough for someone to hear. luckily, shownu hasn’t moved and is still watching whatever with his headphones in completely clueless. ‘shut up!’

 he pouts at you and makes sure to look offended by your defensive notions. ‘i can’t help that i want you, baby.’

 ‘we can’t do that here!’ you tell him whilst shaking your head at him. even in his room, there was no way in hell you were… it made you want to give him poisoned chicken yourself. ‘you’re so disgusting, i hate you sometimes. your members are here.’

 kihyun very slightly shrugs at you, something you only notice because he’s holding you back against his body in this position and every movement is noticeable. ‘and you’re not going anywhere. so care to hear the rest of what i love?’

Winchester Sister- I’m Coming Home

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Request:  Could you do a request where dean and sams sister’s boyfriend is in the military and they plan a secret home coming to surprise their sister?
Title: I’m Coming Home
Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister, boyfriend x reader!sister
Words: 1046
Summary: Sam and Dean hold a surprise party for their little sister after her boyfriend comes home from the military.

(A/N: thank you so much for this request! it was so cute and it gave me the fees hehe)

You sit at a table in the library and you look around at the sprawled out papers that are swallowing you whole. Sam and Dean have designated you to find out as much as you could about the trials, even without Kevin. You rub your eyes and look back down at the book you’ve been reading for the past five hours. You hear footsteps come behind you and soon enough Dean stands next you and puts his hand on your shoulder to get your attention. You look up at him and he smiles.
“Hey (Y/N), you want to go out for lunch? You’ve been working hard for the past week and, frankly, I’m tired of being cooped up in here all day. So what do you say, Rockwoods?” Dean says, glancing down at you.
“Rockwoods? That place is really expensive though.” You say, standing up to stretch your sore back.
“Will you stop complaining and let me take my favorite sister out for lunch?” Dean chuckles as he nudges you in the shoulder.
You laugh as you go to your room to get your shoes, “I am your only sister.”
You come back and see Dean putting on his jacket and Sam sitting down where you just were. “Sammy, you don’t want to come with us?” You ask, not wanting to leave your brother out.
Sam looks at you and gently smiles, “No, I’m good. I’m just going to pick up where you left off.”
You nod as he goes back to the papers he is sorting through. Dean turns to you, “You ready?”

You two reach Rockwells, as it is famously known as your favorite restaurant, and sit in your usual spot in the back. Dean orders his usual steak while you order pasta. “So how are things with you and Matthew?”
You smile even though it hurts when you hear his name. You miss Matthew more than anything in the world. He is the only person who truly understands you- even more than Sam and Dean- and he even knew the truth about you; you never had to lie to him. Matthew has been serving in the Navy for the past year and a half, and you haven’t gone a moment without thinking about him.
You clutch the necklace Matthew gave to you the day he left and look at Dean, “Good, we video chatted last week for a little bit. He says he’s getting deployed in the next couple of months and that makes me very excited,” You say, smiling to yourself just thinking about holding Matthew in your arms again. “but it’s hard, you know, he’s the only man I’ve ever actually loved… and it worries me sick that one day I’m going to get a call saying…”
You trail off, a lump forming in your throat. Dean looks at you with pity in his eyes, “Cheer up sis, you know he’s doing fine. He’s a tough son of a bitch and if anyone should be worrying about someone’s safety, he should be worried about you,” He jokes, making you chuckle slightly. “He’s fine I promise.”
You love intimate moments with your brothers, and this moment has topped off every other experience. You smile as you two finish your meal.

After lunch you and Dean drive back to the bunker and stop the impala in front of the door. You begin to step out before Dean shouts, “Woah, woah, woah! Where do you think you’re going?”
“Um, inside?” You look over at him with your eyebrow raised.
“Not without getting all your shit out of the back of the car. I’ve been telling you to clean it out for the past two weeks, (Y/N). Clean it. Now.” Dean says curtly, shutting his door and heading inside.
You roll your eyes and open up the back door to the impala and look at the few things you’ve left behind on previous hunting trips. You bend down and retrieve your jackets and socks and found your missing headphones. You shut the door with a loud thud and open up the door to the bunker, walking in.
You walk down the stairs, folding your jacket along the way, when you notice Sam and Dean propped up against a table in the library. They are smiling like idiots and you give them a weird look, “What wrong with you two? Will you stop? You’re creeping me out.”
They smile even wider and you shake your head, starting to head to your room when you scream. Matthew comes out from behind the wall to the library, holding a bouquet of flowers. “MATTHEW!” You shout, dropping all of your belongings and running up to him and wrapping your legs around his waist. You cry as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his cheek and lips and everywhere else you can reach. He clutches you in his arms, squeezing you as if he’d never let go.
“It’s okay baby, I’m here now.” He says into your hair as you continue to cry.  Sam and Dean tear up as they see their baby sister with the one she loves. Matthew sets you down and wipes the tears streaming down your face. “I’m here baby.”
“I-I-don’t-” You choke through your broken voice, Matthew smiles at you as he kisses the top of your head.
“I got home earlier today, your brothers helped me get you out of here so that I could surprise you,” He laughs when your eyes go wide and you turn to your brothers.
“What? We thought it’d be cute.” Sam jokes, his crossed arms go up in a shrug as he smiles. You go to your two brothers and tightly hug them and kiss their cheeks, ‘I love y’all.”
Matthew walks to you and pulls you to his side while Dean turns to look at you, “Alright, get out of here and have some fun you two,” He says with a smile. You and Matthew laugh as he holds you close to him. Dean clasps his hand on Matthew’s back, “but not too much fun,” Dean says with a wink.
“Yes Sir,” Matthew replies as you and him walk up the stairs and out of the bunker, ready to spend the night reconnecting.

I need a college!AU with Alfred - who could either be hipster or pastel, whichever you like - who is a barista on the campus’ Starbucks and Ludwig, a foreign exchange student who’s punk.

Imagine Ludwig getting dragged reluctantly to Starbuck in the morning by his roommate (Feliciano, Kiku and he are in one dorm so either would work) and the second he lays eyes on Alfred he instantly falls for that boy’s grin and those eyes.

Ludwig swallowing his pride up to go see Alfred when he works, making small-talk whenever possible - which is almost impossible when half the student body are coming in constantly in the morning.

Or Alfred who is completely interested in this German bad-boy and ends up on a search to find where he’s dorming. Unlike Alfred (who shares a nice apartment-style dorm with 4 other people) he finds out Ludwig is in the smaller dormitories.

One night Alfred ends up finding Ludwig sitting in his dorm’s common-area doing research. Imagine Alfred flirting with Ludwig while being shrugged off throughout the entire attempt. To shut him up Ludwig plugs his headphones in and Alfred takes one of the buds and listens with him.

Just imagine them trying to share music and they find each others’ taste completely god-awful except that one song. They don’t even know why they like it but for some reason it’s just sounds so appealing.

I want them to date and be the most oddball couple there is on campus. Ludwig with his black and red undercut and Alfred dying it either bleach blond or bright pink (depending on Hipster/Pastel). Alfred telling Ludwig to ease up on the eyeliner. Ludwig telling Alfred to stop taking 10 hours to “do his face up.”

BONUS: Years after college they run into each other. Ludwig is a businessman and Alfred is working with NASA, maybe something dealing with aircrafts or something. And it takes them like 3 minutes before they realize “oh holy shit I used to date him…” and when they catch up they both agree “why did we ever break up again? Oh yeah, distance.” And they end up dating again.

And getting married.

the duff | woozi pt.1

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a/n: this is based off the film ‘The Duff’, it’s my favourite film but a few things have been changed. i hope you guys like it and feedback would be appreciated and keeps me motivated to write!

warning: swearing

genre: angst, some fluff [later on]

word count: 2.1k


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