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HAPPY THANKSGIVING, KIDDOS!!! Here’s my special Thanksgiving lil fic for you, and this one is not at all angsty! Thank you to @ciceroniantrash for the fabulous prompt! I had lots of fun writing this. I was picturing the Schuyler Mansion as it is now/was then since I’ve been there like three times, and they really do have a fancy dining room. If you wanna know more about my choices for who out of the Schuyler family is present here and why just send me an ask! Enjoy, and have a great day, bbys! :D <333

hamilsquad Friendsgiving at the Schuylers’ for Thanksgiving day

“It was so kind of you to invite us, Mrs. Schuyler,” Alexander said as he, John, and Lafayette walked through the front door of the Schuyler’s mansion.

“It’s our pleasure,” Mrs. Schuyler said. “Peggy? Come take their coats.”

“Why do I have to?” Peggy mumbled as she made her way down the stairs, pulling back her hair into her signature ponytail in the process.

“Because you’re the first one ready,” Mrs. Schuyler said with a smile. She turned back to the boys. “And please, call me Catherine.” Turning back to Peggy, she added, “And don’t you dare call me Catherine.”

The three boys burst out in laughter. Peggy made faces at them as she took their coats and once again disappeared upstairs.

Just then, Philip Schuyler emerged from the direction of the kitchen wearing an apron. He looked much more frazzled than usual. “Hey, boys,” he said. “Cath, um, a moment in the kitchen?”

Catherine smirked. “Hmm, I wonder what this could be about.” Turning to the boys, she stage-whispered, “Someone said he could handle the entire Thanksgiving meal this year.” She winked before following Philip.

Just then, a small child ran down the staircase and into the long hallway where the boys stood, surrounded by old portraits of Schuyler relatives.

“Get back here, Ren!” Angelica said.

Even if Angelica hadn’t said a word, Alexander still would have known it was her because of the clack clack clack of her heels on the wooden steps. She was the only Schuyler sister who wore them.

Rensselaer ran right up to Lafayette and stared up at him. “You have hair like mine,” he said pointing to Laf’s pulled back curls.

“Oui, petit mon ami,” Laf said, stooping down to the boy’s level.

Angelica finally made it down the stairs, looking quite agitated as she approached the boys.

“You look as beautiful as ever, Ms. Schuyler,” Alexander said, offering his hand to Angelica.

That brought a slight smile to her face. “And you look dashing, Mr. Hamilton,” she said in a mock British accent.

John wrapped his arms around Alexander’s waist from behind. “Step away, Ms. Schuyler. This one’s mine.” He kissed Alex’s cheek, causing color to rise to his boyfriend’s face.

“Ew!” a girlish giggle floated down the stairs. Down the stairs came Cornelia, the second youngest Schuyler child, dressed in a princess costume. Behind her was Eliza, carrying baby Catherine.

“She refused to wear anything else,” Eliza said, nodding toward Cornelia.

Cornelia curtsied to the boys, who bowed in return. Angelica rolled her eyes at the display, but Eliza laughed.

“You’re so indulgent to her,” Eliza said.

“It’s because they don’t have to live with her 24/7,” Angelica muttered.

“Ren? Cornelia? Come help set the table?” Catherine stepped out of the dining room and shouted. “And where are P.J. and Cortlandt? They should be helping, too,” she said in reference to her two other sons. “And Peggy,” she murmured. “Where’d that girl race off to now?”

“Is John coming?” Eliza asked Angelica.

Angelica checked her watch. “He should be here in like ten minutes,” she said.

“John and Angelica sitting in a tree,” Peggy sang from somewhere unseen.

“Where the hell are you?” Angelica hissed, looking around her only to see her friends, Eliza, and younger siblings.

“K-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Peggy singsonged.

“MARGARITA SCHUYLER GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW,” Catherina shouted from the dining room.

Angelica and Eliza burst into laughter as Peggy sulked down the stairs. She turned and held up her middle finger to them right before disappearing into the dining room.

This was what Alexander loved most about visiting the Schuyler household. After growing up in such a small family, then having no family before being adopted by the Washingtons, the Schuyler household was a welcome window into what life with a large, loving family was like.

He took John’s hand and squeezed it. He hoped one day to find out firsthand just what that kind of family life was like.


After a lot more shouting, laughing, and some crying from baby Catherine and Ren, who stubbed his toe while chasing Cornelia around the house before dinner, the entire family was finally seated and the large wooden table that was completely covered in dishes of food.

Baby Catherine sat in a highchair by Catherine, who was seated at one head of the table. Philip sat at the other head, with Cornelia and Cortlandt on either side of him, since they would need the most help with their meals, being only five and seven respectively.

Philip Jeremiah, or PJ as everyone called him, had sulked down after his mother called him for third time. He was fourteen and in that phase where his thick, black bangs were so long they covered his eyes and he always had earbuds in if he could help it. He glared at everyone who dared to look at him, except for Angelica, who apparently but the fear of god in everyone, including her snarky younger brother.

John and Alex were seated next to each other, with Laf on Alex’s other side. Hercules was with his family, but had promised to drop by for dessert later. Across from them was Angelica, her boyfriend, John Church, Eliza, and Peggy, who kept glaring at Angelica’s boyfriend.

“So, boys,” Philip said, turning to Alex, Laurens, and Laf, “it’s our tradition here to go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for this year.”

“But there’s a trick!” Cornelia exclaimed.

“I think you mean a ‘catch,’” PJ mumbled.

“He speaks!” Peggy declared through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“Ew,” Eliza said with a laugh, stabbing at her carrots with the prongs of her fork.

“God, you’re all so embarrassing,” Angelica said. “Sorry,” she whispered to John, stroking his arm.

“Wha awh you sowy fwo?” Peggy said as she shovelled more food into her mouth. She grinned at Angie and a few peas escaped her mouth.

“Oh my GOD,” Angelica shouted. “Dad!” She turned to Philip, who was hiding his mouth behind his napkin. Alexander could tell he was trying to hide his laughter.

“Peggy,” he said once he’d composed himself. “Remember your manners?”

“Sorry,” she said with an empty mouth and mischievous grin.

“You’re seventeen for god’s sake,” Angelica muttered as she stabbed at some stuffing.

“Okay, back to the family tradition,” Catherine said with a quick clap. “So the catch that Cornelia was trying to mention is that you can’t repeat what someone else said.”

“We’ll start down here, with the little ones,” Philip said, gesturing to Cornelia and Cortlandt.

“Me first!” Cornelia said excitedly. She cleared her throat and pushed her chair back, then climbed on top of it.

It was obvious that all of the adults at the table where trying to stifle their laughter, since Cornelia, still in her princess costume, was taking this tradition so seriously.

“I’m thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my big sister Peggy.”

“What about us?” Angelica asked, motioning between her and Eliza.

Cornelia crossed her arms and stamped on the chair. “You two left!”

“We’re just at college,” Eliza said.

“Hey, guys, shut it, I’m the fav here, clearly,” Peggy said with another one of her grins.

“My turn!” Cortlandt exclaimed. “I’m thankful for Mommy’s tummy where she keeps growing new babies. I can’t wait for a new one!”

Catherine’s face turned a deep shade of red. Philip stammered to her rescue.

“Uh, wow, Cort, that was, an, um, unique one… but Mama’s tummy is done with babies. Look at how many it made.” He gestured to his other children.

“Why is it done?” Cortlandt asked.

Now Philip was clearly growing flustered. Catherine intervened.

“Because it’s tired,” she said smoothly.

“Why is it tired?” Cortlandt asked.

“We can talk about this later,” Catherine said.

All of the older kids and their friends were laughing into their napkins.

“PJ, how about you go next,” Philip hastily suggested.

“I’m thankful for music,” PJ mumbled. He glared at everyone seated around the table. “And for headphones,” he added.

“All right,” Philip said. “Ren?”

“I’m grateful for my math workbook because it has all of the answers in the back,” the grade schooler said with a smile.

“My turn!” Peggy declared. Copying Cornelia, she stood, but only on the floor, thankfully. Her nose tilted high, she began her list of what she was thankful for. “I’m grateful for my gut instinct, which so far has never been wrong about anything. Especially when it comes to dating.”

There was the sound of silverware clattering against a plate, and Alexander glanced up to see Angelica fuming.

“I’ll go,” Eliza said quickly, jumping up between her sisters.

Alexander took a moment to appreciate Eliza, and how she selflessly threw herself between her arguing sisters. She also looked as beautiful as ever, in a powder blue sleeveless dress and white cardigan, her long black hair hanging loose around her face, some glimmer-y makeup on her eyes.

“I’m grateful for the amazing example my older sister has given me on how to be a good person who stands up for what is right,” she said, looking at Angie. She turned to Peggy. “And I’m grateful to my younger sister, for the lessons she also teaches me, on how to be both funny and serious, and how to chase after what I want in life.”

Both Peggy and Angelica quickly sobered up after Eliza spoke. She sat down with a knowing smile on her face.

Angelica stood. “I’m grateful to Eliza and Peggy,” then she took in the faces of her younger siblings, “and all of my siblings, for giving me so much love. And to John, who I also lo––”

“Seriously?” Peggy sighed.

Angelica glared at her sister before continuing. “Who I also love, and I’m grateful to my family for welcoming him with open arms, especially since this is the first time he’s celebrated Thanksgiving anywhere other than the campus dining hall, being from England.”

“And we are overjoyed to have him here,” Catherine quickly agreed. “Would you like to try out our tradition, John?”

“Absolutely,” he said, quickly hopping to his feet. “I’m so grateful to you, Mrs. Schuyler, and you,” he said, turning to Philip, “Mr. Schuyler, for opening your home to me today. And thank you,” he gestured to the rest of the family, “for being so gracious as to have me here.”

“He talks funny,” Cornelia said with a giggle.

“It’s called an accent,” PJ said, rolling his eyes.

“Ham, you wanna go?” Angelica asked, clearly wanting to get off of a certain topic.

“I’d love to,” Alexander said, standing up. “I’m grateful to be able to spend today with such a loving family. George and Martha are sad that Laf and I aren’t home for the holidays, and I miss them, but this is also such a treat. Even though it’s cold and even snowy,” he glanced out the window at the little white flakes that were starting to coat the ground and bare limbs of trees, “it’s warm and welcoming in here. I never had a large family, and seeing all of you, and the love behind even your quips,” he took a deep breath. “Well, it’s really refreshing. Thank you for having me.”

Catherine dabbed at her eyes with her tissue. “I’d like to go and say that I’m grateful you’re here, Alexander, and that all of our guests are here. I’m also grateful for this little one,” she said, resting a hand on baby Catherine’s head, “and for all of my little ones.” She looked lovingly over her children. “And of course, for the love of my life.”

“And I for you,” he said, blowing her a kiss.

“Gross!” Cortlandt exclaimed, causing the entire table to burst into a fit of laughter.

“John? Laf? You guys want a turn?”

“I’m grateful for acceptance,” John said quickly, staying seated, looking down at his nearly empty plate. “And for the people who’ve shown it to me.”

Alexander took his hand and squeezed it. If he had his way, he’d never let go.

“And me? Well, I am grateful for one thing, and one thing only,” Laf said with a cheeky grin. “I’m grateful for––”

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” His boyfriend burst into the dining room with a grin on his face.

Everyone was laughing again, and Laf ran over to his boyfriend, kissing him before pulling him over to the table to sit next to him.

“The gang’s all here,” Alexander said.

“Just as it should be,” Angelica said with a smile.

“I want pie!” Cornelia shouted.

“We’ve got plenty of that,” Philip told her. “But not until after you finish dinner.”

And so the evening went on, and Alexander never wanted it to end.

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We will always stick by you💙 here’s an extra edit cause I haven’t finished making his 200K video for YouTube. Congrats again Robert🎉
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i’ve had to ride buses since i was 7, and one tip i can come up with is use your headphones or whatever to listen to music while you keep an eye out for your stop! it reduced my anxiety a huge amount, but obviously, don’t get too lost in the music :P

@violetinthewilderness I did that the last time I took the bus and it worked out really well! It was relaxing and actually kind of inspiring to see the city pass by while listening to music (which I don’t do often enough anyway), so I think this is great advice! I’ll just do this in the future. Also kind of gets people to leave you alone if they see your headphones. ;) Added bonus.

PicartoxHitbox Fluff (?)

elentori-art is streaming and somehow we’ve ended up with a human!Picarto.tv and human!Hitbox. I’ll reblog it once Ele-mom posts the finished work.

Since we’re all starving for fanfiction, Picarto and Hitbox flirt in class.

Picarto slid into his seat just as the bell for first period rang. Doodle-covered rainbow backpack slung over his chair, he pulled out a spiral notebook for his gaming class and glanced over at the website next to him. Hitbox had arrived a couple months ago at the beginning of second semester, awkward as hell at first but proving to be a vicious gamer before long.

Today’s gaming shirt was a dark grey, with bright green all-caps letters writing out You must be level 69 to get into my pants down the front. Picarto absentmindedly doodled Hitbox in the margins of his notes, a pink flush tinging his freckled cheeks as the gaming site noticed his gaze and glanced over.

Despite having rainbow-colored hair, Picarto wasn’t one to show color in his cheeks and furiously tried to continue taking notes. Every once in a while, though, he glanced over at the glasses-wearing, headphones-sporting nerd and added some more details to his sketch.

Hitbox was pretending with all his might not to have noticed that the Skittle-haired artist’s attention was focussed almost solely on him, but it was admittedly very difficult when he saw upon one of his own glances in Picarto’s direction that the drawing of him blossoming on the lined paper was, in reality, quite good and.. were those little hearts around his face?

A half-covered arm quickly covered the drawing as best it could, hoodie sleeve only barely covering Hitbox’s shoulders. Hitbox’s interest was completely piqued at this furious display of embarrassment, and looked up at the artist’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows slightly, eyes darting down to the covered drawing.

“Wishing you were a higher level?” Hitbox asked under his breath.

A lock of vibrant pink hair fell from behind Picarto’s ear and Hitbox chuckled with amusement as it color looked pale compared to the face it covered. All amusement disappeared after a moment, however, as Picarto smirked slightly and replied, “With your help I’m sure I could grind to your requirements.”

Hitbox felt heat grow in his cheeks but didn’t back down, taking only a moment to glance at their teacher, obliviously droning on about looting tactics for WoW. He worried for a moment about his.. appendages appearing awkwardly, but pushed his worries down. “I’m free this evening if you are,” he said under his breath.

Picarto had to duck his head down to stifle his surprise. He looked up, back to his normal smug cover, and coy grin. “If you’re with me, I’ll make sure we stay busy,” he replied, eyebrows wiggling suggestively, “if you catch my drift.”

Hitbox found himself mimicking Picarto’s grin. “I think you’ll find that I’ll be topping you more than just in level,” he said.

To this, Picarto disagreed. “You might think you’re the better gamer, but I’m going to make sure tonight I’m on top.”

Hitbox rolled his eyes at the lame comeback, and turned back to his notes for a moment before glancing back up at Picarto, a sly smile on his lips. “I’ll be the judge of your skill.”