*How to Harass Women Who Don’t Want to Be Approached 

“Allowing her to take control of the interaction” is a don’t. That’s the scariest part. They’re teaching men that women having any control or freedom in that situation is a bad thing. And that’s disturbing.

I’ve had men snatch headphones off my head when I wouldn’t respond to them. I stopped wearing headphones a long time ago.


When your’re digging the beat but you can’t understand what they’re saying.


Had to replace a many headphones thanks to this situation. :C

Hello it’s been a while. Work and illnesses have kept me from updating more regularly. Hopefully I can keep drawing these a little while longer.
To be honest, the constant theft and reposting without credit had me lose motivation for a while as well.
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empty sky
  • empty sky
  • twenty one pilots

‘Am I screaming to an empty sky?’

rap from Anathema (on your right ear) and Blasphemy (on your left ear)! listen with headphones and enjoy!!! (▰˘◡˘▰)


Why is chewing with headphones on so loud??