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Something There

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: excessive eye rolling and fluff

Word Count: 1305

A/N: So for my birthday I went to see “Beauty and the Beast” and I’m obsessed! My sister gave me this little idea and I just HAD to write it!!! Enjoy!!

A movie date was not normal for Y/N and Dean, but she was insistent on wanting to go see something, anything! How many more times could they really watch what they had in their small collection at the bunker?

Y/N had taken the initiative to purchase tickets ahead of time for the movie that caught her attention and only hoped that she could get Dean in there without a fuss.

Distracting him the snack purchases, he never questioned what they were seeing until the previews started running. Glancing around he noticed there were a large number of children and women. Brows furrowed he elbowed Y/N. “What did you say we were seeing?”

Y/N stiffened. “Uh, I didn’t say.”

“Y/N, what kind of mo-” He started to ask, but as the theater darkened further, his question was answered as the intro played.

Y/N kept track of Dean out of the corner of her eye, but was quickly being pulled to the screen, not particularly concerned if he liked it or not.

“Seriously?!” He harshly whispered into her ear. “Beauty and the friggin’ Beast?!”

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You're Not the Only One On Your Lunch. Enjoy Linkin Park.

So, this happened actually yesterday. I work at a call center with 800 or so employees and a bunch of different departments! We have a lounge and also a lunch room, and the lunch room is where this happens.

There’s a woman that comes into the lunch room every day to Skype with her baby. Only problem is. She talks so freaking loud that I can have my headphones full blast and still hear her. She sings Sesame Street and Elmo songs and it gets annoying after awhile. So, I wasn’t in the best mood yesterday because I didn’t sleep well. I’m eating my lunch and here comes Miss Elmo’s World with her friend. (She is EW)

EW: “Wanna Skype with my baby?” Oh, hell no. Friend: “Aw I love babies sure!” Kill me. EW: “OMGEEEEE. HIIIIIIII. ARE YOU WITH DADDY?! AWWW. YOU’RE SO CUTE. AWWWW!” I understand it, babies are cute but this is nuts. I turn to her and say: “excuse me? Can you please keep it down a little?” Elmo’s World then retorts: “haha, no. I’m speaking with my baby. I can be as loud as I want. I’m not hurting anything.” So that’s how you wanna play? Fine.

Now, I am a fan of bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, so I turned on a song (which was Linkin Park) and cranked it full blast with no headphones in. Elmo’s World turns to me and says: “Turn that off! It’s loud and giving me a headache!” Oh really? I then say: “Oh, I would, but it can be as loud as I want it to be. It’s not hurting anything.” EW: “It’s hurting me.” Me: “You can leave. I politely asked for you to stop screaming at your child who is probably gonna have ear issues by the time he or she turns 10. If it’s bothering you, leave.”

She rolled her eyes, walked away and scoffed. I put my headphones back in when she left. That’s what you get for being a bitch!


And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, the first member of the maknae line, a ray of sunshine whose voice is so angelic, even when he’s just speaking, it sounds like a lullaby, he has such a comforting, warm voice, I love his voice so much, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • This post takes place in the college AU, you don’t have to read the college series to be able to understand this bc it is just to help set the mood but just in case there are people that do wanna read it, college!Jimin is right here
  • Visuals are first
  • Idk if I’ve ever used Danger!Jimin but it’s a shock if I haven’t bc that was actually a pretty cute look so I’m gonna use it here bc I love that look
  • That entire era could be player!chim tbh, he wore so many sleeveless shirts, he showed off those amazing arms that he worked so hard for, he was in jeans so the thighs were a thing and it was just a really good look overall
  • Of course, player!chim does the BST look and the orange hair and the red for a few months as well bc he can pull all the things off
  • Okay so I’ve got a couple looks for player!chim, just hear me out I have a plan (both of them are airport looks, my memory sucks so I couldn’t even begin to remember their dates just by looking at them but typically I can tell the era bc hair)
  • The first look is from the BST era I think, it’s more of a date look, it’s casual but has enough effort put into it that his date doesn’t think he just showed up in his pajamas but it’s all black!JImin bc that is my s h i t, he had on black jeans (aka my fave) a black turtleneck and then a black leather jacket !!!! and he had sunglasses on 1000000000/10
  • The second look seems like it’s from the Boy in Luv era, it’s more of a casual, I’m just here to chill look, it’s when he wore black leather (??) pants, a white tank top with a bit of promo for the LA Dodgers on it, what looks like some Timberlands, a black snapback that was backwards !!!!!!!!!! and then his backpack, a jacket around his hips (in some other pictures from that day, he’s wearing the jacket) and some headphones bc college!Jimin is forever off in his own world
  • Also just gonna throw this in there bc I love chim with tattoos but player!chim has a couple of tats, he has the MAMA tattoos and one on his collarbone that you can see the very end of when he wears t-shirts
  • Jimin is another flirt but he’s also a bit of a dater, he’s kinda in the middle
  • Okay so here’s the thing with Jimin, he’s really shy but at the same time, when he feels comfortable/in his element, he pops right out of that shell
  • He has moments where he’s really flirty and charming and can win anyone’s heart in under a minute (friendly reminder that it took Chanyeol 0.2 seconds to fall for Jimin and that was with Jimin just looking at him)
  • But he also has moments where he gets really blushy like when people approach him first, he gets a bit flustered and no matter how many times it happens, he never really gets used to that feeling bc it’s just o h
  • So he’s either the biggest flirt that’ll get anyone and everyone giggling like a child with their first crush or he’s the child with the crush that can barely make eye contact
  • Either way, people love him almost instantly and it’s not hard to see why, how does someone not love Jimin he’s so pure and cute and giggly and just his smile can bring so much happiness 
  • When he’s in a flirty mood, he does that thing where he’s leaning on his arm against a wall and talking to whoever he’s flirting with and he sends lil winks when they walk away with the promise of a date that night
  • He’s very playful when he’s flirty, he’s a super affectionate person as is so he’s always got his arm around them or he’s holding their hand and he playfully teases them a lot 
  • He’s always got really cute dates, going down to the beach at sunset, going to the local carnival/festival, going out on a romantic dinner
  • He’s another gentleman (all of BTS are) so he’s really polite towards his dates and they always have fun on the dates, he’s yet to have a boring date
  • Jimin would never hurt anyone, he’s a really sensitive person, he seems like he’s really in tune with the people around him so the “breaking up” bit is really hard but he also doesn’t wanna be flirting/dating someone and then start it up with someone else at the same time
  • He doesn’t like to lead anyone on so he never lets the relationship get too far, he always makes sure the other person knows this is all casual, no relationships are happening yet, etc.
  • You two meet when you take the same art class as him and you two become friends
  • You’re new to the school so you don’t really know about him or his reputation and you would’ve n e v e r guessed if you just went off of his personality
  • He’s so funny and precious and he’s so huggable, he always gives the best hugs, they’re really warm and he always smells really good
  • He’s s o talented and his drawings are always amazing and you’re forever complimenting him, which gets him really blushy and giggly and shy and that’s just super cute
  • You find out through some people in the class that he’s known to be a bit of a player, that he dates a new person every other week, that he’s never been interested in a serious relationship
  • You’re a bit sad bc you’d already started crushing on him and now you’re finding out that he’s not looking for a relationship and that he’s probably super used to being crushed on
  • You take the chance when he asks you out bc you figure you might as well, you’ve already got a crush, it’s not gonna go away by rejecting him
  • And just like everyone told you, he says it’s all casual when he’s dropping you off and that he’s not looking for anything serious rn and your heart is just ow
  • You two go on a couple dates and he’s always really fun and you find yourself forgetting about the whole casual thing every time bc he’s so sweet and kind, it’s hard not to want to be with him when he’s playing piano and singing for you with that beautiful voice he rarely uses
  • He starts developing feelings as well but he ignores it and goes on thinking that he’s okay with it being casual bc that’s always been what he wants
  • It doesn’t really work but it all comes to a halt when he sees someone flirting with you and then it’s just mm mm everything in him is not happy with this scene at all
  • He’s not used to being jealous so he’s not fully sure what to do, especially since you’re not technically his and he’s not yours so it’s not like he can just walk up and say excuse me I’m the boyfriend
  • So he does his best to show his emotions towards you on the next date, he makes it super romantic and he sits down with you and the two of you have a really long talk about how the casual thing isn’t working out for either of you
  • “We can make it exclusive on one condition”
  • “Name it and it’s yours”
  • “You gotta sing for me more often”
  • “Only if you kiss me afterwards”
  • “I think we have a deal” 
Mr. Brightside | Zack Taylor | Prologue

So here it is, folks: the Zack/OC story I’ve promised through and through. I’ve had this idea in mind for a long ass while, though not for the Power Rangers fandom, but then this movie just BEGGED me to do so. And besides, this fandom needs some OC love x3

Warnings!: The OC is a bit of a busybody (oh really?), might been some typos. Just my suckish writing in general.

Disclaimer: No, I do not own the Power Rangers nor its characters. Those belong to Haim Saban and Lionsgate.

For @esteicy-blog

Also on Archive of our Own.

Detention wasn’t exactly how she had planned to spend her Saturday mornings, yet her mother made herself very clear it was out of the discussion a way out— she was going and she didn’t have any other choice.

And god knew her headphones weren’t enough to block out those idiots on the back of the classroom. She was indeed tempted to put on her hoodie like the most stereotypical problem kid just to block the noise— if not because then she might draw the attention of the actual problem kids. She had already enough problems by just being there and she didn’t need to add up bullies getting on her nerves.

Not like she could concentrate on the music that much, not when a piece of eraser hit the back of her head with way too much force on it, and as she put on back the headphones the not really discrete snorts of the others came to her ears.

Then again, she already enough problems just being there, it seemed.

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Tim Drake x Reader - Theater AU’s Pt. 1

This will be a three part story based off of the Theater AU’s written by @fangdiangelo and @jean-bo-peep

AU: I’m just supposed to be painting set but you heard me singing while i was working and now you’re forcing me to join the next musical

Requested: Nope, I had to do his for myself. Sorry, not sorry.

Word Count: 1330

Tagging: @nightwingdiva @cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet @solis200213 @angstytodd @colormemeow @king-wolfie  


It was a cool foggy day outside, and here you were in the tech room when you could have been taking pictures, you were painting the set for the next musical. You left the door open, the one that opens to the outside, and the fresh air was nice as you painted the front of a building that was built for a certain scene. The cool air was refreshing, and you had headphones in while you painted, drifting off into your own world as you mixed another color.

It must have been a while because you honestly were so lost in thought that you had finished most of the building before you took your headphones out again. You had to wash some of the cups, plates, and brushes you had been using, as well as your hands and arms. Walking over to the sink, you scrubbed and rinsed everything off, and then brought them back over to the floor where you had been sitting and painting, putting your headphones back in and grabbing a few colors to mix into one shade of a faded brown/red.

A song you immediately recognized came on, blaring into your ears as loud as your headphones would go, and making you feel at peace as you got back to work. You immersed yourself in your work, getting lost in thoughts and music once again, and you didn’t realize this, but you had started humming and then singing along.

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i layered this 5sos moaning audio with this audio of the song “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You” by Arctic Monkeys. None of these audios are mine, i just layered them.

listen with headphones!
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Can’t seem to make it right Part 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff

Words: 1449

Warning: swearing

Tag: @vashanatasha @supersoldier-wifey @skeletoresinthebasement @blueswallow5 @amazing-fandom-freak @hotstuff-demigods @akm0o @ladyc-thehunter @i-can-be-everything-i-want @sebstan01 @littlebitchyprincess @nennesse @suchwildloveisthis

Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕

Note: so this is the final part! I hope you all liked it and thanks for all the reblogs, likes and comments. I’m actually so proud of this story really!

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 4     PART 5

It has been two days since the party. A new week had begun and you still felt like shit. Bucky wouldn’t even look at you and if you tried to talk to him he would just look at you for a few seconds and walk away. If you tried to go into his room, he would lock the door. It was impossible. Steve only told you to give him as much time as he needed, but what if you gave him too much time? You needed to know if he still had feelings for you or if he hated you, which you would deserve.

“I don’t think he hates you”, Natasha said.

“He doesn’t even talk to me, or look at me”, you replied. Wanda, Nat and you were lying on your bed after dinner on Monday night. “Damn, he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me”, you added covering your face.

“You have to admit you messed it up”, Wanda pointed out. As helpful as always. “You know it’s not easy for him to open up and the moment he did so with you…well…”

“I made out with another guy just in front of his face. Thanks for remembering it”, you sighed. “Wanda, why don’t you just get into his head for a moment?”

“No”, she replied immediately.

That was a favour you had asked her like fifty times now, even when you knew she was completely against it and would never do it. But you were desperate. The only person Bucky talked to was Steve and the Captain wouldn’t give you a hint. Damn him and his fucking loyalty. You hated him.

“This is something you have to fix by yourself, (Y/N)”, Natasha said.

“I know but I don’t know how. He doesn’t even let me apologise”, you commented looking at the ceiling.

“Give him time”, Wanda shrugged.

“What if I give him too much time and he actually forgets about me?” You asked out loud for the first time.

“(Y/N), darling… he’s too much into you but…” Natasha shook her head. “I guess only time will tell.”

“You should let her in”, Steve told Bucky when he came into his best friend’s room.

“I did it and she betrayed me in less than 24h”, Bucky replied, not moving from the window.

With a sigh, Steve took a seat on Bucky’s bed looking at the soldier. He knew he had gone literally through hell and (Y/N) had been the only source of light in his life. And now?

“She’s also devastated, man”, Steve commented looking down at his hands.

“She has someone else to go to”, Bucky replied coldly.

“Bucky, she was drunk! Don’t you remember all the stupid things you did back in the 40s when you were intoxicated?” Steve exclaimed.

“I did not betray anyone!” Bucky said loud turning to look at Steve.

“You weren’t together! Well, you aren’t together. She was still free to do whatever she wanted, like I’ve told you a million times”, Steve said seriously. “Yes, she made a mistake, a big one, she shouldn’t have kissed that guy. But are you really going to let her go because of that? She really is trying to make it up to you but you haven’t even let her say sorry”

“I don’t wanna be torn Steve, I’ve gone through so much pain already”, Bucky sighed sitting next to the Captain.

“I know…” Steve said patting his friend’s back. “But she won’t hurt you. Not anymore. You know her, man… Stop with all that proud and just go and get the girl you love”

“I never said anything about love”, Bucky quickly replied.

“You don’t have to, pal”, Steve smirked as he got up. “I’m going to the city with Nat to buy some groceries, think about it. I’m sure you will do the right thing”, he winked before exiting the room.

There was only one thing that could help you to relax and clear your head when it was a complete mess. And that was jogging while listening to music. So you changed into some leggings and a top, put on your sneakers, took your iPod and went outside to run around the HQ.

You knew you had made a mistake when you kissed Michael, but you never thought you had completely fucked up the biggest opportunity to be happy in your life. And not only that, you had hurt the most amazing and loyal guy you knew. You were such a bitch. Of course he wouldn’t forgive you and of course Steve wouldn’t help you. It would be much better if you just gave up and let him live his own life for once and for all.

So when you saw him standing next to the door of the HQ you took it as your cue to go back inside and allow him enjoy the exterior world. You unplugged your headphones from your ears and turned off the iPod as you walked to the door, always looking down.

“Can we talk?”

You stopped when you heard his voice asking such thing. Was he really finally giving you the chance to say how sorry you were? Was this really happening to you?

“Yes…sure”, you mumbled.

Instead of walking in, Bucky walked to the gardens so you followed him tucking the iPod in your leggings somehow. You didn’t know if you were supposed to say anything or if he wanted to do all the talking so you just walked by his side fiddling with your fingers nervously.

After a few moments you were far enough from the complex to have some privacy so he stopped and turned to look at you. The moment his eyes locked with yours, you felt intimidated by all of him: his height, his blue eyes, his seriousness, his attractive…all of him.

“You know I’m mad, and disappointed and I feel betrayed”, he started saying which made you look down ashamed. “But I also know you’ve been trying to talk to me so… talk”

You looked up, words suddenly stuck on your throat. You had been looking forward apologising to him for the last two days and when you finally got the chance…you were speechless. But when he cleared his throat you shook your head and took a deep breath.

“I really am sorry, Bucky. I know… I know I shouldn’t have kissed Michael. It was a huge mistake and I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I want, I swear”, you said.

“Why you did it?” He asked crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“I was drunk and I got carried out in the moment”, you tried to explain. “I don’t know…music, alcohol, dancing…it was just crazy but the moment I kissed him I knew I was making a huge mistake”, you said.

“So…it wasn’t planned…” Bucky mumbled.

“Planned? I was forced to talk to him by my friend Leslie”, you sighed. “Honestly, I didn’t even feel like going to the party. I just wanted to be bowling with you and Steve”, you admitted.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes…  But I had promised a thousand times I would go to that party so I had to”, you explained. “I am sorry, Bucks, I really am”, you said gathering all the courage you could and taking a step closer to him. “I like you. So so much. Damn, I like you so much I think I’m falling for you. Hard. And I’m not afraid because I know, somehow, you will be there to catch me”, you said.

He looked down at you seriously but eventually he relaxed and sighed, uncrossing his arms and placing a hand on your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.

“Do you promise me there is nothing between you and the guy from the party?” He asked.

“I swear. There’s absolutely nothing”, you replied immediately. “Can you forgive me?” You whispered biting your lip.

He smiled a little and rubbed his thumb over your lip, sending shivers down your back as he took a step closer to you.

“I think there’s something I can do about it”, he smiled down at you, making you smile as well.

Biting your lip again, you placed a hand on his chest as he placed both of his hands on your hips. Before you even realised it, you two were kissing, slowly at first but more and more passionate every second.

“If I ever see that Michael…I will kill him”, Bucky mumbled against your lips.

“There’s no need, soldier. I’m only yours”, you mumbled back, pressing your lips together once again as he pressed you against himself even more.

Since the cluster all have the same birthdays

I just want to see them all have one big birthday party

and wolfgang would pretend to hate it but secretly he would be glad to have a family that actually cares for him - of course, felix would be there. He is his first true family, after all.

and kala and wolfgang would be all cute. and kala would dance and sing along to every song and get wolfgang to actually loosen up and have fun

and capheus would get super drunk - he’s a happy drunk - because for once he can forget about his responsibilities. For once, he doesn’t have to worry about money or gangs or medicine

and lito and hernando would be openly affectionate and happy and dani would be there watching how cute they are, appreciating that they’re finally publicly together

and will would be overjoyed that he’s with Riley. He could kiss her - actually kiss her in the flesh - and not look like he was kissing air

and Riley wouldn’t forget about losing her kid and husband - that’s not something you can forget - but the pain would lessen for once and she could finally take off her headphones and engage in the world. Naturally, she would make the playlist for the party

and Nomi would have Amanita there. Amanita would walk up to the other sense8s and just start talking like they were best friends. and Nomi would just be happy to finally have found such a loving, accepting family

and Sun … sun would let go of her quiet, reserved outward demeanor. she compares fighting techniques with will and capheus calls her the “van damme lady” all night and she doesn’t mind because she hasn’t felt like this since her mother died

Class Project ft. Bobby & Hanbin : Part II
(Part I: Here ) (Part III: Here )


You groan
*what the the heck* you roll around in bed so you were now facing the window
Right then, you see a small pebble fly up to your window *tap*
You sit up “what the hell..”
Slowly getting up you walk towards the window and open it
You didn’t see anybody down in the yard
“Annyeong” says a deep voice. 
You look up in the tree and you see Bobby sitting on the tree branch. 
“What th-”
Before you could finish your statement he jumps in your room.
hello partner" he says closing in on you
The back of your knees hit the edge of your bed, reflexing you to sit down, but he kept coming closer. You couldn’t say a word, you didn’t have any control to you pick up your arms and push him away. It was like he hypnotized you. 
He was so close to the point where he was on the bed, on top of you.
Bobby leaned in closer and closer towards your face.
You finally manage to speak "What are you doing, YAH KIM JIWON, STOP STOP!" 
You bolt up in your bed 
*oh my god, it was a dream* 
You ruffle your hair in distress 
"Yah are you an idiot too!?! Why are you having dreams like this!!!” You shout at yourself
You look at the clock. 5:15 a.m. 
You had two hours before you had to go school.
There was no way you could go back to sleep. 
You got up and head towards the bathroom 
“Might as well get ready" 
You showered, and got dressed in your uniform. 
You still had an hour before the school gates would open and you already finished your morning routine, breakfast included. 

You decided to just take the long way to school to waste time. 
You arrived at school just as the gates were opening, class usually starts 30 minutes after the gates open so you walk into the school courtyard.
You sit down on the bench at the far end, secluded from everything else, where trees basically hide your existence from teachers and staff. Where you would go and sit if you wanted to skip a certain class. 
You put your headphones in and drift off into your won world. 
You were just admiring the view when a piece of paper flew into your view. 
You removed your headphones and picked it up, examining it. It was a schedule, it looked like your schedule, except the name at the top stated otherwise. 

"Thank you” You pick your head up and look towards the source of the sound. You saw a brown haired boy, standing in front of you. 
“huh?” you muttered out 
“That’s my schedule” He says smiling, his dimple catching your eye. *cute*
“Oh! It looked like mine, we have all the same classes” you say handing it back to the owner. 
“Really? Then … ummm…” he trailed off 
You indirectly urged him to continue what he was saying 
He scratches the back of his neck, “Could you show me to my classes today? This school is just so big…… But you don’t have to if you don’t want to!”
You laugh, “It’s fine, We have all the same classes anyways" 
He shyly smiles in relief. 
"Class is almost gonna start, let’s start walking” You suggest, taking the lead. 
“Yeah we have this project going on, we’re going to be working on it for pretty much the rest of the year, Mr Lee is a…well….he’s an okay teacher" 
He laughs at your statement. 
You guys were the first ones in the classroom, the teacher hasn’t even shown up yet. 
"They’re are a lot of empty seats in this class since it’s not as full as the other ones. The seat next to me is empty, you can sit here” patting the partnering desk next to you. 
You place your notebook on your desk, He glances over at it, your name was embroidered on it. 
“_________? You have a pretty name” He compliments you 
“oh, thank you” You blush “Oh I forgot to ask you for your name” you add.
“Hanbin. Kim Hanbin” He smiles 
“Hey you have a pretty name too” You joke 
He laughs at your statement *she’s so cute* he quietly thought to himself. 

Class started and Mr.Lee made Hanbin introduce himself to the class. 
Mr.Lee was 10 minutes into the introduction of today when the door flung opened, revealing Bobby. 
“You’re late again Mr.Kim, This is your 3rd tardy, the next one will result in after school detention." 
Bobby ignores the teacher walks to his seat. Girls swooning over his existence as he passes by them. 

Class rolled by quickly and it was time for lunch
"Hey, I need to go to the office to turn in my form” Hanbin nudges you while you were gathering your stuff 
“Ok, i’ll meet you in the lunch room. You know how to get there right?” you ask
“Hey I’m not that stupid, I’ll follow the smell of the food” he replies
You laugh and he leaves the room.

“What’s up with you and that new kid?" 
You sigh and look up to see Bobby.
"What’s up with you.” You rhetorically reply, leaving the room before he even had a chance to say anything back. 

“Let’s eat lunch here” Hanbin says leading you to the secluded bench in the courtyard from earlier. 
“Is this our spot now” you ask setting your food down 
“Yeah, don’t tell anybody else, it’s special” he says cutely 
“Ok!” You say making the ok sign with your hand
“The school lunch here is good!” He says stuffing his mouth 
You laugh and notice he has a stain on his cheek 
“You eat like a child” You say wiping his face
Hanbin was flustered by your gesture and you too were surprised by your action. 
“Here try this!” You stuff a kimbap in his mouth 
*oh my gosh, why am i acting so weird* you mentally scolded yourself 
“Wow, it’s my first day here and a pretty girl is already feeding me” He smirks 
“Dont praise yourself so highly, I was just trying to stuff your mouth so I didn’t have to hear you talk” You say sticking out your tongue. 
Before you knew it, the school day was over. You were at your locker putting up your books and your clumsy hands dropped one of the floor, you went to pick it up but someone else did it for you. 
“What would you do without me, partner." 
"I don’t have time for your stupid jokes” You say closing your locker. 
You started walking, Bobby following right behind you. 
He grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “You know, I never really noticed but you’re actually pretty” Bobby says putting a strands of loose hair behind your ear. 
You gulped, too nervous to move an inch. You two were just standing in the middle of the hallway, eye to eye. 
You snapped back to reality and avoid his gaze. 
He laughed at you. Too embarrassed by your flustered actions you quickly walk away. 

You got home and quickly changed out of your school uniform, getting ready for the dinner with the neighbors. 
By the time you and your parents were ready it was 6:30 p.m. 

“Welcome! Welcome, we haven’t completely moved in but we were too excited to wait to invite you guys over” A woman your moms age greeted as she opened her door. “Welcome!” Says her husband. 

“Our son is upstairs, would you mind go getting him?”
“huh? I mean, sure” You smile 
*what the heck, how awkward T_T why did she have to ask me to go get him*
You walk upstairs and you hear a faint beat. Following the sound, you ended up at the front of a door. Probably the sons room. 
You knock and wait. The music stops and you hear footsteps coming closer and closer to you. You fix your hair and stood back. 
The door opened and out came a a brown haired boy. Hanbin. 
“Oh! You!” Your eyes widened 
“Did you follow me home” He teases
“You wish, I came here because your mom invited my family over" 
"Wait, you’re my neighbor? we’re neighbors?" 

This is a long ass chapter LOL 
Sorry if there are any mistakes
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Rough Nights: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

A/N: Howdy! So I’ve got three more CM ones coming at you! This is a request, that after a rough case everyone on the jet is asleep, save for Reid and Y/N - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A 

Warnings: They talk about the case


No matter how cool and inviting the seats were, every time you closed your eyes, your body decided to come alive with every thought you could possibly think, and your brain was working overtime. 

With tired eyes you gaze around the jet, thinking that if you were a comedian, this would be a hard crowd to please. 

Morgan had his seat reclined all the way, blanket on just his upper body, headphones making him cut off from the world around him. JJ was asleep sitting up, Rossi the same. 

Hotch had laid out across the one couch, and Prentiss was long asleep, her face covered with a warm blanket. You could always call and talk to Garcia, but waking her up when it was 2:47AM back in Quantico, you second guessed your decision. 

You settled your eyes on Spencer, curled up with a pillow on the arm of a chair, his body turned into a mass neatly arranged arms and legs, his eyes closed, but never still. 

With a light breath, you lean back against your chair once more, and pull your blanket up around your chin, making sure it was tucked about your feet as well. 

If the Jeopardy music could have played, it would have, as you watched the time go by, ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty six minutes. You groan, angry at the world, and sit straight upright once more. 

“I can’t sleep either” his voice startles you, and you almost break your neck as you snap to look at him. 

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you” his eyes were the mirror image of your own, a slight smile on his face, probably at the mess of your current look. “No, it’s okay, I thought you were sleeping”. 

“Nope, somebody else knows how you feel” he keeps his voice low, but you hang on his every word, and it makes him easy to hear. 

“I don’t know if it’s the time, or my body, or my mind.. I just can’t drift off” you try to make sure your voice is just like his own, and he shakes his head. “I used to play that same game, what is it about me that is making it so hard to sleep, but you just can’t blame yourself after so many sleepless nights. It’s the case that’s getting to you, experience tells me the same”. 

You hadn’t wanted to admit it, but he made it so easy to come to terms with, as he sat there, his shirt and pants a ruffled mess, his hair tussled, exhaustion exaggerating his every feature. 

“I just can’t get her face out of my head for long enough to convince myself that I’m okay, you know?” he nods, “Neither can I. We’ve been doing this for how long, and yet they still get in our heads, and make us remember them”. 

He was talking about the teenager, her name was Annaliese, and she was 15 years old. 

She was the last victim of Ray Morles, a serial killer of Tennessee who prayed on girls who looked like his sons last girlfriend. All of you had had trouble wrapping your head around his choice of victim, but in the end it had all made sense to you. 

“I just will never think it rational to kill girls who looked like the last girlfriend your son had before he died, will you?” you know that he’ll have a smart, and analytic way of understanding, but he faltered this time. 

“I… I want to say I can, but I don’t know if I can say that I do. His son died in a car accident, he was driving under the influence and crashed the car. The only reason his girlfriend didn’t die is because she refused to get in the car with him.. And so Morles went after girls who looked like her, in some sort of sick revenge?”. 

He tried so hard to make sense of it, but he stumbled over his words, you figured out of pure fatigue. 

“I know, I agree with you, I can’t make it rational, but I can see his thought process in some way. I’m just so tired, I can’t lay down, I lay down at the seats seem to come up and eat me alive for even trying. Her bloodshot eyes, they just stare at me, asking me why?”.

He presses a finger to his lips, not to make you quiet down, but to show you that it’s okay to be afraid, and he understands. 

“When I was younger, and I used to stay up thinking of how my Dad left, my Mum would hold me so tightly and tell me that it wasn’t my fault. She gave me that grace, and I can never thank her enough”. He opens up, and you can’t help but feel grateful for his words.

“I used to have nights like this, and it took me so long to realize that I was never comfortable unless I was held, or had the security of someone close”. 

As the words tumble forth from your lips, you realize what you’e just said, and he grins at you. “A pair of arms is all it takes, hm?” his yawn sets off your own and you nod as you cover your mouth. 

“Pardon me, but it seems like it, in both of our stories” as you wipe at your eyes, he pats the seat next to him. “I don’t want to waste this night away, wondering about all the what-ifs, can we.. Can we try?”.

“Yea, yea of course we can” you stretch up, taking your blanket with you as you sit beside him, wondering if you should take the first move 

“Here” he says, he watches where you are carefully so that he doesn’t bump or move you, and lays down at the back, giving you the front. “I don’t want to squish you” you say, bringing forth laughter from the tired man. 

“Just lay down silly” it almost strikes you that he called you silly, but you listen to him, and curl up into his side. He wraps an arm around your waist, and you watch it rise and fall in time with you breathing. 

“Thanks Reid” you breathe, and you feel him nod behind you, “Any time, get some sleep”. Craning your neck around, you smile at him, getting to really look at his face up close.

“You’re beautiful” he mumbles, just loud enough for it to stay in between the two of you. “Thank you, you’re not bad at all either” you make light of being so intimately close with him for the first time.

He leans down, and presses his lips gently against yours, “Sorry, I just felt like I should go for it” he grins, and you feel as if he was reading your mind. “Don’t apologize Spence”. 

You don’t even make it another five minutes and you’re asleep, the last time you looked at the clock it was close to 4.

“Look at this, this is just too much, this is great” your ears seem to wake up before the rest of you, and you start to stir, the warmth between Reid and you still there. 

“Good morning sleepy head” Rossi’s voice is instantly recognizable, and you groan as you open your eyes. 

Looking down, Spence still holds you, but he’s starting to move too. 

“Say cheese” you stare at Morgan as he snaps picture after picture on his phone. “Stop” you whine, and Spencer’s head pops up behind yours, his hair even messier than when you fell asleep. 

“Morgan, do you not remember what happened to your music the last time you thought it would be funny to ‘get me’?” his voice is tired, and husky, and you can’t help but cracking a smile as he pulls you back down into him. 

“Right, well we’re leaving, but if you want to stay I guess?” he rubs your arm as Hotch looks down at the two of you. 

“We’ll be out in five, just give us a minute” you want to protest, but you know you need to get back up. It’s just to drive yourself home anyway, and catch up on the rest of your sleep before going back to the office. 

“I’ll drive, your place” he’s teasing, but not wholeheartedly, and you laugh. “I drive, my place is fine”.