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38. Our muses are spies from opposing sides, but wanting what you can’t have is only human right?

He pulled out her chair for her and flashed her a smile. Theirs was a strange circumstance. They knew, of course, they both knew that the other person was sent there to get information and leave, and yet here they were, sitting down to a seemingly civil dinner. “Anything to drink,” he asked, peering over his menu at her.

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"Does your wife/husband know?" (no smut, of course)

“Erm- Well, not exactly. I might have… might have told her that I was just going out for a cup of tea. I didn’t tell her that I was meeting you, River. You know I can’t. But I came anyway. I shouldn’t have, it’s been too long. There’s so much distance between us now. I thought you were gone for good- But now you’re back. And I have a new wife. And I still- I still care for you River. So what am I supposed to do? Tell me. Because I don’t know." 

That's why she makes that noise || closed || headmistresssonglunauniversity

After getting several suggestions from other’s to go and meet up with Cleo again he agreed with a huff. It seemed she was trying to get his attention by making several tablet with hieroglyphs on it. After h found the third one with a message he finally launched the TARDIS to ancient Egypt, mentally preparing for his meetup. 

He doubted if he should change in some more decent clothes but didn’t, walking out after straightening his bowtie. Of course he had to explain to the guards who he was before being brought to her. 

That was unexpected. As he simply walked into her throne room there was someone else he knew. Those curls would be recognized everywhere. For a moment his eyes lingered on River before returning to Cleopatra, making a small bow. “I got your messages… Your Highness.”

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M!A: sucky symptoms. Fever, coughing, sneezing, chills, nausea, headaches for 24 hours.

Clever woke up with a major headache. Looking around his vision was dizzy. Already he could tell something was wrong. Trying to get out of bed he falls to the ground. “Fantastic.” He growls. Crawling to the trash can next to the couch. He grabs it by the edges of it and pulls it to him as he goes to it. Head poking in it he makes a VERY attractive sound. Done after a few seconds he growls again. “FANTASTIC.”  Pushing it away, he grabs the blanket on the couch and pulls it to him. ” ……..Fantastic…….”

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"No one ever serenades me any more."


The Doctor looked up from the paper he was reading, looking over at River curiously. He didn’t even know that she liked to be serenaded. Singing wasn’t a problem, he could do that easily. “Well then. I’ll have to correct that situation won’t I?” He stood from his seat, walking over to her and slipping an arm around her waist, pulling her against his chest as he started swaying side to side.

“I wish I could do better by you, ‘cause that’s what you deserve. You sacrifice so much of your life in order for this to work. While I’m off chasing my own dreams, sailing around the world. Please know that I’m yours to keep, my beautiful girl.”  

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River rolled her eyes. “It’s miss or headmistress, Doctor, not mistress. I’ve never liked following normal society rules, especially the ones for widows. They’re terribly dull.” She chuckled. “What?” She tilted her head. “Has the cat got your tongue or something like that,” She purred. 

“Yeah, some’ing like that. You’re a widow? Shame. I do hope the loss was unexpected.” Despite his research on the Doctor of this universe, XI’s knowledge of anything to do with his relationship with River Song - bar that they had been/were/would be married - was sparse.

River smiled sadly. “I’m afraid he fully expected it.” His faked feelings towards me were only ever out of guilt.

XI knew enough to know that her Doctor was still alive out there somewhere, but he was not about to correct her on the matter just yet. Maybe it wasn’t even the Doctor she was speaking of and she had married some other man. “What was it? Or would you rather not talk on the subject?”

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