headmistress morgan

i love moms ok

i love parental figures, blood or not, legal guardian or not, and I really love moms (mine is like perf tbh) (and also apologies to anyone who this triggers)


so first off, she’s a mom and that’s physically, mentally, and emotionally superhuman. plus she’s a big sister and from our POV there’s no deep antagonism between her and Abby so you know that there’s something solid and so loving there

rachel is also a spy, so you know that when Cam was still of Able-to-Be-Carried-Anywhere size she’d scope out a room the minute she entered it and think ‘grab Cammie, solar plexus kick to that guy, right hook on that one, and the window’s clear’ or whatever. Matt never really factored into those equations because she knew he’d handle whatever was left 

(i also have this sub-headcanon that she was able to get back to work like, ridiculously fast after giving birth but chose not to because MOMMY TIME, and abby was like ‘wtf sis how are you the size of Xena again, you just had a kid’ and rachel was like ‘I know, isn’t Cam perfect’ and then matt did that thing that will smith did to jada pinkett smith on the red carpet like ‘YES look at her perfection’)

she’s also married to another spy (twice, but we’ll get to that) and could flatten him at any time basically but was also OVER THE FUCKING MOON for the guy and you know there were the kick-ass-ing-est couple this side of Black Widow and Hawkeye and more loving and smitten than Gomez and Morticia Adams

then she LOST that man and there wasn’t even a case of ‘oh no i need this man to function’ it was a massive case of lost love and, while we don’t know what she did during that mission Cam said she went on after the funeral, we know that ‘sometimes a spy doesn’t need a cover. Sometimes she needs a shield’ and the body count was HIGH AF for that mission, wherever and whatever it was. 

then Gallagher Academy happened and her official title became Headmistress Rachel Morgan and first of all, A+ on strong-sounding names, and second of all, she was the queen of Women Who Are Not to Be Messed With. I think of all the times she was ever mad in the books, which weren’t often because she’s probably a very hard woman to vex in the first place, and I was reminded of my own mom–she wouldn’t ever hurt you physically but you’d wish she had. 

oh yeah, and then Joe came back and I still wish we got to see a bit of awkward adorable fumbling from her because SHE FELL IN LOVE AND GOT MARRIED AGAIN WITHOUT INVALIDATING THE FIRST MARRIAGE OR HER KID IT’S SO WONDERFUL

remember how Cammie disappeared? And how everyone spent several months trying to find her? well not only was Rachel at the forefront of the search, but she was most likely directly involved with all of it. Any mom would do anything to keep their kids safe, but because of her skills, Rachel fucking Morgan is one of the only people who can actually own up to that and FUCK SHIT UP because no one takes her little girl from her and lives to talk about it

and it took most of the 6th book, but no one, in fact, lived to talk about it. 

in short I love Rachel Morgan-Solomon and you all should too

679. The P&E final at the Gallagher Academy requires each student to face off against a faculty member. The students are under the impression that they have to beat him or her within the allotted 20-minute timeframe in order to pass, but in reality they are graded based on effort, skill, and creativity. In recent years, the faculty opponent has been Headmistress Morgan. No one has failed the final, but no one has lasted the entire 20 minutes against her, either. 

Anon: Friendship week still has a spot right? Could you do the four girls meeting up for the first time after graduation and starting their new lives?

Ahhhh yes an ot4 piece I was hoping I’d get one of these and boy do I have the perfect piece for you, my friend.  Enjoy these nerds bein’ nerds!

Four’s Company

They’ve met up in pairs, sometimes in threes.  Each girl has seen the other at some point within the last three months, be it in a group or one-on-one.  Hell, they’ve had summer vacations that lasted longer than this, so today doesn’t really feel any different than usual aside from the fact that they’re not wearing skirts and they feel decidedly older than they did before.

Bex flew in yesterday and spent the night on Cam’s futon.  Liz took the train in this morning.  Macey’s been pacing back and forth in one of the three DC homes her parents own – the one they never stay in.  She would say she’s nervous about seeing them again, except she’s not.  In fact, this is the only part of her life that she isn’t nervous about.

She decides to leave early.  She’ll probably get there too soon, but with DC traffic it’s hard to tell, and she’s tired of waiting around.  

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