i have much more sympathy with fellow schizophrenics on here than any other diagnoses, maybe because it’s less likely to be self diagnosed because everyone who doesn’t know what it’s like consider it The Worst, Having Lost It Completely, Not Even Compatible With The “Daddy Issues Lana Del Rey Babe” Role [which mentally ill women may feel forced to take on to stay attractive outside tumblrs self-diagnosis pity contest, fyi]

also, people who wanna make themselves interesting through having “headmates” are aware identity dissociating isn’t a basic part of schizophrenia so they take DID on instead. hahaha

i know that many people are afraid of the concept of being crazy in itself, a lot of people are scared and shocked at the FACT that they are hallucinating rather than of the content of their hallucination. now that i’m unmedicated i have accepted that i get hallucinations at night and i still afraid of the stuff things look like but hallucinating is a part of my life and i see them kind of as the simple price i pay for being able to be happy in the day (because i first experienced happiness after i stopped taking antipsychotic medicine)

schizophrenia does not prevent a good life and i hope everyone else with this diagnosis will be safe and happy today

I feel bad for those suffering with Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder having to deal with preteens turning the very real and very scary problems that come with those disorders into an “identity” that they can reap oppression points from.

just had the best idea

HOW ABOUT if you don’t have DID you don’t tell DID systems:

-how they can/can’t act
-what types of alters they can/can’t have
-how many alters they can/can’t have
-how they can/can’t talk about their illness
-how they can/can’t interact with the DID community
-how they can/can’t “romanticize” their illness
-what terms they can/can’t use
-how they can/can’t cope
-literally anything else that you obviously can’t understand 1st hand because you don’t have DID so stop trying to police how we deal with something that you will never understand as well as we do

So, now that I'm a bit more calm.

My rant last night had nothing to do with those people who actually have dissociative identity disorder.

My rant had everything to do with those people who think having D.I.D. is some fantastical disorder where they can have all the people they’ll never get to talk to live in their head and adore them.

My rant was about these same people who claim to have fictives, factives, headmates, alters, etc living in their head (with no trauma whatsoever) and are using it as a fucking roleplaying game or whatever they are fucking doing with it.

These same people are starting a huge “multiplicity” trend on Tumblr, it’s making those of us WITH the disorder get bombarded by asshole Anons , other people are supporting their little games, and not only that, but they are putting it in the DID tag.

That is what I am furious about. If you want to pretend that Loki and Sherlock keep you warm and fuzzy in your head at night, go ahead. 

But don’t you DARE put it in the fucking D.I.D. tag.

D.I.D. isn’t some fucking cool ass label you can just slap on yourself.

It’s a fucking mental disorder.

*The exception would be those who have D.I.D. and have a fictive (I really don’t know much about that, tbh.)

I don’t know if natural headmates are a thing or not, but just because you want to pretend to have them, or perceive that you have them, does NOT mean you have D.I.D.

DID is caused by TRAUMA. Don’t know what that is? LOOK IT THE FUCK UP.

You are making a mockery of what has happened to us as a whole, and I will no longer refrain from calling you out on your bullshit.

This is STRICTLY speaking to THOSE WITHOUT DID, who are using the DID tag/label/disorder as a cool new trend to hop onto.

A rant about Multiple Systems

Here’s the deal. If you are one of the people who claims to be a multiple system, you are scum. You are pretending to have multiple personalities in order to gain attention by blogging about it on Tumblr. For people with conditions that could be described as such, it is just plain insulting for someone to take a life crippling disease and turn it into your latest fun fact about yourself.

If you had even met someone that had one of those conditions, you would realize that it’s not an ‘alternative life choice’, or anything but something that is a curse on it’s sufferers and who’s victims would like nothing better than to rid themselves of it.

But ofcourse, as it is with all things, I can’t make you stop attention seeking. I just hope people realize what they are doing is incredibly dickish.

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okay but like….. do any of you “headmates are fake!!!! haha tumblr!!!! sjws!!!!!!!!!gross!!!!! ahhahahaha u tacokin Empire State Building-kin Britney Spears-kin weirdos!!!!!!” people actually realize that dissociative identity disorder is a real life thing and being a dick about people saying they have headmates is one of the most damaging things you can do to someone who’s already suffered extreme trauma and deal with a debilitating mental illness every day… honestly like stop spreading these things this is honestly just so wrong. and the fact that you’re willing to hurt mentally ill people just because you think it’s justified to bully the people who make it up is really really disgusting.

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Something to note: The word headmate is a term used by folks with DID. 

While troll blogs like to toss around the word and say “Hitler is my headmate!!!! XDD”, it is still used by DID systems and median systems.

When you say “headmates are fake,” “I hate these people who say headmates and mock a real mental illness”, you are mocking those who actually have a mental illness. You’re not helping.

Okay is there somebody on this goddamn site who can explain what a “headmate” is without insults or trying to sound funny? I have read all kinds of descriptions but i still don’t know what a headmate is because the only things i read are “they are disgusting pathetic pieces of shit” listen thats not what i want to know. I want to know what a headmate is, i want to have a serious explanation instead of a stupid tumblr rant. If anyone on this site is capable of explaining what a headmate is in a decent way without using insults and actually explains it well. I would be very thankfull, because the way tumblr explains things is unbelievable shitty

Imagine if SJWs got away with the shit they say on Tumblr in real life...

-“We have discovered such extensive evidence to pinpoint you as the main suspect in this man’s death.”
“It wasn’t me. My headmate killed him.”

-”Why the hell are you shitting on my lawn?”

-”Excuse me, ma’am, I think you’re in the wrong restroom.”
“Actually, I’m trigender, so I can piss wherever I want, you cisgendered shitlord.”

-”Why are you in the Klan?”
“I’m not racist, I’m just triggered by ethnic people.”

Minerva has this really adorable habit of saying "Hullo boys"

whenever Fred and George appear on screen. 
I wish I could watch her watch them.
I see her in the headspace and I want to squeeze her cheeks.
In that big-sisterly-kind-of-way.
…And I think she’s gotten homesick again because of watching the Harry Potter movies again :C
But … omg
Her face
It’s adorable
But she misses her friends and her school and being…not here ><;