headlock driver

vandallsavage replied to your post: I still think its funny how people are in awe…

the way Kofi sold it made that finisher look good too

It definitely all depends on how the victim sells it

Case in point, look how JTG and Kofi sells it:

And look how Titus O'Neil sells it:

I’m curious how good the move would look done on others. Dolph Ziggler will sell the ever living shit out of it tho.

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Main Event Results / July 29th 2014

After being made to go out on a ‘promotional tour’ and miss Monday Night RAW, Dean arrived on Main Event in a bad mood. Shaking hands and taking pictures with babies isn’t exactly his thing but the Authority will do anything to get him away from their precious Seth Rollins, won’t they? Dean says the Authority can do whatever they like, he won’t stop and he’ll go through everything they have to throw at him just to get to Rollins. He challenges Rollins to get his backside out to the ring and face him like a man – but as per usual, Rollins is nowhere to be found. Instead, Dean’s challenge is answered by Alberto Del Rio who comes to the ring and tells Dean he’s wearing a target on his shoulder and tonight he’s going to rip his arm off and take it home to put on his mantle. Dean dares him to try it but as the two get in one anothers faces, Alberto strikes Dean with a kick to the shoulder and then bolts like he ate a bad sandwich to the back. Leaving Dean seething in the ring.

The match headlines the night and with Dean in a foul mood its vicious from the outset. Dean takes early control of things and works on wearing the hardy Del Rio down. The action spills to the outside and Dean’s favorite environment, Dean sending Alberto smashing in to the barrier before tossing him back in to the ring. After tying Del Rio up like a pretzel the tides turn as Dean charges and Del Rio dodges, sending Ambrose smashing in to the ring post shoulder first.

Alberto follows in the footsteps of others and begins to pick apart Dean’s shouler, but as ever he endures the punishment Del Rio has to give and battles back, getting Del Rio on the run again and hitting his signature suicide dive on Alberto on the outside. With things looking to be well and truly in Dean’s favor, Seth Rollins makes his appearance. Distracting Dean, Ambrose drops out of the ring and the pair launch in to a fist fight. The bell is rung and Del Rio is disqualified. Rollins attempts to get the best of Dean however Dean turns the tables and sends Rollins smashing in to the barrier. Rolling him in to the ring, Dean then knocks him right out of it again, sending Rollins running for the hills. Dean challenges him to return but it seems like Rollins has had quite enough for one night. Instead, Ambrose grabs Del Rio and hits him with his Headlock Driver to put the exclamation point on a successful night.

Go run to your Daddy, Rollins.