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Hello :3 I'm the anon who requested for the kids to walk in on their dads "makin" Dadsona and I would just like to apologize for this misunderstanding. I really meant like more of a sweetheart situation than a lewd display is what the kids would've been seeing, like cuddling, cheek pecks, nose kisses or even some gentle flirting. I am not even into stuff that goes beyond making out, I just have a weird vocab -w- Please ignore my stupid wording and go on with your wonderful life

Hi there! Thank you so much for clarification and I’m sorry if my reply came across as rude or judgemental. I hope you’ll like what I’ve written! There’s a little extra something at the bottom ;)

🥃 Robert isn’t really one for public displays of affection and you could respect that; he is a very private person in general, even if that statement would surprise most people. Sure, he talks a lot, he tells stories, but they barely contain any truth. The most you expect when it comes to physical stuff when you’re out is an arm around your shoulders or him squeezing your thigh or arm, so when Robert pulls you close against him and guides your head to rest on his shoulder, you’re surprised. Judging by her expression, so is Val. She is staying the week at her father’s place and the three of you are hanging out at Jim and Kim’s. They had come a long way since Amanda’s graduation party. There still are obstacles, but they’re getting there, step by step. Sometimes, it feels like they’d never been apart in the first place. You look up at Robert, about to ask why he’s so touchy-feely today, but his expression makes you pause. He’s smiling. And his eyes, they’re sparkling, like the ice in his drink. It takes your breath away. You turn your head to Val, who returns your gaze with a shrug and an eye roll addressed to her father, who throws a grape at her. But she’s smiling too.

🍸Joseph, much to his children’s annoyance, is a very tactile person. Perhaps it’s got something to do with him being happy and wanting to let the world know, perhaps it’s just his personality. Either way, his children don’t like it. Part of you suspects he might be taking it up a notch just to annoy them. Something hits the back of your head and you don’t have to look to know it was one of the tiny rubber balls Chris likes to play with. You move to turn around, but Joseph curls his hand around your nape and gently keeps you in place so he can continue rubbing his nose against yours in little nose kisses. It’s silly and you love it. Again, the kids, not so much. “Stop,” Christie whines and dramatically flops down halfway across Joseph’s legs. Without stopping the nose kissing, he nudges her until she lies more comfortably with her head in his lap. “Stooop.” Again, he ignores her, a faint smirk on his lips the only evidence he heard her. Apparently Christie recruited her twin brother for her efforts, because Christian suddenly flopped down on Joseph too. “Stooooop.” Joseph tries to ignore the two, but then Chris decides to join in on the fun, which sends Joseph flat on his back, the children on top. He laughs and tries to push them off, but they hold on. For good measure, you place Crish on the top of the pile.

☕ Mat is a very, very affectionate person. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in private or in public, he’s almost constantly touching you in some way or the other, even if it’s only a brush of his arm against yours. You’re spending some of your free time in the Coffee Spoon while Mat works behind the counter. He makes sure to drop by your table whenever he can to kiss the top of your head or give you a free refill – dating the owner of a coffee shop has its perks. That’s the scene Carmensita walks in on, coming home from school: Mat kissing your forehead, his hand resting on your shoulder; you nosing along his jaw, intending to find his lips for a quick kiss. Her backpack falling on the ground next to you causes the two of you to break apart, the moment gone like a bubble that burst. Mat blushes deep red, but you can feel the heat in your own cheeks, too. Carmensita giggles and sits down on the couch next to you with a wide grin. “That was gross.” Being the mature person you are, you stick out your tongue. After making sure her day at school went okay, Mat goes back to work, leaving you two alone. You’re about to go back to surfing on your phone when Carmensita leans in. “Thank you for making Dad happy again,” she whispers. Mat shoots you a confused look when you pull her into a hug, your eyes wet.

🌹 Damien isn’t big on public displays of affection, but once you’re both past the initial stage of awkwardness in your relationship, he warms up to it at home. Apparently, his favourite thing to do, is to wrap his arms around your waist and kiss your cheek. Some evenings, you will cuddle on his couch. Like you are now. Your head is cushioned on his chest, one of his arms wrapped around your middle while he draws patterns on your back which you try to guess, and you couldn’t be more content. “What are you smiling about, my love?” You lift your head to find Damien looking at you with a curious expression. Instead of answering verbally, you crane your neck and kiss him. He hums, tightening his grip a little, and settles his hand on the small of your back. There’s no sense of urgency behind the kiss; neither of you attempts to deepen it. You just buried your fingers in his luscious hair when the front door opens and Lucien walks inside. It takes you two a few moments to realise you’re not alone anymore and to draw apart. Your instinct is to move off Damien, but he gently keeps you lying on top of him. “How was your movie, Lucien?” The teen shrugs. “It was fine. I’ll be in my room.” Once he’s gone, you turn back to Damien and raise an eyebrow. “I’m surprised by his lack of care.” Damien chuckles. “I’ve raised him well.” You fondly roll your eyes and kiss his chin.

🎣 Just like he’s always bragging about, well, anything, Brian seems to really enjoy showing you off. The easiest way to do that in public is by wrapping his arm around your waist and kissing you, no matter the situation. At home, his love for physical affection doesn’t lessen – if anything, it increases. You quickly become used to him randomly pulling you into his arms, picking you up or kissing whatever part of your body, shoulders-up, he can reach. It’s no different today. You’re outside; the sun is shining with just the right intensity, there’s a light breeze, and Brian is mowing the lawn without a shirt on. All in all, you muse, life is good. He finishes with his next set, having divided the lawn into quarters, and gets off the lawnmower. You know exactly what’s about to happen as he walks up to you and so, you’ve already lifted your head by the time he stops in front of you. All he has to do is lean down to kiss you, cradling your face in his big, but gentle hands. “Hey Dad! Hey Y/N!” Brian draws back again and turns just in time to catch Daisy, who launched herself at him. He laughs and lifts her up into his arms. “I’m just going to finish mowing the lawn real quick. We’ll eat dinner afterwards, alright?” He puts her back down and, before resuming his work, kisses you again. Daisy doesn’t even twitch. She’s more than used to it by now.

👟 It’s one of the biggest games of the softball season and so, emotions are running high. You’ve been on the edge of your seat ever since the opposing team took the lead. Thankfully, the rest of the audience is just as excited as you are; even Craig, who usually gives off an aura of pure calm and optimism, is agitated, varying between shouts of encouragement and orders. Then, finally, one of the Maple Bay girls scores the match-winning point and the audience goes wild. You’d definitely be hoarse tomorrow from all the shouting you are doing. Somehow, you make it through the rows of celebrants down to the field, where Craig is celebrating with his team. Later on, you would blame the heat of the moment, the excitement still running through your veins. You grip Craig’s shirt and pull him down into a kiss. After a second of surprise, he tugs you closer and wraps his arms around you, reciprocating just as eagerly. It’s only the loud “Eww”s coming from the girls that reminds you of where you are and, more importantly, that you have an audience. You flinch away from Craig and immediately blush deeply. Craig’s face isn’t any less red than yours. “C-congrats, girls! You were awesome.” They stare at you with blank expressions. Briar and Hazel turn to look at each other in disgust and roll their eyes. “We’ve changed our minds. You can’t date our dad anymore.” The seriousness of that statement makes you laugh. “I’ll get you ice cream.” They communicate without words, in the way only twins and drunk people can, and finally nod. “Okay, you’re on probation.”

📖 You throw the door open with more vigour than necessary and let out a “whoop”. Damn, you’re pumped! You and Hugo went to the final match of the championship, the fight for the title, and The Eastern Dragon won. There’s no longer blood running through your veins, but pure adrenaline. You’re almost more ecstatic than Hugo. Or he’s just better at composing himself. “That last throw!” You turn around, literally bouncing on your heels, and grasp his arms in an attempt to ground yourself. He grins and tugs you closer until your chests are pressed together. “You mean the Headlock driver?” You huff. “I don’t care what it’s called, it was awesome! Thank you for taking me.” Hugo’s grin softens, makes way for a loving smile. You raise your arms to wrap them around his neck as he embraces you around your waist. The adrenaline slowly fades, but your skin is still buzzing and you feel energised, almost like you’re high. You lean in at the same time, your lips meeting halfway. You just stand there, kissing, for some time. Just as you thought about heating things up when the door is thrown open for a second time. Ernest barely spares you two a glance, but, storming past you, he still manages to scowl and bark out “Get a room!” You look from the dust he left in his hasty retreat back to Hugo and chuckle. “Want to get a room?”

Bonus: 🐼

Thanksgiving, Amanda comes back to Maple Bay from college to spend the holiday with her father. Well, her father, his boyfriend and boyfriend’s family. It’s still weird to see her Pops, the most socially awkward person she knows beside Mat, in a relationship – not because of her Dad, but because… when did he up his date game?? She’s excited to see how things progressed ever since she left for college. She knows her Pops practically lives in [Dad]’s house now, since he told her over skype, but there are more things than just that. Have they picked up some of their partner’s quirks and habits? Who cooks (she sincerely hopes it’s not Pops or someone might die of food poisoning), who makes the laundry? She parks in front of their house and immediately hops out. She doesn’t waste any time, just heads straight over to [Dad]’s home. The door is open when she tries the knob, so she pushes it open and barges right in. “Guess who’s—“ Amanda trails off. Her father and [Dad] might have jumped apart the moment they heard her, but they weren’t quick enough for her not to have seen what they’d been up to. Pretty G, all things considered. Doesn’t mean she’s not going to do her daughterly duty and act grossed out. “Ew!” She mock gags. “That’s so not what I wanted to see first thing I come back home.” Her father scrambles to his feet and pulls her into a bone-crushing hug. Across his shoulder, she sees [Dad] stand up as well. She winks. Glad her old man still has it in him.

vandallsavage replied to your post: I still think its funny how people are in awe…

the way Kofi sold it made that finisher look good too

It definitely all depends on how the victim sells it

Case in point, look how JTG and Kofi sells it:

And look how Titus O'Neil sells it:

I’m curious how good the move would look done on others. Dolph Ziggler will sell the ever living shit out of it tho.

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Main Event Results / July 29th 2014

After being made to go out on a ‘promotional tour’ and miss Monday Night RAW, Dean arrived on Main Event in a bad mood. Shaking hands and taking pictures with babies isn’t exactly his thing but the Authority will do anything to get him away from their precious Seth Rollins, won’t they? Dean says the Authority can do whatever they like, he won’t stop and he’ll go through everything they have to throw at him just to get to Rollins. He challenges Rollins to get his backside out to the ring and face him like a man – but as per usual, Rollins is nowhere to be found. Instead, Dean’s challenge is answered by Alberto Del Rio who comes to the ring and tells Dean he’s wearing a target on his shoulder and tonight he’s going to rip his arm off and take it home to put on his mantle. Dean dares him to try it but as the two get in one anothers faces, Alberto strikes Dean with a kick to the shoulder and then bolts like he ate a bad sandwich to the back. Leaving Dean seething in the ring.

The match headlines the night and with Dean in a foul mood its vicious from the outset. Dean takes early control of things and works on wearing the hardy Del Rio down. The action spills to the outside and Dean’s favorite environment, Dean sending Alberto smashing in to the barrier before tossing him back in to the ring. After tying Del Rio up like a pretzel the tides turn as Dean charges and Del Rio dodges, sending Ambrose smashing in to the ring post shoulder first.

Alberto follows in the footsteps of others and begins to pick apart Dean’s shouler, but as ever he endures the punishment Del Rio has to give and battles back, getting Del Rio on the run again and hitting his signature suicide dive on Alberto on the outside. With things looking to be well and truly in Dean’s favor, Seth Rollins makes his appearance. Distracting Dean, Ambrose drops out of the ring and the pair launch in to a fist fight. The bell is rung and Del Rio is disqualified. Rollins attempts to get the best of Dean however Dean turns the tables and sends Rollins smashing in to the barrier. Rolling him in to the ring, Dean then knocks him right out of it again, sending Rollins running for the hills. Dean challenges him to return but it seems like Rollins has had quite enough for one night. Instead, Ambrose grabs Del Rio and hits him with his Headlock Driver to put the exclamation point on a successful night.

Go run to your Daddy, Rollins.