Ytellradio announced the TMFC Global Radio Chart. The radio chart provides an overview of listener engagement and feedback on songs in rotation on the TMFC Radio Station.  

R5 made the TMFC Global Radio Chart this week. One Last Dance placed R5 on the radio chart. R5 achieved a chart position based on airplay and listener ratings.

See the chart position for R5 On the TMFC Global Radio Chart.—07062015

“John Boehner Cries at Taco Bell Event” - actual news headline from 2014

Dude, I get it. May I suggest the “Taco Eclipse of the Heart” v-neck tee at The blue would compliment your skin tone nicely.

Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming referendum 'No'

Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming referendum ‘No’

Greeks voted overwhelmingly on July 5 to reject terms of a bailout, risking financial ruin in a show of defiance that could splinter Europe. With nearly half of the votes counted, official figures showed 61 percent of Greeks rejecting the bailout offer. An official interior ministry projection confirmed the figure as close to the expected final tally. The astonishingly strong victory by the ‘No’…

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It definitely is not the responsibility of other European nations to rescue Greece. They should be permitted to suffer under their own incompetence. They made their bed and they now must sleep in it as a failed state under a liberal government that has only made things worse.
As much as President Obama wants to blame all our problems on guns, he is more wrong and more often than any other national figure in recent memory. Guns do not kill people, as they cannot go out on a rampage and kill people on their own without a shooter. Instead of going after our right to defend ourselves, how about going after the unhinged idiots who make these insane decisions?