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A jungkook scenario in which he is your best friend and you have to bail him out of dangerous situations constantly, even if it means putting your feelings aside. 

Genre: Smut and action


The sound of skin on skin filled the room, wanton moans and grunts of pleasure rang out into the night. This was probably the 3rd girl he had been with this week, and it was only Wednesday. 

 "Jungkook I’m so close" she mewled from beneath him, her nails running down his biceps, back arching from her bed. Jungkook picked up his speed, angling his hips and hitting a spot that had her falling apart beneath him. She screamed his name as she came undone. He was sure the neighbors heard it. A few more thrusts and he pulled out, spilling his seed onto her stomach. They laid there for a moment, side by side, catching their breath. She picked up her phone to check any notifications she had received. 

 "Mmmm that was so good jungkook, we need to do this again.“ She breathed, responding to her big brothers text about being home soon. This girl was quite the achievement for Jungkook. Her name was Bora, and she was the little sister of the school thug Sehun. That’s the 2nd person that was close to sehun that he nailed this week. He gave himself a mental pat on the back at the thought.

 "My brother will be home soon, you want to have a quick make out session before you go?” She asked through batted lashes. 

 "Why would I say no to such a pretty face?“ He cooed, leaning in a kissing her lips. The kiss went from soft to needy to full on greediness and they both wrestled their tongues together. Jungkook leaned over to get a better angle in the kiss. He felt something hard under his arm, but disregarded the thought as Bora began to run her hands over his abs. Her fingers left trails of heat where they roamed. Jungkook loved the feeling of it and where it was going? 

 "Does this mean you are up for round 2?” He asked through the kisses he peppered along her jawline. 

 "Mmmm" she hummed, “we have to hurry though, Sehun will be home." 

 Bora?! Bora answer me! 

 The pair broke away from each other in search of the third voice. A light shining through her pillow case indicated that jungkook had accidentally called Sehun while they were kissing. Sehun had heard everything, and needless to say, he was pissed. 

 I swear jungkook, you are dead the next time I see you! 

 Rage seeped from ever corner of his voice. Bora and jungkook made eye contact as the sound of screeching tires could be heard coming from around the corner. 

 "Well gotta go” jungkook chortled, gathering his clothes and making a beeline for the window. Luckily let her room was on the first floor. 

 "Be careful" Bora called after him, wrapping a bed sheet around her body as she walked to the window to witness his escape. Jungkook was taking large strides while trying to get dressed and beat the rapidly approaching headlights. The clothes went on easily, but he was struggling to put his chucks on. He was trying to put on his last shoe, but he couldn’t quite get his foot to slip inside. 

“Dammit!” He cursed to himself, as the headlights were merely meters away. With much difficulty he got the shoe on and took off down the block at a full sprint. His heart beat rapidly in his chest as his legs carried him. He heard the car following and tried to pick up more speed. His legs screamed in protest. No matter how he tried he couldn’t match the speed of a car. He saw a get away through a persons side yard. All he had to do was hop the fence. He quickly turned down the drive way towards his escape, but was stopped dead in his tracks by a warning sign about a vicious dog. 

“ Shit shit shit” he thought aloud. He had to continue his way down the block. the car was even closer on his trail than before because of his useless detour. A thought came to him to pretend to run straight but quickly make a U-turn at the next intersection. It was a one way street, so the car wouldn’t be able to turn around and catch him. A mental high five was in order as the corner to the intersection quickly approached. Unfortunately the car quickly approached as well. 

 Almost there, just a few more steps 

 "Dammit jungkook, stop running and get in the car already!“ 

 ”_________?! What the hell are you doing here?“


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Met a girl in the parking lot, and all I did was say hello..