headlights clothing

so i come to the laundrymat once a week to dry my clothes bc my dryers broken right, and today theres this little kid, cant be more than 7 or 8 years old. and he taps on my window as im getting ready to get out of my truck and unload my clothes, tells me my lights are oxidized and he cant fix em for me real cheap.

now i may not know wtf fuck hes talking about but i know a hustle when i see one, i grew up w this shit lmao. but this little boy has charisma! boy cleaned one headlight off as an example real quick, said he can do both for $10.

now i dont have money to get a new dryer and i dont really have money to blow like that, however little $10 is in the long run so i say no. he lowers his price a little and honestly i can appreciate a lil hustler, hes out there doin it omg?? so i gave him the extra dollar bills i have in my wallet and take my clothes inside to do my laundry. little boy runs up to his momma, happy about the money he just made and istg if u dont respect a lil hustler doin what hes gotta do then uve never grown up on the streets or on hard times at all