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Akskdld I just watched the Shane video and holy shit there's an actor that looks just like Louis?? And I can't believe the jungleworms were dumb enough to repost pics of pregnant women and trying to pass it as breep LOL

flashback to my personal fave moment when the family tried to convince us that this was briana (with a headless picture … cause that’s not shady or suspicious at all):

even though this was her like two weeks *after* the headless bump picture above (at nearly 9 months ‘pregnant’ sure jan):

like … your bump doesn’t just get sucked back into your body when you sit down

  • Me talking about durarara!!: Okay, so there's this city, and some dude fucked shit up.
  • Person: ?????
  • Me: no. like so much that there are gang wars, a headless Irish fairy, this girl who has a sword inside of her who is an insecure bean, and some dude threw cars and stop signs at said guy who fucked the shit up.
423. During the Battle of Hogwarts, the head of Nearly Headless Nick finally came off. After school restorations were completed, he joined the Headless Hunt. Thus, Gryffindor needed a new house ghost. There were many young applicants, but the title was given to a certain red headed ghost who came from many generations of Gryffindors. Twelve years later, the first of the next generation started to trickle in, and a large group of eleven year olds were excited to meet their beloved uncle, one at a time.

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