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Zombies with Superpowers

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So I might have gone a bit too far with brainstorming an idea presented by @bogleech in the following post: “The zombie apocalypse happens but when a zombie gets shot it resurrects the next day with a random superpower for every bullet.”

Note: long list ahead; I may have possibly got a wee bit carried away.

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31 Movies for October

Here are my 31 movie picks for October (in no particular order):

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

2. Cabin In The Woods

3. Beetlejuice

4. Hocus Pocus

5. Sleepy Hallow (with Johnny Deep)

6. Psycho

7. Casper

8. Young Frankenstein

9. The Addams Family

10. Poltergeist

11. Killer Clowns From Outer Space

12. Corpse Bride

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas

14. Monster House

15. Ghostbusters

16. ParaNorman

17. Clue

18. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

19. Dracula

20. Van Helsing

21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

22. Frankenweenie

23. Interview with a Vampire

24. Resident Evil

25. Zombieland

26. Hotel Transylvania

27. Gremlins

28. Shaun of The Dead

29. Scary Movie

30. Fright Night

31. Ginger Snaps

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Headless zombie dude is done. He’s considerably different from the other guys because his head is in a different location than the rest of his body, allowing for some interesting design choices. Go find the head for a quick kill, or finish the body off? His decapitation is also why he is very unstable, shooting randomly

Its important that I design the enemies to be fairly unique, because this is almost a puzzle game in that you’ll have to find the correct series of events needed to finish a level

stayinalivejim  asked:

I'm pretty sure that neither Kirk nor Bones would be surprised at Spock's zombie kill count - after all, they've watched this man handle a lirpa while under a blood-lust. His cool, calm non-Pon Farr demeanor allows him to aim better and slice with greater accuracy. I'm rather sad that my drawing skills do not extend to graphic novels, as I can see the panels in my mind. 1/?

(cont)  (Kirk is bent over, breathing heavily, his clothing torn and dirty. He is tired from running and removing the heads of zombies. Nearby, Bones leans against a building. They are standing in an otherwise deserted city street, watching Spock effortlessly take on a small group of zombies, completely unwinded  

 Spock: (slicing the heads from zombie necks) “…. the term undead is a complete misnomer, Doctor. (slice) Death is a state of being, one that includes entropy, and finality. The opposite of death is life, and this is clearly not life in the sense that we know it. (slice) One cannot be "undead.” (slice, slice) The term “walking dead” is equally illogical, as when one dies, bodily functions cease, including those in the brain, which control leg movement. It is impossible to walk post-mortem.“ 

 Kirk: "Behind you, Spock…" 

Spock: "Thank you, Captain.” (turns and slices, then examines his weapon) “It seems as though my blade has dulled somewhat. I shall have to hone it when we arrive back at the compound." 

Bones: (wryly looking around at the piles of headless zombies on the ground) 

"Spock, were you planning to count this lot and etch the number into the handle of your beheader there?" 

Spock: "What a ridiculous notion, Doctor. That would certainly weaken the alloys used to make the tool, rendering it less than effective in the future.” (He steps  toward Kirk, and without preamble, reaches over the captain’s shoulder to administer a Vulcan neck pinch to the zombie about to feast on Kirk’s neck. The zombie drops like a sack of potatoes, and Spock turns his lirpa over to deftly bash in the side of it’s head with the heavy, blunt end of the weapon.) 

Spock: “Besides, there are no winners in the zombie apocalypse.”

@stayinalivejim this is fantastic!!! thank you so much for submitting, I am beyond impressed with this