headless women

Name: Penanggalan, Hantu Penanggal
Area of Origin: Malaysia

The Penanggalan are ghostly variations of the Vampire myth found in Southeast Asian folk mythology, and are similar to the Manananggal of Filipino folklore. The words Manananggal and Penanggal may both mean ‘detach’ or 'remove’ due to both languages having a common root in the Austronesian language family. A Penanggal is a detached female head that is capable of flight, with its entrails and organs dangling below. Though often classified as an undead creature, it can re-attach itself to its body and live as a human being. In folklore, a Penanggal may either be a beautiful old or young woman that has obtained her beauty through use of black magic or through other supernatural means. They are usually midwives that have made pacts with the devil; a stipulation in the pact is to not eat meat for 40 days. Breaking this stipulation will afflict a curse upon the midwife, turning her into a bloodsucking vampire or demon. After the detached head returns from its hunts, it will immerse its organs in a vat of vinegar in order to shrink them for easy insertion back into the body. The Penanggalan traditionally prey upon pregnant women and young children, and perch on the roofs of houses where women are in labor, screeching when the child is born. It is said that the use of the thorny leaves of the Mengkuang plant will help protect houses that are susceptible to a Penanggalan attack, as the creature’s exposed organs could get damaged by their sharp exterior. However, the demoness could still come up through a house’s floorboards if the area is unguarded. 


Ulla Jokisalo (Finnish, b. 1955, Kannus, Finland) - 1: Under Supervision, 2008  Cut-Out Pigment Print, Needles and Embroidery on Fabric  2: Wasteland, 2015  Cut Out Pigment Print, Pins  3: Magic Lantern (Taikalyhty)  Cut Pigment Print, Embroidery, Embroidery Thread and Needle on Fabric  4: Inspiration, 2006  (Original 1999, Thread, Needle on Gelatin Silver Print)  5: Well Read (Kirjaviisaus), 2010 Cut Out Pigment Print, Embroidery, Thread, Pins and Needle on Fabric  6: To Cut A Long Story Short, 2004  7: My Eyes (Variation 3), 2013  Cut Out Pigment Print, Embroidery, Thread, Needles on Fabric  8: Like A Virgin, 2015  Cut Out Pigment Print, Pins  9: Eros And Psyche  Photography C-Print  10: As A Metaphor, 2004  Mixed Media     



Firstly, the exceptions do not disprove the rule. And constantly calling attention to them is mostly meant to distract away from the point, which is the systematic objectification and dehumanization of female bodies that we are numb to on a daily basis.

Secondly, evaluate the difference between the photos of headless men you see here compared to the headless women. When the men are headless, it’s not mindless, it’s not ordinary, and usually – it is not sexual. His appeal to the opposite gender is not the focus. They are an engaged, unique and clear part of the joke.  (You can argue that certain men are made to feel their bodies are only a joke which can sometimes be harmful – I don’t disagree.)

When it is sexual, like the Deadpool poster, even though he is headless, he is NOT passive. He is an active sexual being, not an object WITH (FOR REAL PEOPLE, SAY IT WITH ME) A GUN. FOR. A. PENIS. – THE LEAST PASSIVE THING A DICK COULD EVER BE– SAYING HE’S GONNA ‘GIVE YOU A LOAD’ HAHAHAHA

I mean seriously dudes with their gun-dicks I die every time.