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Heyhey, headless!flug is a dullahan and BH has his head, which is the only way to defeat a dullahan. When head and body are seperated they lose their memories and are doomed to wander until they find each other again. What if BH promised Flug his head back once he made BH rich, so that's why he's working for bh

i like that idea!! but…

uhhh… thing is Flug isnt a Dullahan?? at least not my version of headless!Flug 

he’s simply just… headless, or decapitated

either, he lost his head in the plane crash on Black Hat’s roof, and BH (idk why yet) brought him back to life but kept him decapitated, i guess you can say its a way of reminding Flug that he literally owes BH his life. As for his head, I’m not sure where BH would be keeping it or if he kept the head at all– he doesnt tell Flug about it either, and Flug is too afraid to ask.

or, … Flug is just headless from the very beginning lol

Mythological Creatures: Dullahan

A Dullahan is the Celtic version of the Headless Horseman. Unlike other versions, a Dullahan is a type of unseelie faerie and not a vengeful spirit. It rides a black horse pulling a carriage made of thigh bones. The carriage is decorated with various funeral items, such as candles or skulls. It’s cover is made of dried human skin.

The Dullahan itself is entirely black. It holds its head down by its thigh, or up high in the air. The head has small, beady black eyes, and is a greenish white rotting color. In the Dullahans hand is a whip made out of a human spine.

Belief holds that the Dullahan rides along the country side. When the Dullahan stops, it will call out a persons name and cause them to die. Any who stare at the Dullahan while it passes will have blood splashed into their face, marking them for the next death.

Only gold can stop a Dullahan. If it sees gold it will turn and flee. No gates or locks can keep it out, as it can open anything in its way.


@thefireemblemer asked me about making some Dark Falcon!Leo sprites!  Dark Falcon is one of my favorite classes my Birthright Lunatic MU is one actually but there aren’t any generic DFs, so uh.  spent a good chunk of the day snapping screencaps to get an idea of what the heck is going on with the armor.  still…not…..ENTIRELY sure……..

BUT!! to save y’all the trouble of having to draw your own male Dark Falcon armor, I saved a headless version too!  I haven’t tested with other bodies, but it…should work for the smaller build of the m!MU, I think :’D  I’m also working on a female DF base, but it might be a bit before it’s done, haha

The Makings of a Heroine (Playlist Challenge thing)

[This being a music challenge, I have provided links for easier listening—hopefully, they are the author’s preferred versions. -Headless]

1. Blown Away- Carrie Underwood: Prologue- The death of her abusive father that frees her from his control. Family members—her aunt (mother’s sister) and uncle—took her in. They always wanted a child, but were unable to. They loved her so and treated her as their daughter. 

2. All I Want- A Day to Remember: Chapter One- Being with her new family is nice, but she feels like she hasn’t earned her place there. They give her whatever she wants—and even things she never asked for—to make her happy and secure. She begins to feel more like a replacement for the child they never had and less of their actual child. She dreams of a world of her own where she can be her own person and do the things she wants to without having to worry about upsetting her new parents. 

3. Send Me On My Way- Rusted Root: Chapter Two- At the age of eighteen, she feels she’s old enough and ready to embark on a journey to find not only herself, but a life of her own, a place where she belongs. She doesn’t have the courage to tell her aunt and uncle to their face so she runs off in the middle of the night. Knowing her plan in advance, her best friend tags along, knowing that he will keep her safe.

4. Homesick- A Day To Remember: Chapter Three- Now in a whole new place, it’s so different from where she came from. As they journey together, she begins to feel homesick. She misses the familiar surroundings of her home. It begins to become more difficult when they begin running low on supplies and have to find ways of gathering and purchasing more. 

5. Viva La Vida- Coldplay: Chapter Four- While on their journey, they run into a prince who was thrown from his kingdom for a crime he did not commit. He was framed and he had a hunch it was by his uncle who now holds the throne. With no where else to go, he joins the two of them on their journey. 

6. Warrior- Beth Crowley: Chapter Five- As time goes on, our heroine begins to fall for the prince as she teaches him the ways of the world outside of the castle and learns that he’s a clever and kind boy. As she teaches him, he shows her things about her self that she never noticed before, but she’s still hesitant on ever admitting to the things she feels. Little does she knew that he feels the same about her. 

7. She will Be Loved- Maroon 5: Chapter Six- Unfortunately, like many good plot twists, there is a love triangle. Her best friend has seen the love connection between our heroine and the princes and though he’s hurt by the situation, he refuses to show it. He sees the prince’s feelings in his eyes and hopes that he will do good by her so he silently hands her off to the prince in his heart. Even if it isn’t by her friend, she will be loved. 

8. Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold: Chapter Seven- Enter the villain. The prince’s uncle feels unsatisfied that the boy was simply thrown out so he travels the continent searching for the prince to make sure he never returns for the throne. He finds the three of them in the middle of the forest and captures them. He is thrilled to find that the prince is traveling with his weakness: our heroine. 

9. Calling All The Monsters- China Anne McClaineChapter Eight- Along with his henchmen, all in on the uncle’s plan to rule the kingdom and eventually the whole continent, he has also brought creatures of myth that were said to live in the deserted parts of the world. He takes his prisoners to an abandoned theater where he entertains himself and his followers to a show of beasts vs. his enemies. What will become of our heroes!

10. Safe & Sound- Taylor Swift and The Civil WarsChapter Nine- In the Middle of an attack, her best friend defends her and ends up badly hurt. Her screams seem to pause the entire games as the beasts are temporarily contained and the crowd watches the life bleed from him. With no way to save her dear friend, the only thing she can thing to do is sing the lullaby he had taught her that his mother would sing to him. Tears stream down her face as his soul is lifted from his body and into the afterlife.

11. Louder Than Thunder- The Devil Wears Prada: Chapter Ten- Using the moment of distraction, the prince manages to wrangle a beast and he takes her away from the arena. Days go by and she refuses to do anything. Without her friend, she feels empty for a big part of her had been taken away. She starts to doubt who she is for being unable to save him. The Prince constantly tries to console her, but she is inconsolable, that is, until he comes to her in a dream almost as if in a last goodbye.

12. Skyscraper- Demi LevadoChapters Eleven and Twelve- After weeks of investigating and training, she begins to feel more like herself. Instead of seeking revenge, she seeks the chance to forgive the king, but she doesn’t let him off without a punishment.

13.You Wear a Crown But You’re No King- Blessthefall: Chapter Fourteen- The King is defeated once the news gets out that he set the prince up, he is thrown in jail for the remainder of his life and is not allowed contact with anyone who served underneath him. 

14.  Superheroes- The Script Chapter Thirteen- After the attack on the castle she realizes just how brave and strong she truly is. Her and the prince are known as heroes for saving the kingdom from the tyranny of the king and the prince is welcomed back into the castle. 

15. This is Where I belong- Bryan Adams: Chapter Thirteen (Continued)- After everything is said and done and she’s sitting on her new posh bed in the castle as the prince’s guest, she begins to realize that even if she’s uncomfortable with being served and doted upon by servants, she knows that her place is there beside the prince and to help him rule over the kingdom fairly. She loves the prince with all her heart, and finds the courage to tell him. He beats her to the punch and proposes to her, making her the princess and eventually the king after the prince’s twenty-first birthday. She has a place of her own where she can make a difference in the lives of the people around her and not just decisions that only affect herself.

16. Little Me- Little Mix: Epilogue- She writes a letter to her daughter whom she is currently pregnant with, and tells her all the things she wishes someone had told her about her life and all the things she wishes she could tell her younger self to be. She seals this letter away in a special box to only be opened on the girl’s 13th birthday. 

The End.