So I’ve seen a ton of artwork for the headless!danny au and couldn’t much fanfiction or actual solid au headcannons so I decided to be the one guy who makes a long post about my headcannon.

During the first beginning portal blast its seen that Sam and Tucker are pretty much useless during the whole thing, and I understand shock factoring to it but I mean wouldn’t you try and save him? So let’s say Sam is the first to snap out of it and runs over to the mainframe because even if it didn’t work at first they might be able to turn it off and save Danny right?

She hits the off button but the portal isn’t really designed to be turned off, so alarms blare and whoops, I guess the doors shut when you turn it off. Tucker finally snaps out of it and runs toward the door, freaking out just as much.

And poor ol’ Danny chooses this time to fall out, head first, just as the doors close.

Tucker gets to catch world’s most confused halfa who somehow blinks up dumbly at Tucker whose staring at him. Sam by know freaks out again and reopens the portal, letting the body stumble out.

Tucker finally registers he’s holding a severed head and screams, dropping him (‘ow wth tuck’) on the floor next to the body. Sam runs over, freaking out and looking at her friend who somehow has white hair and oh my god he’s dead

And Danny is just like ??? Why are you all screaming so like any normal day he asks what’s going on. Only to cause even more screaming and Sam to run over and grab his head demanding him to say something.

“Uhm, Hi? What happened?”

Oh poor Danny. Sam drops him again ('rlly guys please stop dropping me I can’t stand right now’) and starts crying about how she killed him and he’s a ghost now and he’s headless and Danny thinks she’s gone into hysterics so he tries to turn over to ask Tuck what’s going on only to realize he has no shoulders for his neck to move on.

So he feels his shoulders, it’s still there, and then his neck- oh, nevermind just his stub. He doesn’t have a neck. Sam was right.

Finally after forever of screaming (with Danny this time) Tucker and Sam finally regain their wits and sits by Danny’s head who’s freaking out because seriously guys put my head back on my shoulders oh my god I’m a ghost my parents are so going to kill me… literally.  

After a bit the give his body his head and they all calm down but his head keeps falling and its super creepy and -bam- lightshow and somehow Danny’s human again!

They all laugh awkwardly, brush it off as a creepy side effect, and start to go upstairs to see if he has any more injuries just for his head to topple to the floor in human form. They freak out again and drag both parts of Danny up to his room (Jazz is still home, thanks to Jack the labs sound proof) to try and figure this out.

Tucker was forced to learn to sew by his mom so he offers to sew his head back on so they grab the nearest string and fix his head and Sam lends him a black scarf and they all agree to talk about it tomorrow.

And start of the normal plot, but of course a bit darker and the line between dead/alive even more blurred. I think this would be really cool, but just imagine a reveal of Danny not having Tucker sew his head on and it just

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Oh this is the perfect au.

Casually Decapitated AU

Character A is just a head. In a science experiment gone wrong, Character A found the cure for death, but wound up getting decapitated in the process. Undeterred from this, Character A continues to try to replicate the accident that lead to their immortality – possibly to save the life of a family member/lover/best friend/etc., but maybe for the money – much to the discomfort of Character A’s lab assistant, Character B.

theadminchamomile  asked:

hey this sounds really weird but do you have any prompts for a character that's just a head? like a talking head.


this was a very weird prompt, but I came up with a couple you might like:

  • Take the Doctor Who approach! In the show, the headless monks are a member of a religious order who remove their heads since they are considered to be the doubt whereas the domain of faith is the heart. In turn, a room full of living heads occurs.
  • To nix the usual zombie apocalypse idea, this isn’t really a zombie apocalypse, but rather a time where no one dies so when Character A gets beheaded, they continue living.
  • Character A is paralyzed from the neck down so they truly believe they are just a head and nothing more, which leads to acute apotemnophilia (a want to remove a limb that the owner feels is dead / not their own) but for their entire body. Concerned, a friend or family member sends them into therapy and their first meeting with Character B.
  • Character A was beheaded in a war and is now a ghost, but only their head remained in phantom form. Feeling a bit peeved by this turn of events, they enlist the help of living Character B in burying them with the rest of their body so they can pass to the other side. (this should be pretty comedic)
  • A curse leads Character A to be completely invisible but their head.

so I got to thinking about the headless!au I thought of about a year ago (before my brain became addled with merbutts) and I thought why not bring the whole gang in

I was thinking Matthew inherits this old house and bam all these spirits come up to see the new meat so to speak (maybe like, they all joke around like ‘oh hey he should lose his head so he can be with me! no alfred clearly he will be a good vampire, NEIN HE’LL BE MY WEREWOLF BUD please can someone help me about this shadow on my back– shhh Ivan)

So there’s Alfred and Francis as headless spirits, Kiku and Yao as ghosts, Gilbert and Ludwig as werewolves, Arthur and Feli as vampires, Ivan as…????? and poor Matthew has to deal with all of them sort of…. and clean the place up

I still don’t know what century I want this to take place in  …

Lol what if in the headless AU, Vlad couldn’t do that with his head (or he doesn’t know it yet) and one day sets up a trap for Danny that ends up decapitating him, so he freaks out thinking he’s actually killed Danny.

Danny then takes the opportunity to skip school for a few days while Vlad tries desperately to cover his tracks. (He tells Jazz though, and obviously Tuck and Sam).

Finally Danny emerges and to his parents is like: “oh, remember? I’ve been going over to Sam’s every night because I have that huge project we’re working on.” (and Jazz backs him up lol). But he let’s Vlad fester for a few days more before appearing one late night in his home office, scaring the daylights out of him.


Merry Christmas Truce for @greyacedipperpines / @hiridraws!! You wanted something from the headless au, and I gotta say that it was a really fun prompt! Sooo originally, I was going to work on those sketches, but then I realized how terrible I am at coloring and doing line art digitally, and I switched over to traditional art! I hope you like it!


Another holiday headcanon: This one takes place in the Headless AU, where Danny can remove his own head at will. Some time after Jazz has found out Danny’s secret, this plays out near Christmas time:

Jazz: [carrying a present and wearing her best poker face] Danny said this is for you.

Sam: [opening the present, which is about the size of a basketball] Oh wow, he got me—

Danny’s Head: [inside the box] Boo!

Sam:Aah! … [realizes] … DANNY!

Jazz and Danny’s Body: [high five]

(Bonus Scene:

Danny’s Head: Ow! Hey! I’m not a kickball, guys!
Sam: [tossing Danny’s head to Tucker, grinning] Then you should have thought a head.)

I approve, hilarious antics and bad puns, ten stars

Phandom Chat Chronicles Pt. 6

You know what time it is. This got long so I’ll post the final AU separately.

• A case wher every time Danny speaks it’s a ghostly wail
• HOW ARE YOU TODAY whoops car alarms are going off a building slowly falls over
• Danny becoming selectively mute to avoid destroying everything and learning sign language
• Danny creatively dubbing Vlad’s words in sign language behind his back and Sam and Tucker, who are also in the room as Vlad attempts to woo Maddie for the fiftieth time, are trying not to  let any laughter out
• Danny swearing and making puns in sign language
• Talk about Danny loving puns… with the exception of Inviso Bill
• Talk about halfa Jazz being called Polter Girlie or Intangi Belle
• And given her alternate names for ghosts in Secret Weapons, actually LIKING THOSE
• let it be on record that despite all the high octane angst this phandom produces, it is this that broke Robin
• Robin rallies with an idea for a fic where things are pointing towards a happy reveal of Danny’s secret and then NOPE turns out his parents reject him
• //Soap opera version where Danny reveals… he’s pregnant. Now I think about it this is basically Danlet
• Danny was certain they’d accept him, dismissing any whispering doubts, and their rejection BREAKS him
• Jazz has enough presence of mind to get him out of the house before they start shooting
• And thus begins an AU centered around Jazz and the war of espionage she is waging against her parents just to keep Danny safe
• Smuggling him messages and his belongings before they destroyed them, avoiding meeting him directly because she knows her parents will track her. She can’t even call him because her parents contacted the GIW and they’d trace her phone. Using Sam and Tucker as intermediaries. Sabotaging certain specific inventions, hiding or destroying the blueprints. Calling in favours from ghosts. Arranging the destruction of GIW records. Arguing his case with her parents, and then just arguing, getting so furious she starts saying truths just to wound. Using diplomacy to try and make Amity not need Danny’s protection so he feels he can leave. She does whatever she can.
• “nothing stops her. they lock her away, ghost shield her bedroom, take her electronics, but jazz always finds a way around it, always manages to sabotage them or get info to the trio. she’s relentless because fuck this is her little brother their son and she cannot, will not let them hurt him.”
• Vlad compliments her once. It stings.
• Basically Jazz doing what she does best and being FLIPPING SCARY at it
• By the time she finally meets Danny face to face for the first time in years, he almost doesn’t recognize her.
• The likelihood of each of the Trio getting into Ghost Activism
• Talk about Tucker being mayor and the level of existence of Phantom Planet
• More.angst.fanfics idea about ghosts being used as a powerful but unethical power source by the GIW. Mass ghost genocide to deal with the energy crisis.
• Talk about the Ectoconverter and how it might work
• Talk about just how resigned/unphased/downright bored Danny gets about what his parents say about ghosts in general and him in particular over the course of the series
• Danny vs Pariah’s SKELETON ARMY and he has to avoid getting killed bc then he’d be a rlly powerful skeleton under the King’s command
• Naturally this happens and it’s Phantom vs SkeleFenton boss battle
• And then when Phantom wins they remerge into… something
• Talk about Danny and mirrors
• Danny being trapped in a silver mirror
• The entirely of Northwest Manor Mystery being an extended DP reference
• Danny’s true form being revealable by certain glasses/mirrors/moonlight/photographs/spells
• Halfas having this thing where if you take a photo at just the right time while they’re turning invisible, you can get a snapshot of their bones
• The Fentons assuming that since no other ghosts do this Danny and Vlad are a new ghost species and probably related
• Vlad finds this hilarious, Danny not so much
• Poor street kid Dani and her struggles to survive and how much this smol child needs hugs
• The decision that if Jack and Vlad fused, the result would be Cave Johnson
• Ghost King Danny where his first act is to ban all other ghosts making puns and declaring his title to be ‘punmaster’ instead of ‘your majesty’.
• At least for a day
• Danny trying to make pun battles an official GZ sport
• ‘Trying’ being the operative word there
• The possibility of this being how Headless AU happen bc of the uprising that resulted at this treatment
• Danny telling his grandkids about that time he was king of the ghosts for a week
• Conversely Danny having NO CLUE how to govern
• If a peasant comes to him with a problem his response is usually not sending an army but personally going to punch it in the face and maybe rope in the locals to help
• He is almost never on his throne, and the paperwork built up to almost lethal levels before he had the bright idea to make Pariah’s mindless skeleton army work on it
• Asking him for help basically is an exercise in finding where he’s currently helping
• This sort of thing pisses off the Observant Council who are all about the meetings which they insist he attend and sign things at and they overthrow him, only to have to deal with all the ghosts Danny helped getting pissed by this and trying to overthrow them, so they hurriedly unoverthrow Danny.
• Danny ordering Vlad to stay away from his mom and dad and Vlad having to obey
• Duplication being a prerequisite for these shenanigans
• Danny’s duplicate, who they thought was the real Danny, fucking dissolving on them with NO WARNING bc elsewhere Danny has been knocked out
• This dissolution taking the form of collapsing into goo or blowing away into dust or SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING. Either way it’s alarming to see happen to a human looking someone
• The idea that everyone in Amity is dead except maybe Danny completely is dead bc the portal exploded and took out the city and now it’s like a massive collective lair floating in the GZ and the “portal” is it’s door
• Everyone looks and acts human until they realize they’re dead
• Talk about obsessions and if Danny has one and to what degree if so
• Danny’s obsession being delivering pizza

anonymous asked:

If you could would you explain or link to an explanation to these DP AUs??? Like whats this about headless and striped pants???

{Ahhh unfortunatly I have no idea who started these au’s, they are over a year old at the least… but the au’s depicted are

  • Headless au

 in which Danny’s head was lobbed off in an indecent with the executioner ghost in beauty marked and nothing bad happens other than it won’t reattach so he has to ducktape his head back to his body and hope it doesn’t fall off, hilarity ensues 

Blood blossoms are just because pll like putting blood blossom crowns on ghosts so they bleed? It’s a thing? 

  • Striped pants au 

Happened because someone’s printer ran out of ink and did that stripy thing while printing a Danny, it became very popular and there was even a ship that spawned out of it called pink purl I believe, yes they shipped danny with the pants

  • Astral projection au 

Where his body flops down and his ghost is still upright was the product of someone asking if every time he went ghost, what if he had to hide his body? Like astral projection. This lead to a lot of angst in which headcanons where he couldn’t get back to his body for several days so it would start to rot or his family thinking he was dead and burying him so he wakes up 6ft under abounded. 

Here is the post you were talking about in case anyone else is curious, if anyone has the links to the creators of the au’s they should totally add them because it has been so long and I just cannot remember orz}