One thing that inspired this song was when we went on our very first headling tour a few years ago. I used to stand there before I went on stage, and I would listen to the crowd making the most amazing, magical, loud screaming sounds. I would hear it and I would sit there and think ‘I can’t believe I get to hear that sound one time in my life.’ That I could never get this melody out of of my head until I finally wrote a new song and I called that song 'Long Live.’ Thank you so much for screaming for us. This song is completely, a hundred percent for you.


5SOS doesn’t hit the stage without completing these 5 pre-show rituals >>

Hey guys! I’ve been working very hard for the past couple months on my own project! I’m launching a webcomic by the end of this month! and I’ve been very excited about it! I havent really been posting much for it, but here’s a nice little advertisement!

It’s about Farley Prescott looking for the witch that cursed him. (simple eh?) 

<sub> Links! ( Keep in mind they are under construction! But this is just so anyone would like to follow anyway! But I might post them on multiple sites as well, again still being updated)

SJ: http://headl-ss.smackjeeves.com/
DA: http://rfetus.deviantart.com/
TMB: http://rfetus.tumblr.com/</sub>

I just can’t help but think that two years ago today emblem3 was probably preparing for their audition for the xfactor not expecting much just living life as normal kids keaton was still in high school and drew was still making footlongs at subway and wes was just being a little shit and now they just fucking ended their first headling tour noBODY TOUCH ME IM EMOTIONAL

Hours before Magic Man’s headling show at Union Transfer last Monday, fans wait in line down Spring Garden Street, desperate for the venue doors to open. Backstage, bassist Gabe Goodman aims a Nerf gun at his bandmates, shooting them when they least expect it. Justine Bowe, the spunky, gentle–faced keyboardist, sips a steaming cup of green tea. Vocalist Alex Caplow starts on his first Yuengling of the night. Complete with several bags of tortilla chips, six–packs of beer and sarcasm, the green room at Union Transfer feels like a typical night in the living room of friend’s apartment. But when Magic Man walks on stage, they’re no longer just a group of friends in their mid–twenties. Night after night, crowds of screaming teens treat the five–piece like they’re the next Vampire Weekend.

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hey! can you tell me someways that you study like do your rewrite your notes or just read them over what are some good was to study

hey there! I don’t rewrite my notes… this is how I study {it might work for you too!} - 

  • When I take notes in lectures, I hand write them in black ink. I take notes based on what the teacher is saying rather than what is on the board.
  • When I get home or the next day, I’ll go over my notes from the class and underline the headlings/subheadings and highlight. This post will show you my system for that! I don’t rewrite the notes as it seems to be a waste of time for me.
  • I’ll then file them in a binder. That way, when I come back to revise for them I have them all in the same place.
  • When I revise, I type my notes up on to a document that contains all the information for that exam and all the class notes and readings I do as part of my revision. I prefer to type as it’s quicker and it means I can incorporate readings and diagrams.
  • I’ll then print the information out and reproduce it on to hand written ‘mid maps’ or 'spider diagrams’. Sometimes I will do this from memory as much as possible and then supplement what I can’t remember with what I printed out.
  • I’ll then use that information that I’ve studied to answer past exam paper questions. I find this to be the most useful form of studying for an exam! I’ll type the answers up from memory, and I type so it is easier for me to go back and add in all the information I couldn’t remember {I’ll type this in a different colour} - this turns it in to a model answer that I can revise from.



By Chris Sims

I’m not saying that it’s easy to succeed with an oddball idea in the world of comics, but I have to imagine that it’s a heck of a lot harder to do it twice in a row with very similar ideas — which is exactly what Archie Comcis and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa are trying to do in the pages of this week’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina #1. A year after Aguirre-Sacasa teamed up with artist Francesco Francavilla and found critical and commercial success with Afterlife With Archie, where the familiar teenagers of Riverdale found themselves contending with the zombie apocalypse, he’s joining artist Robert Hack to try to strike gold a second time — not with a spinoff of Afterlife, but by expanding the horror line with an entirely new title, taking the same characters and twisting them around again.

The result is a comic that dives headling into a world of horror, witchcraft and high school drama, and while it might not have the immediate eyebrow-raising hook of seeing Archie beat his zombified father to death with a baseball bat, it’s definitely a pretty amazing comic that’s hitting at exactly the right time.



That was the headline story on the Daily Telegraph a few days back. The EU are at it again, ruining Britain for all us British sorts. Oh no! Under this headline, they went on to explain:

Merciless grip? Millions of Britons? Sounds serious! I read on…

Good grief, really? This is terrifying! What sort of legal travesties could be visited upon us? Is this the end of Britain as we know it? Should I expect the kick of a stormtrooper’s boot on my front door any moment now? With shaking hands I went to the correct page to read about the terrors that awaited me…

Then this was the headling above the story inside the paper. OK, I thought, they’re sugarcoating it, trying to break the bad news gently with a joke about ferrets. After all, the headline on the front page said Britain had been ruined, right? RUINED.

Once I had stopped giggling like a child over the name of the politician commenting on this story, my worries quickly reasserted themselves. Britain has been RUINED, but how? What has been done to this wonderful country, this beacon of freedom, this island of cultures and contrasts and ideas and debate and brilliance (and Greggs)?

Even UKIP are weighing in, I thought. Blimey. Then I saw it. A list. A list the paper had prepared, showing the way that the EU has RUINED BRITAIN FOREVER. I could tell this list was serious because at the top it had this:

I took a deep breath. This was it. The end of Britain. I read on. I only had to be brave for a moment.

AAAAAARGH BRITAIN IS RUINED THE BASTA—-oh, okay, this one is just about fruit juice. No added sugar is probably a good idea. I steeled myself and made to read on…

BRITAIN IS RUINED FOREV—oh. Right. Dogs, cats and ferrets coming into the UK. Well, there’s the whole rabies thing, not to mention other diseases, so this is probably a good idea, right? So the bit about Britain being ruined must be close…

WE SHALL FIGHT THEM ON THE BE—-oh, right. Labels on fish. Well, we’re trying to avoid overfishing some areas and let the fish recover, so maybe tracking where they’re caught is sensible enough. The paper, I thought, must be saving the stuff that is ruining Britain so it will have more impact…

THE COUNTRY OF MY BIRTH IS DEA—-oh, right, ok, maybe sensible to get big air conditioning systems checked every now and again, since nasty things can grow in them. Right, the bit that ruined Britain must be close now…

OH GOD BRITANNIA WH—-oh, ok. Less packaging. Sounds sensible. Environment and all that, just the one planet, better make it last, that sort of thing…so Britain is definitely going to be ruined in the next one, yeah?

IS THIS WHAT OUR HEROES FOUGHT FO—oh, right, fine, don’t want people selling timber that has been harvested illegally. Again, one environment, one planet and all that. Don’t want criminal sorts dodging the system and selling stuff that is harming the environment do we? Right, Britain’s going to be ruined soon…isn’t it?

BRITAIN IS NOW OFFICIALLY RUI—-oh, ok. Phosphates. They can do nasty things in water supplies, can’t they? Well, suppose it makes sense to put some limits on the chemicals we can put in stuff we’re going to be dumping into the drains…right, so I’m coming to the end of the list and so this must be the one that RUINS BRITAIN…

BLOODY EUROPEANS RUINING EVERYTH—-oh, right. Well, that sounds sensible…right…don’t want people swimming at beaches where there might be nasty stuff in the water I suppose…wait, what, that’s it? The list is finished? Oh no, hang on, there’s something underneath…

This picture was included, I am sure, to make some serious point about how the EU have RUINED BRITAIN and not in any way to pad out space.

So there you have it, folks. Britain. Ruined. Make a note in your diaries. Damn you, Europe. Damn you.