The first one is a knock-knock joke, of course, and Louis reads along in his head

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Wherefore means.

Wherefore means who?

No, ‘wherefore’ means ‘why’, Harry! I’ve told you this before!

Louis has to press a hand over his mouth to stop himself from bursting into laughter, chest bubbling with it.

When Mick starts to sing, Harry lifts his hands shakily to his face and listens intently, smile taking over his entire face as he loses himself in the song. Louis laughs at him quietly, bopping along with him, letting the sound wash over him.

I’ve been holding out so long, I’ve been sleeping all alone. Lord I miss you.

“This is so sexy,” Harry giggles, shoulders moving with the beat.

I’ve been hanging on the phone, I’ve been sleeping all alone. I want to kiss you. – Here in the Afterglow

Sweet And Sour (PART 1) - Lee Jihoon A.K.A Woozi Imagine/Scenario.


  You never really spoke to the claimed Woozi mostly because of his quietness, snarky remarks and sourness. But when you get to, you find the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Genre: Fluff, Humor

Word Count: 4,213

  “Hey,” a voice whispered in your ear, his breath tickling your ear. You shivered at the uncomfortable feeling and reached out for a book, flinging at Hoshi who was leaning over his desk behind you. It knocked him in his back and with a stretch of his back and a groan, he sauntered over to Mingyu who was slamming his hand at the surface of the table in laughter. You turned back around, continuing to sharpen your pencil as you heard the blonde boy whine to his friend.

  “See, hyung? I never get a girlfriend because Mingyu sends me on stupid dares like this!” he exclaimed angrily and you saw Seungcheol pat his friend’s back with a grin of sympathy.

  “Then pick truth,” Woozi chuckled from behind his book, raising his eyebrows at the easy suggestion.

  “Have you been listening? It’s Dare or Double Dare. Duh,” Mingyu scoffed with crossed arms before getting whacked upside the head from Woozi. The pink-haired boy laughed at Mingyu’s narrowed eyes even though the latter could probably hold the former flat on his hand with one arm. Woozi continued skimming his fingers across the basketball as Seungkwan earnestly spoke to him about someone saying he being a fan of Beyoncé is a disgrace to her. Woozi was only half listening, smiling faintly at some points of the story.

  You perched your chin in the cup of your hand, observing him with pursed lips and a tilted head. When he first had joined your math class, you didn’t once deny that he wasn’t cute in his own way. Even if you didn’t genuinely think so, your friends would make sure you did, but you did genuinely think. But something you could deny was that you had any sort of feelings for him. Whereas so many people in your grade found him so sweet with his shyness and vocal abilities, he never spoke a syllable to you and all you would hear in class were his sarcastic responses to Mingyu. Hoshi had even accidentally let out the boy never had a girlfriend and you would still sometimes take a moment to process it. You wanted to know what the fuss was about if he couldn’t even talk to girls.

  His sharp eyes blinked to you blearily like a baby’s and you straightened your back, spinning to face the board with flushed cheeks.

  You peered over the sharp edge of the wall, heart pumping loudly as you tiptoed in the empty hall, scared to let your whole foot hit the ground and echo down in the hallway. Clutching your book tightly, you drew in a shaky breath, praying you wouldn’t get a mortifying punishment from Mrs. Chu. As you turned left, you spotted her classroom door, closed tightly. Closing your eyes shut and rolling on your feet in nervousness, you jolted back to reality as you heard loud footsteps racing to you. Turning, an abrupt force knocked you off your feet and sent you flying to the ground, landing on your bottom. The footsteps shifted as the person turned.

  “Sorry,” Woozi murmured with a frown, your papers sprawled across the floor messily.

  “It’s okay,” you whispered, face flushing red when you realized his hands that were picking up your papers were now grasping a recent one you had gotten back. One handed back to you with a glower from Mrs. Chu and big, fat and honest D- printed on the top. Yeah, not your best.

 Your hand gripped it, trying to rip it from him but he held on tightly, staring at you incredulously. “Even Mingyu got good on this. How did you do so terribly?”

  Your eyes bulged out, mouth dropping opened as you pushed his arm, expecting to knock over the sweet looking boy but he didn’t even flinch. He’s blunt and strong? “Ugh!” You stood up, glaring down at him. “Who are you to tell me that? Give me back my test!” A smile shadowed his lips as he obliged, still crouched on the ground. He started shuffling through your papers again and you shook your head. “Nuh-uh. Just get to class. I can handle it.”

  “You can handle it the way you handle math?” he asked quietly, eyes wide and innocent as though he weren’t asking a question with the most mocking tone you ever had swarming into your ears.

  Crumbling your papers into your binder carelessly, you stomped past him, chin held high.

  “Hey, hyung!” you heard a deep voice call out and swirled around to see Jeon Wonwoo approaching you both with a big smile.

  “Not a surprise to see you here,” Woozi remarked with a snicker and the boys met you at the door and your eyes looked past their faces.

  “I’m not knocking,” Wonwoo muttered, raising a hand up with eyes filled with worry.

  “Babies,” Woozi sighed, sliding between you both, knocking on the door boldly. Mere seconds later, he backed away to hide behind you both. You rolled your eyes. So annoying.

  The door swung opened from a student in your class and you heard Wonwoo shyly greet them with red cheeks. The person obviously didn’t notice you or Woozi, letting the door almost hit your face if the boy next to you hadn’t pressed a hand against it, opening it wide, his body that was nearly pressed against your back sending heat through you. “Here, go in.”

   You gave a short nod, an unwanted grin breaking on your face at the gesture.

  “You three!” Mrs. Chu yelled making you stumble on your way in. “Why on earth are you all three fifteen minutes late!?” Her sharp eyes were blazed in anger and your hands trembled as you peered at Woozi, chewing at his bottom lip.

  “I, um, well, uh…. I, uh, um, y-you see….” you trailed off with empty words, trying to reconnect with something called a proper sentence.

  “I was helping them two with some school work and studying,” Woozi piped in calmly, hands stuffed in the pockets of his uniform. “Especially because sometimes one person in particular needs lots of help,” he added, eyes shooting you a glance as you fumed with mortification.

  Mrs. Chu stiffened and sniffed at you all in suspicion before turning her eyes to Woozi. “Well, I hadn’t realized you were the teacher, Lee Jihoon!” She raised her voice at Woozi and the boy turned as pink as his hair when he noticed Hoshi stifling his laughter, making faces at him as he pretended to retrieve a pencil from the ground.

  “I have eyes behind my head, Kwon Soonyoung!” she said, her voice dangerously low. Hoshi’s headknocked against his desk with a snap and you snorted loudly, you math teacher whirling back to you.

  “Don’t let it happen again. Get to your seats.”

  You slipped into your seat silently, gripping the sides of the desk to not make a drop of noise. Your eyes swept passed the classroom, finding Mingyu and Seungcheol hiding the bottom half of their faces, wiggling their eyebrows at Woozi, who coughed out a laugh, cocking his head in your direction, “Ha, her?”

  Everyone who had been eyeing the new boy turned their pupils to you and you wrinkled your nose in discomfort before turning your back to the class and Woozi.

  After the bell for the end of class blared through the school, you fought the strong urge to tear the paper that had a C- scrawled on top. And as you squinted at the tests your peers received, you realized your text in particular was written in a thick red marker.

  “Looks like blood,” you thought, cringing with gritted teeth and drawn in eyebrows. You bolted out from the door before Mrs. Chu could confront you about your recent drop in grades. As you slid out of the classroom, your shoulder bumped against someone and you glanced at the source of the touch before locking eyes with Woozi. Nostrils flaring, you scoffed, “Here to knock over my things and search for my English grades, Lee Jihoon?”

  He licked his lips and stared at you thoughtfully. “Well, no point. I don’t see why you’d keep tests with nothing to be proud of.”

  You exhaled slowly, eye twitching. “I swear, I will kill you one day.”

  “I think you’d get lost while trying to find my house. You seem like the type to carry a GPS everywhere.”

  Face burning, fuel practically bursting from your ears, you whirled on him, catching the boy off guard as he took a step away from you with a smirk. “Listen you little pink-haired freak. I am busy every single day so I don’t have as much free time being anti-social and having no life like you, so I don’t get much precious free time to keep my nose stuck in textbooks. If I want to, I could do as well as you on the next test.”

  “Hm, oh, really?” he asked, feigning aloofness at your bold declaration.

  “Yes, really!” you squeaked through clenched teeth. “I could get the highest mark possible in Mrs. Chu’s class if I bothered to,” you added, swiftly flinging your hand to brush your face, attempting to look sophisticated, but it instead looked like you were swatting a gigantic fly.

  The boy’s eyes lingered on you, and you could see the gears churning in his head, as he chuckled at your gesture. “Alright, can’t wait to see Mrs. Chu congratulate you on your leap of grades next weeks.”

  “Ha, you will,” you responded sharply, with a booming loudness, gaining the attention of a few kids walking past you. Then, moments after the words brushed past your lips, your eyes examined his face quizzically. “Wait, what do you mean?”

  His head drooped as a laugh left his lips. “If all it takes to get to the top is you putting your mind to it, then do it and let’s see.”

  You cupped your hips with your hands, raising your eyebrows. “For the next test?”

  “Is that too soon for you?” he questioned with an emotionless mask, but your ears perked angrily at the layer of mock in his raspy voice.

  “You’re on,” you snapped, jutting your hand out for him to shake. He nodded and blinked down at your hand, before stuffing his right hand in the pocket of his uniform and plucking out what you recognized as your phone.

  “Forgot this,” he said with a wide smile before plopping it flat on your palm, leaving for lunch as some people you had been listening intently to the conversation, started snickering. You blushed bright pink, before swivelling on your heel and scurrying away.
  Your teeth lightly bit down on the end of the pencil, you tapped your foot in the silent classroom, breathing out a sigh as heavy and tiresome as the winds of an upcoming storm. The rain pounded hard outside the windows, droplets of water splattered and splashed in different pattern and shapes, the sight that was usually peered through, now hazy with grey fog. You were staying after school to review your lessons from earlier that day and you felt yourself getting wrapped in questions with a blanket of confusion shadowing your eyes, eyebrows scrunching as you struggled with a certain formula. The sharp point of your led suddenly snapped with a crack! and rolled onto your lap. You groaned in frustration, pushing away your books with a undignified noise of frustration, slouching into your chair. Arching your back up into a proper sitting position, you wiped a bead of sweat streaked across your forehead.

   A pair of faint footsteps flowed somewhere from the door, and you gently turned your head to the noise. Leaning against the door was Woozi and it took every ounce of your willpower not to gap at him like an idiot. He was out of the stuffy uniform, and in an over-sized dark brown hoodie with black skinny jeans.
  “Still here?” he asked with a nod to you.

  “Mhm,” you mumbled, staring at the equation and pretending not to mind him, but your act didn’t progress in any good way when he slid into a chair and sat right next to you. You sat straighter to speak to him and during the action, your right arm and his left brushed and you squirmed as he brought his arm closer to him and farther from you, both of you quiet. Even through the layers of your uniform and his hoodie, the simple touch still sent you somewhere far off and far away from school and math problems and into the rain tapping the window.
  You both sat tense next to one another and Woozi glanced down at your paper. “Have you not done anything yet?”

  With those words, you zoomed out of the fairytale of rain and glared at him, eyes hot in anger. “I have been working and studying this whole time, you brat. I’m just having trouble with today’s but I’m doing great at every single thing. Not everyone is a robot like you and can understand every single lesson!” you finished off with your voice raised, clenching your teeth when he began to grin.

  And to your surprise, his face edged close to yours so that it was only a ghost of a whisper away. Then he suddenly started speaking of the formula, pointing to the numbers and explaining thoroughly. Once you got over the shock of him helping you, your focus averted to him and his mini lessons, all the question marks above your head bubbling into light bulbs as all your questions pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. His eyes moved around your face and landed on your lips for half a precious moment and you gulped as he stood to his feet.

  “Knowing you, you’ll need lots of help,” he remarked. You glared at him and he gave you a half-smile. “So I’ll let you cheat by asking me for help, since I know how terrible you are.”

  “Half of me hates you for saying that,” you snorted dryly, looking at him through your lashes.

  “And the other half?” he asked, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his hoodie.
  You both locked eyes and he shook his head at you before turning away, sauntering out of the room. You stared after him and you eyes went wide when he reappeared in the classroom, slipping his right arm from behind his back and placing and perfectly sharpened pencil on your desk. You blinked, seeing that it was the pencil that had broke aggressively before he had entered, your name scrawled on the side. You blinked down at it in awe at his unnoticed gesture and turned to thank him, only to see his back to you, walking out of the classroom.

  And you stared for a full ten minutes before figuring out this time he had actually left.

  But instead of feeling relieved, you entered the rain again.
  Your eyes drank in the information of your notes, wide eyes intently hooking on every single letter as all your focus strained on the words, the notes getting drilled into your head in memorization, your sight never leaving the notes as your mind soaked it all up. Every spare moment, minute and second was spent breathing in the numbers and equations of math, everything you read remaining in the depths of you, the formulas becoming less foreign and more clear. The hand you didn’t write with was slapped flat against your cheek, the elbow you were perched on keeping you steady.

  You heard the sound of laughter and from the corner of your eye, you spotted Mingyu and Hoshi talking leisurely with Wonwoo and Woozi. Without realizing, your eyes latched themselves on the pink-haired boy watching as he rolled a basketball around his hands, laughing at whatever stupid joke Mingyu made. Shaking yourself from the distraction, your eyes moved back onto reading.

  “Hm, someone is suddenly studying hard, hyung,” Mingyu hummed, his eyes sliding to you whose nose was buried deep in your study notes.

  Woozi looked to you and he faintly grinned. “It’s about time.”

  “What are you, their mother?” Mingyu snorted, folding his arms over his chest.

  “Yeah, you ask them more about their grades than if they ate for the day,” Wonwoo admitted with a sheepish smile.

  “Poor thing could be starving to death and you’d still ask how many hours they studied for,” Hoshi added with a diligent nod, chewing his gum with a slimy noise each circled movement of his mouth.

  Wonwoo cringed, nose scrunching with an annoyed expression. Mingyu rolled his eyes in irritation and spoke up. “Hoshi, stop chewing like a frog.”

  “Frogs don’t chew, they just take a bug and it’s already eaten, right?” Wonwoo interjected with a frown at Mingyu.

  “You idiot, I was trying to defend you.”

  “I aspire to be like a frog….”

  “Shut the hell up, Hoshi,” Woozi groaned, rubbing his eyes. “I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots.”

  “Aha, good thing one of those idiots is studying their butt off to beat you with your deal, hyung,” Mingyu leaned in to whisper as though the four boys were planning something conspiring.

  “Or not hyung. Don’t you mean eomma?” Hoshi added loudly before breaking down into laughter, tears streaking across his face as his body shook with shaking laughter.

  Woozi rolled his eyes, tossing the basketball at Hoshi and smiling wickedly when it bumped the blonde boy’s chin and he winced, the noise making his voice topping the pitch of a baby. “She’s not as stupid as you three.”

  Three pairs of eyes widened and snapped up to Woozi in sync as they gaped at his words. Drool began sizzling down Mingyu’s mouth and Wonwoo made a disgusted face as the former wiped it.

  “Did you…. just defend them?” Hoshi slowly asked, traces of shock seeping into his expression.

  Woozi blinked at them.

  “Oooh, Lee Jihoon has got it bad,” Mingyu teased with a smirk and all the boys watched in astonishment as his cheeks went bright pink.

  “I’ll kill you all,” he muttered darkly and Mingyu through his hands up, racing away from where they sat.

  “Who will kill who?” Seungcheol approached them as the words fell from his mouth, gripping a chair and twisting it to him before relaxing into the seat.

  “Doesn’t matter because we now know who he won’t ever kill!” Hoshi exclaimed, slapping his thigh as he doubled over in his innocent laughter, eyes crinkling as he attempted to discreetly point to you.

  Woozi slammed his hands on his desk, standing abruptly to his feet. Hoshi squealed and followed after Mingyu.

  Seungcheol wiggled his thick eyebrows at Woozi, who murmured with a  book shielding his face, “They don’t know anything.”
  The next day as Mrs. Chu rambled on about the test that was next week on Thursday, you couldn’t keep your mind staying on one thought. Your head was making swirls and swivels in all direction, and you felt if it wasn’t even attached to your neck, it’d float away like a balloon. The thought made a giggle burst from you and Mrs. Chu whirled around, her eyes zooming in on everyone’s expressions, stopping on your face that wasn’t wiped of a wide a smile.

  “Please, do share with us, what is so funny,” she said, her voice as cool as ice, setting her meter stick down. Somehow it made you shake even harder with laughter and you cupped your mouth sheepishly. You saw a pink head turned to you and met eyes with Woozi, whose eyes were wide in alarm giving a small, warning shake of his head. You calmed down a bit and blushed when you caught everyone’s gaze on you.

  “Oh, erm,” you stuttered. “I’m really sorry, ma’am, I just suddenly thought of something funny.”

  “Well, I have a few funny thoughts right now, but I don’t think many of you would want to hear them,” she said through gritted teeth, eyes burning at you. “Don’t let this happen or again, or detention for the whole class.”

  The class groaned and began flickering rolls and balls of crumpled and wrinkled paper at you and you shifted in discomfort and embarrassment.

  “Hmph, thanks a lot,” a girl called out, fixing the collar of her uniform.

  “Shut up, all of you,” Woozi sighed, his voice sounding more annoyed than ever. The class quieted at his raise of voice and you cast your eyes downwards.

  As Mrs. Chu continued with her talking, not to mention sending you the cut eye every five minutes, you slyly leaned downwards, the legs of your chair lifting as the two behind kept you off the ground. Clutching your desk for balance and poking your head out from the line of people next to you, Woozi who had been writing something on his paper then continuously erasing it then rewriting, looked up and met your eyes which were lifted in a smile.

  “Thank you,” you mouthed in refer to his words which caused your class to halt in their throwing at you.

  He grinned down at his paper, hiding his face before looking up and cocking his head to the side, mouthing, “Pay attention, idiot.”

  Your eye twitched in anger and discreetly pounded a fist into the palm of your other hand, lips mouthing, “I’ll get you.”

  He gave a breathless laugh and the class turned to him and Mrs. Chu screamed, “WHAT IS IT NOW!?”
  You were finally leaving school after two hours of reviewing and bleary eyes at the new information piling in your head. Your left shoulder sagged against the mint green wall of the hall, drawing in a breath at your brick-heavy headache. You bowed your head down, halting and right as you were going to dash by the music room, you heard a sweet voice waft through the air, a warm combination of notes on the guitar backing up the voice that sang softly, each syllable filled with a tenderness. Pausing by the door, you listened intently, frozen to the spot and making sure not to make a pinch of a noise.

  You want to rest?
  It’s noisy, right?
  It’s annoying, right?
  You want to go home, right?

  You poked your head in and gasped when you saw Woozi strumming the guitar with natural ease, his eyes averted down to his moving fingers, bobbing his head as the melodious words left his mouth. You knew he sang, so you weren’t surprised that it was him, but more of how nice his voice was. It was so simplistic but had a mix of edge and softness that sounded so much of him. The way he handled the words so gently made you smile and the words that met with the tune made you warm to your toes.

  When you’re in this mood, this song
  Take it out and eat it like chocolate
  Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner even if you’re tired
  Then I’ll give you sweet words

  He then caught you off guard as his eyes swept to your face all of a sudden, his words cut off and his strumming skidded to a stop. You stumbled as he set his guitar to the side and trudged in stiffly as he avoided your eyes for a few moments before finally looking at you. Clasping your fingers in front of you, you waited for his words.

  “What are you doing here?” he demanded and your shoulders tensed at his voice.

  “Why do you sound upset?”

  “Do I?” he questioned softly and you nodded. He chuckled and looked up to you. “It’s just you weren’t someone I was expecting to hear or know of my singing anytime soon.”

  “Huh?” You felt strangely offended. You knew you weren’t as close to him as Mingyu or Seungcheol, but these past days had made you felt as though you were on a deeper level of understanding with him, even though the words you exchanged were brief and usually snappy. “You’d never show me your singing?”
  “The most I’ll show you now are the answers to my test,” he laughed, scratching his head.

  “Oh?” You began to smirk, tapping your chin with a single finger, pretending to turn an idea in your head to inspect every corner. “So are you just too shy to show me?”

  He glanced to the side, a smile playing at his lips before clearing his throat. “You give yourself too much credit. You’re the last person to make me feel anything like that.”

  “Then who is your first?” you questioned with a teasing tone, your eyes glazing over his face, no words leaving his mouth.

  “Shut up,” he snapped, pushing himself to his feet, stepping to you. “Don’t you have some studying to do?”

  “’Yes, yes,” you said with a dismissive wave, striding out the classroom, smiling when you turned to find him still fuming behind you. Giving yourself a fist pump, you skipped out of the hallway, your headache dispersed into the air.

A Love Song

by William Carlos Williams

What have I to say to you
When we shall meet?
I lie here thinking of you.

The stain of love
Is upon the world.
Yellow, yellow, yellow,
It eats into the leaves,
Smears with saffron
The horned branches that lean
Against a smooth purple sky.

There is no light—
Only a honey-thick stain
That drips from leaf to leaf
And limb to limb
Spoiling the colours
Of the whole world.

I am alone.
The weight of love
Has buoyed me up
Till my head
Knocks against the sky.

See me!
My hair is dripping with nectar—
Starlings carry it
On their black wings.
See, at last
My arms and my hands
Are lying idle.

How can I tell
If I shall ever love you again
As I do now?