head in the clouds | open

[✄] – Seated on the floor with a book on her lap, the orchid hues of the eighteen-year-old girl incessantly studied each word that was presented on the page– mentally taking note of every information she learned. She heard footsteps fading away and in that second, she realized that someone had attempted to talk to her a few seconds ago and yet she had instinctively tuned them out. She didn’t mean to ignore them, of course but whenever she had a book in her hand, it would be utterly impossible to steal her attention.

Kotomi wasn’t certain how long she had been in the library but she couldn’t bring herself to avert her attention from the book and check the time out. What she was positive about, however, was that it was nearing the latter part of the day. She still hadn’t touched the packed meal that was still neatly placed beside her though it was probably because the scattered books around the floor were a distraction from her hunger.

But what those materials couldn’t distract her from was drowsiness which was exactly what the young girl was feeling right at that very moment. She could feel her eyelids growing heavy by the minute, the corners of her view darkening and before she knew it– Kotomi had fallen asleep, thoughtlessly using the pillow she brought with her to rest her head on.