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Heart on Your Sleeve - Vikturi

What if Yuuri doesn’t win the Grand Prix final?

There is no celebratory hug or kiss after this performance. Yuri bombed this one, and he knows it. Yet, there he is. Victor is standing by the side of the ice, arms open and ready to take Yuuri in. But Yuuri simply walks past his coach, heading for somewhere no one will find him. He has his hands stuffed deep into his pockets, fists clenched tightly. The cameras flash wildly around him, every reporter’s most urgent question is seemingly,


‘What happened to Katsuki Yuuri?’

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Reader x Father!Klaus

Requested by Anon

Part One   Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

You slowly trudged up the drive, boots unlaced, shoulder bag heavy with spell books and exotic spell ingredient. You didn’t want to be back here, but Kol and Davina were heading somewhere dangerous and until they knew it was safe they didn’t want you to go.

Just a week you told yourself, a week and Stefan would come to get you. You’d met the Salvatore’s in Italy, Damon had taught you the language fluently while Stefan taught you to dance and showed you around the old buildings when Davina and Kol were busy.

“Well look who’s here.” Klaus hummed as soon as you walked in.

“Where’s Rebekah?” You asked as he leant against the wall.

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Emergency Room II

Previously on EMERGENCY ROOM

It took much debate. More than she was willing to acknowledge, but she got on the subway and anxiously rode under the city straight from the hospital. Her scrubs were conspicuous at best, but that isn’t what made her leg jiggle as the train roared along towards the heart of their tiny microcosm. 

Molly’s feet seemed to make up her mind for her, though she was uncertain how they could do such a thing. Quickly they moved along the half-filled sidewalks, full or people heading home or heading out, or simply heading somewhere in a mild rush. The skyscrapers were glittering gold and white and pink and blue, reflecting the evening summer sun, and the sight alone created a melding of words that was neither here nor there, but a continuous question of what was real. 

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04.07, 12:41pm || today’s study spot, got a little nest going at the bf’s house while we wait for his mattress to get delivered. working on political science notes for my exam next Friday. I can’t believe finals start tomorrow, my first year of university is almost done!! it’s craziness. want to get through two chapters today with a break for lunch in there somewhere, then heading back to campus for dinner and some more studying at the library for bio. it’s a packed day! work hard everyone 👌

anonymous asked:

Can i request carsick yurio? Preferably viktor being the driver, yuuri in the front passenger seat and otabek seated in the back with yurio. They're heading somewhere for a holiday but yurio's carsickness ruins the ride for him.

Yay, a request! I was so happy to receive this! And it’s my first time writing a story with Otabek in it too. I love him (though I love all the YOI characters :P). I hope this will suffice.

The life of a professional figure skater doesn’t leave much time for leisure activities. Viktor, Yuri, Otabek and Yurio had all been skaters since they were toddlers, and had spent a significant amount of almost every day on the ice. Days off were few and far between, let alone any actual holidays.

They travelled a lot for competitions, but they were never able to completely relax and enjoy themselves there. They would generally sightsee and explore the new area, but they would always be highly strung and antsy, wondering how they’d get on in the competition.

So when Viktor, Yuri, Yurio and Otabek were allowed several days off between competitions, even stoic Otabek was excited. They had to remain in the country (Yakov kept a sharp eye on Viktor and Yurio after they dashed off to Japan without any warning) but it was nice enough just to have a change of routine.

Unfortunately for Yurio, Viktor was the one in the driver’s seat. Yurio had only ever been in the car for a prolonged amount of time with Yuri driving, and the Japanese skater was particularly cautious, never exceeding the speed limit.

Viktor had a different approach entirely. He thought the faster they arrived at their destination the better, so he slammed on the accelerator and thought very little about whether he was endangering his passengers. Since Yuri was in the front seat, Viktor was constantly getting distracted by him and taking his eyes off the road, which didn’t help matters.

The constant swerving and jerking was having an effect on Yurio’s stomach. He curled up in the back seat, slumped against the window. Every movement in the car made his stomach lurch queasily, and Yurio had to bite back his groans so as not to alarm his companions.

Otabek, who was seated in the back with Yurio, was growing increasingly concerned about the blond. Yurio’s face was a sickly grey colour, and Otabek could see him tense and shift uncomfortably as he was hit by each wave of nausea. The teenager was very quiet, which was rather odd for him, particularly as Viktor had the radio turned to an abysmal pop station, which Yurio would usually have been demanding be turned off.

“Are you alright, Yura?” Otabek asked quietly, not wanting to embarrass the blond.

“I’m fine,” Yurio lied, his teeth clenched. Yuri looked back over his shoulder from the front seat.

“Are you feeling sick, Yurio? You don’t look well,” he asked worriedly. Yurio didn’t say anything this time; frankly he was worried he might start vomiting if he opened his mouth. Viktor glanced at the queasy boy in the rear view mirror.

“Are you carsick? I’ll speed up then, we’ll be there soon enough,” he said cheerily, pressing on the accelerator. Yurio couldn’t help but groan as his stomach protested bitterly.

“Don’t, Viktor. You’re already going over the speed limit,” Yuri scolded. He looked back at the sickly teenager.

“Do you need us to pull over?”
Yurio shook his head stubbornly, praying he’d be right.

The next fifteen minutes were torturous for Yurio. His stomach was rebelling fiercely against him, trying to force its way out of his mouth. He could taste bile at the back of his throat when his chests hitched with miserable burps.

Otabek kept an eye on the blond, concerned. Otabek had never seen Yurio appear so vulnerable before. There was a reason Otabek labelled the boy as a soldier. He was brave and stubborn and immovable. He never let anything get the better of him.

Otabek had seen Yurio sprain his ankle during a competition and still finish his routines as if nothing happened (and even managed to win a place on the podium). He had seen him skate until his feet were raw and bloody with blisters. Even when they were small, being trained balletically, the boy had a steely determination that made him seem far stronger than his dainty frame suggested.

But now, curled in on himself and whimpering with pain, Yurio looked softer, younger. Otabek wanted to offer some sort of comfort, but he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. He knew Yurio wasn’t exactly a cuddly person - he didn’t want to offend him.

But when the boy leaned forward with another groan, Otabek’s mind was made up. He shuffled across the back seat and placed a tentative hand on Yurio’s back, rubbing softly.

“Beka,” Yurio moaned softly, still hunched over in his seat. “I-I’m gonna puke.”

Otabek winced, and quickly called out to Viktor to pull over.

Viktor barely had time to stop the car before Yurio was fumbling for the door handle, retching into his hand. He didn’t even make it out of the car before he heaved up a thick stream of brown vomit, perching on the edge of the car seat and puking directly onto the side of the road.

Otabek held back Yurio’s long hair, steadying the boy as he gagged and coughed. Yuri twisted round on his seat and rubbed Yurio’s back gently, whispering to him soothingly.

“It’s okay, Yurio. Just let it out. Try to breathe.”

Even after the vomiting ceased, Yurio’s body was racked with dry heaves for another ten minutes, his stomach clenching agonisingly.

When he was finally able to sit up again he slumped against Otabek tiredly, his blond hair stuck to his sweaty face.

“Okay now?” Otabek asked tentatively. Yurio sighed, his cheeks flushed with humiliation.

“Super,” he mumbled sarcastically.
Yuri handed a bottle of water to the teenager.

“Drink something. It might settle your stomach.” He then turned to Viktor. “Swap seats with me. I want to drive from here.”

Viktor blinked, bewildered. “Why?”

“Because it’s your driving that made Yurio sick. I don’t blame him, I was feeling sick myself.”

Worst Relationship Advice: “Just try it out, you have nothing to lose.”


I have many things to lose - energy, time and money (to name a few).

“Just trying out” a relationship is absolutely alien to me. If I am to be in one, you can be damn sure the other person has been properly tested through. Main areas:

  • Intelligence/knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Goal-orientation (heading somewhere)
  • Interests and passion for something
  • Humour (sarcasm, please)
  • Logical mind
  • Debate and conflict not seen as problems
  • Adaptability (I will take enormous interest in whatever you are passionate about, I expect the same in return)

Unless I am sure, there is no relationship. End of story. Some people see this approach heartless. Usually, these people would not be okay moving abroad for their careers, leaving others behind for the time being. I respect people prefer to learn about others during relationship itself; however, romantic involvement is a huge responsibility to me. And while I have no problem with it, I refuse to be responsible for the development of something I am not 100% sure about.


I wanted to help @thelastpilot get some inspiration for TWOJ and this is what she requested.

  • Nino with his backpack looking a bit nervous as he walks from the school heading somewhere.
  • Classmates and diff people in the city being super hyped about JT.
  • JTWifi

This is all I could do for today, but I’ll try to do some JTWifi soon. If anyone has the time and wants to help a fellow writer then feel free to do these prompts.


Somewhere in the gallery

of the Middle American Gothic

should be an exhibition on the most

underappreciated of Bible-Belt art forms,

the pithy roadside church sign– 

it became a game for you and me

collecting snapshots of such theological conundrums



we didn’t mean to mock, didn’t

mean to be the haughty liberal northerners

but when Silver Creek Pentecostal proclaimed:



it was too good to pass up–

somewhere I still have the two pieces

of scrap lumber you nailed together

and gave to me with a chocolate heart:

God’s shitty junior-high shop project.

Still, we couldn’t write it off

as if there was nothing beautiful




and wasn’t the spirit of the Lord

somehow upon us that night when,

driving back to our dry county


from a two-hour round-trip beer run,

we worked out anagrams in ballpoint

on a bar napkin, redeeming Deer Run

Baptist Church’s January damnation.

Our designated driver pulled

onto the roadside shoulder

and there between the highway

and the house of prayer we scrambled

the sliding letters, arranging our message:



First year college student Oikawa teaching second year high school student Hinata how to serve. They run into each other one day and start talking before heading off somewhere so Oikawa can give Hinata some pointers. It quickly turns into a weekly thing.

It also quickly turns into mutual crushes and pining.

Tooru first realised his crush the first time Hinata managed to knock over the bottle they were aiming at. He was ecstatic, jumping everywhere and positively beaming and all Oikawa could think was ‘shit shit shit shit was he always this cute shit shit shit what the hell’

Shouyo first realises his crush when it starts raining and they have to make a mad dash to Tooru’s house to escape the storm. By the time they make it inside they’re both drenched and freezing. Tooru gives Hinata some old clothes (alien print) that should fit him and he leaves to go change in Oikawa’s ensuite. He walks out to find Oikawa just in his boxers, in the midst of changing. 'Okay so I’m definitely gay.’ is his first thought.

Eventually, Iwa-chan and Kageyama get tired of their friends self pity ('but he’s sooooo hot/cute!!!’ 'YES WEVE ESTABLISHED THIS’) and take action. I won’t go into detail but the plan ends with a surprising lack of clothes, quite a few hickeys and Kageyama wanting to wash his eyes out with bleach. But it works, in the end, and Shouyo and Tooru start a (admittedly sometimes strained because of college pressure) relationship.

So this post is actually something I wrote months ago when coming back into the city and seeing it in my drafts made me twitchy. This isn’t the first time people have made comments about how fast I walk and the other day even I was reminded of why. Only the difference was I was wearing wedges so I couldn’t power walk away like I normally would so some guy thought it was fine to follow and chat me up for several blocks. I literally had to change my route and go hide in a school building for a bit so he would stop following me.

My bros, specifically of the male persuasion, you really ought to leave ladies  alone that appear to be heading somewhere. Most women just wanna get from point A to B without being bothered. If you wanna get chatty go to a bar or some other social spot.  Let folks get where they need to go.


The young mech walked through the street heading somewhere. He himself had not seen the Councilor and as usual found himself to be more important as his surroundings. It wasn’t the best of idea’s for someone like him to walk alone but here he was anyway. His purple optics glew as his face was in a slightly smug look

A devilish idea began to worm its way into Infinite’s processor, regardless of her conscious’ pleas. Opening the window just enough to stick a servo through, she took a bottle out of its hiding place in her desk and walked back to the window. “Bombs away.” She laughed to herself, waiting for just the right moment… there.

She dropped the bottle.

Let me leave: Peter Pan Ouat

Request: Can you do an imagine where pan won’t let you leave Neverland because he loves you

A/N: I am almost done with all the imagines I have two more to post then Request box will be open again. Phew! Sorry I only put this up now but it’s here! Thanks!

     “No one gets off of Neverland. You need Pan’s permission. Oh wait he doesn’t care!” I should probably stop thinking aloud, Pan will only keep me here longer. Right… I’m here to stay. I’m not even lost, I just so happened to follow a group of boys who were heading somewhere.

     I walked around the shore, checking to see if I was followed every once in awhile. I sat on the golden sand, hugging myself to keep warm. “Ugh! Why won’t he let me go! I hate him so much.”

     “Well it certainly is nice to know what you think of me.” I heard that all to familiar voice chuckle. Great… “Did you follow me?” I snarled, glaring at him. I’m not afraid of him, yet… “Did you really think you wouldn’t go unnoticed by someone? Felix? Me?“ “Oh? You notice me?” I took the opportunity to tease him. “N-no?” he said, cheeks turning a dark shade of red. “A-are you blushing?” I giggled, gaping at him. “Blushing? No! I may be a boy but that doesn’t mean I’m fond of such childish acts!” he blushed harder. “Suit yourself, but that,” I pointed to his cheek, “ that is definitely red.“ He watched my finger as I pulled it back to cross my arms.

     I walked along the shore, leaving him behind. I don’t really care. “Where do you think you’re going?” he growled stepping in front of me. I turned around, coming nose to nose with him. I whimpered, and stared wide eyed. “Why do you care?” I shook my head and continued mt gait. “I can’t let you… well attempt to leave. You really can’t anyway but-” “Then you have no reason to follow me!” I gritted my teeth. He may be attractive but he is the most annoying person I have ever met. He so persistent and over confident with himself.

     “You can never be to sure. It’s not like I fail anyways.” he smirked, drawing back a little. “Then at least calm your chatterbox. Thanks.” He furrowed his eyebrows, looking offended. I giggled. Hm… just offended the great Peter Pan! He walked next to me, watching everything I was doing. I would barely look to the side and he would get ready to block me. “Why won’t you let me leave?!” I turned to face him. “Bipolar are we?” he smirked, looking away. “I didn’t get an answer. I have been here for how long Peter? Oh look I already forgot! I wanna go home already!” He softened up, “I have my reasons why you’re here. Tryst me on that.” “Trust you?!” I scoffed, “I don’t have a reason to! And if it’s such a good reason, tell me.” He tensed up, shaking his head quickly. “I-I-I-I can’t.” I smirked, an idea popping into my head. I sat down on the ground, pointing away from him. “Y/N? W-what are you doing?” I smiled, I wonder if this will work. “I’m not gonna move until you tell me. And since you so worried about me fleeing, you’re not gonna leaving. With that said, something could happen at camp.” This better work.

     “Okay this is foolish. Up.” I could feel him staring into the back of my head. “Not ‘til you tell me!” I laughed. “Now.” I was starting to annoy him. I don’t know if that helps or makes things worse. “Y/N!” he shouted, grabbing my arm. I pushed him. Uh-oh. “Little too fiery today… Fine! But don’t be mad at me when you don’t like my answer.” I smiled, forcibly, “Aha! Try me.” He let out a huge sigh, “When you came to Neverland I felt this thing like a pull and I-I liked it so I decided I liked that feeling and you so I kept you here for a few months and now I really don’t want you to leave because I- oi- love you…” he fiddled with his thumbs, avoiding any eye contact with me. Peter loves me? Is he? He means it? I smiled, thinking about what he just said.

     When I didn’t say anything, he quickly looked at me then back down. I sighed, “Really?” I heard hope in my own voice. Did i want him to really love me? He slowly met gaze with me. He simply nodded. I felt a smile tug st the corner of my lips as did he. I got up and started walking back to the camp, stopping next to him. I hesitated but quickly kissed him, then walking back. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest. He took my chin in his hand lifting my eyes to meet his his. He smiled, pressing his lips to mine, gently. I kissed back right on contact. I pulled back, walking to the camp. A smile permanently plastered on my face.


Bash had heard from the grapevine that the other had arrived recently though they hadn’t bumped into each other yet. It was only when the pair had actually gotten in touch they they’d managed to meet somewhere. Heading into the bar he ordered a drink and waited for the others arrival. “Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.” Bash grinned as the other arrived. “What havoc have you been causing then?”