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your age has nothing to do with how planned your life is; you can be 10 and know exactly where your life is heading, 17 and have no clue, or an adult and still not know - you are in no rush to decide on your dreams, no matter your age or who tells you otherwise: you are doing great, it’s okay not to have a path just yet

Stupid thief

So, admittedly, I don’t work at this place, but this story is too good to pass up.

So I was at one of those game shops. The kinds that sell geek stuff and card game packs and hold tournaments. And during one of these tournaments, while I was there, this kid sits down next to me with a massive stack of cards. He looked really shifty and nervous but I ignore it and try to talk to him, because he sat next to me.

After some time, one of the workers comes over and asks him if he paid for those cards. He says yes, and the employee says they had footage of him stealing a box right off the shelf and heading into the bathroom with them. When he ask the question again, THE KID SAYS HE PAID FOR THEM AGAIN.

Eventually, the cops are called and the cards are taken. This kid had to be arrest because he opened up all those packs, making $200 worth of merchandise completely worthless. All this happened because some dumb kid thought he could get past the security cameras sitting all over the store without ever even leaving the building.

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Maybe Sam was making more gym videos. Idk. It's weird if no one from Outlander shows up to support Caitriona though? Not even Maril or Matt?

LOL. Yeah he’s meat heading it at the gym with MM probably out at the grocery store getting some kale. 

Don’t really care.  I don’t want to hear how they are partners everyday and how close they are and that she misses him and he misses her when they are in the same damn town and he can’t get his butt to her party. 

Maybe he was there hiding in the corner… 

Don’t care. Whatever it is it’s manipulative. It’s one or the other. Either you are important to each other and you support each other or you don’t. 

Be honest.  


It didn’t take long for them to be interrupted by Sean’s phone, which had become an almost daily thing now.

“Sorry, I really need to take this.” he excused himself, before heading outside to answer it.

Luna sighed to herself, leaning back in the couch. Something about the constant phone calls didn’t sit right with her, and she was growing more suspicious every time. 

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 10)

The morning after, you woke up before Harry. You quietly got up from the bed and grabbed one of Harry’s shirts that was nearby and buttoned it up. You went into the bathroom before heading downstairs. You grabbed yourself some water before walking into his music room. You sat down at the piano and grabbed your journal out of your bag. 

You open up to the song you had been working on recently and started playing the piano softly. 

“I’m alive if living’s just a beating heart, cause we won’t admit that we’ve taken it too far…” you softly sing. 


Harry had woken up when he noticed you weren’t in bed. He was afraid that you had just up and left, so he quickly pulled on some pajama pants and went searching for you. When he went downstairs, he hears the piano and you singing. 

He walks closer to the room and stands at the doorway, watching you. 

“But all you left me with was scars and that’s the hardest part. There’s nobody like you… nobody like you. I tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true…” You belt out. 

Harry watches you with amazement as he walks into the room and sits down next to you on the piano bench and listens to you as you finish out the song. 

“Wow.” Harry whispers. “That was amazing… especially for 9am.” He laughs. 

You blush looking over at him. “Thanks.” 

He smiles moving hair out of your face. “Is that a new song?” 

“Yeah.” You nod. “I’m schedule to record the demo in a few days.” 

He nods. “What would you like for breakfast?” He asks. 

“Huh?” You ask confused. 

He laughs. “Um.. breakfast? You know what most people eat in the morning. I was going to go cook us up something.” 

“No, I know about what breakfast is.. I just.. I’m a bit surprised that you changed the subject so quickly.” You say. 

“What do you mean?” He asks. 

“Usually when you hear one of my new songs, you bring up me keeping it for myself and recording my own album, but this time you didn’t…” you say. 

He sighs. “Because I know it’s a sore subject with you and as much as I think you should be recording your own material, I’ve learned that I’m not going to force you or try to get you to do it when you don’t want to.” He says.

You don’t know why, but him saying that sort of made you upset, but you didn’t show it. “Well, thank you.” You say. 

“You’re welcome, now what will it be for breakfast?” He smiles. 


After breakfast, the two of you decide to go for a swim in his pool. Harry wraps his arms around you and you both sort of just float around the pool. 

“So…I hate to ruin the moment right now.. but I really need to ask you something.” you whisper. 

“Okay.. what is it?” he asks. 

You bite your lip and look down. “Um.. was last night.. was I.. okay last night.” You blush. 

He looks down at you and places his hand under your chin. “Hey, you were better than okay…in fact.. you were amazing and I’m trying so hard not to take you right here in the pool at the thought of last night.” He smirks. 

That made you really blush causing him to laugh a bit. “But now it’s my turn to ask you something.” He says. 

“O-okay.” You say. 

“Was it okay for you? I mean, was it everything you were hoping it would be? And you don’t regret it or anything..” He asks nervously. 

You smile a bit. “It was as close to perfect as it could it and no I don’t regret it. Not one bit.” 

“I’m glad.” He smiles leaning down to kiss you. 

You and Harry then get out of the pool. He wraps a towel around you and tries to warm you up before the two of you head into the house. 

“I was thinking we could order in for lunch.” He says. 

“Sounds good…” You nod. 

“What should we get?” He asks.

“Well… how hungry are you right now?” You ask. 

“I’m not terribly hungry.” He says. 

“Me either…so maybe we should uh.. wait a bit on ordering food.” You smirk wrapping your arms around his waist. “Perhaps…we should engage ourselves in an activity that will boost up our appetite.” 

 “Y/N… are you suggesting we do what I think you’re suggesting?” He smirks. 

“That depends on if you can catch me.” You smirk pushing away from him and running up to his bedroom. 

He laughs shaking his head before running after you. Let’s just say the rest of the day was spent in his bedroom. 

**Next Update will have Harry meeting Y/N’s Parents! Should there be drama?? haha 

12x13 Coda

“Cas, I really don’t like this, are you sure you don’t want one of us to come out there with you and help?” Dean asked as he paced the kitchen and kept his voice a little lower just to be double sure that Sam wouldn’t hear him.

“Dean.” Cas sighed liked he always did when he was slightly annoyed with Dean’s attitude. “I promise, for the last time, I am alright. The breaking of that spear completely reversed the spell and affects. I already have been sitting still long enough on this matter. But, if it makes you feel better, I’ll start heading back home tomorrow, Kelly isn’t here and I have nothing else to follow right at this moment. Alright?”

“Okay…good. I mean, not good that you can’t find her, I mean…what I meant was…”

“Dean, I understand. And…And I know you are just worried…and I…” The phone goes silent but Cas and Dean both stare off as if they can see each other. Dean wishes he could see Cas, cause even after checking, double checking, then triple checking he still wasn’t convinced that Cas should be going out into the field after what happened in that barn.

If he could, he would have kept Castiel in the bunker longer, never letting him out of his sight again. It’s not as if he could though, since neither of them talked about the dreaded “L” word that had passed Cas’s lips. He wouldn’t touch that conversation with a ten-foot pole, not yet at least. He kept convincing himself he would bring it up before Cas left again, unfortunately he never gained the courage.

“-an…Dean!” Cas’s voice snapped him out of his thinking and he sighed before turning back to head out to the library.

“Right, right yes…Okay, well, stay on it. You get any leads let us know. We’ll keep working on it our end. Thanks, Cas.”

“Okay, Dean…” The Winchester doesn’t let him finish and hangs up before he says something that just isn’t right for the moment.

He instantly felt guilty for hanging up the way he did ‘cause just the way Cas had said that line, the tone and his dreary bone tired voice, played in his ears on repeat.  Not that there was time to think about it since Sammy had a case.


He listens to his mom, he truly does but even after every syllable she utters, he still shakes his head. He taps Sam’s shoulder twice and walks out of the room, more like storms out. Sam stops Mary from following him, knowing that if she did walk after the older son there was going to be bloodshed.

Sam and Dean came up with their “absolute done” gestures and that had been Dean’s. Those two taps were all Sam needed to just know that Dean had to step away from the situation or there was going to be major trouble. Dean storms into the garage before pacing the space up and down only to then stop at the tool benches. He picked up the closest wrench, twirling it between his two hands, only to then hurtle it at the garage doors. He picked up others and threw them too, only to then push and shove everything off the bench that he was standing in front of, screaming in absolute anger.

After he took a breath, he looked around and was glad to see that he hadn’t hit baby, any of the cars, or even Dorothy’s bike. He then sighed when he noticed Cas, who was leaning against Baby’s trunk in waiting. He shuffled over and jumped onto the trunk before slumping forward, slamming his face into his palms.

“Are you alright?”

“No! No I am not!” Dean snaps after dropping his hands and jumping down only to start pacing once more. “She’s working for them! She’s working with those assholes! She’s my mom but I swear to God I was this close to punching her teeth in! She’s working with the people who tortured my brother! She’s working for the people who sent her on a fucking demon hunt, that turned out to be a fucking Prince of God-Damn Hell, where I nearly lost you! She’s the reason I almost lost you, man! You could have died in that barn, and it would have been all her fault and I wouldn’t have known that until it was too late!! My own flesh and blood nearly killed you, how the fuck am I supposed to be okay after learning that! Tell me!”

Cas eased off the car stepping right up to Dean and eased his hand onto the Winchester’s shoulder. He slowly turned Dean to fully face him, even though Dean wouldn’t meet his eyes. He then placed his other hand upon Dean’s unoccupied shoulder, waited a moment or two, before jerking the brunette forward and wrapped his arms completely around him.

Sam was one to give hugs no problem, but with Dean Cas knew it was a little harder to get him to give hugs unless they were just reuniting after being apart for long periods of time. There for any other time the angel wanted to hug the older brother, he had to do so in a way that Dean wouldn’t see it coming and most certainly couldn’t get out of it.

This time though Dean didn’t fight it as he usually would. He only gasped in surprise before throwing his arms around Cas and squeezed back just as tightly. He even buried his face into the neck of Cas, inhaling his scent. Dean would never admit it but Cas’s scent always grounded him, always made him feel better.

“Dean, it’s okay. It’s o-“

“Don’t. Don’t, bud, just don’t. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” ‘Just keep holding me.’ Dean wanted to add but didn’t dare let it slip, and only squeezed tighter instead. They would most likely come back to the conversation later, but for now Dean didn’t want to talk nor hear another word on the subject. He just wanted to hold Cas and not think for two seconds, or at least two minutes tops.

Having Cas wrapped around him was the reminder he needed, that his angel was not on a barn floor dying. He wasn’t on a flannel covered rotted out couch, pouring blood all over it from a wound in his stomach that was cracking up his body, looking exactly like the time the leviathan black gloop crawled around right under his skin. He wasn’t saying he was going to no longer exist and Dean was no longer stuck thinking of how he was possibly going to live his life without the angel in it. No, with himself in Cas’s arms, that horrible memory washed to the back of his mind, deep in a corner of it where he could recall it but only when he so desired.

It was, dare he say, heavenly.

Author’s Note: “So this is my idea of what happened, so I hope you all enjoy it! I’m not good with endings so forgive me. *sad pouty face*”

Seventeen become the first idol group to appear on 'One Fine Day' a second time!

Seventeen will be appearing on MBC Music’s #1 idol travel reality series, ’One Fine Day’, once again!

The Seventeen members previously filmed ‘One Fine Day’ last year by heading off to Yeo Seo island, under the theme ’13 Castaway Boys’. For their second 'One Fine Day’ appearance, Seventeen will be traveling to Japan, as a collaboration project between MBC Plus and Japanese broadcasting station MUSIC ON! TV.

Reportedly, Seventeen will not be told where in Japan they will be heading, what they’ll be doing, or any of the details of their second 'One Fine Day’ trip, raising fans’ curiosity.

Special behind the scenes footage of 'Seventeen’s One Fine Day in Japan’ will be revealed via MBC Plus’s official Youtube channel this February 25 at 9PM KST. The broadcast through MBC Music will be some time this March.


Day 175 Whanganui

Decided to stay put today and relax a bit. Went into town, had something to eat and watched the film Lion. I really enjoyed it, it’s about a Indian boy who takes a train and gets lost in Calcutta where he lived on the streets. After visiting the Future Hope charity for street children in Calcutta when I was there, it really hit a chord. Anyway, it’s a good one, but take a hanky!

I came back to the camp and rented out a canoe, they drove me 8K up river and I paddled back. The upper half of my body has only been used to hang on to the handlebars and steer. So it felt like a decent workout. I didn’t fall in, so that’s a bonus and probably a first!

Back on the bike tomorrow and heading towards the big lake.

sitting here currently debating whether or not to buy another pair of those lululemon shorts (which i love so much 😍)

• so expensive!
• with me being unable to save any money for the last 3 months (due to an excessive of new/higher expenses), i really shouldn’t be spending money on things i don’t need.

• new shorts!
• i’d definitely get good wear out of it. i currently wear my pair like 3 times a week! sah good 👍🏼
• i basically live in activewear for 85% of my life.

i’m heading into the city tonight (which i don’t do very often), so it’s ideal to get them now. also, what if i keep debating and putting it off and they get rid of this style? i’d be kicking myself.

New Rule

I’m not even going to place this under read more nor do I care if I lose people on this blog or my other ones. I want to feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE in my OWN BLOGS.

NEW: If you are interacting with ichigo-kirby do not follow or interact with me. I will soft block you if you do. I am uncomfortable with them and interacting with blogs that are interacting with their blog is something I don’t want. Don’t follow me.

I am soft blocking a lot of people right now too before heading to bed.

I’m heading back to Kamloops tomorrow. I had a very nice & relaxing reading break with my family on Denman Island. :)

University starts back up on Monday so I’ll have a few more days to relax and prepare for it.