I’ve started to watch Doctor Who earlier this year (Season 5 & 6). It is soooo good. I became a Whovian instantly. I really like the relationship between the Doctor and River with all its mysteries and surprises.


You’re the last
I’m the last
We’re the last of our kind
Travelling back and forth in time
Like every river finds the sea
Our song will find its melody

Is it healthy to be caught in different time streams
You know we always meet in present time
In a random order
You owe me a simple explanation
Of what to believe
Besides my conscience

Show me the other pages of our story
Before the silence takes our memory
We have our reasons to fight
In the light of Closing Time
Let’s check your notes against mine
And synchronize to the fix point in time

There is no present there is no past
Only this life after the last
Look me in the eyes
And see me waving bye bye

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