1.  headforthebeach said: Yes, this!! People need to just slow down and realise that this streak of freaky gun crimes is a serious tragedy. For crying out loud, have some compassion for the fact that dozens of livea were irreparably changed today. Breaks my heart
  2.  allidoiswynne said: Someone on my news feed just said “Why do people want to talk about gun control after an event like this? Shut up and be thankful for your families”. Are they fucking kidding??? Social Media makes me hate everyone I know.
  3.  chazraps said: Agreed. And the people trying to tie today’s events so some sort of bullshit conspiracy theories are just as bad. How many people bitching about drone strikes and Palestine do you think could tell you their senator and mayor’s names? The worst.

At first I thought “good! I’m not the only one who saw that,” but then I realized it just means there are more skeevy people out there.
I’m not sure exactly how to word this thought, but it seems to me that a lot of those people are in some weird kind of “race”… it’s not exactly who has the most information, or who is willing to say the most offensive thing…

(And for me, yes, ideally we would all have good access to what is going on in the world as it happens, and I have to remind myself that 1. I don’t always know everything that is going on and 2. I may think it good to encourage an interest in current events; it’s not so good to be a dick to people who didn’t know x, y, z was happening because not everyone has access to that. )

Anyway, early morning ramble, what I am trying to say is I get this vibe from those people that they don’t really care. It’s just an extension of that being able to one-up thing. 

Instead of saying that what happened was a tragedy, some people are saying and/or implying that it isn’t worth their time, and that makes me sad. 

And on a different note, as for gun control, I was just wondering if anyone has ever written anything on the gun-culture. People like to make the point that a murderer could have just as easily picked up a knife and done the same damage - logistics aside, I think culture has a huge influence. People don’t go around flashing their knives. We don’t watch movies with a lot of knives as their central weapon. And when there are school shootings, it is all the news networks talk about for days - which I’m not sure that that isn’t by itself a bad thing, but does anyone else find it weird that they used phrases like “The Trench Coat Mafia”? But I don’t think that the film industry or the video game industry is to blame; that is entirely too easy and ignores a lot of other relevant factors. However, we really do have a gun culture in some ways. And I wonder in what ways that influences people to use guns. 

It’s like 2am in the states right now though…