So this is my version of a 'Follow Friday'...

I’ve made a page on my blog for the nicest, sweetest, kindest most awesomest people you will ever meet! And as well as that they just happen to have FLAWLESS blogs. I am so thankful that I follow you guys :)

I love you all x

Gonca (ticktocknightlock)  - This girl is super nice and friendly and her blog is fantastic! Plus we’re SO ALIKE. Like its scary. She’s like my twin. So go and follow her :’)

Duda (the-face-of-rebellion) - Duda is one of the sweetest people I know! She’s so lovely and kind and her blog rocks so you should go and follow her :D

Helen (headfirsttaylor) - Helen is so lovely! Such a sweet girl and her blog is awesome! She also runs swiftandlautner with me :)

Claire (shadowsalm0stkilledyourlight) - Her url is super similar to mine and so is her taste in things! Claire is awesome. I knew her before tumblr and she’s such a nice person. Honestly.

Dervla (rustedsparkle) - Dervla is a lovely person. She’s really friendly and she’s also irish which makes me love her more ha ha. And besides, you should follow her because her edits are SOOOO GOOD!!!

Leticia (drunkmellark) - Leticia is so nice and her edits are FLAWLESS. If you’re a fan of the hunger games and jennifer lawrence you seriously need to go follow her NOW.

Felcia (the-beat-of-your-heart) - I knew kinda knew Felcia before tumblr because I knew her sister but I am so happy that I started talking to her on tumblr. She is seriously one of the nicest people I know and she’s really caring towards her sister which shows you how awesome she is. Her blog is also awesome so you should check it out. Oh yeah and she’s really pretty :)

Lenia, Mareen, Alina (welovetaylorswift) - They are such nice girls and they’re blog is awesome!

Everything about these people is awesome, ok? So go follow them. They’re super nice and have awesome blogs.